Breguet Tradition Automatique Seconde Retrograde

sale Breguet TRADITION Watches replica.This edition of the Basel world is a traditional celebration for the treasure. Inspired by the history of the “subscription” watch, the traditional series launched in 2005, can be regarded as one of the oldest watch. We are not talking about the problems raised here in the 1950s or 1960s, but the watches that could be made in the late 18th century. Even in history close to the ancestors, the traditional collection is also surprisingly modern. The latest version is equipped with new and interesting features. This is the traditional automation of Seconds retrograde 7097.

The typical features of the treasure are easy to identify: the engine turntable, the welding earrings, the treasure et number, the secret signature, the treasure hand and the fluted shell. All this creates a unique design with very classical attraction, rather than the old-fashioned inspiration, but more of the history. However, the collection of watches in the history of further, watch the Abraham Louis Bao Po’s first creation: the traditional tribute. Inspired by the “subscription” watch, modern interpretation utilizes (almost) the same concept of motion and the same overall approach. In addition, Po et al. Also created the 18th century watch, combined with its usual spirit of innovation, as we have seen, with the new Po eti traditional minute repeater tourbillon 7087. Po traditional watches look very old, but the technology used is no doubt from the beginning of the twenty-first century.replica Graham Chronofighter Watch 2OVGS.B26A





For the “Basel New World” in 2015, Bao et al. Introduced several new products in the traditional series, including chronographs, impressive repeaters and automated version of the classical tradition (launched in 2005) and with additional Retrograde second index. We think that this new watch is not actually a pure novelty, just like the treasure in 2006, Po has already collected an automatic tradition, 37 mm of this situation (instead of 40 mm), but also Reverse second – reference 7037. This watch was fairly confidential, and this new implementation of the year is certainly more attractive – it is more modern, cleaner, less glossy (before a full yellow gold case + movement).

18k rose gold and 18k white gold to choose from, where the size of 40mm (please note that the normal treasure traditional hand wounds exist in 37mm and 40mm), leaving more space to the dial, so a clearer understanding of technical factors The This is usually the case of Breguet, with a thin bezel, a flanged strap and a thin welded earring. This watch does not have the correct dial, the movement is mounted upwards, showing the movement of the bridge, wheels, escapement, barrel and other parts, these components are usually hidden in the bottom of the floor. The decoration is cleaner than the previous version, because the treasure has chosen a completely gray solution. Bridges and substrates are coated in anthracite, and technical components (wheels, screws, barrels) are rhodium-plated.replica Graham Chronofighter Watch 2OVGS.B26A



Breguet Tradition Automatique Seconde Retrograde 7097 dial is still very close to the classic (non-automatic) version of the tradition, in addition to a feature: retrograde secondhand. Located on the left side of the time dial, this dial is usually fitted with a power reserve indicator – which is not important for automatic winding watches. The second hand ran on a quarter-turn track, (unfortunately) across the master sub-dial. However, taking into account the speed of movement of the second hand – together with the ballet of the balance wheel – the traditional automaton is very enjoyable. This dial is lively and real animated.

This traditional face is impressive, full of details: a few minutes of engine turntable sub-dial (3 different), blue open treasure hand, bridge symmetry, frost finish bridge and motherboard (manual (The modern Incabloc system is under the bridge) … all of these details are reminiscent of antique pocket watch, but the end result is still the result of the end of the wheel People are surprised by the modern, but in fact this movement is technically modern.

The main novelty of this watch can be easily found through the sapphire bottom cover: a large rotor at the top of the movement, shaped like a bumper. Even if the shape (once again) reminiscent of antique watches, this rotor is a classic rotating movement, 360 degree rotation. However, we must note that the completion of the gold rotor: a black polished finish, but on the surface, is very difficult to achieve. The advent of the self-winding mechanism brings several advantages: a more practical watch every day, a cool antique look and a more attractive motion view, and the back of the manual version looks empty. However, it also has a typical automatic watch default value, which means greater thickness.

Although it has a historical appearance, but this movement is modern, its straight-line escapement system has a silicon tray, its treasure coil coil spring in the silicon, it is a free spring balance wheel. It has a 50 hour power reserve and is adjusted in 6 positions. The power of the treasure is respected here again, and they are bringing a very classical modern movement – not the ancestors – the building, feeling like a watch history on the wrist.



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