Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Night NTPT Carbon Watch Review

Richard Mille rm 011-03 replica watches.Frankly, I did not hesitate to wear the Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT Carbon watch every day at the airport and reviewed it over the past few weeks, as in the past few weeks Spend the last moment) convertible super sports car parked in front of the house, if finally have the chance … irresistible force, pure curiosity and excitement will not let you do anything but use this fascinating situation. But what is fuss?

This week, finally let me get a better idea and want to live on a $ 140 million Richard Mill on his wrist and see if it is as excellent as I expected. Rise and fall, all have to know, let’s take a look!

Because Richard Mille watches are expensive, complex, and tend to use some new high-tech materials, they will be a problem. We consider a lot of factors, including those that can help us answer Richard Mille’s watches asking them to do the price, and why they can continue to produce more than 4,000 a year.

So, first of all, let’s put this concept in a context – you know that this incredible six-digit – annual calendar – chronograph – the idea of a non-precious metal case.


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Richard Mille has been this since the new millennium, and what I mean is the ultra-expensive, very successful avant-garde watch brand in the watch industry – it’s just a fact. However, for anyone who has no oligarchs or who gets the annual turnover of the refinery, Richard Mille says the price may be very

So we can compare, here is the basis of ordinary luxury brand normal pricing process: In general, a company must first determine its specific market segments, the target audience and the need for these factors the corresponding price. Only take this into account, it began to develop and complete the product itself. Needless to say, this approach imposes restrictions on the product itself, as it will eventually have to meet these predetermined costs and pricing requirements.

As Richard Mille himself explains, the pricing process of his watch (and hence his brand) is different from most other pricing strategies because what they are doing is the idea of first presenting a product , And then they developed this idea, the final product as close as possible to him and his team dream of. Only this has been achieved, the cost of all these efforts are taken into account, they determine the final price.

Sounds very luxurious, but what the brand says is what they actually offer is usually two different things – so let’s take a look at (if any) into reality.

Of course, when you see their price tag, the lack of Richard Mill’s lack of such cost-related restrictions becomes obvious, which can make some super sports cars suddenly seem to be a low budget alternative. However, when you carefully observe the product itself and their manufacturing methods and methods, these methods will be consistent. So let’s focus on the origins of the latter thing, which is very simple, because when I visited Richard Mille’s manufacturer in Switzerland, we had a more in-depth article on the subject.


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Just as most of the modern, extremely complex and super-expensive watch brands (which actually have more than a few days), there is no single facility, where all the manufacturing processes are executed at the same time. The reason is that there is no place where, under the same roof, they can simultaneously watch the watch from the body, the machine hundreds of different types of subtle sports parts, create complex mobile phone and dial, and then assemble all these parts into a watch.hublot mp 02 laferrari replica watches

Richard Mille and Vaucher Manufacture collaborated on relatively simple movements such as ultra-slim movements, annual calendar chronographs, and more complex movements and new complications with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi in mind. For case and other components, they rely heavily on their own only a few years old Les Breuleux’s most advanced case manufacturing plant ProArt, while the final assembly of the watch took place mainly in a few minutes by car from the engineering Mille headquarters of ProArt.

One of the key summaries of my visit to these places is that they are generally considered “possible” practices. At any place, I see that I see energetic (usually very young) engineers programming new machines and researching new materials and high-tech composites (such as NTPT carbon, for the subject matter of this review, but more More of the next). In other departments, they are trying to reassemble super complex movements that seem to be perfectly calculated for the movement. All this makes it easy to make things easy and I have to remind myself how not to simply cut the steel or repair the base of the ETA caliber. They look easy, but the engineering challenges and novelty of these products ensure that these people’s ”

All this is fine, but you may feel that it is not enough to explain that a brand can sell more than 3,000 pieces a year – the average price is close to six digits.



In order to find missing puzzles, I will ask you to simply say a plain and tasteless, and I try to show that there are a lot of people in the world, and many people can and are really willing to pay almost any amount of money they like and appreciate. The real question is not whether these people have enough – because there are – but how do modern brands contact them and convince them about the value of their particular product?Tag Heuer MONACO CAL5112.FC6298 replica watches

For these people, the real concern is not a waste of X or 100 times the money, but between the peers humiliation, because did not reach the desired level. Compared with other competing brands of products, short time things are relatively poor. Their cars, boats, helicopters, etc. must be the fastest, if they have paid the price, can not be delivered as expected, then the failure of the brand will soon be closed. There are several brands that can not continue to drive their design and engineering design – and today is nowhere to be seen. Well, the real challenge of Richard Mille is to make the customer feel amazed by the use of new materials, continually improving their designs, and constantly keeping their limits beyond their limits.

In the stratospheric high-priced super-plane workshop, the automaker McLaren has been perfectly matched – and, given their very similar positions and techniques, I have already thought that Richard Mill is the watch brand’s McLaren. McLaren, who has just started making his own road car, had to overcome the auto industry giants like Charles Mille and the watch industry, and their secret of success was the same.

How these companies effectively meet the needs of these customers is their extremely limited real-time identification design, they continue to improve and upgrade with the latest technology. Which makes them able to provide bold new choice for those rich people, at this point, from a big brand to get another boring thing, but to find the ultimate toy, which is really boring. They want it to be the lightest, fastest, yes, and most expensive – they want it to be instantly identified, at least in their own circles.

This is the recipe they must follow: There are not a few different Richard Mill or McLaren designs, but only one logo is looking for, in turn, relentlessly updating and improving with the latest technology.HARRY WINSTON HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON WATCHES replica

With this (not -) a brief introduction to its origins, let’s see how this all translates into this review of the subject: Richard Miller RM 011 Philip Massa Night NTPT watch. RM 011 does not have a no doubt that the shadow, is Richard Mill so far the most recognized and successful models. Its round shell is designed with no hooks, twelve 5-node screws in the bezel, plus a curved side, and a clear arc-shaped profile … This package is the look of Richard Mille.


Brazilian Formula One racing driver Felipe Massa is already a brand friend for more than a decade and his name is already part of every RM 011 model. He even wore a Richard Mill watch on his car in the car – he had left the wreckage as soon as he saw an unfortunate racing incident that took place a few years ago in the Canadian Grand Prix. Here, we will say that from the beginning of the 2016 season, at least 10 years, Richard Mille and McLaren F1 racing team official cooperation.

Now, despite being a Formula One fan, I appreciate Massa’s famous athletic skills and driving skills, but I am pleased to find that this special version of RM01 does not completely list his name on the dial, only In almost no obvious way, his acronym is abbreviated in the model and is shown below the 8-point index. Although it is not everyone will share this feeling, but I personally prefer only watch the watchmaker / brand name, no other people.

The more compelling part of this name is “NTPT” because it refers to the special material of Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT. In the case of the so-called ProArt case of RM, I can see myself, how this unusual material eventually becomes a case of Toni Mille. The base material was developed by the NTPT company of the same name for the mast of the rowing sailboat, so the material was very rigid and light and should not be surprising….



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