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Review Cheap Urwerk UR-210 ALTIN Men watch

Model: UR-210 ALTIN
Case: Titanium,Uncommon
Cuts: 43.80mm x 53.60mm
Thickness: 17.80mm
Movement: Self Winding/Automatic
Glass: sapphire
Strap: Alligator
Dial: Skeletonized
Functions: Hours, Retrograde minutes, Power Reserve
Clasp: Pin Buckle




SIHH 2017 – URWERK UR-T8, the twentieth anniversary of the new concept

You may know that this year is a very unique and subversive brand URWERK twentieth anniversary. As you have seen in the movie, the independent watchmaker introduced the first watch at the 1997 Basel Show, where the young founder of the brand was almost gone to school. Twenty years later, you may believe that Frei & Baumgartner is now lying on the desk behind the old man, nothing can be divorced from the truth, but also URWERK strong vitality and creativity of the proof, here is the latest creation, impressive URWERK UR-T8, continues the brand of satellite time display and abnormal obsession.



replica Bell & Ross BR 03-94 AERO GT ORANGE watch.Twenty years ago, Frei & Baumgartner introduced a new tabulation concept, that is, satellite complications, a complex wandering time combined together around the turntable to rotate the satellites (yes, it sounds complicated … still showing very simple Reading). Although the basic concept behind the monitor looks very modern, but in fact it is quite antiques (not antiques, but the ancient antiques). The system was inspired by a 400-year Italian night bell, invented by the royal Campanie in Rome in 1652. This clock is commissioned by the pope, so he can read the time at night. It shows the time in a different way, thanks to the large numbers exposed on the rotating satellites and running on a minute vault. This is what Frei & Baumgartner thought of the first watch, UR-101, launched in 1997, a complex thing, will be in almost all the creation of the brand later appeared.



top Urwerk UR-210 replica watches.As we said in the introduction, the brand and its founders may now have 20 years, but they are far from relying on their laurel. Since its first creation in 1997, URWERK has introduced an impressive, completely destructive, stunning watch that has a bold and almost sci-fi appearance such as UR-103, UR-202, UR-210 and unique EMC concepts (Must read the code). See all you can not help, what happens next? Then the answer is URWERK UR-T8.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the brand UR-T8 URWERK is the first deformable watch. A series of precise operations can be unlocked from the stand, turned over, and returned by clicking to protect the time under the titanium shield. Press the two buttons on each side of the housing again to release it, lift it vertically, rotate it 180 ° about its axis, and return it to its stand to return to the time display. The idea is to have a mysterious object on the wrist, actually nothing to show anything, or when the case is flipped, a huge, bold, creative, with a unique display of the tabulation tool. It depends on you until the event until the situation … the new UR-T8 is a 2-in-1 concept. In the most interesting thing is that this watch, Martin Frey explained that URWERK wanted to create a watch, “recalled Reverso watches”, also known as some of the most conservative watches. The Reverso concept was pushed to a whole new level


Once the URWERK UR-T8 situation flips to the correct location, you will find a brand new version of the trademark roaming time indication. In the three moorings on the four hours of 12 hours continuous sweep over 60 minutes to show the number and analogy of the time. It is the largest and finest turntable created by URWERK, each with a four-hour satellite turntable. Since every hour on the disc turns through the 120 ° curvature, it rotates back to maintain the level, which is a small and important detail that requires complex planetary HYT Skull replica WATCHES

Another unique feature of URWERK is the automatic control of the system. The rotating blades connected to the winding rotor absorb any sudden and violent movement of the rotor without compromising its winding efficiency.

In design, URWERK UR-T8 retains the usual manufacturing code: huge crown, organic shape sapphire crystal glass, texture, invites your touch, strong personality and recognizable visual signature. The case of the transformer is in grade 5 titanium, coated with two-color titanium or black PVD, and measured in large 60.23 mm X48.35 mm X20.02 mm. URWERK UR-T8 will be used in the initial series of 60 quality replica watches



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