replica BOVET 2018 Amadeo Fleurier Edouard Bovet Tourbillon Watch Review



Item Type Replica Fleurier Grandes Complications Collection Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case White Gold,Round
Bracelet Alligator strap
Dial Color Skeletonized dial
Diameter 46.00 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE pin Buckle
Thickness 17.20 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Power Reserve,Day & Night Indicator,Multiple Time Zone
Year 2018
Boxes common box
Model Number AIEB006


Hands-on Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Edouard Bovet Flying Tourbillon (SIHH 2018)

With its 10-day power reserve, triple time zone, hemispherical earth map and flying tourbillon transformer watch, Bowett celebrated a milestone in its history. Yes, all of these, and more. Meet the impressive Edouard Bovet flying tourbillon.

In 1814, the Bovet brothers Edouard, Alphonse and Frédéric left their home town of Fleurier, Switzerland, and went to London. Four years later, in 1818, Edouard Bovet traveled to China, where he was able to sell his four mechanical timing tools at a price of 10,000 Swiss francs. In 1822, the brand was established to provide timepieces for Empire China, and Bovet soon became one of China’s most famous brands. Bovet (pronounced Bo-Wei) is synonymous with everyday Chinese high-end watches. It even inspired several other Swiss watchmakers who soon began to imitate the style of Edouard Bovet.

2018 marked the 200 years since Edward Bovey left China. This is an outstanding milestone in Bovit’s special history and a link between the brand and China for two Richard Mille 2018 RM 11-03 MCLAREN Watch replica

To commemorate this anniversary, Bovet introduced an impressive complication that was entirely developed and manufactured in-house: a 10-day power reserve, a triple time zone watch with a hemispherical map and a flying tourbillon. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Bovet even produces his own hairspring in its sister company, Dimier. In addition to its impressive complications, this watch is an intriguing 3D mechanical miniature that constantly moves: the sport, the volume, the contrasting material, the colors and the finishes are amazing.

The movement is regulated by Bovet’s patented two-sided flying tourbillon. With a charming look, the one-minute rotation of the balance and the cage can be seen from both sides of the watch without interference from the top bridge. The tiny attachment of the sport, which is barely visible, seems to float in the air.


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The manual winding movement 16BM04-TT consists of 472 parts and vibrates 18,000 times per hour. A barrel drives all the complexity and ensures a 10-day power reserve. To make the watch completely windy, it only takes 75 crown turns – despite having an impressive power reserve. Paying tribute to Edouard Bovet for his first visit to China, it also allows users to see three time zones at a glance. Local time is traditionally read at the center. The other two 24-hour time zones are shown on the hemispherical dome that represents the Earth. The central hands have bent over the protruding dome. Each time zone consists of a window showing the name of the selected city. Two correctors on both sides of the case are used to select the city and time. Carved with a titanium dome and hand-painted, the blue Super-LumiNova is used to highlight the ocean. The third dome provides day/night instructions. The back of the watch features a useful power reserve MB&F replica Watches

The Beauvet watch is known for its rich artistic details, and the Edward Beauvitt Tourbillon is no exception: finishing is first class. Fine workmanship, meticulous attention to detail and mastery of traditional craftsmanship are evident in every detail. This movement is crafted with carved floral motifs, a feature of the Fleurier region known as the “Fleurisanne”. In addition, the blue-painted spring dial made in-house is very noticeable, not to mention three domes to indicate additional time zones and day and night indications.

The manual winding movement 16BM04-TT is mounted in the branded Amadeo Cabriolet. This smart design patented in 2010 allows you to convert your timepiece into a reversible watch, pocket watch or stand-alone desk clock. Measuring a diameter of 46 mm, pink or white gold or platinum is recommended. It is worn on a super crocodile leather strap with a pin buckle. It also provides a gold chain for the pocket watch configuration.

URWERK UR-210 Personalization Review

We recently had the honor of wearing a spectacular watch in a few weeks. The watch actually does not necessarily mean that most people think of when talking about the watch, because it does not have two or three hands to indicate time. Monochrome’s enthusiasm for watches without “normal” watches represents time in another way. Today’s magnificent watch belongs to this category – the perfect “monochrome material”, just as we affectionately call it – this is one of the best examples of independent high-end watchmaking. We are intimate with the URWERK UR-210s all-metal jacket.wholesale Rado HyperChrome replica Watches

In the world of high-end watches, you can take two directions. It can be ultra-innovative, crazy creation, high-tech, high-function, and usually shows time in another way, or it is conservative in the classical sense of ancient high-end watchmaking, meeting all classic high-end watch designs. specification. Although it may seem different in the world, these worlds are actually much closer than you think! Usually have the same basis, is the classic watchmaking techniques. Whether we are talking about Hautlence HL, MB&F HM3 or MCT Sequential Two, the reason for connecting them together is that all moving parts are made of circular textures (pèrlage), beveled and polished bridges, levers and flat surfaces made of handmade Applied Côtede Genève stripe decoration. All of URWERK’s watches can be found on the same basis. The brand’s watchmaker Felix Baumgartner is even a member of the famous Académie Horlogère Des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI for short).


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The watch (pun) is UR-210, which is probably the most technical creation of Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, aka URWERK. The central “hand” – or should it be called a pointing device? – Points to the 120-degree arc and shows the actual number of hours as part of the Pointing Device. When this hand or pointing device reaches 60 minutes, fly back to zero. And at the same time ‘pick up’ the number for the next hour.

I think we can all agree that this is a very technical creation, and because of its nature, the UR-210 is a polarization. One thing I noticed during my review is that everyone, whether they like watches or not, is fascinated by mechanical technology, technical aspects, strange shapes, parts and rich metal parts. The steel version on the steel bracelet is the UR-210, which is totally worth its nickname “Full Metal Jacket.”luxury replica watches for men

The URWERK UR-210 steel bracelet looks very technical, and is more suitable for the technical time art of the wrist than an ordinary watch. This description actually applies to almost all URWERK timepieces, although the UR-210 may be the most technologically technical. It does not immediately look like a watch, because most people imagine something with two or three hands (or some kind of digital display). I think this can only be said that the UR-210 is not suitable for patients with heart disease. For those who like to use the famous Dakin watch on the dial to impress people, the UR-210 is not the ideal choice. URWERK UR-210 is suitable for those who sail on their own; this is the independent spirit among us.

The size of the stainless steel case is 43.8 mm x 53.6 mm x 17.8 mm, but the above picture may be a better guide than these numbers. Yes, it is almost 44 mm wide and almost 18 mm thick, but I never thought it was too big. It does have a certain “wrist existence,” which actually suits its highly technical and outgoing style.

The UR-210 on the steel bracelet is not very light, once again, it has a certain “wrist presence” and is also suitable for watches. I cannot imagine this watch is ultra-thin or ultra-light. It’s nice to note that the UR-210 is very balanced on the wrist and comfortable to wear.

There are three different versions of UR-210, one is titanium and red gold (UR-210RG), one is black coated steel and titanium (UR-210Y), the third is steel and titanium plated steel. We have arrived here. Bracelet (UR-210S). All three versions of the back cover are made of titanium and the front is made of black coated steel, red gold or plain steel. Titanium watch back is a good choice, because A) it reduces the weight of the watch, B) is hypoallergenic.nice HUBLOT BIG BANG ALARM REPEATER replica Watches



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