fake HYT 2017 SKULL LIGHT 151-DG-44-GF-AB watch.The 2002 Swiss National Exhibition was held around the lakes of Neuch√Ętel, Bian and Moratt. In this large lake, the idea of the water watch was born. From a technical point of view, the idea of returning to liquid fit in a sealed watch was fascinating about three thousand years after Pharaoh’s first water clock.

Noting the challenge of achieving this concept, the establishment of a shareholder model to provide resources to put into practice. The project will bring together two different worlds: on the one hand, chemicals and medical technology, which alone have the ability to handle fluids, are first combined with the traditional watchmaking world.

The team expanded in 2010.

Will designers, chemists, mechanics and micro-technical staff together, and ultimately formed the H1 concept.
Based on the use of fluid to indicate the time of the process, HYT engineers team brought together so far completely opposed to the two elements: liquid and watch. And before it is already synonymous with corrosion – and is the source of the main problem of watertight – where the liquid is controlled and directed into the capillary that runs around the case of H1.

HYT has been striving to ensure that this fluid remains visible and chemically stable: for example, to ensure that it does not expand or contract according to ambient temperature, thus making the time indication Hublot Big Bang Tutti Frutti watches fake

H1 is a unique watch, relying on the basic principles of the watch industry, but even in compliance with the rules of physical and tabulation at the same time, it also has a unique complexity, for many further development laid the foundation.

HYT’s hydraulics watchmaker has achieved an impossible dream: combining mechanics and fluids in watches. By showing the madness of water show time, they did more things, not just adding another unusual thing to the watchmaking field; they confused two previously identical worlds, confusing each of the Imagine the stereotype. Because the soul of Pharaoh has never succeeded in getting rid of the law of gravity, this energy transferred to the portable watch. HYT has made this feat.

HYT’s theme is fluid mechanics – the final hybridization. The formula is the development of avant-garde watchmaking, including engineering to the limit, high-tech materials and mixing design. This inspired, rebellious style imposes its own code, emphasizing the overall unique qualities and creativity.fake watches for sale



Introduced in 2012, H1 is the first hybrid mechanical fluid table. The time passes through two different densities, so the immiscible liquid – both independent bellows and capillaries can be read out. A traditional hand shows a small cap at 12 o’clock. The entire system is driven by a mechanical manual winding movement. The series has several versions: Titanium, Black DLC Coating Titanium, Pink Gold and DLC Coating Titanium, Pink Gold, Alumen Blue, Iceberg and so on.

The H2 developed in partnership with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi provides a new structure for mechanical fluid movement, especially at 6 o’clock V-shaped bellows, reminiscent of automotive engines, 12 o’clock spring balance, jump minute hand and thermal indicator 8 The traditional version of this model was introduced in 2016.nice richard mille RM 055 Bubba Watson watch fake

The fluid mechanics revolution continues in 2015, H3 and its rich innovations: a rectangular case, a horizontal and retrograde display of fluid time, and a linear and retrograde double joint arm minutes. Pistons work in linear mode, on the contrary. The 15 limited edition comes again from the vision of the HYT and Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, planned by Giulio Papi.

The H4 model is a skeleton-style watch that provides immersive vision for the movement of the heart. The offset time display is displayed on the bezel for the first time, no longer on the inner bezel. H4 Gotham has a red liquid, while the H4 Alinghi and H4 Metropolis are equipped with a mechanical light source to ensure night visibility: a miniature generator that drowns the dial for about 15 seconds at night by pressing a dedicated fader.

The provocative model in this collection has a dial that occupies a large skull, by the hour of the fluid capillaries, red, green or black for the Bad Boy version. The right eye of the skull holds 65 hours of power reserve display, while the left shows running seconds. Watch no time, but to provide more “philosophy” time view …



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