Ulysse Nardin Executive
Item No.: 1766-176
Case: Pink Gold,round
Glass: Sapphire
Dial Color: Black
Diameter: 44 mm
Thickness 13.50 mm
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Power Reserve,Tourbillon
Year: 2018
Strap: Alligator
BUCKLE: Pin Buckle
mechanism: Manual Winding
Size: men



I don’t know if you noticed it, but this year’s GPHG award lineup seems a bit lacking. At least in my opinion, other WristReview writers may disagree, which is fair. So for Ulysse Nardin, this could be a wonderful year, they might win some prizes, and their executive tourbillon free wheel will be a concern.

When you have a long history of timers and a brand design language, it tends to be repetitive and obsolete, just as you can’t think of something new and exciting. When this happens, you have to throw all the toys out of the stroller and think of something radical and unique. Of course, Ulysse Nardin has already completed this and the Freak series has achieved great success. Although the new executive tourbillon is a bit less free, it is a very stylized and unique piece. It is also very high tech.Review replica Richard Mille RM 67-01 EXTRA FLAT Watch

The reason for the name is simple. The watch movement is upside down on the case and most of the components are suspended above the unique honeycomb dial. In addition, they can float freely above the dial. Most of the time you will see parts buried inside the dial or at the top to fix them, but not here. There are several wheels, and of course the tourbillon, all of which require bridges. Some people say that the brushed bridges are a boomerang shape, but for me, they look more like the B1B Lancer’s top-down view, which also complements the watch’s high-tech theme.



When it comes to high technology, the tourbillon uses Ulysse Nardin’s unique Anchor escapement. It is made entirely of silicon and its shape is very complex, depending on the elasticity of the silicon rather than the traditional lever design. For more than seven years, Ulysse Nardin and Sigatec, one of the largest manufacturers of silicone parts, have developed this escapement. It follows the same principles as Girard Perregaux’s Constant Escapement watch released in 2013.replica TAG HEUER 2018 CONNECTED MODULAR 41 SBF818100.80BH0616 Watch

Ulysse Nardin’s Anchor escapement eliminates the design of the Big Wheel and the design of the Big Brother logo. They are designed to be compact and can be mounted directly on top of the balance assembly. To go further, all of these techniques are installed on the tourbillon escapement. It also has a 170-hour power reserve, although you can’t see the mainspring, although the barrel is visible on the dial, there is a power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock.

Most of the delicate parts that are susceptible to magnetism are made of silicone, so this is a very practical watch. Although the escapement is still very complicated and can be easily impacted, I don’t want to pay for the replacement. This watch is not suitable for timid people. Its design and size are very masculine. There is no other way to place this watch because it has a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 13.5 mm. However, this is not a cuff size, but with this shape it is not a cuff-style watch. The size, complexity and sturdy 18K gray gold case means the price of this watch is very cool, the price is 99,000 Swiss francs, they should be able to go all the way, and then let it become 100k, why not live? The best news, this will not be a limited edition.wholesale Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm Watches



Ulysse Nardin – Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel

The Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel is Ulysse Nardin’s latest interpretation of the model, which is immediately recognized for its modern and bold design.

It is expected to be launched by the end of August. What is even more surprising is that its innovative dial is built on a smooth black honeycomb grid, and the gyroscopic bridge and gear trains seem to float almost in the air. The tourbillon and 7-day power reserve indicator are located at 6 o’clock and 4 o’clock respectively.

This is a boxed sapphire crystal that holds these “flying” elements. Achieving this result is particularly challenging for the complexity of the structure and the difficulty of polishing the inner box angle. All components can be seen on the dial.

The hand-wound movement UN-176 is protected by a 44 mm x 13.50 mm grey gold or red gold case with 18,000 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of approximately 170 hours or 7 replica watches for sale



Developed entirely within La Chaux-de-Fonds, this movement features a flying tourbillon and the patented Ulysse Anchor Escapement, an eight-year development based on a flexible mechanism that utilizes a flat spring.

The new escapement features a circular frame with the forks fixed in the center and supporting less than one tenth of the thickness of the hair in the space on the two leaf springs.

They are mounted perpendicular to each other, subjected to bending forces, bending them and keeping them bistable. Although they can be bent along the left and right axes, they remain perfectly rigid along the up and down axes, recreating the dynamics of the pivot (observing the video at the end of the article for a better understanding).

This technology replaces the traditional Swiss lever escapement and uses Ulysse Nardin’s signature low-friction silicon instead of metal or synthetic ruby.

Unlike other Ulysse Nardin tourbillon watches, the Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel (reference number 1761-176) will not be a limited Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica Watches



wholesale U-BOAT replica watches



Brand U-BOAT
Item Type Replica Precious Collection Watches
Movement automatic
Case Gold,Diamonds,round
Bracelet leather strap
Dial Color Black
Diameter 45 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Thickness —
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS hours, minutes, seconds, date
Boxes common box
Model Number 8000


U-Boat watch focus: Classico U-1001

When it comes to elite watches, you can’t get more elites than the spectacular U-Boat watches. There are many series in the U-Boat series, one of which is the series; the Classico U-1001 is definitely the essence of luxury watches.

The U-Boat Classico U-1001 has a bold, sturdy, strong but stylish aesthetic that may be the most aggressive watch in the U-Boat range, with a water-resistant depth of up to 1001 meters – hence the name of the model. Not only can any waterproof watch withstand this level of depth, but if you want to dive into the water, you need a watch that can be operated from a distance and still works perfectly.discounted Patek Philippe replica watches

Of course, this movement watch must use some very advanced materials, so the U-Boat Classico U-1001 includes a natural titanium case, sapphire scratch-resistant crystal, black rubber hypoallergenic strap with an unfolding clasp and Two superimposed dials (in the main dial); one treated with superluminova and colored pigments, and the other cut and treated with synthetic opaque black pigment.


Best High Quality Copy U-BOAT CHIMERA 46 B & B CHRONO 7475 Cheap Watch


U-Boat watch U1001

The U-Boat Classico U-1001 watch is also highly sought after and unique because it is limited to 1001 units with a serial number on the back. Other features that appeal to technology enthusiasts include a 40-hour power reserve, a combination of 25 gems, a unique protective crown unit and an impressive diameter of 55 mm.

The U-Boat watch is known for its oversized crown on the left side, allowing users to easily hold the crown and operate the watch even when wearing heavy gloves or under water. You can choose from blue, beige or orange numbers (only numbers marked more than 15 minutes are colored), these figures are boldly presented for viewing and add a striking element to the overall Hublot King Power replica watches

The Classico U-1001 is an incredibly impressive watch in the U-Boat watch collection, the heart of the rest of the U-Boat collection, with outstanding models. Bold, eye-catching, excellent features, and the use of the best materials – this is a watch that will become an elite, luxurious and life-oriented investment.

Comment: U-Boat Classico Collection

Italo Fontana created the original U-Boat watch as a designer. Thanks to the Japanese quartz movement and K1 mineral crystals, these watches are mostly considered fashion accessories, not high-end watches. Today, the company and their timepieces have evolved. While one of their most attractive aspects is still their appearance, it is supported by all the features of high-end watch production, including a modified mechanical ETA movement, sapphire crystal, a handmade strap and a sturdy design. Case. I can prove the quality of today’s U-Boat model and will prove it by checking U-Boat’s Classico series.


Discount Fake U-BOAT CLASSICO 45 BK GMT 8050 Watch perfect


Stainless steel Classico watches are probably the best-selling U-Boats. They use a bold military design, a large dial and a metal plate attached to the strap to capture the essence of the company’s popular style. Through styling, watch lovers will also find many high-quality features. For me, a prominent feature is the crown. The screw-in protective cover works great and looks great, but the actual crown itself is even more impressive. It is very large and easy to operate. A strong and decisive squeak felt through the three positions of the crown. Finally, the crown feels as strong as a rock in the third (date) position, as if it were tucked into the first (wound) position.Review Richard Mille RM 67-01 EXTRA FLAT replica Watch

The recently redesigned shoulder strap is great. They are now handmade in Italy using a variety of materials. They become softer and the soft calfskin lining adds comfort. The strap uses a “expanded” folding clasp that is much less used than its pressure-locked counterpart.

The feel of the watch on the wrist and wrist is a good quality indicator. The crown and crown are smooth and sturdy. The case is made of thick sapphire crystal and has a water resistance rating of 100 meters. It is very thick and well equipped. I believe that anyone who picks up the current U-Boat model will believe in the company’s grasp of high-end watches.

Look closely at U-Boat Classico U-1001

While most U-Boat sales are for the basic Classicos and Flightdeck timers, I found that Italo Fontana (founder and designer of U-Boat) can really show themselves through sub-products like the U-1001. Design muscles. Like most U-Boat watches, the U-1001 is not for everyone, but perfect for some people. This is a large watch that attracts attention. Although it is definitely a fashion accessory, it has all the features of the highest quality and high-end diving luxury replica watches

The first thing we noticed about the U-1001 is its size. The case is 55 mm in diameter and does not include a crown. Since the case is made entirely of titanium, its weight will result in a smaller size. Compared to other models of the Classico series, the U-1001’s crown system is more complex and obvious. The clamping teeth are deeper and the hinge is held in place by solid titanium screws. The pushing device that protrudes through the hinge is a pressure escape valve that enables the housing to withstand pressures in excess of 100 ATM or water in the depth of 1000 meters. Like all Classics, sapphire crystals bulge above the bezel and are very thick, as it is critical to achieving the U-1001’s waterproof rating.

The shape of the U-1001 is mainly determined by the dial. The simple dial shows multiple levels. The matte black dial is engraved with an hour mark and a number from 4 to 11 o’clock to display the illuminated color layer of the photo below. Available in beige, blue or orange. The dial is printed with the U-1001 logo, which is etched from titanium. The special smoky color of titanium and sandblasting complements Italo Fontana’s minimalist military design.

The size of the watch is evident on the wearer’s wrist. In the picture below, Matt wears a U-1001 on his wrist, with an average size of about 7.5 inches. The way the lugs are bent provides a balanced circular shape for the rubber strap. Because of this, the watch does not look sloppy and fits all wrist sizes.

The U-Boat Classico U-1001 is an elastic diving watch that is stylized along the iconic design of Italo Fontana. So it’s cool, big and sturdy, and much lighter. A limited number of U-1001s will be produced in each colour and the watch will be equipped with an extraordinary display case.Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 Technique Bi replica watch






Brand Cvstos
Item Type Replica Challenge Watches
Movement —
Case Black Plasma Titanium
The case shape Barrel,Tonne
Bracelet rubber strap
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 59 mm x 45 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Thickness —
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS mysterious tourbillon, 3×20 seconds indicator, split seconds chronograph, power-reserve indicator
Boxes common box
Model Number CHALLENGE CTRS Black Titanium


The watch represents a person’s taste and style, minimalist style, “Less is more” is increasingly praised by many people. A simple watch is a simple and tasteful watch. Design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials are simplified to a minimum, but the texture and color of the materials are very high. To meet the perceptual, instinctive and rational needs of the space environment in a concise form of expression.

The earliest watches worn by consumers of watches and clocks are mostly large three-hand watches. With a clean and refreshing dial and elegantly oscillating hands, it exudes timeless minimalist appeal and is suitable for a variety of occasions. The following small series recommend three big three-needle watches, let’s experience its elegant charm together! buy Richard Mille RM 030 cheap watches

What is a big three needle? As long as you see that the entire faceplate of the watch has only three hours of time, minute and second, plus a calendar window, and no other unnecessary design, you can conclude that this is a “big three-pin” watch. It is the most common style in watches, and it is precisely because of the simple design that it is a classic item that consumers are happy to buy.
Classic big three-needle men’s watch

Mido MIDO-steerer series M005.430.11.052.00 Men’s mechanical watch
With a pure black matching metal hairline rim face palette, remove the colorful colors, highlighting the surface texture, light and shadow control and extraordinary temperament. The classic big three-handed needle presents a minimalist aesthetic, and the time information is arranged in an orderly layout, which combines modern and simple design style. The layered stacking faceplate presents the dynamic and rigid fall of the men’s timepiece model, with a steel chain strap, and a calm and point-like style.HUBLOT MP-01 MASTERPIECE 901.NX.0129 cheap watch

Women’s watches of different materials, colors and shapes show different femininity

The mother-of-pearl dial is full of graceful temperament
The mother-of-pearl is produced from the interior of the sea shell and is able to reflect the ever-changing colorful colors. From its mottled lines, it seems that it can see its growth process, as well as the tides of the ocean. The elegant material of the mother-of-pearl, the soft brilliance and the natural texture create its unique temperament, and the dial made by it always makes people feel mysterious and elegant.

Simple white female watch, showing the noble and elegant temperament
There are many kinds of beauty in the world, but simplicity is a classic that will never change. What kind of makeup you use to decorate your beauty, the innocent white is the best temperament. White adds a touch of temperament to the watch with its elegant and elegant features. The simple and pure appearance is more in line with the oriental female wrist, high-quality white leather wristband, fashionable and versatile, suitable for a variety of occasions, can be described as beautiful, full of noble femininity.

Simple square female watch highlights individuality and temperament
In a highly competitive workplace, women need to show their talents. A sleek and stylish dress can not only enhance temperament, but also make you confident and full of challenges in the workplace. The square dial is simple and three-dimensional, rich in geometric beauty. It is very suitable for the professional image of professional women. It is simple and easy to take, bringing you the elegance and dignity of the beauty of women’s personality, suitable for any wearer and wearing Tag Heuer Formula 1 Men cheap Watches

Shaped dial watch subverts the traditional personality

The dial is not round and square. After seeing these traditional watches, do you have some aesthetic fatigue? Xiaobian next to introduce the special-shaped dial watch will make you shine, no longer follow the rules of design, personality is not forgetting the practical, is definitely a superb view above the wrist!

What size is the watch selected? Which of the round dials or square dials is more design? Still tangled up for these problems? Let’s take a look at the bigger world of watches. It’s the new style of humanity without taking the usual path. Come and feel the fresh ideas brought by the following shaped case design!

Blaise BR01 Airborne II watch
Perth has always been praised in the field of military watches. The BR01 Airborne II watch is made of stainless steel, and the case is designed with a unique “rifle barrel” type of grinding effect, the shape is unique. The dial is covered with a black symbol of death and a skull mark. The mirror is framed by a designer with a sharp-toothed hour-marker. The strap is a special nostalgic brown leather with a very tough line. In addition, the pointer is also designed as a military-specific dagger, reflecting the unique identity of the military.

Longines retro style watch, temperament youth preferred

Longines is a brand that has a wide range of recognitions all over the world. Since its inception, it has been internationally consistent with constant quality and changing style. In recent years, while introducing modern and pragmatic watches, some retro-style watches have been released, and those classics have been revisited. Xiaobian has selected several rich-language Longines watches to enjoy them together! swiss cheap watches for sale

Longines L2.775.4.23.3 men’s watch perfectly inherits the classical watch design elements of the Red 12 period. The small seconds and 30-minute chronograph discs are symmetrically arranged at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, balanced and elegant. The chronograph and small dial hands are also made of blue steel. The tick marks between the time markers and the scales on the small dial are also very retro, using a single-button column wheel timing mechanism, which is also a tribute to the early classics.

Longines classic retro series L2.791.4.52.0 men’s watch
The design of this watch is quite unique, and the case uses an unusual pincushion design, which is neither as sharp as a square nor rounded like a circle. The black dial has three small display panels on the dial. The scales are densely distributed. Together with the crown on the right side and even the buttons, the watch reveals a thick layer of elegance. The last crocodile skin The belt further complements the elegance of the watch.

Longines classic retro series L2.790.4.53.0 watch
This chronograph is a new member of the Longines Classic Replica series in 2013. It may not be able to detect its special features at first glance, but after savoring it, it will be discovered that the classical aesthetics contained in it are very evocative. The large Arabic numerals and minute scales allow the wearer to read the time clearly. The onion crown cites the classic design of the original, highlighting the charm of 1930. The strap is sewn through the white line, and the detail is black and white.wholesale Audemars Piguet cheap Watches



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Luxury Replica Rebellion Prometheus watch Prometheus Titanium BLACK Review

Functions: Hours,Minutes
MOVEMENT: Manual Winding
Case: Titanium,Rectangular
Dimensions: 52.20×47.90 mm
Thickness: 18.20 mm
Dial: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Glass: Sapphire
Strap: Ostrich strap


Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey Limited Edition

Hublot’s latest collaboration is a limited edition watch by OBEY founder and renowned artist Shepard Fairey.

Hublot and artist Shepard Fairey announced the launch of a new brand ambassador, who created a limited edition manual-winding Meca-10 series, which was designed by Fairey. The latest Hublot series of art-themed watches, Fairey, created OBEY clothing, whose artwork includes the creation of the iconic Barack Obama Hope Poster, which seems to be a good fit for the brand’s focus on disruptive, avant-garde and controversial artists.

Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey LE is limited to 100 pieces and is available in two different colors. It is a bold and avant-garde of Hublot’s recognizable shape, with a patterned Texalium and carbon case, a hollow dial, and a stylish power reserve indicator. There is Fairey’s own Star Gear logo on the dial and on the dial.Rebellion Prometheus replica watches

This Shepard Fairey version features a rather detailed application of tribal floral motifs in the Texalium upper of the 45mm case, which may be outside the hollow dial, which is certainly not unique to this Hublot design. For those who don’t remember Big Bang Unico Italia Independent, Texalium is a special aluminum-coated carbon fiber that allows for a variety of colors to be applied and a fully customized image to be formed in the material. This is ideal for watches inspired by visual artist work, while the Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey can be blue or grey with an extra red hue.

Both versions of the dial have three Fairey star logos powered by Hublot’s hand-wound calibre 1201. The movement has a 10-day power reserve with a unique gear power reserve display in seconds, seconds and 6 o’clock, using a framed red aperture to show the remaining reserve (in days). In addition, the Hublot also features the brand’s “one-button” belt change system for easy and tool-free belt replacement. Both versions are available in rubber and calfskin straps and feature the artist’s own embossed design.HUBLOT 2018 BIG BANG MECA-10 SHERPARD FAIREY BLUE replica watches

Although not a model that shows my taste, I can understand the appeal of 200 wealthy Fairey devotees and collectors. Unlike the past examples of Hublot’s “Hublot Loves Art” series, these models serve as an extension of the artist’s own appeal, introducing a highly niche Hu blot to the participating audiences, which may (possibly) expect to understand the artist’s attraction. Force and the nature of collection in a particular space. As a watch, the $28,300 Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey transforms his artistic creation into a still collectible medium while still being a wearable and everyday product.

Brand: Hublot
Model: Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey
Reference number: 414.YF.1137.VR.SHF18 and 414.YL.5179.VR.SHF18

Diameter: 45mm
Case material: carbon fiber and Texalium
Dial color: blue or gray
Lume: Yes, blue or red.
Waterproof: 100 meters
Strap / strap: blue or gray rubber and calfskin

Hublot launches Big Bang Meca-10 with Los Angeles party world famous artist Shepard Ferry

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot has launched the new Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey watch – working with the world’s leading street artists – a private party at the historic Mack Sennett studio in Los Angeles, California. Fairey’s iconic work inspires OBEY clothing, a perfect fit for the Hublot family, embodies the brand’s “integrated art” slogan and joins the exclusive list of artist collaborations under the “Hublot loves Art” initiative.Tag Heuer MONACO 24 CALIBRE 36 CAL5112.FC6298 replica watch

As a guest – including VIPs, media and influencers such as Franz Ferdinand and TV personality Joel McHale – mixed in a spacious space, they enjoy elaborate champagne and sip champagne at the on-site bar, as well as The illuminated way to display the Hublot timepiece glass and Shepard Fairey artwork hanging on the wall. This historic building touted a mural called “American Dreamers” on its façade, drawn by Shepard Fairey and artist Vhils earlier this year.

Over time, Hublot North America President Jean-François Sberro presented a video of a watch collaboration, followed by Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. “Hublot once again works with the best teams. Street art stars have given life to the miniature “murals” on time objects. This creative rebel turned our Big Bang Meca-10 into a canvas. On the canvas he distilled his iconic aesthetic code. This watch became a creative work, combining the watchmaking craftsmanship of Hublot and Fairey’s street art.”

Guadalupe then introduced Fairey to the crowd and they also said a few words. “Hublot is about craftsmanship and very fine execution. For me, this is my art: doing any visual creation that I think is important. The amazing thing about working with Hublot is that they say ‘we can try whatever you want ‘They’ are very open to anything I want to experiment with, and they are very proud of their technical efforts. This is a luxury watch, so Hublot will perform some in a beautiful and sophisticated way. The length of the operation is not limited. “Fairey then stepped onto the stage for the rest of the replica watches for sale

The Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey, designed in collaboration with the artist, took two years to develop, featuring Hublot’s signature internal movement, a 10-day power reserve, “gear-driven mechanical aesthetics… [and] one Unusual architectural design based architecture with a stylized skeleton reveals the originality of the gear power reserve indicator.”

In addition, the watch has two barrels. At 3 o’clock, Shepard Fairey’s STAR GEAR logo displays red dots when the power reserve reaches the last few days, and gears at 6 o’clock to show the exact number of days remaining. . At 7 o’clock, there is a small second regulator with an adjustment mechanism. Hublot’s signature “one-click” technology is also part of the watch, allowing owners to easily and quickly change the strap. Available in black and dark blue, both colors are in a display case, signed by Fairey and numbered relief prints, read “Star Gear Collage Red” or “Star Gear Collage Blue”, framed in concrete .Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 Technique Black replica watch


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Brand Audemars Piguet
Item Type Replica Royal Oak Tourbillon Watches
Year 2018
Movement Manual Winding
Case Titanium,Octagonal
Bracelet Rubber,Black
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 44 mm
Thickness 16.10 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Second Time Zone,Flying Tourbillon
Boxes common box
Model Number 26589IO.OO.D002CA.01


Rubber B integrated belt for Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm watch

Rubber B is the first company to manufacture integrated rubber straps for a variety of Rolex, Panerai, Tudor and Patek Philippe watches, and has now launched its AP range of expected products. : A rubber strap designed for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm model, originally a gold or steel bracelet. As always, the entire range of Rubber B products is produced and manufactured in Switzerland by the top leaders in the watch industry.

This new strap is fully integrated with the Royal Oak case, known as the Rubber B innovation, and offers other elements unique to the collection. The luxurious and innovative rubber B-belt is always designed to be installed on the customer’s OEM equipment without the need for additional plots, pins or other spring rods. While providing aesthetically pleasing design and fit, Royal Oak’s Royal Oak features a unique single-piece “titanium bridge” insert that accommodates the customer’s AP pins while providing a unique and impressive integration of the case. This provides many benefits, such as the safety, comfort and stability of the watch on the wearer’s Hublot MP Limited Editions Complications cheap Watches

For marine structures and hulls of large ships, titanium is as strong as steel, but extremely resistant to corrosion by harsh elements such as seawater and chlorine. Titanium can be used in limited applications where optimum strength is required in small packages. As important as the function, the shape must also be taken into consideration, so the Royal Oak 41mm rubber B has a flawless flush design for each component of the case and lugs.


Buy Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 26580IO.OO.D010CA.01 Watch


Available in two colors (black and navy), the new RubberBVercro® range for AP is made from the softest, softest, softest vulcanized rubber you can imagine. Combine 5 size options to ensure a comfortable, custom fit that can be adjusted as needed.

In addition, this new strap for AP features a titanium safety ring insert for use with Velcro-Alfatex® straps. This is the strongest hook and loop fastening material that provides a quiet, reliable closure for industrial and custom applications. The new RubberBVelcro® range is of course 100% developed, manufactured and hand-finished in Switzerland. It is compatible with the standard and chronograph models of the 41mm Royal Oak, originally made of factory steel or gold Tag Heuer AQUARACER cheap watches

The rubber B belt is absolutely hypoallergenic. They are free of chemicals, additives, dyes or low-carbon materials and do not absorb dust or lint.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph with steel brakes

In the blink of an eye, you may miss a subtle update of the 2017 Royal Oak Chronograph series, but for the fans of Audemars Piguet, these can be considered important editors, bringing healthy modernity, maybe just A little controversy about the classic spirit. The most popular sports watch for Swiss watchmakers – we are not just referring to the sweet two-tone “Panda” dial.

Let’s go back to SIHH earlier this year, when the AP didn’t, but a new addition to the Royal Oak series – including the Royal Oak Calendar with a full ceramic bracelet. But this year there is a way to make the Royal Oak crazy, because the icon designed by Gerald Genta happens to celebrate its 40th anniversary since the first launch of the precious metal, and the 20th anniversary since the formation of the triple registration chronograph in 1997.Review Richard Mille RM 11-02 cheap Watches

In its twenty years of service, the Royal Oak Chronograph has seen a small number of iterations over the years (last time back in 2012), but this time the editors discussed are all about simplifying the dial, improving contrast and returning visuals. The beauty makes the Royal Oak Chronograph the first to become a fan’s winner. Most notably, this refers to the 39mm reference that dates back to 2008 – at this time, even the early vintage Royal Oak reference items were honoured, and these new chronographs are almost a tribute to the respect, but This may be beyond this.


Review Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CHRONOGRAPH 26320OR.OO.D002CR.01 men Watch


These regressive contacts begin with a slightly edited register – most notably the 6 and 9:00 sub-dial have been enlarged for better identification. There is obviously not enough room on the dial to magnify all three, so the 6 o’clock running second hand dial is the same size as before, and the Arabic numerals are lost, which makes the information more clearly distinguished. All three registers.

If you have noticed the new location of the date window, then consider yourself as an extreme minority, noting that its subtle shift is close to the 5:00 index – forced relocation due to the larger 3-point sub-dial, and overall symmetry Further interruption (if the date window of the outgoing variant of 4:30 can be called ‘symmetric’). Fortunately, it is subtle in the worst case and may be overlooked by cheap men watches

The popularity of Royal Oak Offshore Diver may be attributed to the third change, which introduces a slightly wider, brighter application hour mark. Like larger registers, this update is designed to improve overall legibility and create a more sporty, more dynamic aesthetic. Unfortunately, this may also partially sacrifice the understated elegance defined by the Royal Oak Chronograph over the past two decades. In addition, collective adjustments will eventually introduce a greater degree of asymmetry, which may make the fans who agree with the fashion index and the current iterative balance of the Royal Oak chronograph somewhat discordant.

Calling aesthetics, from the perspective of size and function, the upcoming Royal Oak is still 41mm and still comes with the Calibre 2385, a long-term column chronograph that has been deployed in the AP chronograph. Movement. However, the fact that the movement and case size are exactly the same as the predecessor further reveals why the AP adjusts the winning formula and does not seem to have a clear rhyme or reason. If you aim at sports aesthetics, these changes are more like interference than real purposeful updates. If the latter is the target, it looks like a tone sub-dial at 6 o’clock and the rebalancing of the date window gives a cool “double-comb” aesthetic, which is a better way to celebrate. A new series of contrast sub-dial – but once again, that special look is reserved for the nautical-driven sea chronograph, so we are here – can say “neither here nor there”.

But as expected, these cases themselves showcase the typical surface treatment of Audemars (an eight-stage process that includes many hours of cutting, sandblasting, grinding, polishing and painting) with ” Grand Tapisserie” waffles. Dialing, still using a centuries-old zoom machine to cut. Now, unless you put them in the same room, on the wrist, the general aesthetics and wearing experience of the 2017 chronograph is consistent with the appearance, which is a pleasure. In the end, the most obvious change is the appearance of the new “Panda”, an undeniable excellent update, and it should be proven that it is very popular with new and old fans of Royal Patek Philippe GRANDMASTER CHIME 175TH ANNIVERSARY Watch 5175R-001




Brand Cvstos
Item Type Replica CHRONOGRAPH Watches
Movement Self winding
Case Black steel,Tonneau
Bracelet leather strap
Dial Color Black,Skeletonized
Diameter 53.7 mm x 41 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Thickness 13.35 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Chronograph, power-reserve indicator, date
Boxes common box


Cvstos challenges Chrono II Carbon Honolulu

Cvstos Challenge Chrono II Carbon Honolulu was launched only a few months ago to celebrate the Hawaiian Triathlon, with Cvstos being one of the official sponsors. The barrel-shaped case has a length of 53.7 mm and a width of 41 mm. The case is made up of carbon fiber and colored nano glass fiber to create an ultra-durable and unique aesthetic. Cvstos Challenge Chrono II carbon fiber Honolulu uses the CVSTOS 577 automatic chronograph movement. Its functions include hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve indications, dates, and more. The mechanism vibrates 28,800 times per hour with a power reserve of 42 hours. Complete Cvstos Challenge Chrono II Carbon Honolulu, black nylon strap with buckle.

In the elite world of Swiss luxury watches, some brands have an immediate impact, leaving connoisseurs speechless. Cvstos is such a brand. Since its launch in 2005, Cvstos has been uniquely crafted with its unique high-tech means, boldly welcoming the challenge of creating pioneering styles and new market demands.wholesale Rado Esenza Ceramic Touch replica watches



Supercar Super Table RICHARD MILLE x McLaren

The top watch and the super sports car will always be inseparable.

Last year, the watch brand RICHARD MILLE announced that it has cooperated with the super-running McLaren to make everyone marvel at the perfect match. It has been waiting for the two brands to cooperate and launch the crystal products. After a year, the RM 11-03 McLaren automatically returns. The chronograph came into being!

The satin-finished 5-grade titanium upper bridge further highlights the depth of the movement, creating a sharp visual trajectory around the almanac, oversized calendar, 12-hour cumulative timing and countdown display.

Richard Mille, CEO of RICHARD MILLE, and Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Motors, jointly released the first limited-edition model that was designed and manufactured together – the RM 11-03McLaren automatic flyback chronograph. The watch is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and is priced at 180,000 Swiss francs (including tax), giving priority to customers of the McLaren Ultimate HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-05 LAFERRARI 905.NX.0001.RX MEN replica watch


RICHARD MILLE engineer Fabrice Namura worked closely with McLaren Design Director Rob Melville. “This idea means accepting real technical challenges and creating new ideas that are different from the decorative inscriptions on the dial. I found the charm of the McLaren 720S supercar designed by Rob Melville. We want to give RM 11-03 McLaren an automatic flyback chronograph with a similar aesthetic and functional curve,” Fabrice Namura said. These influences, as well as the design elements borrowed from the McLaren luxury sports and supercars, are reflected in the special cooperation watch.

RM 11-03 The McLaren automatic flyback chronograph case is made of TPT® carbon fiber and orange TPT® quartz fiber. It is lightweight and extremely durable, while paying homage to McLaren’s logo color. TPT® carbon fiber enhances the mechanical properties of the RM 11-03 McLaren automatic flyback chronograph, making it resistant to harsh environments. The TPT® carbon fiber case is fitted with a titanium alloy button that echoes the unique headlight design of the McLaren 720S supercar. A titanium inlay with a decorative bezel, with the McLaren logo, shaped like the intake pipe of the classic McLaren F1. A complex 5-grade titanium crown, like the McLaren lightweight wheel. The McLaren Speedmark logo was integrated into a rubber strap developed specifically for the watch.

RM 11-03 The McLaren automatic flyback chronograph is equipped with the RMAC3 automatic movement, which was first introduced in 2016. The movement is equipped with a flyback timing function to prepare for the galloping track. Instant return to zero with the flyback feature to quickly restart timing. The movement is driven by side-by-side twin-spring and variable inertia balances with a power reserve of up to 55 hours. The spring winding is guaranteed by a variable geometry automatic disc, which is characterized by an effective adjustment according to the degree of movement of the wearer, further demonstrating the ingenuity of RICHARD Richard Mille RM 052 skull replica Watches

SIHH 2018 – Richard Mille: Explosion-proof passion

It must be known that the Richard Mille brand has only become the leader of top-class watches for decades. For the reason, it can be said that in addition to the glamour of the founders, the watches made by the brand will always be refined and will only be released this year. A brand new and impact-resistant tourbillon RM 53-01, on the appearance, attraction; on the manual, more attractive.

RM 53-01 Tourbillon Macdonough
The three-piece case is made of TPT® carbon fiber and its extraordinary surface presents a complex mosaic. TPT® carbon fiber is made up of more than 600 layers of parallel filaments separated by carbon fiber and is known for its excellent shock resistance.

The movement RM53-01, whose bridge is applied with a grade 5 titanium alloy, has a conventional double-bottom structure, consisting of a first “central” base plate that securely holds the different movement gears together, and is attached to the center by steel cables. The bottom plate is constructed to support the “outer edge” floor of the entire tensioning cheap watches for men

Every Richard Mille watch has a story. This story comes from polo, a seemingly elegant but actually dangerous gentleman’s sport. The story is like this: Pablo Macdonough, the top polo player from Argentina, lost his forefoot during the polo match. He fell off the horse and the horse stepped on his wrist. The result was that his wrist was not broken because his RM53 blocked the impact. He loves this watch. This year, Richard Mille introduced the RM 53-01 to enhance the impact resistance. Even the mirror is also newly added to the explosion-proof design. It is a polo sport watch on the surface, and an ultra-rigid impact-resistant tourbillon sports watch in the bone. In other words, there is the actual protection function of the “amulet”.


The movement is located in the very center of the RM 53-01 and is placed on two braided steel cables with a diameter of only 0.27 mm. The tension of these cables is achieved by 10 pulleys and 4 tensioners attached to the edge floor and to the sides of the main bridge.

RM produced, the tourbillon is the basic function. This RM53-01, the color scheme is inspired by the Argentine flag, so light blue becomes the main tone. The RM53-01 has an impact resistance of up to 5000G and has changed the previous generation’s enclosed case to perspective, and the case is made of Carbon TPT, which is very light. The Mirror is also the focus of this research. The laminated sapphire crystal glass is made up of two 1.1mm sapphire crystals with a 0.2mm film sandwiched in the middle. It will crack after impact but will not break, so there will be no debris. Dropped into the movement.Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision replica watches


[Watch] “Car” Extra Timepiece

RICHARD MILLE RM 11-03 Le Mans Classic
49.94 × 44.50 mm white ceramic and TPT carbon fiber case, with RMAC3 automatic movement, power reserve for 55 hours, with hour and minute, date, month display, flyback timing, limited to 150 pieces.

Bell & Ross BR V2-94 R.S.18
41mm stainless steel case with BR-CAL.301 self-winding chronograph movement with hour and minute, date display, chronograph function, waterproof 100m, luminous hands hour markers, lined with steel chain strap or leather strap and discount , limited to 999 pieces.

TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford
39mm carbon fiber square case with Calibre 11 automatic movement, with hour and minute, date display, timing function, luminous hands, chronograph disc, waterproof 100 meters, lined with leather and rubber strap.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph
41mm stainless steel case with Calibre 16 automatic movement, with hour and minute, date display, timing function, waterproof 100 meters, lined with leather strap and folding buckle with double safety button.


2018 replica RICHARD MILLE RM 25-01 watch


Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 025 Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 50.85 mm
Gender men
Thickness 23.65 mm
Year 2018
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Power Reserve,Chronograph,Tourbillon
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Sylvester Stallone


Richard Mille RM 25-01 Adventure

If we can accommodate some crazy ideas, the world will become more interesting and bring more unexpected breakthroughs, such as Richard Mille’s new RM 25-01 Adventure. Maybe I shouldn’t look at Richard Mille with my usual eyes, not only because of the high price, but also because the design and production techniques are not adopted by the average watchmaker, and RM 25-01 Adventure is also challenging me. The idea of a watch function.

Many Richard Mille’s complex watches are targeted, such as the RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost is made for the rider, so the built-in counter for the mileage record, and the RM 53-01 polo watch with steel cable The movement and the laminated sapphire crystal to cope with the fierce impact of the polo sport, while the RM 25-01 is a watch developed by the brand in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone. Who is Stallone? He is a lodge, Rambo, a savage tycoon, an immortal tough guy in the world of light and shadow, so how could the RM 25-01 Adventure be an ordinary man’s watch? replica Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari 905.OX.9000.RX.9904.SLE15 Watch

Richard Mille and Stallone are creating a watch that can play a role in the extreme environment of nature, in addition to high strength and durability, but also add a lot of unexpected features and devices. First of all, the shape of the watch is huge, the diameter is 50.85 mm, the thickness is 23.65 mm, and the waterproof depth is 100 meters. The case is made of TPT carbon fiber and titanium alloy, and is equipped with an anti-glare sapphire crystal with a thickness of 3.3 mm. It is equipped with a replaceable bezel. Its function is described below, but this is why the watch is more than 23 mm thick.

In terms of functions, I will divide it into a movement function and an external function. The former is driven by a built-in movement, while the latter is provided by an external component. RM 25-01 Adventure The RM 25-01 hand movement with a tourbillon system with a small three-pin, power reserve and torque display, and a chronograph function, all clearly visible in the fluoroscopic dial.wholesale greubel forsey replica watches

When reading the dial, pay attention to this as a 24-hour system. The hour hand is only one day. If you forget this, it is easy to make mistakes. This design is designed to allow the wearer to stay in a dark environment (such as a cave). ) can also distinguish between day and night. The speedometer is marked with a tachometer and a minute scale. The edge of the dial is a 24-hour scale; the 6 o’clock is where the tourbillon is located, with a small second hand at the top; the 9-hour is a 30-minute cumulative disc; the 12-hour position can be seen. The barrel is provided with a scale on the left and right sides of the drum. The former is a 75-hour power reserve display, and the latter is a torque display, that is, the tightness of the mainspring. When it is lower than 53 dNmm, it is too slack, higher than 65. dNmm stands for overtightening, which can be used as a reference for the top strip.

If only the movement function is required, the RM 25-01 will be reduced a lot, but the external function is the biggest feature of this game. In addition to the giant crown, the right side of the case is equipped with two large units. The 2-position is a five-stage titanium alloy sealed container for storing water purification tablets. This tablet can make one liter of water safe in 30 to 120 minutes. Drinking level (depending on the degree of water pollution); 4 is the level, which can check whether the watch is level, and this function is used with the compass of the bezel. So where is the timing button? They are at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock on the left side of the case, and their size is too small to prevent the case from further increasing.replica HYT H1 CIGAR 148-NC-RO-GF-AB watch price

As mentioned above, this set has two sets of bezels. The first set is a two-way daytime bezel made of TPT carbon fiber and titanium alloy. It is attached to the watch with a 24-hour dial and a 360-degree dial. The basic direction indicator, as long as the hour hand is facing the sun and turning the bezel, the local time can be displayed on the 24-hour dial and the southeast and southwest can be distinguished.

The second group is an external bezel, which is fixed by a bayonet on the dial. The external bezel is a DLC-coated five-grade titanium compass. The bezel’s sapphire crystal is multi-layer anti-reflective and has an anti-magnetic coating to prevent the movement and the compass from interfering with each other. In addition, there is a TPT carbon fiber cover. The 12 o’clock position of the cover is engraved with a groove. Close the cover and use only the groove to read the compass to avoid interference from other scales on the dial. The compass bezel can be mounted independently on another TPT carbon fiber slab, which is engraved with a scribe line dedicated to the direction of the direction. When using map navigation, it will be more clear with this cheap watches for sale

The “Compass” is the designated assembly of Stallone, because he believes that this is an essential equipment for the explorer. In fact, in addition to these special features, Richard Mille RM 25-01 Adventure also has a combination of materials, except that the case is made of TPT carbon fiber and titanium alloy, and the movement bottom plate and bridge plate are also processed with five-stage titanium alloy. In order to reduce the overall weight, while reducing energy consumption by 50%, to ensure that the burden of the wrist will not be made, but also to ensure the performance of the watch, the camouflage pattern of the natural rubber strap also helps strengthen the image of the adventurer.

Compass, spirit level, pill box, who would have thought of finding these devices on a watch? However, Richard Mille made it.

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Luxury Replica Rebellion Twenty-One watch Twenty-One Review at


Review Rebellion Predator 2.0 Regulator Tourbillon replica watch


Luxury Replica Rebellion Predator 2.0 watch Predator 2.0 Regulator Tourbillon Titanium Review

Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Tourbillon
MOVEMENT: Automatic
Case: Titanium,Round
Dimensions: 48 mm
Thickness: 18.25 mm
Dial: Black
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Glass: Sapphire
Strap: Rubber strap


Headquartered in Lonay, on the shores of Lake Geneva, Rebellion Timepieces is an outstanding representative of the fine Swiss watchmaking world. Passion, independence and “uncompromising” attitudes have led to the establishment of the company and continue to guide its development every day. Nothing is left or forgotten in the process of watchmakers pursuing superior quality and performance. With its bold design and limited series, the Rebellion watch is designed for those with the same ideals. Designed to advocate individualists. Fierce competitors. Those who are passionate about the perfection of machinery.

Outstanding design: Rebellion combines the strength of the car with the precision of watchmaking

Founded by an industrialist passionate about watchmaking, high-tech and motor racing, Rebellion Timepieces condenses the best of the three worlds. There is no compromise in design – combining complexity with unique personality. There is no compromise in terms of materials – titanium, carbon, gold, steel – ceramics and sapphires – all reaching their limits. There are no compromises on the cabinets and components produced on high-precision five-axis CNC machines. This indomitable and passionate pursuit of perfection wins every time: every Rebellion watch is a mechanical miracle that delivers outstanding performance.CVSTOS CHRONOGRAPH CHRONO II INVADERS PIRATE replica watch


Luxury Replica Rebellion Weap-One watch Weap-One Review


REBELLION RACING: The same rebellious spirit on the world track

Rebellion Racing is the sister of Rebellion Timepieces. The Swiss racing team was born with the same passion and independence. Inspired by the same pursuit of mechanical perfection and superior performance. In the ruthless world of endurance races, Rebellion Racing is the only private team in the past three years to compete with the competitive teams (Toyota, Audi, Peugeot). Unique. This explains everything.

A week on the rebellious wrist: Predator chronograph

This large and sturdy watch fits the small wrist of our editor.

I like big, bulky watches, but I have a small wrist, and when I try to do this, there are often problems with timing. The first obstacle to overcome is usually to put the watch on my wrist. Those with metal bracelets need to be pre-adjusted for me, otherwise it doesn’t make sense. People with folding clasps may be very picky, and only straps with simple buckles will ensure fit. Then there is the problem with the shell design and the lugs, which may or may not gracefully fall around the contours of my relatively petite wrist.Buy Richard Mille RM 11-02 JAPAN BLUE replica Watch

Imagine that I was very pleased when I found that the strap on the 48mm Rebellion Predator chronograph could easily be adjusted to a range of about 20 mm (enough to cover most wrist sizes) with the buttons integrated in the buckle. When you close the button, there is a reassuring and firm squeak, and the underside looks completely curved to fit the contours of your wrist. These details may seem out of place, but in my experience, mastering the construction of the folding clasp is not an easy task, which explains why Rebellion has a patent on this clever design. The lug design has two separate facets that make the thick rubber band almost perpendicular to the case. The result is a very impressive watch.


Luxury Replica Rebellion Twenty-One watch Twenty-One Review


Although the Predator chronograph is available in a variety of color combinations, stainless steel is blended with rose gold and carbon fiber, but the all-black look of this model is also perfect for my taste. The rugged theme continues to use a honeycomb bezel and eight large screws (almost six similar screw mirrors hold the case in place), a thick chronograph button and a large rubber-coated crown. The dial technology is complex and consists of different layers on the honeycomb base. The faceted hour scale with SuperLuminova blade occupies half of the dial, from 8 o’clock to 1 o’clock, and the remaining hours are on a separate raised flange suspended from the dial base, which also supports two timings. Code dial. At the third level is the cover of the sector running second, which covers half of the disc. Thus, the number of seconds is indicated by a double-tipped hand of unequal length, the shorter end indicating the first 30 seconds of the minute of the internal scale, and the longer end indicating the second 31-60 of the external scale.HUBLOT BIG BANG ALARM REPEATER TITANIUM CERAMIC 403.NM.0123.RX replica watch

The Rebellion Predator chronograph is powered by the self-winding movement developed by Concepto, featuring Rebellion-specific decorations such as bead black gold, a bridge engraved with the Rebellion logo and a honeycomb wound rotor, reminiscent of high-performance brake discs. It is visible through the back of the sapphire crystal. The movement provides 48 hours of power reserve and the watch is water resistant to 100 meters.


Luxury Replica Rebellion Predator 2.0 watch Predator 2.0 GMT Zenvo Limited Edition Review


With names like WEAP-ONE (“weapons”), Magnum and Predator, Rebellion watches exude masculinity and some kind of aggressiveness. But they do not live up to these claims in terms of design and robustness. People look forward to the same person behind the Rebellion Racing team, who ruled the World Endurance Championship on the demanding WEC replica watches for sale

Rebellion Timepieces Predator S 3 Hands

With its bold and original features, the Predator S is an important part of the range, with a smaller 42 mm case. Refurbished, including three hands and date displays, its modern cellular design tends to be more refined…and even feminine.

This model features a date display aperture that leads to the fuel tank cap, much like the features of the automotive world, such as a multi-layer dial, honeycomb base and eight unique logo-brand screw-mounted bezels.

Like its big sister, the Predator S three Hands is powered by an automatic Swiss-made engine that is both precise and sturdy. The case relies on a variety of technical materials: ceramics, carbon, steel and titanium. This precision timepiece is beautifully decorated (sandblasted black gold, polished steel, logo engraved bridge, etc…).Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Titan WG replica watch


Buy Replica Hublot Big Bang 301.PX.130.PX watch at

Replica Hublot Big Bang Minute Repeater Tourbillon 304.QX.1140.HR watch


Hublot collects sports Snobs

Given the depth and breadth of their current products, one of Hublot’s most fascinating things is that no matter what your interest in the watch world, they can effectively provide something for everyone. In addition to the slick statement, the brand has invested heavily in research and development over the years and has built a large number of internal manufacturing calibers to counter some of the biggest competitors on the market.

The best part is that the brand’s more creative products are not all overpriced six-digit products made of unobtanium, but a series of prices scattered throughout the series.

Many of their limited editions in the Big Bang and Classic Fusion series are often eclipsed by their own fun, and you may be surprised to find out how many unique movements are hidden in Hublot’s archives. After careful consideration, we decided to take a closer look at these gems, which would impress even the most discerning watch.wholesale Richard Mille RM 050 Replica watches

Big Bang Meca-10 Full Magic Gold
The original Big Bang Meca-10 was first introduced in 2016 with all black and titanium finishes and is a favorite of Hublot enthusiasts and regular watch lovers. The movement’s design uses the beloved Meccano mounting kit that has been in existence since 1901. Although from a design point of view, this movement is not only visually appealing, but the Hublot movement engineer’s movement has an impressive power reserve provided by a pair of large stacked main barrels.

The indication is strangely provided at two different positions on the dial digital display panel at the 6 o’clock position, counting down from 10 o’clock, and the second low power indication is displayed in red as the gear connected to the main barrel itself Part of the organization.

MP-07 40-day power reserve
At the other end of the spectrum, as well as (strange) released in 2016, MP-07 is a real practice “why not” watchmaking. The MP-07 did not go on a complicated route, but the brand tried to answer one of the questions about how much mechanical power reserve can be obtained while maintaining accuracy. Technically, this movement is the evolution of the MP-05 LaFerrari, with a 50-day power reserve in 2013, although the MP-07 abandoned the Ferrari connection and slightly changed the movement (most notably the series) The number of couplings) is from 11 to 9).best Greubel Forsey Replica watches

Although hidden in direct line of sight, a 60-second flying tourbillon can be seen on the right side of the chassis and a rotary drive is provided for the digital running seconds indication visible in the upper right corner of its unique box-like casing. Although you wouldn’t expect it to be based on 51 mm wide, 42.95 mm high, and 24 mm thick, a large number of clocks are very comfortable on the wrist. Partly because of its well-designed rubber strap – this unique watch has a much higher weight.

Getting the heat of this Hublot watch is not cheap, despite its technical complexity and 487 parts that make up its internal operations.

Big Bang Unico GMT
Surprisingly, Big Bang Unico GMT is the first dual time zone watch to re-log in the brand series. Since the appearance of the eclipsed King Power Unico GMT in 2012, the appearance of this watch has become more practical. Using the traditional second time zone manual 12-hour scale with a day/night indicator ring makes this piece ideal for those who travel a lot.Replica ZENITH PILOT TYPE 20 11.1943.679/63.C800 watch

Now, we know that every watch brand in the sun is now making GMT watches, but this model is different in its very practical button-style quick setting function. You’ll notice that the pair of pushers are in the position of the pusher where you normally see the timer start/stop and reset functions. In the case of the Big Bang Unico GMT, those propellers advance and retract the local time hands in one-hour increments, so that the wearer does not have to worry about setting the multi-position crown to adjust their watch to the new time zone. .

Of course, this new movement is also the creation of the internal Hublot, which is very similar to most modern tracks, with a 72-hour healthy power reserve. The price of the titanium variant is comparable to that of the titanium Meca-10.

Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon
Finally, we have the most complex, expensive and famous Hublot on the machine, and will undoubtedly attract the powerful movements in the room. Hublot’s unique hollowed-out three-question tourbillon is particularly unique until recently (when Bulgari enters When the ring is), it is not the only one in the market that uses a carbon fiber quality replica watches

You may soon think that putting a transponder in carbon is a gimmick, but you are wrong. In general, the softer the metal/material, the more resonance the transponder will have, rather than being passed outside the case. Considering the remarkable rigidity of carbon, it is actually one of those materials that produce very impressive sounds that must be heard with gold or platinum repeaters to be truly appreciated.

Although Hublot also produced Titanium and King Gold’s classic fusion tourbillon cathedral three-question timer, the Carbon variant is our champion.

Hublot Big Bang Minute Repeater Tourbillon Gold

Movement: HUB 8000 manual-winding skeleton minute repeater tourbillon; 120-hour power reserve; 308 components; 44 jewels; 21,600 vph.
Functions: hours, minutes; minute repeater; tourbillon.
Case: Big Bang; 0 44.5mm; 5N red gold; 5N red-gold bezel with six H-shaped titanium screws; 5N red-gold crown with black rubber inserts; antireflective sapphire crystal; open, 5N red-gold caseback; water resistant to 3atm.
Dial: skeleton with applied 5N red gold; 5N red-gold indexes; plated, polished skeleton 5N red-gold hands.
Strap: adjustable black rubber and semi-matte alligator; 5N red-gold clasp with black PVD coating.


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wholesale Hublot King Power replica watches


Shopping Glashuette Original 2018 Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar Replica watch 1-36-02-03-04-01 price

Functions: Minutes,Leap year cycle,Month,Seconds,Hours,Date,Day of the week,Moon phase
MOVEMENT: Self-winding
Case: White gold,round
Dimensions: 42 mm
Thickness: 12.80 mm
Dial: Black
Glass: Sapphire
Strap: leather strap
Year: 2018
Model: 1-36-02-03-04-01


Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar

German products have always been known for their high efficiency and engineering strength, and both of these qualities can be reflected in the “German watchmaking”. Glashütte Original’s Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar is a good example. The perpetual calendar is one of the most practical and complex features, but because it displays too much information, including time, date, week, month, year and leap year, some perpetual calendar watches can be cumbersome. But this problem does not exist in the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar, because it replaces the traditional sub-disk display with a window, which can clearly and accurately display the calendar information. This year, the brand launched a new version of the perpetual calendar watch, let us see what changes.

Senator is a classic series of Glashütte Original, so I am not surprised that the new Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar can show such elegance. The watch is available in both stainless steel and red gold, and the size is modern and large, 42 mm. The pre-made Senator Perpetual Calendar’s must-have Roman numerals and orbital minute scales are reserved in the new version, but Roman numerals are only used for 6 and 12 o’clock, others are replaced with black jujube scales. This decision, I think it helps to avoid the appearance of the dial.Glashuette Original 2018 Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar 1-36-02-03-04-01 Replica watch

Both the steel and red gold versions are paired with blue-steel hands, which are in sharp contrast to the silver-sand dial. The hands are pear-shaped, and the end of the second hand is matched with the Glashütte Original logo for a balanced weight.

The date, day of the week and month of the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar are displayed in a window. The layout is the same as the previous one. The brand’s iconic big calendar is placed at 4 o’clock, while the day and month are placed at 10 and 2 o’clock, and the moon phase window is at 8 o’clock. The dial also has a thoughtful detail, the material of the moon is related to the case: the red gold with the red gold moon, and the steel with the platinum moon.


Buy Replica Glashuette Original Senator Perpetual Calendar 100-02-25-05-04 Watch


One of the most obvious differences between the new version of the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar and the old one is the “Year of the Year”. In the Senator Perpetual Calendar, the leap year is marked with a small round window, but the new one is replaced with a large leap year dial, which is displayed in a more traditional pointer. Because of this change, the Glashütte Original logo moved to 3 o’clock.

Personally, I don’t care much about this change. Although the new leap year shows more clearly, it makes the dial composition dense. Or permission to say this, how many people really care about whether this year is a leap year? best Cvstos Challenge replica watches

In fact, the biggest change in this watch is under the dial. The Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar features a new movement that was converted from the new Calibre 36 last year. The Calibre 36 is the brand’s newly developed basic movement that can be added to and matched with different modules to achieve a variety of functions. There are already large calendars and moon phases.

Calibre 36 brings a 4Hz swing to the new version of the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar. It is also a self-winding movement with 100 hours of extremely long power. It is a single barrel with a 68 cm long spring. The spring is developed by Nivarox (one of them belongs to the Swatch Group). Reliable partner). The movement is finely polished and finished with a large top and a three-ply splint.

Overall, I think the new version of the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar will be loved by German watchmakers because it has the most functional and efficient German products. If you think that the traditional perpetual calendar is not easy to read, I believe I will be impressed by the legibility of the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar.

Glashütte Original – Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar

In the art of watchmaking, the perpetual calendar is considered to be a particularly complex and complex function. Of course, it is one of the most appreciated by collectors and watch Richard Mille 2018 RM 11-03 MCLAREN Replica watches

The complex mechanism guarantees accurate display of dates, workdays and months – even taking into account leap years – without manual correction for more than a hundred years, of course assuming the watch runs continuously.

Shopping Glashuette Original 2018 Senator Chronograph – The Capital Edition Replica watch 1-37-01-04-02-07 price

Creating a display that is both complete and easy to read is a challenge that Glashütte’s original new Senator’s Perpetual Calendar will show at the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show.

Originally known as a perpetual calendar watch, Glashütte further complements this complex function in terms of visual balance, precision and stability. The new Calibre 36 automatic movement with its innovative silicon spiral delivers extremely high precision, while a single spring cylinder ensures a power reserve of more than 100 hours at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), an achievement.

Thanks to its compact construction and innovative bayonet mounting, the movement is used to secure the movement inside the cabinet, which greatly increases the stability.

When they designed and constructed the new movement, Glashütte’s original engineers did their best to achieve great user friendliness.

With hours, minutes and seconds, the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar presents an original panoramic date featuring Glashütte, a fine working moon phase, and working day, month and leap year replica watches for men

The date setting can be monitored directly in the display window, and the caution corrector in the case can adjust the working day, month and moon phase display. While the 100-hour power reserve ensures the correct interaction of the display within many hours after its owner has placed the watch aside, a practical universal corrector makes it possible – if necessary – to change the date, date and month A few simple actions.

A separate display below hour 12 indicates a leap year. The hand moves counterclockwise in a ratio of 1 to 4 to ensure that it is clear every year, not just a clear and distinct leap year.

This watch is a 42 mm x 12.8 mm case made of satin-polished stainless steel or red gold and is water resistant to 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft). The light colour of the silver dial echoes the display of the window, in sharp contrast to the laser cutting, the current black hands and the railway chapter ring.

Although the stainless steel model uses black leap year and minute numbers, in the red gold version, these numbers are printed in red with a slim blue steel hand.

The GlashütteOriginalSenator Excellence perpetual calendar is finished with an elegant black or brown Louisiana crocodile leather bracelet and pin buckle, stainless steel (Ref. 1-36-02-01-02-01) or red gold (Ref. 1-36-02-02) -05-01). The folder buckle option is also Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon replica Watches