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Movement Manufactured
Case steel,Cushion
Bracelet rubber
Dial Color Blue
Diameter —
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Time Zone
Boxes common box
Model Number 5650G


Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” Ref. 5550P Note the use of large amounts of silicon

Silicon wins! Watch brand debates and experimental material left here, Patek Philippe is making sure of this. Sources from Switzerland’s big guys said they intend to have all the Pittite watches Silinvar (their silicon) parts in the future. A new limited edition watch 5550P uses the brand’s latest Silinvar component, called the GyromaxSi balance wheel. This balance wheel has a new shape, looks more like a wheel, more like an hour glass, inlaid gold aggravated. Reference 5550P incorporated the brand’s overall work in Silinvar research into three areas of Silinvar. Now, ready to remember some vocabulary.

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The three areas of the watch in Silinvar are GryomaxSi balance wheel, Pulsomax escapement (including Silinvar in the escapement wheel and two parts of the bolt) and Spiromax balance spring. A few hundred years ago, Patek Philippe first started using a silicon component with a Spiromax balance spring. Today, their “Advanced Research” department continues to use Silinvar to test and develop more parts.

The trio of the new component involved in the transfer of the watch is called “Oscillomax”. The term engraved in the Patek Philippe movement 240 Q Si movement of the balance knob. 5550P watch. So, from now on, when the Patek Philippe watch uses the Oscillomax tag, you will know that it has a GryomaxSi balance, a Pulsomax escapement and a Spiromax hairstyle spring. Do you understand.



hot Richard Mille RM 023 replica watches.Why all these efforts and aspirations to use Silinvar? You have to know that Patek Philippe really is not doing the brand type “just for different”. No, the reason is related to improving the accuracy, reliability, longevity and efficiency of Patek Philippe watches. Silinvar parts are smoother and therefore have less air resistance (large problems in the balance wheel) and are relatively frictionless. This means that watch movement will not only last longer, but more accurate. They will also make better use of their power reserves and continue for longer – in other words, they will be more efficient. Case: Caliber 240 Q Si is based on the existing ultra-thin perpetual calendar movement 240Q automatic movement. The Si version has a power reserve of 70 hours – more than the original “48 hours.” This is done by adding silicon components.

Although I do not have figures that indicate the speed of reliability results have increased, but if there is no significant improvement or at least a significant improvement in the commitment, Patek Philippe will not raise millions of dollars for this purpose. The report seems to indicate that the brand is very satisfied with the results of the watch that contains the Silinvar component. As I said, the brand is interested in pushing Oscillomax into all the new watches, at least they will put Spiromax as much as possible into their caliber.replica watches online shop


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Reference 5550P Advanced Research Ultra-thin perpetual calendar watches may have been sold out. However, it will serve as a 300mm limited edition platinum case, 37.2mm wide, less than 9mm thick. It is the same as the reference. 5140 watch save movement. Patek Philippe and the “Advanced Research” on the dial how cool? Which in the next few years will certainly be a serious collection! The film has a sapphire display window and looks like the magnified part of the GryomaxSi so that you can see it better. While this is the most obvious Silinvar component, you can also see the Pulsomax escapement part.

Patek Philippe’s dedication to this research and “advancing” traditional watch production is really a good thing. Citing the importance and persisting in traditions, they can easily sit down and do the same thing. The use of silicon components is controversial, because the brand is often worried about the ability to use components for a long time, let alone how it will affect the current work. At present, the commitment to use this material has quickly exceeded the early fear. With the help of major brands, we can be sure that with the use of silicon components, will develop enough knowledge and skills, these parts will be deployed in the next few decades and the use of these watches. The fear of the future is simple: if newer materials appear better than silicon? At that time not yet, in the foreseeable future, the future of the most accurate and reliable mechanical movement will have a lot of silicon. You can thank Patek Philippe to make your own replica LOUIS MOINET WATCHES


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