TECHFRAME FERRARI 70 years amusement dragon CHRONOGRAPH

fashion Urwerk UR-105 CT STREAMLINER replica watches.Ferrari designed for the Yu-ship watch to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari.

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, the Italian driver and its partner Yu ship table is exhibiting new original works. Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon chronograph in the Ferrari design center design of the same car and integrated Hublot watchmaking expertise, creating a new chapter with Hublot and Ferrari combination. Techframe Ferrari 70 years in three versions – King Gold, PEEK Carbon and Titanium – each version has 70 limited edition. It is destined to be a collector’s project.

Designed by Ferrari, made by Hublot. This is the design and refinement of the new Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon chronograph principle. A team of effort, starting from Ferrari, in Maranello, and ending in the Nylon with Yu ship. The new series in the Hublot series is designed to provide a watch that is rooted in Ferrari’s DNA-binding, performance and agility, and is manufactured and refined by Yu-Long Manufacturing. The perfect blend of car and watchmaking world.Hublot techframe ferrari replica watches price

Ferrari design method
Created and designed by Ferrari, under the leadership of Design Director Flavio Manzoni, the new Techframe Ferrari 70-year Tourbillon Chronograph is like one of the super sports cars produced in Maranello. And there are good reasons: this watch is designed by Ferrari, using the same with the development of new sports car creative process. The designer’s starting point is the Hublot movement – they are free to design the “engine” of the watch for high-performance chassis. Like Ferrari, its lattice structure – unique in the watchmaking field, provides the greatest strength for the smallest weight.

“Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon chronograph shape emphasizes the performance of the watch, no components are accidental,” Flavio Manzoni explained. Thus, the black structure on the dial contains chronographs that provide excellent readability. At the 4 o’clock crown, the famous Prancing Horse mosaiced black PVD titanium inserts, as much as possible to reduce the size of the watch and increase its aerodynamic appearance. Finally, the red button has a strategic advantage for ease of use – even when driving makes the design more ergonomic.Hublot techframe ferrari replica watches price



Hublot’s manufacturing company uses Ferrari’s design and uses its expertise in engineering, materials and watchmaking to make these aesthetic and technical concepts possible. The result is a chassis box with three components – the middle of the skeleton, the container and the rear cover of the modular structure – which is true for the Ferrari’s styling. The new Techframe Ferrari 70-year Tourbillon Chronograph also offers PEEK (polyether ether ketone) carbon, made of special long carbon fiber multilayer hypoallergenic materials, very durable and reliable. This very open case is indispensable. This is not the only innovation: two side buttons can easily change the strap while providing maximum security. Like all the new Techframe’s color components, the two side buttons are made in the famous P485 Ferrari red. Case seal engraved with “limited edition XX / 70” black, sapphire back decorated with “Ferrari 70 years.”top RICHARD MILLE RM 011 replica watches

Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon chronograph beyond Ferrari design concept of the design, is a microcosm of fine watch. Under this hood, the tractor-driven tourbillon chronograph developed by the U-flywheel design has a 5-day power reserve for the new HUB6311 with manual winding 253 components. One-Button Timer for Start-Stop Reset Function – A button is considered by the expert to be the best, handled by the original lever of the Ferrari red anodized aluminum.

With ruthenium-free ruthenium treatment, this carefully adjusted “engine” can also be seen through its dial on the powerful tourbillon and come to the fore. Due to the ingenious construction principle, this innovative mechanism provides both the beauty of the flying tourbillon and the operational stability of the tourbillon with two pivot points. This dual advantage can be achieved by almost invisible sapphire crystal, which is placed above the cage, rotates once every minute, and uses the bridge to keep the top of the Brm replica watches

The Ferrari logo is clearly visible at 9 o’clock and the Hublot logo is at 5 o’clock. The sapphire dial reveals its cutting-edge technology, and the external raised part holds the timer. A matte black designed by Ferrari in sapphire, at 3 o’clock held a racially inspired twins half-second timer, 11 o’clock minute counter and 1 o’clock wheel – the brain controls this smooth chronograph Table and tangential coupling.

Highly interchangeable black rubber strap with folding clasp, with PVD titanium case, gold-plated surface made of King Gold, PEEK carbon or titanium, and with Hublot logo.

The result of the close and unique collaboration between car designers and exquisite watchmakers, the fashionable Techframe Ferrari marks a new era of cooperation between Ferrari and Yu-ship. This new watch is already a collector’s product, King Gold, PEEK Carbon and Titanium in all three Harry winston OPUS replica watches


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