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Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Regulator Watch

Regulators are one of the things that begins with watchmaking, as well as historical items such as pocket watch. Mechanical watches today may be seen as the times the error is not something new, but they are still so important to succeed is to attract our “soul”. There are other other types of actions (or devices, this problem) that do better in terms of accuracy and robustness, but for me it is a mini-dedicated machine that allows me to keep me at all times. The regulators are the leader in the watchmaking industry, while Chronoswiss has always made sure to use the latest Chronoswiss Sirius flight adjusters to keep a sense of reality, making the design clearer.

new replica Bell & Ross BR-X1 BR-X1 R.S.17 ONLY WATCH.Regulating watches is funny. Although their status is mainly in the past few days of working time, used to adjust the work of the watch, the basic premise in your wrist on the modern settings in the effect is very good. A large central minute hand can be at a glance for a few minutes while the hours and seconds of the little dial stand in the background until you really need to know this information. Of course, this is our basic design with the Chronoswiss Sirius flight adjuster, the brand’s C.122 movement is tense. Since they started, Chronoswiss has been concerned about regulators watches, so how do they refresh this design?



Is it possible? Well, no, here – Chronoswiss Sirius Flight Regulator keeps fit with the rest of the squad, its coin side and onion crown. Maybe the overall layout? So, the concept of a regulator is not the case, that is how things. Let us leave us and then use the dial itself. While we sometimes point out smaller details, increase the dimension of the dial, Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Regulator really does things in a three-dimensional direction. At the bottom, you have a guilloche dial, which itself gives some subtle dimensions. Then, floating there, that’s where i guess the name of the flying part comes from where you have the rest of the replica Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR II watches



In some respects, the upper deck of the Chronoswiss Sirius flight adjuster is almost like a hollow dial, as long as you can see more dialing, rather than moving through the incision. The upper deck includes a section of the ring, which specifies minutes, as well as two sub-dials of the registry, which has hours above and below. The hands need to be slightly higher than those on the surface, minute hands need to clear all of these, a problem may be the overall height of the watch. Fortunately, this should not be a problem with the Chronoswiss Sirius flight adjuster because its overall height is considered only 12mm. No, it will not win a weak award, but taking into account the automatic rotor all the necessary levels and space, this height is not small.

All in all, Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Regulator will release six different variations. At the top of the series, there is an 18ct red gold case with a silver or black dial, a DLC gold-plated steel case with a black or blue dial, a steel case with a blue or silver dial model. At this point, the basic model of steel is only announced at a price of CHF 6,810. All of which are their own meaningful choices. Although I can not deny the red dial with a black dial of the attraction, but for me, this winner is a plated steel case with blue dial. It’s just telling me a daily practicality, it really is a supervisor’s watch can and should be seen as. The design may not be suitable for everyone, but that’s what I think is an ambitious way to refresh a rather well-known style.


Discounts Fake Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Regulator Manufacture CH-1242.3-BLBL watch Price


Technical specifications from Chronoswiss

Rugged red gold or stainless steel case, satin surface polished, bobbin knurled and curved, non-reflective sapphire crystal case, the back with satin and flat sapphire crystal, onion crown, water resistance up to 3 bar, Someone has a patented Autobloc system
Ø40 mm, height 12 mm
Chronoswiss manufacturing caliber C.122
Diameter: Ø26.80 mm / Ø26.40 mm (11¾ ”)
Height: 5.30 mm
Jewelry: 30
Balance: Glucydur, three legs
Balance Spring: Nivarox I
Trimmer: Incidentally guided by eccentric cams Incabloc
Travel speed: 3Hz, 21,600A / h (oscillation)
Power reserve: about 45 hours
Surface treatment: compass or gold-plated, with Geneva stripe skeleton rotor, ball bearing installation; rounded plate; bridge with Geneva stripes and round grain size compensation; gold-plated engraving and gem set; polished pole, escapement wheel and screw
Dial: Guilloche base with “fly” sub-dial floats on the screw base, galvanized with a different color combination
Mobile: Shape Poire Losange; according to model, curved and hot blue, gold or lacquered
Strap: Louisiana crocodile skin or embossed calfskin


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