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HYT – H2 Alinghi Limited Edition

In the second year of the partnership, after H4 ALINGHI, HYT and ALINGHI were lifting sails to H2 ALINGHI. “It’s a very successful dimmer, like the ALINGHI team, the two-time champion of the American Cup,” said VINCENT PERRIARD, member and co-founder of HYT’s board of directors.

HYT in the history of the first time to establish a case of cast aluminum. This is also the beginning of this year launched a new black liquid first H2. H2 caliber has been adapted: for the first time, it is two-color black and gray; above it slides out of a new central minute hand, drawing inspiration from the ocean



HYT mechanical watchmakers will fantasy into reality, the watch and liquid mixed in the watch. These alchemists are obsessed with non-compliance, have developed the most stringent tabulation rules, smash them.

Two flexible reservoirs, each with a capillary. One, color liquid; in another, one transparent. Separating them is the repulsion of the molecules in each fluid.

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The time is represented by the colored liquid released from the piston-compressed flexible reservoir. These tanks or bellows are located at six o’clock and are made of soft alloy. The first colored liquid passes through the capillary to push the transparent one back to its own reservoir and then returns to its original position at six o’clock, called retrograde way.

Two reservoirs at 06:00. When the first compression, the second expansion, another expansion, leading to the movement of liquid in the capillary. Over time, the color liquid will progress. The half-moon-shaped meniscus separates the other fluid markers from the tube, indicating the time. 18, the color liquid back to the original position, to the back.



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Let the reservoir go in the secret? The two bellows are made of highly durable flexible alloy, each driven by a piston. This is the tabulation to activate the local system. By introducing its H2 in 2014, as well as the new H3,

Between gray and black

The new interaction between gray and black makes the watch a technically and elegant look, further highlights the border rider tab, and the other is a circular motion to fit the ALINGHI

Finally, the time flange has also been redesigned with double satin / glass sandblasting effect, making the timeline clearer and more easily stand out. It comes with a new ultra-durable strap, with tones.

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Case: titanium,Round
Case diameter : 48.80 mm
Thickness: 17.90mm
GLASS: Sapphire
Movement: Manual Winding
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
STRAP: rubber
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes



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