swiss HYT 2018 H20 Red 251-AD-461-RF-RU replica Watch



Brand HYT
Item Type Replica H20 Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Stainless Steel,Round
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 51 mm
Thickness 19.95 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
YEAR 2018
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes
Boxes common box
Model Number 251-AD-461-RF-RU


HYT was born out of a dream of bringing fluid into the display of a mechanical watch to restore time measurements to its original water level, dating back thousands of years.

The project involves bringing together engineers, chemists and micro-technicians to find a way to not only add fluid to the time display of the watch, but also to connect the display to the operation of the mechanical movement. .

After extensive research and development, the solution is presented in tiny capillary form, in which a pair of bellows driven by mechanical motion is used to push the two immiscible liquids. In the case where one fluid is transparent and the other fluid is colored, the meniscus between the two provides a reference point indicative of hours.

HYT scientists face many challenges in pursuing their goals, such as how to produce capillaries, how to coat the interior to ensure a smooth flow of fluid, how to ensure that the color of the fluid remains stable over time and how to regulate the flow to accurately display the correct Hublot Big Bang One Click Sang Bleu Replica watches

The resulting watch is unique in the industry, with its colorful fluid time display combined with a Swiss-made mechanical watch movement. In its relatively short history, the HYT watch collection demonstrates the flexibility of this technology, with high-end models showing watchmaking, design-oriented models, unique skull-shaped capillaries and even horizontal fluid displays.

HYT H2 engraving. The same as the mystery. building.

The sculpture gives the public meaning. The latest H20 from HYT looks forward to the visual art of this three-dimensional operation to reveal the essence of time.

In any way, the engraving timepieces can introduce new angles on time, while the colored and transparent liquids can permanently maintain their necessary flow. One second and one second, more levels of time are revealed, witnessed and expected. The all-black color scheme until the coating of the moving bridge exacerbates the visual drama between mystery and transparency. This intrinsic interaction of time and space turns the core belief of HYT into reality, that is, time is defined by content and context.FRANCK MULLER VANGUARD MASTER BANKER V 45 MB SC DT SQT replica Watch

HYTH20 blue side
In the two new limited editions of the H20, the three-dimensional quality of the design gains additional visual tension. The black diamond-like carbon coating contrasts sharply with the dome crystal, presenting a clearly floating number. The whole presents an architectural entity that draws attention to the new perspective of time and watchmaking. When the blue or red liquid tracks the most recent journey, the clear fluid outside the meniscus in the capillary will be curious about the potential front.

HYTH2 red edge
Carefully planned high-tech performance in the H20’s security wall. This is a patented fluid module and a mechanical movement developed specifically for APT, developed by APRP. The rotation of the rotation into a linear motion is ensured by the cam follower system, ensuring a seamless transmission between the two main characters. This watch represents the highest point in defining and capturing the essence of time. Its conclusion is clear: now is the time – always Richard Mille RM 11-02 JAPAN BLUE Replica Watch

The passage of time: HYT reached a new height with the updated H20 watch

Time flies – or, in this case, flows. HYT has been launching its original “Fluid Machinery” watch HYT H1 during the 2012 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. In the years that followed, we saw anti-traditional brands introduce new technology updates, new colors and a variety of other innovations. This year, HYT’s products are not at Baselworld, but at the SIHH Watch Salon in January. Its headline new product is the new HYT H20 watch.

According to the company’s design trend with last year’s HYT H0 Origin, H2O – provides two different color liquids for fluid timing in two different situations – with a more streamlined and minimalist appearance than its predecessors; HYT will be in the shape of the case Described as “similar to smooth stone, perfect modification over time.” The case is made of black PVD coated stainless steel or polished and satin-finished stainless steel – the size is equivalent to 51 mm in diameter, this brand’s timepiece is typical It also has a large box-shaped sapphire crystal surface that reveals the fascinating micromechanical technology inside.

Fans of HYT can look forward to another view of the “hyrdomechanical horology” timing system in which a pair of angled bellows pushes the colored fluid through the capillary to indicate the minute movement, while the hour is indicated by the central jump hand. (For those who may not be familiar with how this complex system works, and the curiosity of technical details, we kindly ask you to read our in-depth features on the original HYT watch, and our introduction to HYT compared to other models. H2O is worth noting the “floating” hour number and marking design, as the shape of the crystal (shown below) can be seen from the side.wholesale replica watches for sale

The H2O model with black PVD housing has a bright green liquid that shows the minute display of the flow, while the silver version (below) retains time with a dark blue liquid. In addition to the modules that drive fluid mechanical components, the exclusive organic core that powers the watch has many high-end watch bells and whistles, including miniature titanium bridges, black DLC or blue PVD coatings (depending on model), The movement components, bellows rhodium-plated, and impressive 192-hour power reserve.

Like its predecessors, the H2O also includes a crown position indicator at 3 o’clock, showing the wearer placing the spiral black rubber-coated crown on -H for set time, and “N” for Neutral, “R” means entanglement (French is remonter). Another noteworthy innovation: adding a thermal indicator, a miniature bellows with its own special liquid, placed in one of the two larger bellows to regulate the effect of temperature changes on the liquid in the tube, To maintain timing accuracy.

Both HYT H2O models are mounted on black rubber straps with folding clasps (black PVD coated steel for black case/green fluid models, titanium for silver case/blue fluid models), globally limited to 25 Pieces.Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE replica Watches price


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