New Richard Mill and RM 67-02 67-02 Sprint High Jump


Who will follow the following track and field world championships in London on August 5 to 13 will be sprinted by Richard Mill Rs and RM 67-02 67-02, both noted by Wade Van Nick and Mata Si Sa Bashim’s newly created wrist super flat motion version RM 67-01.

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Wade Van Nick and Marthas Sa Bashim

Olympic gold medal and world record holder at 300 meters and 400 meters of sprinter Wade Van Nick is the world’s only athlete will be within 10 seconds 100 meters in 20 seconds 200 meters down, 31 under 300 meters , Under 44 seconds at 400 meters.

replica watches online shop.The two Olympic gold medalist at the high jump Mottas Sa Bashim is a new partner Richard Mill. Athlete Doha has been established for four years, over the past five years, this season proved to have all the credentials to become a professional record holder, Javier Sotomayor its record endured the best performance after 24 years.

Richard Mill and RM 67-02 67-02 Sprint High Jump

From the injection of the athletic character RM 67-01 Richard Mill has redesigned his project to give a new sporting attitude to the idea of starting. From the shell to highlight the middle of the four fins, the sign of the sporty watch is ideally enhanced, which only contains 7.80 mm thick in the case of the law in the case of the ultra-thin watch category related to the register.

Rectangular shape (38, 70 x 47, 52 mm), it is used in Richard Mill typical of advanced materials such as carbon-TPT and quartz TPT®, which in addition to the light weight has considerable impact resistance.



The specificity of the quartz TPT® lies in the arrangement of layers of parallel silicon strips with a thickness of up to 40 microns. Purple Mutaz, Yellow and Green RM 67-02 High Jumps: They are made by a special machine that has a fiber orientation at an angle of 45 ° between two adjacent layers impregnated with colored resin in three new colors. For the South African Wayde RM.

Carbon TPT® for the central body of the shell is also prepared in the same way, but the blades are made of carbon replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Watches

Rotor, Carbon TPT® and Platinum, Bridge and Sink Tablet Titanium Titanium Alloy with the new manufacturing of the CRMA7 DLC coating of the special line special flat, emphasizing the movement of Richard Mill RM 67-02. The sinker hollow display futuriste finished, but very accurate.

The drive in the group is characterized by a 20 ° pressure angle generated by a set of teeth with a particular profile to promote energy from the barrel with a variable moment of inertia, which ensures a constant power for 50 hours of rocker The transmission.


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Satin finish and flat ball is the more aggressive appearance of the watch RM and RM 67-02 67-02 sprint high jump. The dial is made of titanium sheet, its thickness is only four tenths of the work. Black coated with DLC treatment is the color of the logo that is hand-painted for each player.replica Tudor HERITAGE BLACK BAY Watches

Richard Mill RM 67-02 gives a new “comfort”. In making a piece and a non-slip, its extremely high elastic structure allows to stricter follow the appearance of the wrist.

And “the lightest ever produced with Richard Mill who helped contain RM 67-02 with a total weight of only 32 grams.RM 67-02 is the lightest automatic watch in the Richard Mill collection.

Richard Miller recommended, will be wearing their own sports performance in a brand of watches.



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