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Animation Innovation: Harry Winston ‘s Works 12

Whenever the Basel World Summit is approaching, a word infiltrated the top of the collective consciousness of the watch world: “works.” Harry Winston’s work is often ranked first on the hot-word list. This year’s Opus watch did not disappoint. It may confuse some of us for a moment, but it does not disappoint.

After entering the HW booth, I met a saint’s watch writer and friend. He simply asked me: “Have you seen it?” I did not. He said: “See if you can guess how it worked.” After the demonstration, I had to admit that my first guess was to miss the mark. In Op. 12, Harry Winston said that such things have not been done before. I can not question this statement. This idea emerged from the mind of watchmaker Emmanuel Bouchet in 2009. Working with designers Augustin Nussbaum and Harry Winston, Bouchet brings Opus 12 to life.buy Urwerk replica watches

So how does it work? Each 12 hour position has a double-sided mark about 5 mm long. The long side of the mark, on behalf of the minute hand, the other side of the shorter, said the hour hand. Each marker or hand is connected to a drive wheel, each marker or pointer displays a blue dial at the time of presentation, and a neutral dial is displayed when not in use. For example, at 10:10 there will be a shorter blue hand at 10 o’clock and a longer blue hand at 2 o’clock. Other hour markers will be neutral. If it is 10:12? Central installation of retrograde hand shows minutes between five. Under the retrograde minutes there is a traditional small second hand.

The hand at the 12 hour mark is driven by two crown wheels turning on the dial. Both crown wheels have teeth that engage the hand drive wheel. The crown wheel, which starts the minute hand, turns around the dial within an hour and moves from station to station every 5 minutes. The first tooth engages the wheel of the next station, and the 5-minute hand turns to its indicating side. At the same time, the second serrated part left the previous station and the minute hand turned to the neutral side. This way, every 5 minutes, the next hour marker flips to blue and the previous hour marker flips to neutral. This happens so fast that it creates the illusion that a hand jumps from the hour mark to the hour mark.cheap fake watches for sale

In this hour of change, twelve real performances. Maintain the static within 60 minutes of the crown wheel around the dial, fast continuous drive clockwise rotation. Like a group of people who are doing wave sports, every hour mark flashes blue for a second in sequence.

The speed of rotation is controlled by the escapement, which requires less energy than the flywheel governor and provides good results for starting. Harry Winston said one of the challenges in designing this work was to provide the right amount of energy for motion accuracy and animation. The solution is to exercise and spin the time and minutes hands are provided by separate buckets of varying amounts of energy. Two barrels at the same time winding, double the main hair piece also need 45 hours to relax. The motion stops when the energy required for the animation is not enough to power it. Each bucket has a sliding spring to prevent damage due to over-winding. The power reserve of both watches is displayed along the arc of the watch’s center.richard mille rm 052 skull replica watches

A complicated module coordinates both hands and their gear train. Since the crown wheel forms the actual wall around the assembly, the watchmaker must build an external drivetrain to attach the winding stem at the base of the movement to the top, which must be halfway through. The solution is a drive wheel that reverses the direction of winding so the setting can only be done in advance.

The entire movement consists of 607 parts, including 80 jewels. The watch needs 7500 hours of research and development.

Aesthetically, Opus 12 has some similarities to the Atlas experiments of the LHC. If you do not know what it is, do not worry, it’s cool. Case size is 46mm in 18k white gold (watch, not LHC). Complex gears that drive both hands are obscured beneath a semitransparent sapphire ring. The 12 letters in HARRY WINSTON mark hours.richard mille rm 052 skull replica watches


OPUS 12 from Harry Winston Technical Specifications:

Name works 12
Reference: 500 / MMEB46WL.K
Type: Mechanical manual winding
Specific features: 607 parts, 80 gems and 2 barrels, 24 hands
Power reserve: 45 hours
Decorations: Main board and upper bridge shot peening and NAC coating
Under the palette with round Côtes de Genève and nickel-palladium coating
Features hours and shows the bridge by rotating your two-handed system to display 1/12 hour (five minutes)
The animation is changed every hour for 12 hours
Animation minute hand every five minutes
Retrograde five minutes display, power reserve indicator and small seconds
Material: Polished 18K white gold
Crystal anti-reflective sapphire
Back: Exhibition Type / Anti-reflective sapphire
Diameter: 46 mm
Waterproof: 30 meters
Dial: retrograde minutes. Power reserve shows NAC coating lower, shot peening and rhodium upper
Small frosted sapphire crystal
Bracelet: Black crocodile leather hand-sewn
Type: Folding buckle
Material: Polished 18K white gold



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