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Tell time, minute: minute indicator

buy replica Tonino Lamborghini Spyder 1000 watches.This is a sight to see. Hear this voice. The monkey walks with the clown in childhood, the coach in the tiger who whips his whip, instructs the dormitory, the tiger stretches out the claws, instructs the minute. Lever the moment of activation, Ulysse Nardin’s circus Aventurine Minute Repeater is alive. Gong is harmonic, dial is a rich animation, the combination of this limited edition watch to become a watch miracle. There are some things about the micro-transponder so that we look at the enthusiasts exclaimed – the watch close to enjoy the bell, while in the movement to see it dance. But this complication has a fascinating story. A story worth repeating.


What is a repeater? This is a complex condition of a mechanical watch or clock, and the current time is published in sound, until the last minute. First hours, and then a quarter of a hour and every minute by the combination of the activation button, the slider or the lee.

Hours are usually lower, the higher the pitch, the quarter-hour and minutes. If the time is 7:20 am or pm, the minute repeater first heard seven hours and then uttered a tone, the first quarter of the hour, ending the five bells for an extra five minutes.



Music tour

How do you tell the time in the dark? When the artificial light is not common, watches and watches are overtime. British pastor Edward Barlow (Edward Barlow) is said to have invented in 1676 the repetition of the clock, his rack and snail fight mechanism of

In 1700, Daniel Quare invented a repetitive watch, which was a more complicated job, fitted with gongs, bells and eye-catching works in a smaller pocket.

First start from the hour instruction, it takes a quarter hour, half an hour, five minutes, and then to the last minute.

When the light spread to the rest of the world, the importance of the repeater was eclipsed, but its complex mechanism made it the most sought after complication in the watch. Even today, the most groundbreaking international brands have experimented and innovated with their repeaters, adding a fantastic ringing tone to a simple “gong” mechanism.

However, it must be noted that the repeater is different from the eye-catching clock or watch, because the repeater will tell you the time required, unlike the latter.



Repeater type

Repeater or hour repeater: a watch that represents hours. 2 o’clock or 2 pm, two gongs, eleven o’clock or 11:15 pm, and so on.

Quarter clock repeater: first indicate hours, then one quarter hour. For example, if the time is 4:10 am or afternoon, there are four clocks representing hours, and one clock represents the first quarter of the current time. There are two unique sounds to distinguish between the two.

Half an hour of the repeater: issued half an hour, that is 7 1/2 minutes. At 6:25 am, the repeater watch will first hear the hours of the six-tone, quarter-hour sound, and the other one says that more than half an hour has passed.

Five minute repeater: an advanced version, first hit hours, and then five minutes later. 5:25 will be five, five five minutes.

Decimal Repeater: Indicates minutes, such as minute repeater, but sounded hours and ten minutes instead of a quarter




Charming minority

The complex complication marks the hourly automatic “strike twice every hour, repeating three times, a fascinating and cautious way to show the passage of time.”

Audemars Piguet Millennium Handpiece Minute Repeater: This watch’s three-dimensional building reveals a new AP movement, double balance spring and eye-catching mechanism and its gong.

Ulysse Nardin “Minute Repeater Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts: Westminster has four gongs, each with a different tone (Mi-Do-Re-Sol). In addition, all moving parts are decorated, angle and hand done.

Bluet Le Brassus Minute Repeater Carrousel: Its features include automatic winding, guaranteed sports, white high power mini dial and cathedral gong.

Jaeger-LeCoultre ReversoRépétitionMinutesàRideau: The latest repeater from the brand, driven by a cleverly executed Venetian blind curtain, covers the dial when it is slipped back to activate the repeater mechanism, which in turn responds to the given time, count Hour, quarter hour and minutes of voice.

Seiko’s Credor Spring Driven Minutes Repeater: The mechanism by which the sound is generated is not made of any steel. Designed by the famous Japanese steelmaker, similar to the famous Myochin fan.replica Ulysse Nardin Alexander the Great Minute watch



Basel World – Ulysse Nardin presents Alexander’s great watch version

World conqueror and historical legend Alexander the Great inspired the famous Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin, making this unique technical advantage of the watch. Ulysse Nardin Alexander Great Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts Minute Repeater has appeared at the Basel World 2011 Watch Fair.

On behalf of Ulysse Nardin watchmaker best skills of the clock collection of high luxury and some of the world’s most senior watch the most serious mechanical complications.

Ulysse Nardin’s “Alexander the Great” watch is powered by the top manual winding movement, and the tourbillon is integrated into the dial (the aperture on the surface can clearly see this great complexity). Fully decorated, angle and handmade machinery including 36 gems, with 70 hours of superb power reserve. Truly making this sport great and unique is the minute repeater and Urwerk replica Watches

The minute repeater is a very old technology, patented in the 17th century, which uses both hands and sounds to mark the time. It takes a lot of effort and the highest skill, only the best watchmakers can boast about this prestigious product.

Westminster has four gongs, each with a different tone – Mi-Do-Re-Sol (Sol is the hour’s voice, Mi is gong). Mi-Do-Re-Sol; Sol-Re-Sol-Re-Sol-Re-Sol-Re-Sol-Re-Sol-Re-Sol-Re-Sol-Re-Sol- / Sol-Re-Mi-Do / Mi-Do-Re-Sol.

Jaquemarts and Alexander the Great

Ulysse Nardin is one of the rare watchmakers and still uses Jaquemarts on the minute turntable. These animated, mechanized characters show the armor of the Alexander the Great and four handmade warriors in battle. They make moves, synchronized with minutes, quarter and hour gongs.

The 44mm box is made of 18 carat platinum or rose gold 4N. It’s just part of Ulysse Nardin Alexander’s Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts Minute Repeater watch. Its dial is completely covered by man-made decorative diamonds. Millions of small square diamond crystals form a unique, sparkling two-dimensional surface for a historic war.

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reference. No. 780-90

Sex man
Shape Round
Case Material Platinum
Case size 44 mm
Case thickness
Crystal Sapphire
Bracelet / wristband black leather strap
Dial black diamonds
Sports movement UN-78 hand roll
Shock proofing did not
Baffle fixed
Calendar does not have
Chronograph does not have
Moon phase indicator no
Double time / world time no
There is no alarm
Show analogues
Water resistance 30 meters (100 feet)
Altimeter depth meter does not
Power reserve for 70 hours
Parts of the Swiss
The price of high-end luxury


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