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        a part of domestic news in February 2010 1.1,
replica watches, 22 August to February 1st, premier of the State Council hosted the five forum, seeking to be brought to the eleven national three meeting of the "work report" comments. Person in charge of the Party Central Committee and the National Federation of industry and Commerce

one, domestic part of

February 2010, current affairs news, from 1.1 to February 1st 22,, the premier of the State Council hosted the five symposium to solicit views on the work report to be submitted for consideration at the three session of the eleven national conference. The Party Central Committee, the National Federation of charge and independents representatives, experts and scholars in the field of economy and society, science and technology, education, health, culture, sports industry representatives, business representatives and workers, farmers, students and other grassroots representatives attended the forum, respectively.

February 2010,replica watch, -2010, February, current affairs news, 2. commemoration of Comrade Ji Pengfei’s birthday 100th Anniversary Symposium held in February 2nd. The Standing Committee of the Central Bureau and vice premier Li Keqiang attended the forum. Comrade Ji Pengfei is China’s outstanding, experienced and loyal fighter, and an outstanding leader of China’s diplomatic work. After the northern expedition, the Long March,replica watch, the Anti Japanese War and the war of liberation, as long as the diplomatic work after the liberation, Chinese third Ren long, participate in the formulation of the "basic law" and the central problem about the negotiations for the establishment and development of the new China immortal feats.

3. the Ministry of industry and information technology in February 2nd held a national new industrialization demonstration work conference, and for the first demonstration award. Minister of the Ministry of Li Yizhong said, after a lot of research, the Ministry decided "to upgrade the existing industrial park, to create a national new industrialization demonstration" as promoting the integration of informatization and industrialization, speed up structural adjustment and transformation of development mode, promote the industry from large to strong starting point. It is understood that the first 62 demonstration in my country, in addition to autonomous regions outside the 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and 5 municipalities. Among them, the equipment manufacturing industry has 25 areas, raw materials industry in 15 areas, consumer goods industry in 8 areas, electronic information and emerging industries (producer services) in the field of 14.

4. provincial and ministerial level leading cadres to thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode seminar opening ceremony held in the morning of February 3rd, the Central Party school. The Central Committee, the state and the State Council delivered important speeches. He stressed that we must seize the opportunities, take the history, to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode as thoroughly implement the important goals and strategic initiatives of Scientific Outlook on Development, not to accelerate the transformation of economic development, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, and constantly improve the international competitiveness of China’s economy and the development of anti risk ability. The quality of our country more and more high, more and more big development space and development road wider and wider.>

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