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price HUBLOT BIG BANG LAS VEGAS replica watches.Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood is a new watch that contains hardwood and tweeds. The symbols of these established sounds are in contradiction with the unconventional nature of this young brand. Angus Davis carefully observes this new model.

English society is often described as a class. There are many examples of these people who are high school, medium working class. In fact, these three simple groups tend to be further subdivided. Education, accent, ritual, name and occupation are associated with personal stereotypes.

The concept of whether you subscribe to a course may be determined by your own growth. Over time, my view is that modern British social differences are based on both class and wealth. However, the wood and tweed is still a symbol of the enterprise, which reminds me of the “old-fashioned tie”, from the past era began to polite conservatism.

best Urwerk 110 replica watches.Hardwood expresses strength, tradition, safety and history. I often link the boards to the offices that industry leaders and government ministers often visit. Tweed is a piece of cloth, once again immersed in the tradition. Always the nobility and landing gentleman’s preferred cloth.



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Recently, based on Geneva’s senior watch brand Urwerk has recently adopted a wood and tweed, the latest version of the UR-110 watch. The model has been in the range of years, and in 2011 received the best design watch GPHG award. However, the new brand has attracted a series of limited 10 hours, called “Eastwood”, the appearance of unique.

Urwerk 110 is a watch, whenever I see it, always in my face caused a smile. Do not understand Urwerk’s creativity is unable to recognize the glory. Three rotating “hour module” with the dial on the right side of the dial to indicate the main time track indicated by the satellite. The current hour is displayed at the top, and minutes are given arrows to the tip. When the arrow reaches “60”, it is depicted in red, the second hour module reaches zero minutes, and assumes responsibility for communication time. The action of the hour module is really Urwerk 110 replica watches

Next to the central hub, the arm connected to all three hours of the module meets and is shown as a small second hand. In addition, the other two functions occupy the dial canvas, “day / night” instructions and “oil change” service interval display. The performance of the time on the UR-110 goes beyond normal, providing a great commodity for the fascinating telescope theater. However, despite the performance of the choreography module stopped, the watch is still very easy to read and interpret.



Part of my appeal to the independent watchmaking industry is that it often ignores practices and methods from a new perspective. In fact, when it comes to the charm of Urvik, it is because it is the opposite of the establishment, I choose more closely. Five Titanium Shell is a model of modernity. But the bezel is wood. Urwerk offers both Eastwood options, fair trade in Indonesia Makassi ebony and fair trade South African red ivory wood. Wood is very difficult and is obviously a very challenging machine.Tag Heuer Senna Special Editions watches replica

Although I think that timber is a symbol of conservatism, its incorporation on the facade of the UR-110 is nothing more than that. It seems that Urwerk bravely used the wood, and that did increase the contemporary role of his watch, contrary to any of the preconceived ones I had previously held.

The size of the UR-110 sounds great on the surface, the size is 47mm x 51mm x 16mm. However, when I put my watch on my wrist, it was not conspicuous but seemed to be completely at home. Crown at 12 o’clock, titanium case on the back with two round sapphire crystal, showing two connected to the automatic winding movement of the turbine.

UR-9.01 is automatic, the balance of the frequency of 28800 vph (4Hz), the movement contains 46 jewelry. Many sports are hidden. However, in the table of specifications, Urwerk lists all aspects of finishing, such as round scrub, diamond polishing, chamfering and polishing the screw head, which will undoubtedly attract the purists. The watch is equipped with a bucket, providing 39 hours of power storage. At first it may sound like it is not so impressive, but considering the energy needed to drive the hour module, the power reserve is actually very impressive.wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 replica watches

Urwerk works with Timothy Everest, the famous Wales tailor, to provide a further eye-catching design element for the limited edition Eastwood models. The tweed is a truly unique feature that gives the watch. Interestingly, although the tweed has a conservative, sometimes formed image, when it is paired with Eastwood, this fabric offers a charming and very unusual aesthetic.

Urwerk 110 will always appear in my watch list. It cleverly combines style, invention, function and craftsmanship to form an amazing form. Eastwood proved to be particularly creative in that it was very traditional through the incorporation of two elements, wood and tweed on its surface. However, somehow, the material is paired with the experts of the existing model, providing a fresh, bold and highly modern aesthetic.

This is a sign of opening new ideas and embracing Urwerk to provide new things. Perhaps this is a lesson for all of us, not prejudging, but evaluating the value based on the evidence provided.JACOB & CO. GRAND COMPLICATION MASTERPIECES WATCHES replica

Model: Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood
Case: 5 Titanium, with a precious wood bezel; size 47mm x 51mm; high 16mm; sapphire crystal front and back.
Function: hours; minutes; small seconds power reserve indicators; oil service interval indicators.
Movement: UR-9.01, automatic winding; frequency 28800vph (4Hz); 46 jewelry power reserve 39 hours.
Strap: Timothy Everest selected Tweed strap.



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