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Rado original Diastar diver is automatically checked

My friend compared the Rado watch brand to the carmaker Saab. He felt that Rados was weird, not the same, running different drums while showing modern designs. As a man with Saab for more than 30 years, I agree that in addition to Rados should be compared with Saab General Motors, but this is a completely different topic, I will not enter this. Just say Rado watch is a unique watchmaking expertise.

Before I bought Rado Original Diastar, there was only one Rado in my collection, and a classic “Captain Cook” diver began in the late 1960s. A cool watch, but not well conveys the popularity of Rado. What I wanted was the classic Rado icon, the “Original Diastar” that was launched in 1962, and after Rado became a watchmaker in 1957, Rado was already part of Swatch after five years of Rado’s formal establishment The Since 1983.

Rado Original is the world’s first scratch watch, Rado has carried out this tradition, producing a variety of scratch-resistant watches, and still produce a variety of original style.

The secret of the original scratch-resistant feature is the use of Rado’s “high-tech carbide” bezel. Where the bezel refers to the watch around the crystal part, but in fact, the original cap on the carbide bezel is about half, for a lot of scratch protection.

nice Rado Original replica watches,Hard metal bezel is actually tungsten carbide, Vickers hardness of 1400-1700 Vickers hardness of the carbide. You can visit the Rado website to learn more about the formation of this border in the factory information, you will understand its strength, and understand the realization of this unique components involved in the technical and manufacturing steps.

Carbide bead height polished, due to the characteristics of tungsten carbide, I would like to point out some interesting facts. The bezel is signed on the left hand side and etched with the watch serial number near the lower surface. The actual color of the bezel is a cool, lighter gun metal gray, slightly contrasting with stainless steel case and bracelet. Contrast is subtle and will not damage the aesthetics of the watch.

Tungsten carbide is also heavier than steel, and when you handle Rado Original, the weight of the bezel is obvious. I know that there are watches on the market made entirely of tungsten carbide, and I have never dealt with or can not see the watch, I will imagine the weight will be extreme.

Because the bezel is smooth and highly polished, so it is also a fingerprint of the magnet, so if you have Rado Original and caress its beautiful carbide bezel, please prepare a lot of wiping the bezel to remove the skin oil and fingerprints.

Finally, due to the hardness of tungsten carbide, this metal, although highly resistant to scratch, but also brittle, if the impact is hard enough or fall to a hard surface with sufficient impact, it may be broken or broken into multiple pieces. I saw a picture of a Rado Carbide bezel divided into pieces. Although I do not know the details of the impact, it illustrates a negative aspect of the technology. But do not worry, in normal use, the carbide bezel should be able to withstand most of the abuse, you can throw it

Rado Original has three sizes: “S”, “L” and “XL”. The Rado Original diver adds 300 meters of water resistance in the second position, plus a second unscrew the crown to turn the internal rotary bezel to the standard Originals function. I like the overall appearance of this watch and the color of the dial combination, so I chose it.




Rado Original Diver’s case is stainless steel, hard metal bezel pressed in the upper half, a lot of very serious metal. The two parts are completely polished. Shell size 38.6mm, no crown, including 42.6mm. Even if the bezel makes the shell shape oval, from top to bottom is not too long (46mm), and well on the wrist. Case thickness of 12.6mm, bracelet semi-integrated earrings bracelet width of 24.2mm. I said “semi-integrated” because the earrings are actually slightly pivoted to better embrace the wrist, the bracelet hooks on the fixed center lug on the shell. I am usually not a fan of integrated headphones, but this design is better for me, and I call it a hybrid design.

The back of the case is polished stainless steel, screwed down, and marked with the famous Rado ‘water seal’ logo. Both crowns are signed with Rado anchors and are tightened. When I opened the watch, I found the main crown a little hard to use because it was polished, without a deep groove, so it was hard to catch.

The dial is covered with flat sapphire crystal without any anti-reflective coating. Flat crystal can clearly see the dial, without any twist.

Rado original diver’s overall fit and finish prototype diver is very good, especially considering this unique combination of materials at a relatively low price point. well-done.

The dial is another focus of the original diver. The center is a blue, almost vague purple, surrounded by a black second hand track, again surrounded by an internal rotating bezel. The bezel is black, except for the first 15 minutes, which is white. The hand is finished with dark blue and white illustrations, the second hand is pure white (easy to see), without any brightness. Lume quality is acceptable, but not super brightness, partly because the sequined part is quite small and narrow, so there is no big and bold Lume applied to Urwerk replica watches

Each five-minute mark is marked with a small round of applicable ink dots, while the bezel has a corresponding rectangular bar with a small ink dot from 1 to 15 minutes marked with a triangular shallow mouth at 12. It is a clear, clean, look at the dial demo.

A quick date window is located in three positions, and the date window is a trapezoidal shape with a black and white date wheel. Minimum dial print from “Rado”, “Automatic” and “300 M”

The final dial details are classic floating anchors, located on the sixth position. Sometimes I find myself looking at the anchor, that is the date window. Rado put the anchor on the end of the pin so that it moves or rotates as the wrist moves and rotates freely in any direction. I always thought that if the anchor was rotated with the second hand at the same time, then it would be cool, but alas, it was not.

In the original diver, I was sure to be an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, but I did not open the backup verification, Rado did not detail the origin of their automatic movement. Timing performance is very good, running time is +4/24 hours. I only watched 35 hours of power storage, however, ETA automatic production of the minimum time should not be less than 42 hours, so my watch movement may have a small problem, but in 35 hours, for me close enough not to chaos If you suddenly drop to less than 24 hours, then I will correct this situation, but now it seems that the watch is still the same.

The original diving bracelet is a solid connection with stainless steel oyster style with semi-circular links. The external link is polished and the center link is scrubbed. The semi-integrated end connection is firm. The size of the bracelet is 24.2mm, thinning on the buckle to 17.8mm.

The buttons are signed and polished, and there is a button close, like a standard deployer to open the same side, but the other side there is a one-third of the size of the deployment, you can pull it away. When opened, the clasp looks a bit like an unequal butterfly buckle, which is essentially it. The buckle is made of titanium, which makes this a third metal for the construction of this

Buttons are not fine-tuned, but the link is not too wide, so at least for me to achieve a good bracelet is not a problem.

The presentation is a nice, big black box, quite heavy, full of Swiss watches.

In general, Rado Original Diastar Diver is a unique watch that combines the iconic modern design elements with metal and Swiss quality triple boot.

Advantages: unique hard metal bezel, classic shape, Swiss automatic movement, cool dial, the price is relatively low Disadvantages: hard metal bezel fingerprint magnet, the crown is difficult to grasp the wind table, semi-integrated lug design excluded Use standard belt rulings: iconic watch design, where in any collection should be, scraping the bragging rights is good, strong overall value with unusual design combinations



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