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Guillaume TÉTU: ten years of luxury

In the shadow of a long time, the brand’s vision succeeded in meeting the requirements of the broad masses of the connoisseurs seeking different watches.

HAUTLENCE – its hometown of Neuchâtel’s diagram – is one of the pioneers of today called “new watchmaking”. This innovative star, occasionally celebrating its tenth anniversary in September of this year, is one of the first brands to incorporate into the niche market we are usually called. Since its inception, the brand will be the original unique internal mechanical movement and powerful and interesting innovative design together, so as to avoid the classification.

Replica HAUTLENCE watches for sale.Today, after celebrating an important anniversary a few weeks later, interviewing Guillaume Tétu, co-founder and brand director is a natural thing. We would like to ask him about his adventures and the expectations of the wedding for the next few months.



The top of his to-do list is to restore the brand, as he explained: “Ten years ago, we were the booming ambitions of the children, making you think you could move the mountains. That was in 2004, when we launched the brand And the other watches that are being produced at that time stand out.We want to reconsider the time to read the trend of the development of the stick – from the beginning of the industrial revolution is the mechanical element, which is a young brand needs to stand out of the logo.With our first product The boom tells us that we are on the right path. The next few years have allowed us to strengthen our strategy and appear more on the market. Between 2007 and 2008 we were very successful and it seemed that we could not do something wrong . However, the success is volatile, the 2008-2009 tabulation crisis so that we have no choice but to cut some can overcome the worst risk. Also during this period, one of the founders Renault Reitz (Renaud Retz Choose to return to freelancers who are rocky times and we have to find new markets and spread the good news to one Full competition in the universe. “

“In 2010, things became more difficult, and George-Henri Meylan and MELB Holding acquired a majority stake in the brand in 2012 to restore our hopes.



On the bright side, these difficult moments give us the opportunity to reconsider the brand’s positioning to ensure it runs smoothly over the next few years. Today, the most realistic option to ensure that we have long existed is to reorganize our collections, including more affordable products, without stopping creating unique watches. Our current goal is to focus on completely immersing the Hautlence code on the watch, while more commercial structure, which has an impact on the market. Or, using a more intuitive term, we focus on more affordable works. According to the experts, our goal set -in despite the hands of the traditional play for the proof of the new collection, will undoubtedly be filled with MAISON DNA. This may seem stupid, but because we have released this new series, so we have been very good, all the efforts are beginning to get paid. “Replica Urwerk watches for men


“At the end of the tunnel we see this feeling that we are surprised by the history of our brand, so when we realize that we need real things to change from a creative watch company to a real brand.



We need to “tell the story”; we need to have a message to help those looking for some significant features to identify the brand to convey or promote the value. This is also a marketing strategy, write our legend. Today, we had a lot of work with Bertrand Meylan, and we were moving steadily.

“We have to dare to try to take a radical position from other people.We do this by creating a gentleman traitor club, no matter what Eric Cantona says, he is a legend. He said that he was offered the opportunity to become a watch ambassador, but he was not a “sandwich”, as he had said. In order to make this strategy effective, the ambassador needed to stick to the product. Fortunately, the lucky , Versatile artists feel the potential of the manufacturers and accept the invitation to participate in the adventure.In addition, athletes and actors have real artistic sensitivity.Our cooperation is open to both sides and participate in MAISON intends to listen to his products, thus combining the brand The direction of the strategy and the vision of his image.Candona, the collector of street art, has a well – trained eye to see things, so that the coming collection will certainly have some Cantona Hublot King Power Carbon Replica Watches


Hautlence boldly walked forward, chose a top priority. As Tétu rightly pointed out: “We really lack some of our public image, because we are only familiar with the insiders, but the big business is not only a few choices.In order to ensure long-term success, we need to reach more viewers. Through different ways, by reconsidering our position and selling more cost-effective watches, we will not sell our image, but let’s provide ourselves to those who want to visit our creations. At the same time, Eric Cantona as our ambassador, we said that after ten years of maturity, we intend to improve the speed of our pursuit. Products here, I am a product person, I am a football man, I Of the products are ready to integrate into and show their potential.Today, we have got the help of former football players of the rugby men’s soul.We will use the luxury series as a new dimension so that they are recognized in the watchmaking world , As we called the gentleman traitor club logo; the club is a close Family circle, they want to give a new dimension to their ambitions by their choice. ”

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