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From the evolving Xenomorph: MCT channel F110

replica MCT FREQUENTIAL ONE watches for sale.Evolution occurs. I used to talk about this topic before the presentation, chocolate cake and MCT order. what? I will continue to follow up on the previous discussion to expand this topic.

Evolution often leads to a new species. But this is not the end of the story, because even after a major change, evolution continues, because the environment is constantly changing.

The only constant in the universe is the result of change, usually regarded as entropy (from ordered state to disorder state), but in systems with energy input, the system grows slowly and changes (as long as there is input to the system). It may be part of a loop, or it may be a gradual change in organization, complexity, or function.

This change affects the whole system until the final overall change produces something new.

This is evolution.


If you watch continuously, people may never notice a lot of changes. Only visible at a particular point in time can you see a noticeable change.

This accumulated change creates a shaped body, or a strange new shape that has never been seen (“shaped” is also the name of a fictional alien species in an alien movie). From the Greek word xeno means “other” or “weird”, the variant means “new shape”, a different body is something similar to the old thing, which is a completely their own thing, for a new purpose And Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari 905.NX.0001.RX replica watches

Finally I talked about the evolution of the theory, it was about MCT order two, I think is the order of a natural evolution. These models share a jump time display and a very similar reading time, while a significant adjustment to the hourly jump relative to the minute hand, and some other adjustments to the movement. But this idea is quite similar.

In biological terms, it can be said that order one and order two are adjacent groups with interference, which means that they can be hybrid and more or less the same species (such as wolves and dogs).


I know it’s a bit weird, but go with me. There is a phenomenon called a ring species in nature. This is a population away from the starting point, all the neighboring population are disturbed.

However, it may happen that given a sufficient distance to the population can be recycled back to the same area where there are two “endpoints” of the population starting to close the ring. However, the distance and small changes through the chain of groups make the two “final” populations unable to mate with each other, creating two technically genetically unique species, although one can be traced back to the continuity of the line.

The end of the ring is a shaped body, a strange new shape of the species is very similar to its origin, but enough independent of itself.

That is evolution.

That’s the new MCT channel. It shares DNA and some familiar forms with Sequential One and Sequential Two of its neighbors, but it itself is the terminal population. This is something new.

On the machine, “channel” is a very new watch. From a metaphysical point of view, this is clearly the result of a common evolution that occurred before. The rotating prism, the minute mark indicates the jump time, and the rotation of the quarter turns to reveal the current time.



Micro-rotor automatic winding also comes from the order two.

Returning to the case of the shape of the pad, the sapphire sandwich first in the original order number 1, S110 angle angle bridge and etch the name of the ring around the center of the dial.

But they are not exactly the same, the rest of the components will tell you why.

The center of the dial is not a minute hand, covering the complex jumping mechanism, no, this thing is different. Smack dab in the center of the dial is a variable inertia balance in a relaxed 18,000 vph. This is slow enough so the exposed escapement can be wandered in its new position.replica Richard Mille BaselWorld 2017 RM 27-03 RAFAEL NADAL watch

The etched name of the ring is completely surrounded by a balance, unlike the one-third of the previous jump in a child. This makes the movement and dial, making a more solid and stable feeling (not the order of one and two dials is loose). Due to the bridge arm of the four corners of the bridge, the skeleton bridge from the edge of the dial can be significantly continued through the etched name ring.



Next, we find the greatest change and prove that this is definitely a new species, although it has a common origin. This change is to remove the ultra-complex jumping mechanism that facilitates placing the hour and minute hand groups on the ruby roll (guided by the brand) of the ball bearing.

It is not seen that the exploded view or at least the movement is flying, which sounds as if the hand floating on the outside of the central balancing assembly is guided and moved between the ball bearing and the ruby roll to keep them between the large angle bridge and the balance replica GRAHAM LONDON Chronofighter watches

It also makes it seem that the tolerances of this display seem quite tense and need to ensure proper alignment, so that things are colliding with each other (serious problems set by complex hands).


These hands behave as normal as any other hand, keeping the complications less in this movement than their adjacent forerunners. This can help prove the concept of entropy, or the idea that the simpler, more honing creatures stand out from evolutionary competition.

Maybe it’s just a metaphorical, poor condition in the small brand of the watch industry. Yes, maybe just biological evolution, yes.

This new variety, similar to the order of one and two, is a new breed of MCT. It is shaped from the biology of its descent, while adapting to a new niche. This niche is entry-level niche (relatively speaking), one of which is highly competitive from other species, but the potential for large-scale diffusion in the environment.

For the “industry as an ecosystem” view, this watch represents the MCT differences. As the brand’s “entry-level” model, it allows the market to have a larger (though only a small part) part of the brand’s watch and excellent watch version. Finishing and mechanics are there, the design is progressive (order one and two), the company’s stability looks promising for future HYT SKULL replica WATCHES


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