Urwerk UR-210 Watch: This is a very expensive exercise tip

PRICE URWERK UR-210 AMADEUS REPLICA WATCH.Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Urwerk is one of the few top watch brands that can inspire gadgets and traditional watch enthusiasts. Their secrets have been advancing in modern design and technological innovation. Their new UR-210 watch may look like a spacecraft, but it’s just a little tool to tell you that it’s time to take off your ass and exercise. It is beautiful and precise.

The automatic mechanical watch is wound by the rotation of the weighted rotor, which means moving with the movement of the wrist. This action is used to wrap the mainspring. Watches and power storage indicators, such as UR-210 tells you how much power left the movement. Urwerk adds a new feature to a power reserve indicator called a winding efficiency indicator. This tool is mechanical, it measures the power generated in the past two hours for the watch. If you do not have enough movement (and therefore no power), the winding efficiency indicator enters the red area. If you fist all day, you will be in the green zone.

Urwerk thinks this new feature is a novel way for owners to connect their watches. Like most Urwerk watches, the time is through a special satellite arm system, the system looks very cool. This is a beautiful new fashion watch, you may be because of love or hate and grow.SALE RM 27-03 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL WATCH

This year in the Basel world Urwerk booth, titanium and steel is one of the highlights of the poor. The UR-210 is purely mechanical watches in its best. It has patented rotating satellite complications with roaming time and 3D retrograde minute hand. There is also a power storage indicator and a winding efficiency indicator on the dial that tells you the consumption and energy generated in the past two hours. Flip the watch to find the winding efficiency selector. This watch is the dream of thermodynamics nerd!


Urwerk UR-210 watch

2017 best replica watches.I recently discussed Urwerk’s new UR-210 watch, their interesting new “Wound Efficiency Index” complication. The idea of a new complication is to tell you if you are enough to knead the action, or if you need to be more active. I thought that this was a complicated thing to remind you to get rid of your ass and walk around. Recently I got the hand of the first UR-210 pieces. My overall report is yes or no new complication, which is a cool Urwerk.

UR-210 before the last Urwerk watch is UR-110 (we introduced here hands). They call UR-110 a “torpedo” and it is a fun but visually strange watch that has a strange size. Although, I appreciate its design experiments and technical achievements. With the return of UR-210, superb wear resistance and design aesthetic, combined with technical excellence. The watch is the most perfect is Urwerk watches.

The unique titanium housing is about 44 mm wide. However, it looks good and comfortable sitting on the wrist. Space and the future, which is what the high-end modern design should be. What I really like is how the future theme of this case continues in the sport, and vice versa. You can also thank the thick custom pad, which brings a lot of comfort. Finally, the shape and finishing of the shell parts are both finished and very high



Urwerk calls this action UR-7.10. It has 39 hours of power reserve and some unique features. Let’s talk about the start of the automatic winding system. You can not see the rotor being hidden, but you do see a pair of turbine gears that rotate with the rotor. In fact, they will not turn around. You will notice that behind the watch is a choice round. Using the thumb, you can switch it to “complete, decrease and stop”. These allow the rotor to rotate completely, rotate some resistance or lock it. There are already some discussion why you will need this.

The automatic winding system is inherently weak, and it can break under shock or extreme forces. As a “we can also include it” function, Urwerk wants to make the automatic winding system more interactive. Completely stopping the rotor will stop the automatic winding, but it can also be protected in some sports activities. Reducing the rotation efficiency can increase the gear (which is part of the “turbine control” system and slow down the winding speed if you are playing golf or other activities and want to slow down the rotor protection, which is useful for the rest of the time you can keep ” “It’s easy to say,” such an expensive watch, why would you wear it when it might break “I agree. Not only that, if you want to put it in danger, the system needs you to plan ahead. A very watch lifestyle.Finally, this is an interesting complexity – again – intended to increase the interactivity with the high-end luxury GRAHAM LONDON CHRONOFIGHTER replica watches

Having a power reserve indicator will of course make the “stop” function of the turbine control system more practical. I understand that the winding efficiency index is designed as an indicator of power storage. Again, “remember” how many times have you given the UR-210’s action in the last two hours, from red to green, how much you love the main barrel.

Of course, the best part of the system is the new “fat hand” time to tell the show. Urwerk once again rethought their satellite time to tell the system and further complicate it. The hours are still displayed in the rotating cube, but the minute hand is the newer of the UR-210. Daisen is a “jumping hand”, the best way is to watch the above video. The hour indicator is located, and when it reaches the end of the hour, the minute hand returns to 0 to connect the next hour cube. You can also set the time back without destroying the system. This is a very neat thing, colder than ever.

Urwerk will produce this version of the Urwerk UR-210 watch only 35 pieces of titanium. If I know anything about Urwerk, then there will be more cases in the future and limited edition. It is worth noting that this watch’s nickname is “Maltese Falcon” because of the shape of the minute hand. But I just can not see the connection.REPLICA U-BOAT CLASSICO SKELETON 8060 watch

Model: – UR- 210 “Amadeus”

Material: titanium and steel
Size: 43.8 mm wide, 53.6 mm long, 17.8 mm thick
Glasses: sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30m / 100 ‘/ 3ATM
Surface treatment: satin; beads sandblasting
Strap: URWERK used with Maspoli for development deployment of buckle metal bracelets
Caliber: UR-7.10
Gem: 51
Escapement: Swiss lever
Balance single metal
Frequency: 28,800 v / h, 4 Hz
Gossamer: flat
Power supply: single barrel
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: Automatic winding is coupled to the turbine
Plate in ARCAP P40 rhodium-plated; 3 minutes with aluminum alloy with brass counterweight; spring steel center cylindrical spiral; aluminum hour satellite; center carousel and titanium alloy five
Surface treatment:
Round scrub, sandblasted, round and straight satin panels; satin and diamond polished satellites; cut and polished screw heads

Patented rotating satellite complications, which are associated with hovering hours and three-dimensional retrograde hands; power reserve indicators; patent winding efficiency indicators
Super LumiNova treatment mark, dial, indicator, hand,




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