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Auction unique works. In addition to I would like to show you the new models provided by Hublot, as well as the classic Fusion series, there is a flight chronograph instead of tourbillon.

I would like to start with this year’s new product (just in the boutique), titanium alloy Hublot Classic Fusion Aero chronograph. First of all, I will build a personal view on the Hublot watch. I’m not the biggest fan and the big fan of the model, the reason is – I’m a thin guy with a thin wrist for a few years and I think Yu ship will never fit me because the smaller model is too conservative Or too cute, big man, though great for me. So when i see this classic fancy chronograph, you can imagine my excitement, both are nice if the size (45mm), rather than its brother big bang or king power. In addition, the watch is absolutely beautiful, at least for me, I immediately open the skeleton dial to a closed dial (because they exist in both versions).buy Hublot Classic Fusion fake Watches

The watch is also very light, because it is made of titanium (although there are also rose gold model). By the way, if you think I will add supplements, this comment is not just the first impression, so I will wear a weekend on the watch and do not change my opinion for a second 🙂 The main function of the watch is a chronograph Code table, open the dial, you can start and reset the real work to see the whole action. The main second hand is also a chronograph, and the 9 o’clock dial shows a 30 minute indication of the chronograph. The main time of the second to 3 o’clock as the center, the date around the entire dial, but at 6 o’clock show the current date.


Luxury Replica Urwerk UR-202 Red Gold men watch price

All the features on the dial are very balanced, for example, the Aerobang model does not look as busy as it used to be. Another thing about leather straps is to grasp this trick and trade for me. Even if it is not complete leather (its internal rubber), I still like any rubber strap. It looks very complicated and cool at the same time. Now if we talk about quality / price, it is actually very

Now that I have finished acclaiming the classic fusion of air chronographs, let’s take a look at what we’ve been waiting for for our comment – Hublot Classic Fusion Red Tourbillon is the only auction. We are in the watch Anish is very lucky to say the truth about the watch, I honestly tell you that this is a badass watch! Hublot will be the classic Fusion Tourbillon called masterpiece, and I do not know how it’s the production and design how to decline, turned out to be my favorite Yu-ting Tourbillon.

Although my favorite version is black, but the red watch to the watch to add a good feeling, and because Hublot is a fusion of well-known brands, this red is not a simple red paint, it is actually The first bright colored ceramic in the world, it is a symbol of Monaco’s red, the auction will be held on September 28th. The watch itself is made of 155 components, power reserve for 5 days. In general, this is a great design, as in the past, Hublot watch innovation.fake Urwerk watches price



Brand Richard Mille
Movement Hand-winding
Case Gold,Tonneau
Bracelet rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 39.70mm x 48mm
Gender Men
Thickness 12.25 mm
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 035 FULL GOLD


Urwerk UR-202 Turbine Adjustable Watch

Whatever you think it is ugly, you have to admit that this is a very cool watch. Urwerk designed the UR-202 Hammerhead to bring a lot of innovative features for accessories that have not changed for centuries. Ok, except for some exceptions. In any case, the first thing you will notice is that the UR-202 communicates the time by rotating the three hands around the center of the watch. The digital blocks on the end of each hand are rotated to provide time and the small metal indicator shows minutes that can be extended and extended when the hand rotates, allowing a smaller overall situation since the unused pointer can When they wrap around the watch, they retract themselves. Minutes next to the two dial shows the moon phase, whether it is day or fake Breitling watches


The watch is driven by kinetic energy; when you move your wrist, it rolls itself up. Power watch the best movement (the longest time), the movement is soft, the action is consistent, the wrist activity (ahem) will cause great pressure on the organization. To solve this problem, the UR-202 contains two small turbines that are coupled to the winding rotor. The turbines are used as shock absorbers, using air pressure to buffer the movement of the rotor. The switch on the back of the watch can adjust the air pressure through the turbine to compensate for the “vitality” and “limit” activities. They are using the air inside the watch to do this, so the whole thing is waterproof.





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