ZENITH PILOT TYPE 20 EXTRA SPECIAL 29.1940.679/21.C800 cheap watch


Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Extra Special Reviews

In the past, now and in the future, we will jointly create a pilot watch that truly captures the aviation golden age.

The first thought is that when you look at the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Extra Special, it is the case material. Contrary to the usual highly polished case, this is a unique Zenith look with an unconventional, sturdy appearance; something more consistent with the old World War II pilot watch. This is also a nice large size 45mm with a thickness of 14.25mm.

The nostalgic feeling does not stop at the case material itself, but it is felt in every element of the design, from the finishing of the case to the very popular font used for Arabic numerals. Even the screws used to seal the boxes, their round heads slightly protrude from the box, showing a retro Ulysse Nardin Complications cheap watches

The case is made of sturdy brass and seems to have a design element on it, using oxidation to darken the grooves on the case, crown and chronograph buttons. Whether or not they use etched cases to achieve this effect is a conservative secret, but it does look great!

Nubuck leather straps use a process that polishes and polishes leather to make small fibers that provide a soft, almost velvety touch. The feature model featured in this review is the reference number 29.2430.4069 / 21.c80 with a retro-green leather strap with grey-white stitching.

The matt black dial is offset by the white railroad minute and minute seconds orbit around the outside of the dial. The hands are in rose gold tones and filled with luminous materials. At the top of the dial is a rose gold star. Below this star is the Zenith wordmark, below which is the word “Montre D’Aeronef”. Above the 6 o’clock position is the word “Pilot”, printed in orange and surrounded by a seemingly creative block Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu cheap watches


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On the back of the titanium case is the Zenith flight instrument logo, which is a special engraving with “Zenith Flying Instruments” near the top and “Montre D’aeronef Type 20” near the bottom. Carved at the center of the watch is the plane and the badge, with the Zenith logo in the middle, and of course, the Zenith pentagram that can be identified.

The crown is oversized, and stands out from the right side of the case, but it is not a visually unbalanced way. Somehow, the black stripes that are part of the crown design make the crown appear smaller than it is today.

The chronograph is a rectangular, rounded edge with about a dozen groove lines to provide better grip when starting or stopping the stopwatch function.

It should not be surprising for any viewing enthusiast that the Zenith El Primero movement is used to drive this cylindrical wheel chronograph. The interior 35 gems Zenith El Primero 4069 movement really makes this watch more special. It consists of 254 parts and has a 50-hour power reserve. The 4069 automatic movement beats at 5Hz or 36,000 VpH, making it a highly accurate MB&F LM4 cheap watches

This is a very good pilot watch, built-in rugged, and experienced Air Force pilot style. The power of this watch may be one of the most representative chronographs ever and there are many models to choose from.

Zenith El Primero 20 type calendar

Zenith’s Model 20 trial calendar combines legendary manufacturers’ capabilities in aerospace watches and complex chronographs.

In 1909, the first Zenith pilot’s watch crossed the English Channel through the French pilot’s Louis Bleriot’s wrist. By 1960, with Cal. The 5011 and 20 precision timepieces are rooted in Zenith’s roots as a pilot’s reference material and a sacred name in aviation history history.

Since the launch of Zenith’s most famous product in the 1980s, the self-winding El Primero chronograph movement debuted for only nine years. The precise combination of Zenith’s aviation tradition and the legend of El Primero has produced a compelling contemporary luxury package in the 20-year calendar.

The 48-mm case of the 20-year almanac recalls the super-large meter wristwatches made by pilots at aviation altitude in the mid-20th century. Its unique shape of the rectangular chronograph buttons and “Onion: Crown” combine this 20-type visual effect with air travel to preserve all the adventurous romance and air eras inspired by previous generations of passengers. The crocodile leather strap with contrasting white stitches and pin buckles is very user-friendly and completes retro cheap replica watches

In the huge case, El Primero Cal. The 4054 Calendar Chronograph adds a huge tabulation to the 20 model. Zenith is a true manufacturer that can make every part of its sport – including hairsprings. The familiar but still uncommon 36,000 VpH beat rate of the El Primero chronograph can be detected close to the ear, and its irritating chatter is the owner’s guarantee of superior accuracy. Each function of the chronograph can use the time-tested color wheel selector – the label of the traditionally manufactured chronograph.

But this El Primero is a purebred champion. Its annual calendar complications were designed together with the legendary Dr. Ludwig Oechslin. The brain behind the Athena Times trilogy, Freak, GMT Perpetual, and many other milestone complications invested in Zenith’s signed chronograph and his clock magic.

Oechslin uses economical components and an elegant three-hole display to enhance the El Primero with a user-friendly annual calendar that only needs to be reset once a Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough watch



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