Item Type Replica Complication Collection Watches
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Titanium,Round
Bracelet Alligator
Dial Color Blue
Diameter 42 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
Thickness 15.1 mm
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day, Date, Month, Moon Phase, Day & Night Indicator, Leap Year Cyle
Boxes common box
Model Number 5208T-010



History of Patek Philippe Nautilus, Part 3 – Modern Day

sale PATEK PHILIPPE Complication watches Replica.Each story has a start, a middle, the end, and today we will be “Patek Philippe Nautilus” the third and final period. After the start of all this icon, symbolize the nautilus reference closely. 3700 years, from 1980 to 2006, after the model evolved into the right collection, it is now exploring the modern era – the beginning of 2006, the 30th anniversary, with the “steel giant”, adding a chronograph and The overall finishing of the collection, shaping today we know the nautilus. Will mention numbers like 5711, 5980 or 5990, some watch lovers already know what will be. This is the modern era of Patek Philippe Nautilus.

We began to consider the publication of “Patek Philippe Nautilus” complete history, there is a clear distinction between the timetable. You can see three powerful times, which explains what we want the three parts – a detailed review. Every good story must have its legend, in the case of nautilus, it is a starting legend, iconic (low profile) reference 3700. Then, after the first pattern, from a unique pattern to a collection there is an obvious shift from 1980 to 2006, it can be seen that the addition of mid-range watches, ladies version, and obvious points to the implementation of complications. However, in the Nautilus timetable, important dates must be inspired: 2006, or the 30th anniversary of this watch. Geneva’s Maison may launch a commemorative edition and insist on existing collections. However, they have been working, and Patek Philippe has brought a new collection. Every watch you knew before was replaced or renewed. From this date on, Nautilus continues to develop, to 2016 and 40th anniversary edition.


Discount PATEK PHILIPPE Triple Complication 5396R-014 Replica Watch 2006, Patek Philippe in the superb way to advertise the nautilus 30 years. Instead of a simple limited edition watch, they redesigned (slightly less) the entire series and introduced no less than 4 new watches. While the moon and date versions – such as 3712, are now 5712 – are reserved (even if updated), medium versions, for example. 3800, now 5800 is extended, the 2006 collection is a huge move because it introduces two later models that will become symbolic: 5711, sounds like the “steel giant” proper return, a time and version somehow, 3700 modern interpretation (has been experienced things to 3711G in a more luxurious way), and the arrival of the first chronograph in the collection. 5980.

2006 – The return of the “Steel Giant”, Nautilus 5711 (compared to the 3700)

Although the 2004 Basel World version launched four new watches, and then began the Patek Philippe Nautilus 30 anniversary, but one of the more important than the rest, because we are talking about the iconic “steel giant” or time And references 5711 / 1A. This watch is the best summary of Nautilus designed for collectors: a stylish bold sports watch, blue dial, stainless steel case / bracelet and simple display, just like the 3700. In contrast, you can immediately realize that Gerald Genta’s design, compared with the 1976 birth of the icon, 5711 loyalty can see how. However, careful observation found that this is mainly evolved from the details.


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As mentioned above, the overall look and concept of the Nautilus 5711 is perfectly respected. The basic principles are: stainless steel octagonal shell, two horizontal hinges, integrated bracelet, a mixture of brush and polished surfaces, a simple display in a slotted blue face to face, both are very close. However, you can also find the difference and see the 2006 edition of Nautilus Jumbo with a slight sense of watches for men from englend

Now we list all the evolution, we can argue several facts. First of all, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1A is clearly loyal to its original ancestors, but also a huge step in modern times. When looking at the wrist, feeling more natural texture (watch feel heavier, more solid), more “real”, slightly larger. Again, the evolution is subtle, but the bigger case (1mm), the more prominent color on the dial, the larger groove and the larger combination of hands and hands gives Nautilus more robustness, Nautilus Absolutely entered the 21st century, but not destructive.


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The evolution of the case structure in some way creates a warm feeling for some hardcore collectors, since the overall case is part of the original concept. However, for the following reasons, this initiative is understandable: the production process is more simple, easier assembly, watch to facilitate after-sales maintenance. The watch must again make some concessions to modernity.

About the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1A The conclusion is that the watch in the collector’s response and sales has made incredible success. This precise watch is almost impossible to find new in a boutique, a second-hand price is higher than the retail price. “Steel giant” Nautilus is a collection, whether it is retro or new.

The Nautilus 5711 can now be fitted with a white dial (5711 / 1A-011) on a bracelet with a blue dial (5711 / 1A-001), rose gold with a chocolate dial (5711 / 1R-001) and since 2007 Has been on the leather strap, and with gold, such as 5711J (now discontinued). A rare platinum version with an electric blue dial (5711P) on the bracelet can also be provided on request (very limited production).nice Hublot Big Bang watches Replica



2006 – Moon and date update, Nautilus 5712 (and 3712 comparison)

The moon and date version of Patek Philippe Nautilus is not a new watch, as in the previous version, the 2005 reference. 3712, already in the collection. In this case, we are facing an update that conforms to the 5711 introduction of novelty. The new child is now named for reference 5712 and retains a little unbalanced and chaotic but very fascinating show that has a few hours and a few minutes of time the central axis, 4:30 little seconds, 7:00 Moonphase and 10 Point 30 points of power reserve indicators. Overall, the watch is visually identical to the 5711, sharing the same case and bracelet, the same shape as the finger and the pointer, and the same color and groove as the dial. The difference is that it shows and moves.

In addition to the age and date of the Nautilus (reference 5712-1A) steel version, Patek Philippe also launched the same year the pink gold version. 5712R. Even if we do not cover every new model in this retrofitting, the 5712R is important because it is the first nautilus to come to the leather bracelet we know today on this model, which means that the watch Keep it in full condition, even with the first center link of metal bracelets, leather strap attached to it. This combination can still be found on most Nautilus versions.


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2006 – Collection of the first chronograph, Nautilus reference. 5980

Until 2006, Patek Philippe Nautilus had seen some evolution and the implementation of several complications. However, in addition to time, all of these show complications, but none are related to the time function. We see the IZR for Indication de Zone de Remontage in the reference. 3710 and higher moon, date, small second hand and power reserve in 3712. In 2006, Patek Philippe increased the Nautilus a completely complication in the concept of luxury sports watch; chronograph. It is named ref. 5980, with clever and modern CH 28-520 caliber. In 2006, Patek Philippe was the first time in the development and manufacture of self-winding chronograph (at that time). This caliber is introduced in two versions: the annual calendar version, the reference.

The Nautilus 5980 relies on the same 3-part architecture as 5711 and 5712, with exactly the same design. However, this situation is slightly greater than 40.5mm (from 10 to 4 instead of 40mm), and the timer is obliged to have two push rods on 2 and 4. It is water resistant to 120m, just like the 5711, and has a sapphire bottom cover. The dial still has a gradient blue, horizontal groove, the same pointer and hand, keep quite smooth, due to quite specific display. In contrast to standard chronographs with two or three sub-registers (small seconds, 30 minutes, 12 hours), the Nautilus 5980 has a single coaxial sub-dial for minutes and hours. Nautilus chronograph 5980 does not have any running URWERK ur-210 cp replica watches

2006 – Redesigned medium size, Nautilus Ref. 5800

Until now, we have been studying the three icons of the modern nautilus series (5711, 5712 and 5980), the other watch is part of the 30th anniversary collection, the updated medium size nautilus, also known as 5800. Continuing reference heir 3800. This concept is the same as in the past: a watch is very close to the “steel giant” in terms of design, proportions and finishing, and only minor cases can meet the needs of some collectors with smaller wrist, or those who look more Low-key things. Nautilus is exactly the same in design, but as interesting as the 5711, the Nautilus medium 5800 is slightly different on the wrist.


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As mentioned, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5800 is a modern version of the previous reference. 3800 – This is a collection from 1981 to 2006. It follows the same evolution of 5711 completion, here and there is more modernity, improved mechanics, but still the same overall design, inspired by the iconic 3700. Moderated Nautilus compared with the 5800, 2006 edition 3800mm from 37.5mm to 38.4mm (measured from hinges to hinges, but for the very large 5711), this 5800 has grown some. This gives a diameter of about 35.0mm (from 10 to 4), so it is already affordable, but it is easy on the wrist and most of it can be used. There is no surprise, in this case the water up to 120 meters. However, it is surprising that Patek Philippe chose to maintain the overall construction,

The design and implementation are consistent with the rest of the 2006 series: curved hinges, larger crowns, flat center links on bracelets, bold hands and indexes, gradient dials slightly more “electric” blue, deeper grooves, The watch (3800 already so) … so that the reduction of 5711. one by one, the two different only diameter and movement. The rest are almost equal.

On the mechanical, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5800 still relies on the older version of the ultra-thin center rotor movement of Patek Philippe, the internal Caliber 330 SC, with a frequency of 3Hz. However, this movement has a usually high-end manufacturing products, the Geneva seal engraved on the bridge. This move is rather thin (as thin as the 324 SC), with a thickness of 3.5mm, which allows the 5800 to measure 7.85mm. This watch can only be used with bracelets, with the iconic blue dial, is now discontinued. Unlike the 3800, it was a huge success and a long career (1981-2006), this modern medium-sized nautilus 5800 may not be a male collector, who is looking for something bigger (big watch trend is Clearly established in 2006) and tends to 5711. The only three-handed Nautilus that has not been replaced by men’s collection is 5711 / DE BETHUNE Replica WATCHES



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