Urban Liberal New Advocacy Yu Biao big bang independent Italian camouflage watch tasting

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches replica.Camouflage from the war, is the soldiers “hidden” in the enemy’s vision of the protection of color, but also one of the most charismatic colors of the army, full of strong male hormone taste. And do not need to hide the role of camouflage fashion circles, this tough guy elements have also been popular. Swiss watch brand Yu-ship table and the Italian accessories brand independent Italian strong combination, the camouflage elements and rigorous tabulation process again, the introduction of the second cooperation watch Big Bang “independent Italian” watch. Called the real “rebellious” for the re-interpretation of the definition of freedom and fashion. (Watch model: 411.YG.1198.NR.ITI16)

“Rebellious” elements and camouflage fusion, both full of contradictions, but also to give the mysterious. I believe we all spent the “rebellious” period to participate in military training experience. So, the extraordinary Big Bang “independent Italy” watch is very cordial. The use of advanced technology to create a natural force as shown by the forest pattern, even if the embodiment of the camouflage pattern, are able to conceal the texture of its color. The avant-garde trend pattern reappears the classic charm – the most famous military theme motifs printed on the dial silk texture, while the underlying Texalium® material is vaguely replica watches online



Innovative material Texalium® (aluminum-coated carbon fiber), pioneer design and material breakthrough free fusion

Texalium® is made of aluminum-coated carbon fiber, which has many advantages over previous materials: the carbon fiber itself has a light and comfortable texture, combined with the integration of the aluminum process, highlight Texalium®’s varied colors and glamorous metallic luster The This watch will be the unique performance of these two materials most vividly, the second time proved for the Texalium ® and color performance control ability, in the face of technology and design challenges, the brand unswervingly to color exploration and material integration Combined with the most vividly. The sign of the 9 o’clock position on the dial conveys the message of peace.



Big bang from cross-border integration, interpretation of the classic “big bang”

October 28, 2015, Switzerland’s top watch brand Yu-ship table and the Italian pioneer trend of independent brand Italy cross-border together, shocking release both cutting-edge trend and innovation and technology integration masterpiece – Big Bang Unico independent Italian watch. In 2016, two cross-border brands again, for the big bang has added a new RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 LE MANS CLASSIC replica watch



Classic master of the table for the introduction of data

18K gold PVD coated titanium crown, printed on the top of the black rubber stamped logo, black PVD coated 18K gold button. Feel comfortable, watch the strong resistance. Table back sapphire crystal inside and outside are covered with anti-reflective coating, green Texalium ® material, water depth of about 100 meters underwater. Using back through the process, the movement operation at a glance. Equipped with Yu-ship watch carrying Yu-ship table automatic manufacturing automatic fleeing time movement HUB1242, travel time accurate. Timing function with a two-level clutch of the unique positioning mechanism and the famous “guide column wheel”, easy to open a new phase of the timing. Power storage for about 72 hours.

JACOB & CO. GRAND COMPLICATION MASTERPIECES WATCHES replica.Covered with black and green matte coated 45mm dial, highlight the atmosphere. The green carbon fiber and Texalium® on the bezel are decorated with 6 H-type PVD coated 18K gold screws plus black synthetic resin lugs. The whole watch “special forces” tough guy full of temperament. Through the inside and outside are anti-reflective treatment sapphire crystal can see a different “dimension” of the hollow gold pointer, small seconds and 60 minutes dial and the dial disk, reflecting the obvious division of the spirit of cooperation, full of sense of hierarchy.


Strap for the green tannin fabric lining comfortable texture of natural rubber, with PVD coated 18K gold screws, design and fashion style rivet boots coincide. At the same time, the strap with a quick detachable function, the wearer can choose according to self-preferences strap, replace the way simple, easy to wear.

Classic camouflage appearance, unique dial material domineering 45mm dial, powerful flying body movement. Created such a Yu-ship big bang “independent Italy” camouflage watch, modeling reveals a “special forces” resolute tough wind, like the fashion of the table friends can consider starting this a watch.




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