Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna and Senna Tourbillon

Awesome! In the penultimate game of the year, Hublot has pulled out all the stations, not one, but two new King Power watches – Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna and Hublot King Power Tourbillon Ayrton Senna. Both watches are made of yellow / blue / green or Brazilian state, almost entirely made of the materials used in Formulation 1, such as carbon fiber (Hublot), ceramic and Nomex strap. These watches have so much to say – for many F1 lovers, these will be very emotional watches … this year will be Ayrton Senna’s 50th birthday. More about this … I got the first look at the king of the king of the power of Elton Senna, you will see the real way 1 in sooooo many ways: Senna’s death in 1994 rocked the F1 world. hublot table and Elton’s sister Vivian (Aivtone) and Elton Senna College (Ayrton Senna) has a close relationship. You may recall the first Big Bang Senna released in 2007 and Big Bang Senna Foudroyante in Tokyo in 2009. Now, for the weekend of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Viviane Senna and Ayrton Senna College held a special event on November 3, 2010 which provided the background for Hublot to unveil the king power Alan Senna and the documentary “Senna” premiere.

As mentioned above, the watch has a time in seconds, marked with the button on the left side of the housing. To measure the split time, the first “minutes” hand stops and the second continues to run. This mechanism allows time to check this first time period, before activating the button again, letting the hand catch the direct drive of the hand. This function can be used to calculate the car’s split time or two racing times.

replica ROMAIN JEROME STEAMPUNK watches.So you can see hublot has decided to end a Formula One year big bang, but not big bang. What a surprising surprise I absolutely expect the Hublot F1 King Power Gold to be launched in Korea last weekend will be the last Hublot Formula 1 watch we will see this year. On the contrary, this wonderful and emotional watch not only marks the latest innovation and F1 and tabulation of the integration, but also with one of the sports icon emotional connection.



U-Boat silver watch, Chimera 43

In the chimera 43, the main feature is that all the cations from the reflector and the groove to the rod in the nuclear reactor. Rick Stein even thought it was an integral part of the Indian dish, called Nimish – though it was decorated.Hublot King Power Titanium replica Watches

Italian watch brand U-Boat has decided that this natural thing is a precious thing, not being rejected. The idea is that the watch itself should grow with the wearer and develop a unique brass. In other words, no two will always be the same.

Today, the U-Boat watch is known for its retro design and unusual left-hand crown safety hoods, but the brand is also known for its very large work, while Chimera 43 Sterling Silver is no exception. The crown has a unique putter system that makes it easy to change the date and time, and the crocodile leather belt with air holes is inspired by the steering wheel of the classic racing car, so you can keep your head above the surface as needed.

About Chimera 43 Case. This case is made of bronze, providing a dynamic aesthetic, with the passage of time, getting seductive brass. The charm of this watch is that the final two bronze sets do not look the same. In fact, the wearer’s lifestyle will affect the future appearance of the watch.wholesale BREGUET HÉRITAGE replica watches




Shell diameter 43mm with inherent flexibility, not suitable for coma. This is a man’s watch, presented in the form of a bundle and masculinity. Very simple, it’s not a wimps watch.

And this vest there is a colored sapphire crystal, you can see its internal movement. Adjacent sapphire crystal, usually found on the motherboard to wear, decorated with bronze surface. It strengthens the connection between the case and the engine that drives this sea-inspired clock.

Italy is a land of architecture, fashion, food and super sports cars that all show the warmth and vision of artistic expression. The U-ship captures the national appetite for the stereotyped passion and communicates in a mature and majestic form. The same applies to exercise. The weight of the pendulum is made of silver. Blue screw decoration movement, round texture visible on the bridge.replica watches for men


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