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TAG Heuer Caliber 18 Telemeter

TAG Heuer demonstrated its exquisite tradition with the same intelligent Caliber 18 Telemeter – a return of the classic Carrera model, which offers the wearer a completely different type of connection.

In 2015, TAG Heuer launched a stunning large-scale watch. However, more impressive than this number is the diversity of styles, times and ambitions within this range. At one end of the spectrum, they released Connected watches, jumped into smart watch game boots and more.

Caliber 18 Telemeter provides a link to TAG Heuer’s rich car roots, rather than directly republishing a specific historic Carrera reference. But all the key details are there – the pump putter, the vintage TAG Heuer logo with ‘Panda’ style watch, and even the high dome glass case sapphire crystal, reminiscent of the early dome acrylic. Think of telemeter as “the best” Carrera. TAG Heuer did a very credible job and pushed people’s love of the legendary chronograph to a new replica Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic Watch

Telemeter does make concessions to modernity – at 39mm, it is larger than a vintage item measuring 36mm typical. Having said that, TH has shown restraint in case size, and the 39mm case is almost as small as possible when carrying Calibre 18. They would have liked to push the size to more than 40mm, which would tilt the Telemeter’s delicate vintage balance. Also added a date window – a simple slanted aperture, fortunately not detracting from the beauty of the dial. The choice of remote metering is also a surprising choice, as speedometers for racing cars will be Carrera’s natural choice. Telemetry scales are usually associated with military timepieces because the scale is usually used to calculate the range of the artillery. Another quirk of the watch is the English spelling of “Calibre” and the American spelling of “Telemeter” on the dial. This is a trivial matter, but the consistency will be clearer.



Although these specifications allow you to understand what you expect, they will not make you ready to understand the handsome performance of this watch on your wrist. The milky silver dial is surprisingly warm, full of light and perfectly matched with faceted hands, curved dial edges and polished case. All this brings joy to the watch and it looks great on retro styled perforated straps. The size is just right – the watch will not be lost on the wrist like a watch, nor will it appear to be a dominant and seemingly disproportionate risk.FREE Shopping on

TAG Heuer successfully subtly created a fashionable and subtle dignity for Carreras’s golden age – this is one of the best heritage inspiration chapters we have seen for a long time, and has proved all their focus on the future, TAG Heuer The table still recognizes the importance of their past.



TAG Heuer&Gulf Oil International: Full Color Partners!

Today, two iconic brands in the auto industry have officially established their unions. A strong link between the past and the present will be established. TAG Heuer will showcase the special bay version of Monaco in the movie Le Mans for the famous racing colors and logos sponsored by Steve McQueen.

Today, TAG Heuer is proud to announce that it has signed a global partnership with Gulf Oil International. Gulf Oil International will see the development of new events and new versions, including the Monaco Gulf, which was presented at the time of signing.

With its famous blue and orange stripes, the Gulf has been in the automotive industry for 115 years. Quality, endurance and passion are the slogans of the company; evidenced by their history of innovation, invention and continuous development. This was the first company to drill oil on the seabed, and in 1913 it became the first company in the world to open a gas station.
It shares value with the Swiss watch brand, which owns motor sports in its DNA. TAG Heuer and the Gulf have already gone through many times, but most notably in the 1971 film “Le Mans”, when Steve McQueen was driving a Porsche 917 with a TAG Heuer Monaco wrist, driving a Porsche 917 with Bay sign features.Online replica Rado D-Original Watches


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Jean-Claude Biver, Chief Executive Officer of TAG Heuer and Chairman of the watch division of LVMH Group, stated: “It is a real pleasure to be in touch with the history of Gulf Motors and its motor sport, including Porsche 917K, Steve McQueen, and Le Mans 24 Hour. Race and Monaco watch, this is a famous emotional partnership, I know that few other brands can share as much memory about the pit stop, and the relationship between them is as strong and real. !”

Frank Lutten, vice president of Gulf International, added: “TAG Heuer is a landmark name for the automotive industry. Our two brands share many bright spots that can be traced back to nearly half a century. We are very happy with this partnership and look forward to the development. It represents a new direction in the relationship between Gulf Oil International and TAG Heuer, timing is critical to many aspects of our business – for example, the Gulf is an unmatched “punctuality” in shipping operations in the delivery of records – we Sharing the value of innovation and quality, but in particular, our common history will ensure that this is one of the truest trade unions in the automotive industry.”

TAG Heuer Monaco was launched at the same time in Geneva and New York on March 3, 1969. It is the first square waterproof automatic chronograph watch in Swiss watchmaking history. The aesthetic symbol of the watch and the traditional watchmaking process broke. The right-angle large square case, the metallic blue dial, the domed Perspex crystal, and especially the crown on the left, mark the automatic winding of the watch. Just like the innovation of the time, its technology provides perfect waterproofing – this is the first of a square watch.replica HUBLOT MP-09 TOURBILLON BI-AXIS 3D CARBON 909.QD.1120.RX Watch

However, the root of the revolution lies in watches: the famous Calibre 11 is the first automatic chronograph movement to be commercialized in the history of watchmaking. “McQueen Monaco”, which is immediately recognizable and often copied, has become a coveted watch in auctions and collections.

In fact, the watch, like Steve McQueen, insisted on wearing it in 1971 when he drove the famous movie Le Mans with the famous Porsche 917K.

Of course, the colors of this iconic brand are quoted in the special edition of the Gulf of Calibre 11 design. 39 mm size, crown on the left, legendary oil blue dial with two white counters, date window at 6 o’clock, horizontal hour index of polished diamonds, Calibre 11 automatic chronograph with vintage Heuer logo , date and waterproof depth reach 100 meters – all properties of Monaco. As a reminder of its origins and pedigree, the color of the famous racing car in the light blue and orange stripes is added to the dial. The Gulf sign also appeared at 6 o’clock.

Please note that the steel housing is divided into three parts (since 1998) and is fixed by four screws, rectangular shape with two buttons at two and four points, slightly slender lugs, sapphire crystal glass (since 2009) and opening The rear cover, through which you can see the caliber of the gear. This work is stitched by an exquisite oil-blue leather strap and an orange thread, giving it an elegant look and another lighted bay sign.

A beautiful explanation, respecting the maker’s iconic car heritage in La-Chaux-de-Fonds will emerge in the dream of all car racing purists.Discount TAG HEUER HERITAGE replica watches


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