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The watches we meet are not really the same as we have seen before. Most of the designs are played through at least some rules, and real wildlife is often very cheap or very expensive. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet Dietrich Watches founder Emmanuel Dietrich, to see his design is very different. The watch has a strange shape, a crazy curve and geometry, talking about a different idea, the look and feel of the watch. This case really attracted me, some of which greatly deviated from the standard, and asked the manufacturing industry to come to the fore. Then dial some wild stuff, just let me go further.

The concept behind the watch corresponds to Dietrich’s organic design philosophy. Rather than from the watch itself or more man-made items (like cars and buildings) to learn more design, but from the nature of the design. This is not a new concept of people like Ross Lovegrove who practice similar concepts in the design, but rather to pursue their Zaha Hadid in the building, but rarely in the watch.



Today, we will first look at their series of watches, that is, OT-1, OT for the “organic era.” Before entering it, it is worth noting that these are strange watches. They will not be loved by everyone. Whether I find them attractive on the fence, but I know that I think they are very attractive, especially from the manufacturing point of view. OT-1 is made of steel and PVD finish with green bright mix, sapphire crystal (a crazy).

Dietrich OT-1 Comments

Case: steel, mixed
Fabric movement: Miyota 82S7
Dial: Mixing material
Lume: Yes
Lens: Dome Sapphire Crystal
Strap: Leather
Waterproof: 50m
Size: 46mm X 47mm
Thickness: 14.5 mm
Lug width: Passthrough
Crown: pull out

NEW replica Dietrich OTC PERCEPTION BLUE watch.Said Dietrich OT-1 situation is different, is a low-key. It is one of the most unique case designs I have encountered, with a strange shape, multiple parts and very complex geometries that can only work by skilled manufacturing. For me, this case is really the star of this show. In view of its wavy shape and strange structure, its size is precisely tricky to measure, but it is about 46.5mm wide, about 48mm long longest near the height of about 14.5mm, from the shell to the top dome crystal. Although not a small watch, the shape of the fluid and the ergonomic design make it dressed well.



The shape lies between the molten hexagon and the bucket. When you look at it intuitively, you see geometry, but almost like shadows. Borders are kept 6 sides, although their corners soften to a seamless point while the lug chassis is completely free to flow. The structure of the case is different from the typical three. There is a baffle, center box, headset chassis and crystal and case.

Headset chassis is the appearance, perhaps the most special watch products. This is a screw that does not have a flat moment. It flows in these beautiful and complex way and ups and downs, the watch hanging on the wrist, to watch a want to speed things. It also provides a flat surface for the belt, because this watch does not have a spring lever. They even use the OT-1 badge to flatten the flat side of the side, which seems to be a simple matter complicated detail, but in order to look cool. From a manufacturing point of view, this is a complex component that must be machined from all sides to create perfectly smooth shapes and compact HYT H1 TITANIUM BLACK replica watch

The baffle is also worth checking out. In this model, it is presented in a dull steel plate, surrounded by smooth luster. The surface of all ultra-smooth, rounded each edge. When the border is close to the crystal, it appears a step that creates a border for the crystal, which has a refreshing contrast. There are four large black screws through the baffle, probably put it in place.



This makes us to the dome sapphire crystal. Sapphire is generally more expensive than other options, but alien, super dome, boxed and other design more expensive. The people here may be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Imitate the shape of the border, which is hexagonal, but if the screws are fixed on the baffle, then the crystal will cut in, so the bounding of the borders is the ever-changing line. If the tolerance here is closed, they will appear immediately, so there is no room for error. In addition, it does not have a standard gasket suitable for this shape, while the watch has a water resistance of 50 meters. Finally, the dial is engraved on the inside, engraved with a dial. While this may be overlooked, there is no doubt that this work poses a challenge to the replica watches for men

The right side is a very traditional push-pull crown in black PVD. It is 7.5 x 4mm, making it very easy and easy to master when needed. The flat side of the crown is the number “69” and it seems a bit inappropriate. This is actually the designer Emmanuel Dietrich’s birth year … but do not know someone might find it … uh … strange. Anyway, it is suitable for the crown, although I think this is a non-sticky form of the vocabulary. In simple terms, it looks like a watch widget.

The dial traverses the complex geometry of the case for delamination, texture and simple strange shapes. According to their description, it is a 4-layer dial, but for the eyes, it actually seems more, build and out, until the crystal. The bottom is actually Miyota 82S7 movement. Here you can see the escapement of the escapement. I do not know if i like this detail. The rest of the dial, we will get, a lot of finished, no part is not detailed. However, this movement is factory. So the steel is bright and unfinished. At the same time, you have visible escapement, let me distract some of the other parts of the movement.



From here, matte black and brushed black PVD surface levels rise and alternate concentric circles. Instead, concentrically melt the hexagon. And then come through more details of the various moments. The bottom layer is part of the index, applying 12 and 6 numbers, as well as automatic words. From 9-10 is a bright green Lume board for backlit 24 hour disks. Rather than a typical dial and hand, they handle into an organic line, the number inlaid with the outer edge. It is dull black, because it goes through the green area, they become visible. In order to mark which hour, there is a drawing with the flow of the PVD bridge, the two are stacked together, extending and pointing to the time. Then mark the bridge with “24 H COUNTER”

The next layer is drawing the PVD metal. This may seem simple, but it is actually used as the back of the crystal on the back of the etching mark. As these are relatively light, the black surface helps to provide contrast. Then, the following levels once again become matte black and show a few markers in a few minutes. In fact, most of the disappearance of only 7-14 and 38-44 show, feeling a bit meaningless. In this layer is also already mentioned 24 hours counter / bridge and a “small second hand” bridge. Like a 24-hour counter, it is bolted on the dial. What they are doing here is interesting, the end of the bridge has a second second dial, only 10 seconds arc, with small markings and concentric lines. Second hand “hand” is a golden star object, there are similar details of the organic lines. Each reel, if you wish, then pass the part dial as a second hand. This is a good idea, of course, is unique.



Through the entire dial is a black mesh structure, with a strange form of molding, running through the four big screws through the baffle. Its shape is somewhere between the branches, soft and powerful things. At least, it is strange that it may be completely aesthetic. For me, it looks like an organism enters the watch and begins to develop, rather than part of the watch itself. Finally, the levels at levels 12 and 6 are “Dietrich” and “OT-1”.

Hour and minute hands in the organic form of the phenomenon continues to go singular. The hands of these two leaves include a more rough, near impossible line, coming to a larger paddle form, filled with perfume. In this model, they are very bright green with matching lume, really jump out of the dial. While I appreciate their design, as well as second-hand and 24-hour disks, on the dial seems a bit discordant. There are a lot of cool textures and elements that can be enjoyed, and they are well executed, but the organic part conflicts with the blunt and text part.

For example, all the words that they are trying to craft, with cold and modern fonts. Organic shapes do not belong to them. It is almost science fiction, like a pillar of the film about alien infestation. That is to say, I like these two thoughts separately, see how they will work, a send watch is more of a traditional sports watch, and the other is a completely organic, material-based RICHARD MILLE RM 27-03 Replica Watch


Shopping Dietrich OTC fake watch PERCEPTION WHITE Online

Dietrich’s headphone chassis is designed to pass through the belt. While this limits your third party choice, the brand does a good job in designing unique straps. The strap attached to the sample actually looks like two pieces. Each side changes from 26mm to 22mm, connected to the watch below. The goal of this design is to create something that is very ergonomic. Because of the working principle of the earrings, the gloves on the wrist like a glove, the watch below the strap part will not really push up, and the strap is easy to flow to both ends, fell on your wrist. It also makes it very easy to exchange bands.

The strap on the sample is black leather with green stitches and perforated textures. From the aesthetic point of view, this is not my cup of tea, green nose is also a green dial, perforated leather is also very exercise. But it is very nice to do and comfortable. It is soft and flexible, so that the watch is easy to wear for a long time. They made their own extra belt.

The Dietrich OT-1 is really different from any other watch I have tried. It is not easy to categorize, it is not easy to respond to the form. “Organic” elements are aesthetically challenging because it does not meet what I expect to see on the watch, and usually do not fit the items I wear. But that’s an exciting thing. Watches do not often appear, showing a different performance. My favorite thing is that this is the real watch case design. This is not just a standard watch, some strange widgets fall on the dial, but the whole watch is considered, in addition to these elements, this case is a great success. It’s beautifully crafted and constructed, complex components of the complex, making GREUBEL FORSEY replica WATCHES



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