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What does watchmakers think about RADO watches?

I was fortunate enough to be able to discuss the Swatch Group with one of their BoDs, and our discussion eventually became a brand positioning, and the RADO position in the Swatch Group Alliance is very clear, it is a goal for those who seek design and materials. Designed brand. . The brand even openly stated in their catalogue that although they are not special outside, they have a strong advantage in design and materials.

1&2.RADO did not perform well in the luxury sector. They fell into the luxury fashion sector. They were better than Bulova. Their price range was in the Hamilton and Mido regions. Rador rarely mentions those who speak Rolex and Patek Philippe. There is a reason for this. When your friends discuss their BMW, you will not talk about Ford Focus! Rados are primarily designed for people looking for designs and scratch-resistant ceramics (hence why, in their boutiques, the nails occupy most of the space around the banner of the nails), rather than brand recognition and complications – most people Seek luxury watches.wholesale Richard Mille RM 067 replica Watches

3. In this lifetime, I could not purchase Rado watches because their prices touched the prices of used Bulgari Diagono or Tudor Pelagos. I really don’t have the problem of non-internal movements. Using the ETA’s Rado to use the Cadillac engine of the Chevrolet engine, it is basically still under the same umbrella. I really don’t see this problem.


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4. Rado was popular in the 1970s and early 1990s. Just like Mido, they were a brand that finally suffered a setback after the quartz crisis. They were absorbed into the Swatch Group and from then on became a group of vomiters. . At present, they have a strong foundation in the ladies’ market, as well as people who appreciate the design and scratch resistant ceramic case. Their design has a certain sense of art decoration, attracting many modern replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches

2017 Baselworld Rado

Rado Watch is a Swiss watch brand known for its award-winning innovative designs and the use of advanced materials and technologies. To understand the rich history of this brand, we must go back to 1917, when the three brothers of Switzerland Lengnau founded Schlup & Co., they become watchmakers and manufacturers. In 1928, the company registered the famous trademark Rado we know and love today. To do this, they must meet with the Swiss Intellectual Property Office and announce their intention to use it for “watch and watch parts.” Lado watches have always been considered as a mind-turning, groundbreaking company that has always made the vision a reality.

In the media that promotes the development of materials science and technology, Rado watches have always seen Rado watches, while at the same time introducing unexpected effects for Swiss watchmaking. Rado has developed rapidly and its combination of innovation, technology, high-tech materials and design has created an exquisite timepiece series. So far, the Rado watch has achieved many milestone achievements, including its iconic overall anti-scratch watch, which is not only the pioneering progress in the high-tech ceramics field of watchmaking industry, but also a glimpse into the future of the watchmaking industry. It uses touch technology in ceramic watches. Rado found that the mission of invention and innovation is without any hindrance. The latest series shows the best performance of Rado. Style and substance are the keys to the future, as Rado continues to create beautiful and eye-catching watches that stand the test of Rado Classics Integral Diamonds R20204712 212.0204.3.071 replica Watch


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As the show continues, Rado is launching a series of spectacular announcements that opened the door to the Basel International Watch Fair. To date, they have announced two beautiful watches:

The iconic Rado Ceramica
Last year, Lado Watch announced the update of the iconic Ceramica, which treats contemporary fashion trends with a contemporary fashion trend. The newly added Ceramica series on Baselworld2017 has three new products that are now released and ready for retailers to snap up, and we don’t think it will be too long.

This watch features very strong lines and a smooth silhouette. The three new ceramics are perfect for any minimalist fan and collector. They are just the hopeful successors of the two matt ceramics we introduced last year. For a softer appearance, these two grey high-tech ceramics are equally attractive. The stunning glossy polished grey version of the trademark Super-LumiNova® index serves as its matt black counterpart. To make this watch series even more special, this series marks the first time that the Ceramica family used automatic replica watches for sale

Rado True Thinline color
Another news from the booth at the Basel International Exhibition is that the thinnest timepiece of Rado’s history will soon be renewed. The beautiful ultra-thin Thinline series adds a chic style to a new series of colourful high-tech ceramics.

With its simple face and dial and monochrome color scheme, this fabulous collection follows the latest minimalist design of the Thinline collection. Each watch is made of contemporary and understated high-tech ceramics in one of four colors – black ink, forest green, moon gray or chocolate brown. Thanks to the use of True Thinline’s introverted design and an almost 4.9mm form factor, this stylish marriage of colors and materials can be the central stage of the stage.Replica BRM V12-44 V12-44 Gulf gent watch


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