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Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal: Outside the quartz, the tourbillon inside and a new seismic record

hot RICHARD MILLE RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL watch replica.With the 2014 Wimbledon Championship, we focused on one of the world’s top tennis players and worked with them to develop the latest watches: Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal. Perhaps the most attractive side of this 50-page limited edition is the six-digit price tag? This is a quartz watch!

Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal – The latest timepiece for the Swiss brand’s partnership with the Spanish tennis champions in 2010, immediately with its unique yellow and red color scheme, The time is the home of the French Open champion. But please take a closer look at the colorful “skeleton” shaped case and you will see more things than a striking paint job. As in the case of one of last year’s Turnanar watches, RM 35-02 – made of Quartz TPT, the brightly colored, textured surface of the material is made by immersing the proprietary technology in a 45 micron thick quartz fiber. (NTPT) is a Swiss company specializing in lightweight prepregs, a technology developed by Richard Thin, a proprietary technology developed by Richard Thin. (Watch manufacturers also cooperate with NTPT, groundbreaking RM 50-03 McLaren F1 models, the top models for the SIHH 2017)


The braided quartz fiber not only gives the shell a unique ripple appearance, but also has an impressive intensity to weight ratio and water resistance of 50 meters, in addition to being resistant to allergies and UV resistance. In this case, the movement provides its own strong quality. Due to years of research and development and many hours of testing – including a number of “pendulum impact tests”, it simulates the linear acceleration of the wearer’s sudden action or shock – RM 27-03 caliber, with tourbillon, 10,000 Gs shock – this is a new record in the watch industry. Like this, this movement is very lightweight and durable, with a carbon TPT base (first by Richard Mille in the RM 011 Flyback Chronograph in 2013), and fast winding barrels, 70 hours in the entire watch power storage Provide consistent energy HYT H1 ANTOINE GRIEZMANN watch replica




Best New Luxury Richard Mille TOURBILLON RM 27-03 RAFAEL NADAL Replica Watch for sale


In the sapphire crystal fully displayed, this movement has a hand-polished cone angle and satin, and fine micro-crushing elements in sharp contrast. Visually, around the barrel, the big round and the tourbillon’s sharp curved skeleton bridge (the frequency of 3Hz beating) position, calling the bull’s head, the symbol of the logo selected by Spain and Nadal. In another kind of personalized and interesting aesthetic touch, the torque limiting winding crown is molded into the shape of the tennis ball.

Richard Meyer RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal unveiled in Paris on the eve of the French Open, the first model to Nadal himself – of course, they are sure to continue to win the clay ball Grand Slam game Tenth time wearing it at the same time. Will the new watch make the Spaniards like luck on Wimbledon? sale HYT H1 ANTOINE GRIEZMANN watch replica



HUBLOT Big Bang UNICO Italy independent green camouflage


Some of the best watch design has aroused the eyes of the audience. Hublot Big Bomb Unico Italian independent green camouflage art combines many fascinating colors to make the glorious influence that makes Angus Davis think of golden fields and green valleys.

Many people will say the purpose of the watch, purely to show that time. I admit that for a large number of people, this is the only reason to get a watch. In addition, I also noticed that today’s youth tend to determine the current time by looking at the phone screen. However, for many exquisite watchmakers, I myself included, there are other reasons to buy mechanical watches.

The reason for the existence of high-level watches is to create a superb watch, full of noble craft and eternal aesthetics. An outline of the complications in the outline of the program demonstrates the best of the watchmaker’s creativity. All the above reasons with my watch obsessed with the mind resonates. In addition, there is another explanation, I tend to watch, that is, their ability to put forward ideas.



The first time I saw the watch, I noticed the technical attributes and construction quality. Since then, my thoughts began a journey of combining and recalling. I think the symbolic meaning of the creation of watches and clocks. In fact, I echo this situation with the attraction of an artist, inviting the narrator to explain the artist’s motives and describe the subject of the text. Perhaps one of the most relevant aspects of this experience is the inability to deduce that the observer’s ideas and artistic works cause personal connotations.Hublot Italia Independent watch replica price

When I put Hublot Big Bang Unico Italia’s independent green camo on my wrist, I was attracted by its unusual appearance. The extraordinary design is the nylon watch brand of Italian Italian independent Italian Italian eyewear company joint forces, and creatively shaped this drop of art.

The Swiss brand describes a very unique, green texture of the surface treatment, “camouflage” pattern. However, the idea of the green valleys and the golden fields is easy to enter the frontal lobe of my brain. In addition, the faint green tones make case and warm highlights filled the dial, which produced my happy thoughts in the summer sunshine in England.




Unico Italia’s independent green camouflage dial gently reveals a lot of underwear, usually hidden with the main watch of the field of view. Most notably, the open date plate is fascinating and surrounds the entire dialscape. At 3 o’clock, the 60 minute counter shows the current date on the left side of the timer list.

Golden yellow dial details and matte black surface with a harmonious. Hour and minute hands are bold, and time markers are very effective in co-operation to disclose time. Arabic numerals indicate even hours, except for other dialing elements. Odd hours with a faceted indicator light, lined with matte black stuffing.nice MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO watches replica

Adjacent 9 o’clock, there is a small second. Again, it uses golden tones and dull black ingredients. The central chronograph has a green, open tip and a golden counterweight with a Hublot logo shape. Chapter ring, mixed green, gold and black tones allow the wearer to easily determine the time and the number of seconds.

The Hublot logo and nomen are located before noon and apply to the underside of sapphire crystal. Similarly, more than 6 points, depicting the Italian independent theme. The two signs seem to float in the following mechanical movements on top of the three-dimensional charm to enhance the perspective of the dial.



Although the dial area shows many components, it is still easy to read. The three tones used the dial to prove the aesthetic appeal, without unduly damaging the readability. I accept an ordinary dial surface that can be easier to interpret, but that means sacrificing the date plate, the round scrub hour wheel and the most spectacular view of the cylindrical wheel with the most attention at six o’clock.

Hublot Big Bomb Unico Italy independent green Camo vibrant. In some light, its situation showed incredible metallic luster, and during our association, I had a smile from my direction.

In addition to the obvious style of this watch, its composition has a lot of features and essence. Dial height is clear, push the pieces to smooth smooth movement, open movement has been a very good implementation.

However, the appearance of this watch makes me unforgettable. Its design not only combines the different materials, but also successfully combines the world of watches and art. This watch is a worthy of evaluation and appreciation of the creative works. In addition, like any art masterpiece, Unico Italian independent green Camo encourages thinking and thinking.

In fact, when I looked at the green and golden tones of the watch, I was transferred to an idealized area, lying on the grass, staring at the sky, and eating and bruising a bunch of dried grass. Unico Italy’s ability to stand alone green camouflage aroused the idea of seeing it as a watch suitable for display in any famous HARRY WINSTON OPUS watches replica


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