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H2 Pilot: The Sublime Creation of HYT

The H2 pilot has been the first time to create an aeronautical enthusiast’s timepiece. Each step of its design is designed to meet aerospace code. The H2 pilot is not just an evolution. It is the real transformation of the iconic H2 introduced by HYT in 2013. Its ‘V’ positioning bellows are easy to distinguish.

The H2 pilot is a well-thought-out design that aims to go through this distance over many years, develop, follow and even predict the trend of watches, and think that our work has all these qualities, and I am very satisfied. HYT CEO Vincent Perriard said. “H2 has transcended different celestial bodies and is now pushing 10,000 feet upwards as if it had been for this purpose.”

H2’s new aerospace outfit highlights the legibility of this piece, which is an important part of all flying instruments. The path and color of the minute have been redrawn and their quarter-hour indicator has been enlarged and red.replica HYT H1 Alumen Blue 148-AB-31-GF-RU watch price

The central hand received the same treatment! Zoomed in and tilted by the red arrow is the first of HYT. The crown indicator (H-N-R) at 3 PM is displayed by the window displaying the selected function.

In order to ensure that all parts emit maximum visibility, they are placed on a DLC-treated movement, satin finish and polished angle. The contrast with the adjacent chrome is best, and the reading of time is simple and intuitive.


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Like all fighter jets, the cockpit is fully functional and is evident in this stylish case. HYT gives priority to the complete coating in the DLC, including hourly indicators treated with grey anthracite Super-LumiNova. According to aeronautical standards, the yellow liquid reads hours.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 11-01 ROBERTO MANCINI watches

Like all technologies, H2 has its own innovations. One of HYT’s themes is to bring these innovations directly to the wearer: clear, specific, and immediate. HYT’s latest innovation is in Kevlar, a type of aramid synthetic fiber with high tensile strength and temperature resistance that can be used in extreme conditions such as racing pilot clothing, racing sails, and aviation and aerospace applications. Aerospace Industry.

The H2 pilot’s case measures 48.8 millimeters.

H4 GOTHAM Skeleton piece carved between shadow and light.

The brand’s new work explores the style developed by HULL Dracula DLC and developed by SKULL. Its name is H4 Gotham. H4 Gotham uses the new HYT exclusive calibre to represent the new generation of HYT watches


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This is also the first case made of 3DTPTM carbon, which is completely devilish and rigid, providing unprecedented rigidity. It is also the first HYT to show off-center time on its border, not on the flange. Finally, this is the first time HYT has combined its innovative technology with a new technology strap that combines rubber and NomexTM technology fibers.

“The overall idea of H4 Gotham is sportiness and technology is more powerful,” emphasized CEO Vincent Perriard. «H1 movement and H4 movement are very architectural and technical. Our customers, partners and retailers do not want to see more: they want to see it all. » luxury replica Greubel Forsey watches

In order to achieve this goal, HYT has done in two areas. In the upper part of the movement, most of the parts were hollow and the dial was gone. The entire gear train is visible and part of the bucket.
The lower caliber section also accommodates the famous bellows, also known as the piston. However, their general vertical structure remains unchanged, and the shell of the cage has been completely redesigned: now, due to the new cut in the 4-8 o’clock segment, the two barrels are almost completely visible.

For the first time, HYT engraves a time index on the baffle. In this way, a large number of dials can be released from the indicator, and the entire dial can be opened further. The shell size of the H4 has been increased to 51mm to enhance this sense of space and maximum openness.

H4 is a real skeleton, but its light is more complicated than they look, and Gotham sees a continuous battle between shadows and light. HYT ended up with a true color palette, featuring contrast, dazzling, profiled and twisted H4 Gotham components, to show the finest detail.replica watches for sale

For example, HYT equipped the H4 with a new sapphire case. With a chrome-plated metallized surface treatment, this has a dual effect: when in contact with the skin, the metalized surface will reproduce the smoke-like glass effect. On the inside of the movement, the chrome-plated surface presents the hallucinations of a mirror. Therefore, the H4 is decorated with complex lights and mirrors, providing light through the movement according to the angle, the shadow area even your own reflection.

In terms of time indicators, red was chosen to inhabit the capillaries of H4 Gotham. It marks the progress of time, retrograde display, brand signatures. This ‘bloody’ tone is also used by the 9 o’clock second hand wheel and the power reserve at 3 o’clock and the top stitching of the strap.

In terms of materials, HYT uses a rubber sheathed spiral DLC titanium crown to decorate its carbon case. HYT’s exclusive manual skeleton winding mechanism has a manual beveled bridge and is decorated with Geneva ripple light and provides a 65-hour power reserve.replica MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000110 watch


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