Tattoo and graffiti artists are now on the watch to display their talent

HUBLOT BIG BANG SANG BLEU ALL BLACK cheap watch.CyrilPhan is a graffiti artist from France, and his field of expertise is more well known. His recent series is more difficult than ever, because he has long been accustomed to the creation of the rainy day outdoors. This time, he was the Swiss watch brand RichardMille’s invitation, for its most sophisticated stainless steel tourbillon graffiti decoration.

Cyril Phan is a graffiti artist from France, and his field of expertise is more well known. His recent series is more difficult than ever, because he has long been accustomed to the creation of the rainy day outdoors.

“It’s a fantastic technical challenge because sometimes we have only one-tenth or one-hundred percent of the parts we are working with,” said Mille, the watch’s brand founder. “Our goal is to achieve precise painting on tiny things. “Richard Mille first spent six months to develop a special spray gun, it can control the amount of paint per minute spray.

The joint series seems to be somewhat unexpected, because the street art has its own unique character logo: pioneer, young, and can quickly into the Bohemian style of the environment, thus glowing the trend and fashion atmosphere, and Switzerland Tabulation process is more emphasis on tradition. However, there are many other brands and graffiti and even tattoo artists to cooperate, the intention is to expand the tentacles of the business to the younger generation, the younger generation and the previous generation has a very different self-awareness and aesthetic orientation.

This month, Hublot produced Big Bang Sang Bleu watch landing shop, from London tattoo artist Maxime Buchi participated in the design work of this watch, Maxime Buchi guests no shortage of hip hop star Kanye West. This watch is priced at nearly $ 19,000, the world is limited to the sale of 200. In order to tie in with the new table, Buchi plans to open a temporary tattoo studio in Miami next month, and the Art Basel Miami Beach will be held Richard Mille RM 27-03 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL Watch


Earlier this year, Romain Jerome released a new watch, its pointer design is like a tattoo needle, pattern strap by the French tattoo artist Xoil design, priced at $ 24,500.

This trend is spreading to light and other industries. Next month, Shinola, priced between $ 475 and $ 1,500, will open a boutique in downtown Los Angeles, where tattoo services are also available to consumers. The store’s tattoo service will be run by the tattoo artist Scott Campbell, who offers a lot of high-end accessories for the designer brand Marc Jacobs. British brand Mr Jones Watches will soon release two watches inspired by the 1980’s graffiti art, the price of each watch nearly $ 1,250. Recently, the designer Philipp Plein and the British artist Phil Robson conducted a joint design, which is particularly good at using sports shoes to create works of art – the joint series contains a heavy industry watches, priced more than 700 US dollars.

These joint series at least to a certain extent, aimed at the great potential of the millennium generation market, many millennial generation more inclined to buy smart watches or choose to look directly on the phone time.

“15-year-old, 20-year-old, 25- and 30-year-olds are our future,” said Jean-Claude Biver, president of the Moire Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group (parent company of Hublot Watches), “We found In addition to the specific dress style or the taste of the song, this generation has a personal liking for the text, so I think: ‘If the tattoo is becoming a 21st century art style, then we must not let go of this opportunity.’ ”

“If we go hand in hand with the 21st century art form,” he continued, “then this is the best way for us to integrate into the 21st century.”cheap HYT H1 BLACK SAPPHIRE Watch



Some brands also hope to cooperate with these trend artists, which in the highly competitive market is unique.

“It’s important for us to add a unique, creative and modern atmosphere to our watch because we are getting closer to this industry,” said Manuel Emch, CEO of Romain Jerome parent company, RJ Watches “We have noticed that the vast majority of our customers are 20, 30, or 40, but we are very young – and we find that they are vast Most people have the same cultural orientation, for example, they all like contemporary art and video games, and the tattoo is the unique artistic expression of this generation.

In the art of graffiti, Banksy and other artists of the work of rising prices, with its cooperation for the watch brand has brought a large number of buyers, these buyers keen to buy expensive watches.

“High-income people prefer street art; they buy retro cars and they will also buy very advanced luxury watches,” said Sebastien Laboureau, a graffiti art consultant. “When you run a watch company and want to open up new markets, The most popular thing in the world is a very sensible approach, and nowadays the most popular nature is street art and urban art.

Some critics argue that such cooperation is somewhat far-fetched, but the artists who are involved in the cooperation do not have that feeling.

“If you are a tattoo artist, you will find the watch world and the tattoo world there are many similarities,” recently, Buchi in London suburbs Dulleson’s studio received a media interview, “watch production is a Very delicate craft, and tattoo also have the same technique watches for men

In June of this year, Buchi opened an Instagram account called “watchesandtattoos” (watch and tattoo), and most of the pictures shared were tattoos worn with high-end watches. The last few states include an arm with a lion’s head wearing a heavy-duty Audemars Piguet watch and a Rolex Explorer with a stainless steel strap with a huge black skeleton arm. State commenters usually use #wristporn this tag.

The official cooperation between the watch brand and the non-traditional artist is not the only experimental form. Now in the private market, the luxury watches on the street style transformation has gradually become popular.

Bamford Watch Department is a London-based custom design company, its works in Dover Street Market and Colette and other fashion buyers shop for sale. It designs a new look for the new Rolex watch and replaces the frosted black strap. At the same time, it also works with a series of street pioneer artists, including José Parlá from Brooklyn and Wes Lang from Los Angeles.

For watch collectors, the long-term investment value of these watches may not be as reliable as the traditional style.

“The question is how long the tattoo and graffiti culture can circulate, and how much impact on later generations,” says Ariel Adams, founder of the watch website aBlogtoWatch. “These artists are quite popular in subcultural groups, but in the future their influence Force may also be limited to subcultural groups, which may lead to a sharp drop in the value of the collection of watches.

Luxurious watch retailer American Wempe president Ruediger Albers also holds the same view.

“Although the series has received a lot of attention, but this does not mean that it will bring high sales, of course, this is indeed a new market,” he said, “I do not think consumers will come to the store “I’ve seen that artist, so I’m interested in this brand.

The vast majority of watch brands that, in the end, the sales volume is not the priority of the brand.

“I want the younger generation to have my brand as a dream,” said Jean-Claude Biver of Moire Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group. “I do not care if they have the ability to buy my products now. The dream, so they grow up, they will say: ‘I have been dreaming of owning this watch, now I want to buy one.’ This is my



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