New U-boat U-51 46MM Limited Edition

sale Tonino Lamborghini Spyder 1000 watches replica.In the field of big watches, U-Boat is king. About 10 years ago, U-Boat was the first company to produce 50mm plus a giant watch of diameter. At that time the big watch has just begun to pop, since then, the big watch has become a routine, U-Boat has been booming. However, there are some people (I myself included), their wrist size does not pull large-scale watches. So far, there are already 45mm Classico and Flightdeck models, so people want a big watch, and not into the 50 meters, but the limited edition is always in the larger size range. This year U-Boat has introduced several new 46-47mm limited edition series, including U-1001, U-42,

U-51 series as a very limited 99 works, using the top rattrapante chronograph movement. The U-51 has a 51 mm stainless steel case with a stealth strap, the U-51 has a completely unique design that retains the signature U-boat size and crown cap but is different from the rest of the style. Last year, the series expanded the second edition of 99 examples, which included a standard chronograph movement (no complicated rattrapante mechanism), still using the 51mm case. This year U-51 was reduced to 46 mm.

Like previous models, the U-51 46mm retains a unique housing design with three (bezel, main and bottom covers) with threaded pins around the perimeter of the housing. It creates a nice industrial appearance that truly separates and offers a lot of visual details alternating with high polished, brushed and dull finished steel. 46mm adds a set of traditional shoulder straps to prevent the wrist looks too small. Another sapphire crystal is also 46 with its big brother to distinguish. U-51 has a funny appearance on the wrist – it’s very thick, giving it a hockey’s watch look. Adding regular earrings instead of hidden items will slightly diminish the effect, but this is still one of the biggest names that will certainly attract replica Ulysse Nardin Complications watches


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On the back of the exhibition you can see the highly decorative automatic movement. The movement is a first-class Valjoux automatic movement, is U-Boat limited edition logo, it will be distinguished from the standard model. You can expect reliable and accurate performance from the real caliber. According to the U-Boat tradition, the crown and putter are located on the left side to provide more comfort (many people think this is a left-handed watch, but in fact the reverse control is to prevent large hardware from digging into your back ). The U-51 has a large, easy-to-operate button that follows the usual reverse layout – the bottom pusher starts and stops at the top reset.

The dial is a bright spot in design, slightly different from the previous model. Numbers are template Arabic, white luminescent paint, with a wide luminous indicator. Readability is very good, chronograph asymmetric size of the dial is interested. The seconds stopwatch is huge, which makes reading the number of seconds to run easily. Central (Chronograph Scanning) The second hand is a dark hunter green that matches some of the rest of the green details of the dial. A careful check will show that the dial is a three-dimensional item that trims the slice around the small plate. U-Boat has a unique dial, this watch is no exception.replica watches online shop

U-51 46 is a beautiful pull-style crocodile leather strap, black satin. Like all U-Boat belts, it is handmade in Italy and is finished with coarse-grained leather and matching stitching. Texture beautiful, crocodile pattern bright, semi-gloss black. Often, a good watch can be put down by a poor quality band, but U-Boat is always accompanied by a beautiful strap. Leave the Italians to give their watches a pair of beautiful elegant shoes.

U-51 46mm is U-Boat’s striking and completely unique work, which continues the bold limited edition tradition with a smaller size. It may be a few millimeters smaller than the “original” U-51, but 46 still wraps a lot of visual shocks and is a prominent table that will not be overlooked. You wear, if you want to get attention; in this bold shape, you will find some fine details and finishing, so this is a powerful watch that both dominates the existence and quality. All in a smaller, easier to wear




U-BOAT Chimera 46 carbon / titanium

The new 46 chimera from the Italian brand U-Boat is made of titanium and carbon and is one of the most powerful materials in the world and is extremely lightweight. Chimera unique case, for this 5-level titanium alloy model, will be forging carbon fiber bezel placed in the mold, so that each watch is unique.

The distinctive feature of the Chimera series is the iconic case, its prominent cap and putter. These watches have a strong personality, embodies the Italo “retro culture” enthusiasm. With unparalleled design clarity, Chimera has a clean look and femininity. The bezel and the back of the case are locked together by an external pipe and a custom key that ensures full waterproofing.

The watch has the effect of marble, satin and soft touch. Each piece is unique because the carbon fibers are distributed in the mold in a random fashion. When the material is compressed under heating, it evolves in an unpredictable replica Franck Muller Watches

The dial is made up of three superimposed discs, the last layer made of stainless steel laser cut fine metal mesh, allowing the movement to be translucent. On the surface of sapphire glass, a U-77 top Soigné with black screw, rhodium-plated, automatic mechanical chronograph personalized U-BOAT specifications.


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Located between an instantly recognizable crown and its crown shield, a patented engraving pusher can be depressed to discharge the inner crown from its recessed position and can be easily adjusted on the date and time. The watch also has another fourth counter, showing 24 hours a day and marked with a little red hand.

Product specifications

Movement: U-77 automatic chronograph on the U-BOAT specifications have been modified and elaborated. Frequency 28.800 times per hour vibration, 4Hz power reserve: 48 hours, 25 gems. Personalized rotor, silver 925, built-in base and 3 bridge with blue screws.

Function: hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, counter 24 (AM – PM), date.

CASE: box, back box, forged carbon ring bezel, high strength, light weight. Titanium component. Diameter 46 mm.

DIAL: has four overlapping levels of skeleton dial, the last layer by the laser cutting fine stainless steel wire mesh, part of the show movement.

Superluminova beige index.

Watches: laser cutting hours and minute hands. Superluminova treated hand. Counter AM / PM with red hand

CRYSTAL: Anti-reflective Sapphire Smoke Surfaces Glass on the surface flat table back.

Water resistance: 50 meters

STRAP: handmade and handmade calfskin, carefully selected and processed, followed by traditional handmade techniques to make the belt naturally uncomfortable feel and look. Tongue tongue buckle titanium. Width: 20/22 mm.




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