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Hands-on Armin Strom Mirror Resonance Flame, a resonant watch with a unique coupling system

sale replica ARMIN STROM watches.Armin Strom Mirror Resonance Flame is one of the clearest and most interesting watches we have in the office for a while. This is a new resonance watch – a very clever but technically very difficult way to make the two balances synchronized with each other.

Armin Strom Mirror Resonance Flame is one of the clearest and most interesting watches we have in the office for a while. This is a new resonance watch – a very clever but technically very difficult way to make the two balances synchronized with each other.

We have the opportunity to look at Armin Strom’s director Claude Greisler’s mirror resurrection of the working prototype. According to Grisler, the development of the mirror resonance resonance system was carried out under the support of the Lausanne University of Technology at the Los Angeles Tech University (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne), involving a large number of trial and error.www.fashiontimewear.com

The basic idea is that the resonant watch is based on the resonance between the two oscillators with the same natural frequency. The natural frequency refers only to the frequency of any oscillator (pendulum, guitar string, balance with the spring) “want” to hit the frequency (for example, slightly less than one meter of the pendulum, swinging under normal gravity will cause a complete oscillation once). If two oscillators (in the case of watches and watches, two balances or two pendants) can interact with each other in some way, they tend to be synchronized with each other; this is the resonance effect. The two resonant balances should provide better rate stability and higher accuracy, since the two oscillators will tend to reinforce each other.best quality replica watches



Case Material: Pink Gold,round
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Manual Winding
Dial Diameter: 43.40 mm
Thickness: 13 mm
Dial: Skeleton
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Model Number: RG15-RF.5N



replica Richard Mille RM 010 watches.We discuss some of the early (very rare) resonant clocks of some physics, as well as our introductory coverage of mirroring force resonance, and Grisler tells us that the early experiments made him and his research team Conclusion: Modern watches, a large number of mechanical coupling is due to the balance of the aerodynamic interaction of the rim. We also talked about the declaration of the treasure (in his own two centuries before the resonance watch), the aerodynamic coupling was not a factor, while Grisler guessed that for different quality balance and different frequencies of operation, the mechanical coupling Or aerodynamic coupling may dominate.

With the resonance of pocket watch and FP Journe’s resonance chronograph, mirrored fire is basically a total of two complete trains. However, in the mirror force, the balance is coupled to each other by a very fine shaped steel spring, which is connected to the outer curve of the terminals of the two balancing springs to transfer the force from one to the other. The back of the watch is mainly made by the board and the barrel (one for each train), the real action takes place in front.

best replica Breitling watches.For convenience, two separate seconds needles can be reset to zero position at the same time without interfering with the coupling oscillation of the balance. This is done by the pusher on the side of the housing, which, when pressed, starts the same hammer and heart-shaped system as the chronograph reset. It is a good complement to a resonant watch and a time signal that allows easy synchronization with other time (and a great touch, because the resonant system is about rate stability). In the picture below, in the right handwheel, you can see the plane of the hammer that is adjacent to the 20, and the heartbeat on the central axis of the three-point needle.

The spring action is a very interesting observation – see how it can directly grasp the shape of the spring in the movement How to allow the two balancing springs to interact with each other while minimizing the balance of the lateral force on the pivot (which will tend to the magnification of the position Variety).

This is a good show, and sure enough that you will not go somewhere else. In the history of the watch, the resonance watch only happened several times in the history of watches and watches and no more frequency, although this is certainly a niche, see the positive research at the scene is also very nice, As well as seeing a really beautiful and undoubted way to state the watch, some of the basic physics of watches.replica MAURICE LACROIX MASTERPIECE watches




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