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sale Richard Mille RM 025 Replica watches.Have you heard of an entrepreneur? Well, if you do not have a word, you must now learn! Delano Brown (the inventor of the term) is a bad artist, his choice is what makes him different (except for the creative style of painting). From the shoes to the outside of the car, there is a girl’s clothes, anything can be the theme of his art. Many people in the dress when they saw his live show, and this time we sat down with him, Richard Mill (Richard Mille) shot some of the same artistic watch, all of which are in the Dover The awesome nightclub on the street Mahiki.

As a big fan of art, from revival to modernity, I can not ignore Delano’s (Instagram: @YeahLano) style. In today’s world, when the brand is so focused on patterns and prints, I think his creative confusion is just the right thing we need. Of course, some of his “wearable works of art” items look similar, but their perfection lies in the flaws and the fact that every hand-painted costume or any other Delano-selected works will be different.

Now, you want to be more familiar with Delano’s works (serious, google he), let’s take a closer look at the watch. First is Richard Mille RM003. The model we are here is all gray. Especially the carbon floor. As the composite carbon mix, the dial is more durable and rigid; like the artist’s strokes, where the carbon in each watch are not the same pattern. The power reserve indicator (70 hours) is located on the left side of the 12 o’clock and the right side is another interesting innovation called “Torque Indicator”. It tells you the tension of the winding (relaxation below 53, the time above 65 dNmm) – that is if you want to know how your spring is Zenith EL PRIMERO SKELETON Replica watch


Next, we have RM032 unique (Marcus Watches). The model of the diver has a very large shell 50mm x 17.80mm (which is very good for the diver, and is leaner for my bigger guy), which is a flyback chronograph, and (many people tend to To miss) an almanac. Yes, it’s a diver’s watch with date and month’s instructions 🙂 In addition, it also has a very interesting diver at the 3 o’clock indicator, which will tell you the weather table is … work. Because let’s face it, if you are in the ocean, do not know your watch is not running, you are almost twisted.

The other is Marcus Watches produced RM016 limited edition, ultra flat (8.2 mm) square watch, its function is not much different (different from the previous beast), but really has an elegant appearance to attract both men and women. In addition, also love the Marcus color scheme (and Delano’s brush on the side).

Finally, one for ladies, RM023 is all covered on diamonds. Really nothing to say, except it’s a good 55 hours automatic (this is not very common ladies watch) piece. So, my colleagues, if you happen to have a ride of RM003, spend money on yourself, buy this watch lady. Even if she did not get your obsession, she would be happy to wear it.nice Replica TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 watches



SIHH 2017 Day 1 RECAP

Vacheron Constantin

It is one of the irony accepted in life, there is no time on the watch. The first time we appointed SiHH 2017 is no exception.

The humorous and noble tones of the Vacheron Constantin booth are a popular feast of the Watch Anish team, who are a little shelly shocked by the early hours and cold alpine air. Vacheron Constantin’s soothing atmosphere is clearly a very long history of doing things very well. We feel revived We like the smell of enamel in the morning … it smells like victory!


The Vacheron Constantin series, which revives our horizons this morning, is the Copernicus Columbus Observatory 2460 RT series. These three works feature a beautiful constellation. One of the aesthetic features of each piece is the classic anthropomorphic sun, engraved in the golden center of the position, such as Louis XII slogan. They have a stylized symbol, said the constellation on the bezel. This is a very peculiar thing, if a person is not very confident, may be a very ugly thing, but who do not want a watch that can tell you the constellation?

Sagittarius: your next brand appointment late, and let you leave your news every moment, feel exhausted!

Richard Mille

The McLaren F1 racing from the ceiling makes Richard Miller stand for a large five-year-old boy’s playroom. Healthy dose of child-like enthusiasm to penetrate McLaren’s cooperation. 40 grams including strap, which is by far the lightest second chronograph. It was the first to benefit directly from the brand co-operation, and the use of Manchester University for McLaren design materials, but won two Nobel Prize-winning scientists. Note, the booth attendants wearing Bruce Willis science fiction film “fifth element” of the

Roger Dubuis

The next stop is the 80s Roger Dubuis this year to choose the future vision. It is great for the neon lights with asymmetrical bolts that cross the white walls. Cordially through the door, a friendly and strong lady will be our coral coral block in the seat, took us to the VR headphones. We are now caught in a universe like the interpretation of Excalibur Spider, their latest work “daring”. Collaborate with Pirelli to celebrate different, performance-based materials, star-shaped skeletal movements with blue detail.

The simulation is so strange to the immersive, when we move through the watch, we find ourselves free from the virtual flying tourbillon, just as they are kidnapping warriors to protect the death star.

In addition to several high quality German beers, we are generous to Lange and Sohne’s moderator, which is almost what we got in the first day of SIHH in 2017.

Buy Richard Mille RM 025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver Red Rubber Replica Watch

RM 50-03 Tourbillon Timing Super Super McLaren F1

As the brand tells you all the stories about their watches, the romantic elements are portrayed as narratives, frankly, we do not mind. We are romantic in our hearts, but it is true for RM 50-03. Richard Mille, who took part in his first game, saw Bruce McLaren drove in the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix and, to a certain extent, between two brands of the same name The beginning of the LOUIS MOINET WATCHES Replica

There is an understandable relationship between Michael Mille and McLaren, a common spirit and a common thing. However, this is Richard Mille (Richard Mille) for the first time to benefit from the car BFF pioneering technology. McLaren in their feature-driven (punish unfortunate intent) improved by innovation and invention, creating something very special. Together with two Nobel Prize-winning scientists at the University of Manchester, they developed a material called Graph TPT that injected graphene, which was 1/6 the weight of steel, but was 200 times the strength.


Richard Mille used this fantastic material and produced a sub-second chronograph with a tourbillon, weighing 38 grams, including a strap. If you happen to come from one of the three countries that do not know metric in the world, it is 1.3 ounces. If you happen to measure the chicken thing, that is the weight of two eggs. Basically, no matter how you look, it’s crazy light.

This watch is not a thin shell, only contains a minute and an hour of the clock, it only two high-end complications. So complicated and intertwined is that we can not decide whether or not it acts as a skeleton.

Starting from the upper right corner, the face has a torque indicator half turntable for recording the optimum tension of the mainspring. In the long face at three o’clock, RM fan familiar shape, there is a triangular dial, said when the crown was deployed when the selected function. Rubber crown, in the case of McLaren racing red black and gray, is equipped with a function to prevent the risk of excessive winding. Tourbillon at 6 o’clock position prominent, the total weight of only 7 grams, but can withstand up to 5000 grams of impact. Split the second timer has been completely redesigned to ensure accuracy.

This watch is undoubtedly a focus of 2017 SIHH, it is easy to see why. Unlike many brands loudly announcing their car reputation and forgetting for six months, Richard Mill has promised a relationship with McLaren in the next decade. If you do not see a little business romance, or in RM 50-03, then we suspect you have no heart.nice Replica watches for sale

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