HYT faucet Axl Rose as a highly limited watch partner


2017 replica HYT H1 ANTOINE GRIEZMANN WATCH.Rock and roll. Contemporary watch brand selection is unlikely for ambassadors and collaborators. HYT works with Axl Rose to maintain this new tradition. By not selecting the watch manufacturer’s signature clock, H2 tradition

The meeting with Axl Rose prompted HYT’s co-founder Vincent Perriard as the latest limited edition watch brand’s newest partner to recruit legendary rock musicians. Just such a thing, Axl Rose is a big fan of the brand, but also HYT skull proud of the owner.

So this is the basis of his choice of skull as a unique watch. “He was keen to design his own model, and before we met, he had a good idea, and we developed it for him,” Perriard said. “This skeleton Axl Rose is his, what is he thinking about?Hublot Limited edition King Power replica watches

Skeleton Axl Rose is recognized by the center of the skull, made of Chinese brain cow blue, is the first HYT. In fact, the blue dominates the appearance of the watch; even if the time (HYT expertise) is also blue.


Sale Replica HYT H1 BLACK DLC & PINK GOLD 148-DG-22-GF-LC Men Watch

51mm watch with titanium DLC case and transparent sapphire watch back. The signature of the Guns’N’Roses logo and Axl Rose is also seen as the back of the decoration.

HYT violates the rules (again) with the skull bad boy

A real, real villain HYT never really played the law. It not only the traditional hour and minute display projected to the window, but also put the skeleton on the timetable attitude of the watch

This year, its weight is far more than its weight, is a small independent watch company, that is, through the introduction of skull bad

Yes, the name said one by one.

51mm case made of DLC coated titanium, but the skull material is completely different from other materials. Its purpose is to reproduce the appearance of Damascus steel (mainly knives and swords) by folding steel and carbon up to 256 times.

In order to keep up with the bold attitude, this tour has a black liquid that time and a corrupt leather strap.

It is basically a love or hate deal, but either way, just remember that only 50 pieces are available.



HYT created the Swiss watch industry’s first full mechanical watch

After seeing the light in the life of the skull and mechanical clever H3, HYT seems to be the same as the H4 series. But after a brief study, this initial impression can not come from the truth.

Although similar to H1, H4 Alinghi has the characteristics of a skeleton dial. There are two buttons on the side; and 2.30 putter is essentially a crown, 4.30 can also be rotated and pushed, it is surprising that the white light will watch up to five seconds.Richard Mille RM 050 replica Watches

Interestingly, the whole process is completely mechanical, no battery or any electronic components. This is the first HYT, most likely the first Swiss watch industry. Taking into account the tabulation process of high-tech, H4 Alinghi limited to 25 pieces.

Insider: HYT’s Vincent Perriard exposes the secret of the water watch

Game replacement With the support of APRP and Dominique Renaud, HYT watches stand out in the tide of success, pioneering a new type of watch: a clock with liquidity. High-octane CEO Vincent Perriard shares more good news with Chris Andre

As they say, success will not last night. But if you get the right talent at the right moment, the right recipe can be successfully achieved. Meet the irresistible and “crazy” Vincent Peria. His resume will immediately ridicule those who dream in the watch industry giants such as Audemars Piguet and Swatch group between the dirty hands. Now, as CEO of HYT watches, Switzerland was born with plenty of energy, definitely rolling.devon watch replica

So far, running for more than two years, HYT watch company has been attracting and attracting headlines from SIHH and Basel New World – yes, they attended two international fairs. More importantly, its success is obvious from the beginning. Its original tabulation technology to add liquid to its groundbreaking idea looks very attractive. This year, the newborn company opened a large life of the skeleton watch and H3 and H4, the town is the town. Moreover, Perriard for the company’s development undoubtedly admit their expectations, next year’s “crazy” secret weapon and a strategy to change the rules of the game.

“We want to create something unique, not just material or design. It needs something so obvious that technology is”

“H” and “Y” represent Hydro, “T” is technology. Chose the name because it’s marked very short and strong. In the movement mentioned in the hydraulic machinery watchmaker, but did not explain what HYT representative.

HYT creates unique things that are very creative – not just materials or designs. It also needs some technology so obvious things that everyone can immediately see and master this concept: HYT hope the audience to understand the idea of containing liquid in the watch is not natural, in fact, contrary to the basic concept HYT should prevent the liquid into the watch The Instead, HYT welcomes liquids into the watch and uses them to indicate the time. In order to do this, it took more than three years because it involved a very “crazy” technique. We work with many different companies, including the aerospace industry, to recognize this.GREUBEL FORSEY REPLICA WATCHES


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