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Richard Mill RM 030 Night

Richard Mille watches are popular among watch enthusiasts because they blend brilliantly with cutting-edge design, complexity and high-end technology. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) launched a limited edition watch RM 016 “night”, with the success of these watches, has now released RM 030 night. This new watch in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia, the world’s 25 circulation is limited. Similar to its predecessor RM 010 and RM 016, this third batch of night will certainly make buyers happy.

This limited edition Richard Mille watch has a color scheme similar to the previous night watch, black with red highlights. This beautiful black and red contrast can be seen in the titanium shell. The shell is blushed with black DLC and dial rings, second-hand tip, rotor indicator and power reserve / winding indicator. The watch is further installed on a black rubber strap, with matching titanium buckle, DLC Hublot King Power Carbon replica Watches


Cheap Richard Mille RM 030 Automatic with Declutchable Rotor 2011 Watch For Sale

In this beautiful case, this watch and the unique mechanism of the revolutionary elements of this watch. The diameter RMAR1 is an automatic movement with a clutchable rotor system driven by the movement of the wearer. These rotations of the rotor provide energy for the winding barrel. The system allows the winding drum to automatically disconnect the winding mechanism of the rotor when fully wound, ensuring motion life and accuracy. When the winding is completely wound, the unique Mille rotor system is disengaged, helping to avoid high tension winding. The winding can be easily controlled as it is connected to the power reserve indicator.

Here are some of the features of Caliber RM 030
Removable rotor and adjustable rotor
Self-winding movement
Power reserve for up to 55 hours
Winding indicator
Variable inertia free spring balance
Double tube
Base, bridge and balance cock, using titanium alloy
5 grade spline screws for bridges and boxes of titanium
Internal carbon fiber inside the flange of titanium
Torque limit crown
Frequency 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz)
Barrel Bridge PVD Coating
Sapphire sandblasting and hand painted surfaces
The date is displayed at 7 o’clock

As before the Richard Mille Black Night watch, this watch is quite stylish and unique. It features, stylish, very interesting.




High Tech Watch: Corum 30th Anniversary Jinqiao Watch

Interesting facts about Corum’s in-house production CO113 movement for new Jinqiao watches: Swiss watchmaking schools like to use it to teach students about sports because you can see it working on all angles. This concept also makes the movement particularly impressive. Usually in a circular or square shape, Corum is now celebrating 30 years of needle equivalent to mechanical movement.

Corum uses its masterpiece movement to place it in a solid box made of precious metal and sapphire crystal windows, not only in front of the watch, but also on both sides. It is incredible to see miracles running. The movement of the crown through the bottom of the crown is simply to observe the gears in the action. Interestingly, the past Corum Golden Bridge watch no dial, only the phone in the 34 × 51mm wide hands. The wearer complains that his arm’s hair is returned through a clear sapphire. So Corum gives the watch a true dial and narrows the sapphire bottom cover window, showing only the syllabus. The dial has some deep sun sculpture, using a variety of hue application hour


Review Richard Mille RM 030 RM 030 kronometry 1999 men Watch

The watch is gold, skeleton, and gentle bubble shape, as respect for the Kolum character. The signature Corum key is engraved on the crown. With the development of modern, Jinqiao is a more moderate size of the watch. Although the wrist is very comfortable, but in the spectator to see the small machine on the watch, it should cause a miracle. Movement consists of 140 components, only 33mm high, 3mm wide, 5mm thick. Completely wound after 40 hours of power reserve. Watch is difficult to correct combination, is a real senior watch creation. Wearing this piece of work requires special taste and appreciation of the micromechanics. In fact, Kolum is proud that this is definitely not everyone. However, the slender skull-shaped shell has a certain sense of elegance, very suitable for anyone’s eyes.

30th Anniversary Golden Bridge watch comes in 18 kt of red, yellow or white gold with limited edition, as well as platinum version, every highly polished situation. With a variety of precious metals and two dialing options, the total set of restricted versions is less than 400. There is also a smaller female “Miss Jinqiao” replica CORUM GOLDEN BRIDGE WATCHES


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