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Smart watch – Tag Heuer Connected

Prior to this date, TAG Heuer kept the technical characteristics of its smart watch and announced Jean-Claude Biver at the Basel Fair. It is understood that, in addition to their creation, Intel and Google have an hour. In addition, it was announced that developers’ natural limiter imagination began at $ 1,500, and marketing staff TAG Heuer seemed fit for smart watches. The explanation of the price tag shows yourself – about the Apple watch or iPhone this money, combined with the use of iOS smart watch.

Hublot SPIRIT OF BIG BANG SAPPHIRE cheap watch.Let’s see why TAG Heuer must hide his new watch. In fact, all of this, only the appearance of the product is unknown, and its function can make accurate assumptions. In fact, in the spring of 2015, Google announced some of the major platform updates for Android Wear, for smart watches, and in the next few months has been committed to upgrading.



The company can release rectangular and round watches. Face into an interactive, and mobile phone connection not only through Bluetooth, but also through Wi-Fi. In addition, Android-Watch now supports the use of iOS to connect to the device. Today Android Wear allows you to use a large number of applications and switch them on the screen by scrolling. The favorite person can stay active, even if the hand drops, the clock goes into sleep mode and it will continue to work. Of course, any gadget on this operating system supports voice control systems OK Google, Google Fit, Google Maps and even Google PORSCHE DESIGN MONOBLOC ACTUATOR cheap watches



Connect to the Tag Heuer watch to successfully implement these and other businesses responsible for the processor Intel® Atom ™ Z34XX (dual core, 1.6 GHz). It is powered by lithium batteries, in 24 hours to ensure that the watch self-operation. Use the microphone to enter a voice command. The data is stored in the memory module 4 GB. The touch screen is sapphire. The watch has a waterproof rating of IP67, ensuring a short exposure to water after the survival. “Crown” is used to transfer the watch in the power saving mode to the active mode.Richard Mille RM 035 cheap watch


TAG Heuer in this watch adds some classic features: timer, alarm clock and stopwatch, its design in strict accordance with the style of the brand design. Even if the watch is in power saving mode, digital arrows and labels can always be seen on the screen. Titanium shell, 46 mm in diameter. Tag Heuer Connected sells bundled rubber straps (black, red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow), folding clasp, titanium.

best watches for men from englend.It is also a cool fact that the company has created a smart watch that does not look like a smart watch. For those who are accustomed to mechanics, this is a huge bonus. They are similar to the digital version of Carrera Heuer 01. There are several options available to buyers: chronographs with arrows and GMT (black, dark blue and pearl white). Soon the company promised to upload to other Google Play options.

But the most interesting news is that TAG Heuer Connected buyers can exchange mechanical watches. After the end of the two-year warranty period, you can go to any store for the TAG Heuer watch exchange, using a similar design of mechanical smart titanium Carrera. They are designed and reserved for the owner of the smart watch.


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