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Brand Cvstos
Item Type Replica Challenge Watches
Movement Self winding
Case Rose Gold,Tonne
Bracelet rubber strap
Dial Color Black,Skeletonized
Diameter 53.7 x 41 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Thickness —
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Minutes,Seconds,Hours,Date
Boxes common box
Model Number Challenge Pilot Gold


Exclusive design: the first wine barrel case with carbon fiber, perfectly integrated with the brand image, challenge the Jet Liner model to appear in a new exclusive version: «CARBON CONCEPT» the wonderful integration of application technology, from professional craftsmanship and exquisite craftsmanship Technology.

The middle casing, inlaid with carbon fiber material, is very finely woven, comparable to the quality used in the aerospace industry, and harmoniously highlights the shape of the challenge case.

Recognized for many years and proven its originality in different versions created to date, this is a new model for the Challenge case Crafted in the same way as the hand-made mosaic that reached its peak during the reign of Louis XIV.Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Yellow Gold Purple Replica Watch


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Like the exquisite work of cabinet makers who cut and shape wood and hand-to-face, carbon has been inlaid and then hand-painted to create this new timepiece, a traditional innovation. CVSTOS has worked throughout the scope of its own processes to completely transform and develop new cases for CHALLENGE JETLINER CARBON:

• The use of laser cutting prevents the carbon fiber material from being worn, so that each part is cut into a perfect geometry and each of the cutting parts in its outer casing is hand-set.

• Manually coat the material with seven (7) layers of lacquer and then fire in an oven (autoclave) in a controlled atmosphere provided for this purpose.

• Level the mosaic surface with the robot calibration process.

• Final hand polishing.



The rigor and chronological order of these different stages gives this material a fusion of unparalleled appearance and depth. With a passion for technology and aesthetic innovation and always seeking new challenges, CVSTOS draws on its previous experience to create this latest masterpiece that is naturally worn on the CHALLENGE JETLINER model, which is the ultimate expression of lightness in the CVSTOS range.

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Antonio Terranova, Cvstos’ lead designer and co-founder, collaborated with the famous Dutch interior designer Eric Kuster.

This new partnership highlights the taste of the wonderful things shared by the two artists. In fact, the pursuit of perfect and precise details is the main discourse They can be found in the works of Eric Kuster and Cvstos watches.

The marriage between the two estheticians opened a new era in the Cvstos series. The first chronograph was limited to 14 pieces, and the lucky number was Eric Kuster.The chronograph is decorated with Kuster’s details such as camouflage patterns and green and orange to give this piece strength and sportiness.Review Richard Mille RM 35-02 AUTOMATIC RAFAEL NADAL Watch

Eric Kuster, the top interior designer in the Netherlands, lives under the brand name of Metropolitan Luxury. No two words are more suitable for sitting side by side And describes his unique style, relying on the perfect balance between classic and modern, European and international.

In addition to exclusive residential projects from Curaçao to London, his projects include yacht interiors and hotels, as well as commercial interior design projects, from the legendary Amsterdam club Jimmy Woo to Barcelona’s Camp Nou. Kuster has always been beyond the customer’s Expect who is their outstanding picky. He ensures that individual elements are so successful Impeccable overall. From every piece of textile to every piece of furniture, every piece of art to a variety of colors, craftsmanship is key. The Dutch said his work: «There is a logo, but each item is custom made, such as creating haute couture or custom suits. It must be a perfect fit. I don’t copy and paste ».


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Challenge CHRONO II
Carbon Honolulu

Since 2013, CVSTOS has been one of the “main official sponsors of THRIATHLON in Honolulu, Hawaii. Under this drive, CVSTOS House inspired by the Hawaiian atmosphere hopes to participate in the new TRAITHLON new model, so that respect for this body and mind Great influence on all men and women. This watch focuses on competitors and better manages effort and performance in any such competition (swim, running, competition).discounted cheap replica men watches

Therefore, naturally, CARBON HONOLULU has the same performance goals in our pursuit of lightness.

This relentless pursuit of the application of the most advanced technology has led CVSTOS to implement this new material, now used in a variety of applications, such as aerospace, or racing, or even a very closed super circle – cars must be created to meet each A type of chassis.


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The result… basic search for brightness and stiffness. Another new challenge for CVSTOS is activated by these state of the art technologies. Based on this new concept, CARBON HONOLULU, awake and stylish, whether carved or not Made of the latest technology or a mold or material arranged in a random pattern, with a specific mixture of carbon fiber (black) and colored nanofiber glass (red, blue, orange, etc.) and epoxy resin, eliminating any form of bubbles from the resin mixture A homogeneous and dense material is finally obtained in the coating of the fibers, and the conversion treatment is carried out in a autoclave oven under a controlled atmosphere and temperature through a final cooking process. When leaving the oven, each timepiece has its own beauty, even
We might say its own digital fingerprint…

As a result, new exclusive standards were born and established, giving this elegant and unparalleled style a new model with athletic strength. CVSTOS reinvents CARBON HONOLULU, a permanent avant-garde elegance new specification By changing philosophy today, others will change…Greubel Forsey replica Watches price


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