Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna and Senna Tourbillon

Awesome! In the penultimate game of the year, Hublot has pulled out all the stations, not one, but two new King Power watches – Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna and Hublot King Power Tourbillon Ayrton Senna. Both watches are made of yellow / blue / green or Brazilian state, almost entirely made of the materials used in Formulation 1, such as carbon fiber (Hublot), ceramic and Nomex strap. These watches have so much to say – for many F1 lovers, these will be very emotional watches … this year will be Ayrton Senna’s 50th birthday. More about this … I got the first look at the king of the king of the power of Elton Senna, you will see the real way 1 in sooooo many ways: Senna’s death in 1994 rocked the F1 world. hublot table and Elton’s sister Vivian (Aivtone) and Elton Senna College (Ayrton Senna) has a close relationship. You may recall the first Big Bang Senna released in 2007 and Big Bang Senna Foudroyante in Tokyo in 2009. Now, for the weekend of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Viviane Senna and Ayrton Senna College held a special event on November 3, 2010 which provided the background for Hublot to unveil the king power Alan Senna and the documentary “Senna” premiere.

As mentioned above, the watch has a time in seconds, marked with the button on the left side of the housing. To measure the split time, the first “minutes” hand stops and the second continues to run. This mechanism allows time to check this first time period, before activating the button again, letting the hand catch the direct drive of the hand. This function can be used to calculate the car’s split time or two racing times.

replica ROMAIN JEROME STEAMPUNK watches.So you can see hublot has decided to end a Formula One year big bang, but not big bang. What a surprising surprise I absolutely expect the Hublot F1 King Power Gold to be launched in Korea last weekend will be the last Hublot Formula 1 watch we will see this year. On the contrary, this wonderful and emotional watch not only marks the latest innovation and F1 and tabulation of the integration, but also with one of the sports icon emotional connection.



U-Boat silver watch, Chimera 43

In the chimera 43, the main feature is that all the cations from the reflector and the groove to the rod in the nuclear reactor. Rick Stein even thought it was an integral part of the Indian dish, called Nimish – though it was decorated.Hublot King Power Titanium replica Watches

Italian watch brand U-Boat has decided that this natural thing is a precious thing, not being rejected. The idea is that the watch itself should grow with the wearer and develop a unique brass. In other words, no two will always be the same.

Today, the U-Boat watch is known for its retro design and unusual left-hand crown safety hoods, but the brand is also known for its very large work, while Chimera 43 Sterling Silver is no exception. The crown has a unique putter system that makes it easy to change the date and time, and the crocodile leather belt with air holes is inspired by the steering wheel of the classic racing car, so you can keep your head above the surface as needed.

About Chimera 43 Case. This case is made of bronze, providing a dynamic aesthetic, with the passage of time, getting seductive brass. The charm of this watch is that the final two bronze sets do not look the same. In fact, the wearer’s lifestyle will affect the future appearance of the watch.wholesale BREGUET HÉRITAGE replica watches




Shell diameter 43mm with inherent flexibility, not suitable for coma. This is a man’s watch, presented in the form of a bundle and masculinity. Very simple, it’s not a wimps watch.

And this vest there is a colored sapphire crystal, you can see its internal movement. Adjacent sapphire crystal, usually found on the motherboard to wear, decorated with bronze surface. It strengthens the connection between the case and the engine that drives this sea-inspired clock.

Italy is a land of architecture, fashion, food and super sports cars that all show the warmth and vision of artistic expression. The U-ship captures the national appetite for the stereotyped passion and communicates in a mature and majestic form. The same applies to exercise. The weight of the pendulum is made of silver. Blue screw decoration movement, round texture visible on the bridge.replica watches for men


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Christopher Ward – C60 Trident Pro COSC Limited Edition and C60 Trident Date COSC Limited Edition

This summer, the C60 Trident Pro COSC Limited Edition and the C60 Trident Date COSC Limited Edition by Christopher Ward (Christopher Ward) proudly demonstrated a new understanding of Trident aesthetics, both to share the red monochrome appearance.

The new launch feature enhances the details and timing of the timer. These two designs not only match the white guilloche corrugated dial, but also with Lume-holding hand and pointer, red highlights and red second hand, with trident features.Replica Christopher Ward C70 watches


The rust-resistant zirconia (Zr02) black bezel on each model is only available for these versions, providing precise fine detail marking rings, as well as a blue dot in the red inverted triangle at 12 o’clock.

In addition to the compelling design, the C60 Trident Pro COSC Limited Edition also has an integrated chronograph certified Swiss-made Sellita SW200 COSC movement that not only provides power but also precision. C60 Trident Date COSC Limited Edition Swiss-made ETA 2836 COSC made by Switzerland to provide accurate timing, whether you are on land or below the surface of the water 600 Urwerk UR-210 Replica Watches



TAG Heuer Connection Module 45 KINGSMAN Special Edition – Exclusive to MR PORTER

In May, Yahoo TAG Heuer announced a partnership with MARV and Twentieth Century Fox, who will be widely acclaimed by filmmakers in the cinemas around the world on September 22, 2007 Matthew Vaughn ) Upcoming new movie. TAG Heuer watches are official watch Kingsman.

TAG Heuer Connected Kingsman Special Edition will be sold online through MR PORTER, which is the award winning global retail destination for men’s style, starting from July 6 for a month. This is the first of the Swiss watch brand after its online sales in China earlier this year.Replica Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 370 watches



On June 28, 2017, the special edition of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 was unveiled by Jean-Claude Biver in London, in a highly acclaimed Kingman: Golden Circle lens,

TAG Heuer Connected watch by Matthew personally selected to become his Kingsman agent’s preferred watch. People wear watches in Kingsman: gold circle to play a decisive role, for the success of the mission of Kingsman agent is essential. They need to be able to bear anything of the watch, whether it is underwater shooting, fighting scenes or stunts. The film audience will see the Kingsman agent dressed in TAG Heuer Connected.

Kingsman special edition reproduces the aesthetics of the agents used in the film: pink gold earrings and elegant leather straps with Kingsman printing. The watch is equipped with orange velvet’s second strap, inspired by Taron Egerton wearing a signature orange velvet smoking jacket in the movie. The key difference between the Kingsman special edition and the core series is its dialing feature. At midnight blue or gray is available, it carries Kingsman inscriptions and signs at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. 10:10, dial vibration for 10 seconds, there K-shaped signs. At the end of the movie, the original Android Wear feature was replaced by a movie logo on the dial, gold on a white


From July 6th, Kingsman special edition will be available exclusively for MR PORTER for one month. It will serve as the first part of the broader Kingsman: Golden Circle “Clothing Collection”, Matthew Vaughan and MR PORTER continue to work together.

Swiss-made TAG Heuer connection module 45 is designed, developed and assembled by TAG Heuer in Switzerland and has the original concept, which is a new product in the field of connecting watches: connected modules can be exchanged with high-level watch mechanical modules 3 or COSC certified Timing Tourbillon. The modular concept also applies to lugs, straps and buckles. This is a true luxury watch, developed with Intel: waterproof to 50 meters, with GPS, NFC payment sensor, stunning high-resolution AMOLED display and a variety of optional unlimited custom TAG Heuer dial, equipped with Android Wear 2.0 and a new Companion App to enhance the software


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Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 56-01 Sapphire Crystal Limited Edition

nice HUBLOT BIG BANG SANG BLEU copy watches.In the SIHH opening in 2012, RM 056 seconds seconds of the game sapphire limited edition of the five watches in the watch world caused a shock of the waves, pure performance, its movement and the typical finishing and the case is completely sapphire crystal. This watch revolution led Richard Mille to an unparalleled level of design and innovation.

With this technical expertise and determined to continue to challenge the limits of precision watchmaking, Richard Mille created another unique work in 2013: RM 56-01 Sapphire Crystal. The brand used its huge skeleton experience and manufacturing components in sapphire crystal (Al2O3), during which RM 018 «Homage to Boucheron» was obtained, which has a dual chassis,

Through the use of sapphire crystal floor – to support the entire manual trauma of the tourbillon movement – Richard Mille can penetrate as much light as possible into the movement RM56-01, its display time and minutes, power reserve and torque for 11 and 2 o’clock, Function selection indicator at 4 o’clock. Titanium alloy movement center of the ultimate transparency of the pursuit also allows engineers to sapphire crystal for the central bridge and three rounds. The diameter RM56-01 is made of sapphire crystal and titanium, free from temperature changes and wear effects, ensuring superior stability and providing exemplary timing Richard Mille RM 27-02 copy watch


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Its three-part case inspired by RM 056, each component front panel, housing strap and rear baffle – are processed and ground from the solid blocks of sapphire crystal. Need to continue for more than 40 days, 24 hours a day processing operations to produce a case. For processing, specialized CNC machines must be purchased specifically for RM 56-01. All components made of sapphire crystal are made from world experts at Stettler in Lyss, Switzerland. This condition, which is perfectly seated on the wrist, is sealed with two O-rings in transparent Nitril, water resistant to 30 meters and is secured to the cap RM56-01 using 24 5-stage titanium spline screws.

Its strap has a concept of transparency to its apogee. The partnership between Biwi SA and Richard Mille makes it possible to develop a material, Aerospacenano®, that uses nanotechnology to achieve unparalleled transparency and strength. The nanostructures in this material have never been used in the manufacturing process and are produced in situ when manufacturing aerospace nano. Its elasticity and water resistance make it silky touch and super comfortable. RM 56-01 wristband alone created a new batch of materials in the field of watchmaking.



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RM 56-01 Sapphire crystal symbolizes all the expertise of Richard Mille, through the transparency of transparency, showing the caliber. Since the processing of sapphire crystal is a very difficult process, RM 56-01 can only be used in very limited 5 watches.



Best Copy Richard Mille RM 056 2017 NEW RM 056 JEAN TODT 50TH ANNIVERSARY Watch Review


technical details
Model: Tourbillon Richard Mille RM 56-01 Sapphire, limited edition 5 sapphires.

CALIBER RM56-01: Manual winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes, power reserve instructions, function selector and torque indicator.

Power reserve: Approx. 70 hours (± 10%) is displayed on the left side of the barrel in digital copy PATEK PHILIPPE new watches

main feature
Base, sapphire crystal center bridge and three rounds: the floor has been completely removed, and is supported by the entire movement of large transparent plate instead. Synthetic sapphire crystal The rhombic crystal structure of Al2O3 has a high melting point of 2,303 Kelvins and a linear expansion minimum thermal coefficient (6 x 10-6), providing excellent stability even under extreme conditions. Its wear resistance is eight times the steel. The third round and the bridge is also made of sapphire crystal. The center of the sapphire crystal reinforcement, reinforced the overall construction of the rigidity, while reducing the structure. All parts of RM 56-01 made of sapphire crystal are treated with an anti-glare coating and are rigorously tested to optimize their resistance.

Torque Indicator: Provides information about the spring tension, so that the timing function of the movement can be optimized. Below 53 dNmm, the spring is considered too loose, and at 65 dNmm above, excessive spring tension may adversely affect the operation of the mechanism, otherwise it will actually endanger it. (These instructions appear in the digital area on the right side of the barrel).

Function selector: In a manner similar to an automotive gearbox, the buttons at the center of the crown can easily select the winding, neutral and manual settings. 4 o’clock hand shows the selected function: W (winding) – N (neutral) -H (hand).

Free spring balance and variable inertia: represents the ultimate balance of this round of wheels, in the impact and movement of the assembly and disassembly process to ensure a higher reliability, so as to achieve better timing results over time.



Quickly rotate the barrel (6 hours per run instead of 7.5 hours)
This type of barrel offers the following advantages:
– Cyclic internal mainspring adhesion is significantly reduced, thereby improving performance
– Provide excellent mains curve with ideal power reserve reserve / performance and regular rate.

With a progressive recovery of the barrel ribs: the device allows significant winding gain (approximately 20%), especially at the beginning of the winding. It also contributes to the uniform distribution of the inner tension of the winding.

Modular time setting mechanism for chassis: Provides the following advantages for service life and maintenance:
– Since the component is installed outside of the movement, the time setting component can be changed without affecting the integrity of the backplane or the maintenance period, if possible,
– Installing and removing modules from behind will not require disassembly of the hand and dial.

Improved time setting system (after exercise): The rolling is replaced by rolling friction, and the time setting function is smoother.

Winding gears and three-wheeled pinion and center reel profile: Wheels with central development profile and 20 ° pressure angle are more effective in promoting rolling motion, compensating for differences between centers, ensuring excellent torque transmission and significant performance improvements.

5-level titanium alloy spline screws for bridges: This allows for better control of the torque applied to the screws during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical operation during assembly or disassembly and are ZENITH ACADEMY 18.2520.4805/98.C713 copy watch



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Other features
– Movement size: 33.20 mm x 30.90 mm
– Thickness: 5.36 mm
– Tourbillon diameter: 10.90 mm
– Balance wheel diameter: 9.12 mm
– Number of jewelery: 28
– balance wheel: Glucydur, with 2 arms and 4 set screws, moment of inertia 10 mg.cm2,
Lifting angle 53 ° – Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)
– Balance spring: ELVV N byNivarox®
– torque indicator, dNmm
– Earthquake function: KIF ELASTOR KE 160 B28
– Platinum Diamond
– Nickel-free cylinder Chronifer (DIN X 46 Cr 13 + S), has the following characteristics: Stainless steel – non-magnetic – Tempering

The entire housing – front baffle, housing strap, back RM 56-01 is cut and ground from the sapphire solid block. No external structure is used to support the assembled parts. Sapphire is known as a special scratch resistant material with 1800 Vickers hardness. Made of alumina (Al2O3) crystals, it is transparent due to its molecular structure. The processing of these components is the biggest challenge facing Richard Miller’s watch, and the challenge is getting harder because the sapphire process is very delicate.

Although the sapphire is very strong, but in the milling and cutting process even without the slightest error. To create a case of this quality, after more than 1,000 hours of processing, of which 430 hours for preformed shell components, 350 hours for polishing the entire case. For excellent optical performance, the front and rear baffles have been treated with anti-glare coating. Three-point tank waterproof 30 meters, sealed by the Nitril O-ring to ensure. The housing is assembled with 24L stainless steel 5 grade titanium and 24 spline screws in wear-resistant washers. Size: 50.50 x 42.70 x 16.75 mm.

The No. 5 titanium alloy spline screw is suitable for this situation: This allows for better control of the torque applied to the screw during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical operation during assembly or disassembly and are aged.

Flange: In titanium, the black plating process and the index fill the approved luminescent material.
Dial: sapphire (thickness: 0.40 mm), anti-glare treatment (both sides), inserted by 8 silicone bracket into the upper and lower flange troughs.

Bezel and case back
Bezel side: sapphire (1,800 Vickers), anti-glare coating (both sides)
Thickness: 2.50 mm
Case back: sapphire anti-glare coating (on both sides)
Thickness: 2.

The partnership between SA and Richard Mille led to the development of a material that uses the latest nanotechnology to provide unparalleled resistance and transparency: Aerospacenano®. The nano-reinforced properties of this innovative material are produced in their production processes. Its elasticity and natural water resistance make it feel silky and provide the best comfort. RM 56-01 strap has launched a new class of



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Movado Edge ™ version 2017

hot Richard Mille RM 027 watches cheap.Movado has launched the Movado Edge series, with the world-renowned industrial designer Yves Behar and its design company fuseproject cooperation development. Over the past 70 years, Nathan George Horwitt and YvesBéhar Movado have brought the dynamic design innovation and complexity to the legendary “museum dialing” by merging the talent of two of the most important industrial designers.

Horwitt said: “We do not know that time is a sequence of numbers, but with the position of the sun that rotates the earth. In 1947, he envisioned the iconic museum observation – its dial by 12 symbols of the sun’s single gold As a symbol of modernism in the mid-twentieth century, museum dialing is still one of the most recognized and acclaimed dial designs of all time.



Wholesale Replica Movado EDGE CHRONOGRAPH watch 3680011 Price


Movado Edge reinterprets the legendary museum dial-up clear, simple aesthetics, with amazing new styling and texture. The mark points rise from the concave surface of the dial, sandblasting the surface. The engraving line around the edge of the dial indicates the rays of the sun and marks the minute cheap GaGa Bionic Skull Watches

The Edge distribution series includes men’s, ladies and chronograph models with stainless steel chain buckle bracelets, button buckle with button, black leather or silicone tape with polished stainless steel buckle. Many styles are fantastic colors on the dial.

Now, in 2017, Movado for the transformation of the Edge series added four new men’s hands models. Each having a circular 40 mm shell, 8 pieces. 50 mm deep, made of sturdy stainless steel, or brown or black ion plated steel. Made of flat sapphire crystal, with a characteristic light texture edge of the concave blister aluminum dial made up of 12 o’clock raised polished tone dots, matte finish time pin and glossy minute hand MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000099 Watch



Cool modern, stainless steel tubing with pipe fittings with blasting silver dial with polished silver dots and matte / polished steel hand. Free-falling double-sided brandy calfskin leather strap to give the appearance and feel of contemporary clothing watches. It is fixed on the wrist by polishing the steel tongue buckle.

Black and unique black ion plating model with polished tube earrings to produce tones Mysterious black dial details from a polished black dot. Dull day hand and polished minute hand stainless steel excuse is amazing, in stark contrast to the dark landscape. Black ion plated steel classic buckle, comfortable black free fall double calfskin belt fixed on the wrist.

fashion cheap Movado watches.Completely unexpected is that the third paragraph of the new use of polished tone point, frosted bright orange hour hand and shiny black minute hand, sandblasted green dial, attracting the attention of many viewers. The overall matte black silicone strap with black ion plating of the classic tongue buckle.

A complex mute palette gives the fourth new model of modern style. Warm brown ion plated steel case with a soft purple dial, with a polished tone point, matte lavender hour hand and gloss black minute hand. Integral and comfortable, one of the smoky purple silicone strap with brown ion plated steel classic buckle.

The future look and feel of these latest additions to the transformational edge of the collection reflects the unique vision of Movado’s – the 21st century exquisite Swiss watchmaking and design-based imagination. Waterproof 3 ATM / 30 meters.




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Hublot watch big explosion UNICO magic sapphire

Since Hublot watches the Big Bang UNICO since last year, it has been part of the wave of luxury watches. Considering its complexity and detail, let’s not forget the sapphire case it brings. After the first big bang is all black version, the same seductive luxury watch lovers.

Here is all the things you need to update on the big bang of the UBC watch UNICO Magic Sapphire

The concept proved to be established by the first two signs of the technology giant. From the “Big universe” Hublot watch series of the first full transparent sapphire crystal shell, revealing the complexity of its function, it is shocking at least say.

What Hublot watches are aimed at the latest additions of the Big Bomb Collection is readability and practicality for everyday use. Magic Sapphire has a black strap and dial, ultra-thin, transparent sapphire case is also

As a result of the sapphire case, the Big Bang Magic Sapphire watch is expensive and is therefore a limited edition for other Hublot watches. Sapphire costs more than all other materials, including carbon fiber and metal. In addition, the complexity of its function also helps its important price tag, for any luxury watch connoisseur, the price tag no longer.



The name of the Big Bang watch “Magic” does not exist. It refers to the white and black between the two-color contrast, which for the dial readiness plays an important role. This watch from Hublot watch is pure genius because it is an incredible eye for the performance. This is the rare coexistence of most luxury watches.

With more 3-day power reserve, the Hobble caliber HUB1242 automatic chronograph movement of the 4-Hz run in this big bang from looking at Hengbao watches. Transparent situation allows you to see the whole movement, you can not let it fascinate it’s perfect harmony.

Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire’s waterproof case from Hublot watch is up to 50 meters and has a width of 45mm. The stylish black strap is made of rubber and can be easily removed by Hublot Watches “one-touch” mechanism.

In the Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire wins when it comes to transparency in the design of the mechanism and class. Luxury watch connoisseur will not ignore the watch from the Hublot this super watch, they are also full of enthusiasm for watching the function of the watch. Absolutely used frequently used practical watch, Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire is to keep. Since it is a limited edition from the Hublot watch’s house, you both own it and do not have it. For a watch with a sapphire shell.



Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire: Prices with Singapore and Malaysia Comments

We frankly said that Hublot is not because of its subtle and famous, the most important thing is its big bang collection. So the beginning of the transparent fragment is a bit surprising. But as the brand moves toward boldness, you can expect the same version of their perspective watch.nice replica Hublot Big Bang Unico Watches

With their production of “magic gold” – the world’s only scratch-resistant – Hublot flywheel has turned to another heavy material, sapphire, more commonly seen in dial and exhibition replies.

Sapphire is one of the hardest materials, is a very difficult machine, sapphire is actually a very logical choice, if you have professional knowledge, then because it can protect the internal sophisticated mechanism, so you can create a watch. In fact, Hublot is not the first brand to board sapphire watches; Richard Mill (Richard Mille) in 2012 launched a RM 56, a Tourbillon second hand chronograph.



In Hublot’s case (excuse puns), they worked with Swiss experts to develop materials and created a series of limited 500 watches – a huge achievement because sapphire had never been so large-scale replica Tonino Lamborghini watches

The middle of the box, the bezel and the back are cut from the sapphire block, and the skeleton dial is made of transparent resin. Parts such as rolled crowns, pushers, screws and parts are made of titanium. Transparent structured lining straps finish the look. In the inside, the watch with the main HUB1242 UNICO manufacturing movement – a 72 hour power reserve of the self-winding back chronograph.

The watch seems to have been through the X-ray machine. This is not the simplest watch, anyway, transparent crystal can let you in the world all the time to see the details of the watch to marvel at the complexity of the building and movement of watches and clocks. Also, no one really bought the U-flywheel, so they can tell the time that they are?


45mm, polished sapphire crystal

Polished transparent resin skeleton dial

Self – winding HUB 1242 UNICO

Transparent structure lined with strap

Reverse chronograph, wheel, hour, minute, 60 seconds cumulative, date
Power reserve

72 hours



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Chopin Grand Prix Monaco History 2016 Racing Watch

replica Chopard MILLE MIGLIA LIMITED EDITION watches.Chopard has announced the 2016 season edition of its Monaco Grand Prix (GPMH) chronograph in the 10th race with the Motorcycle Race Contest racing contest. These limited edition car inspired watches follow the 2014 edition of Ariel in this review and offer a compelling combination of retro and modern design, making it ideal for the classic racing series in Monaco, the world’s most famous racetrack-F1 racing field.

2016 Chopin Grand Prix Monaco History 2016 Racing Watch Steel and Titanium or 18k Rose Gold, Case Measurements Width 44.5mm. Although both products have the same detailed silver snail dial, but steel / titanium with orange accent, and rose gold is blue accent. Thickness of 14.1mm, sapphire crystal and 100m waterproof. Chopin GPMH, like their Mille Miglia series, originated from Chopard’s co-president Carl-Friedrich Scheufele for the vintage racing and classic racing enthusiasm. illegal? Chopard Ambassador and life legend Jacky Ickx and Porsche WEC drivers Mark Webber and Domain Dumas (also Chopin ambassadors) are in Monaco last weekend held in the opening of the biennial event. Has a racing car from the pre-war Bugatti to the seventies of the Formula One racing car, which is a prominent event not only for the early racing, but also for the unforgivable and iconic Monaco street race.

From the Piston Heuristic Chronograph Trolley to the Speedometer bezel and three 12-hour chronograph display, the Chopard Grand Prix Monaco 2016 racing watch is roughly similar to the previous version, but in my eyes the new color is It is more refined than the bold yellow / black scheme used before. Perhaps not surprisingly, I prefer the steel / titanium version (case and bezel is steel, while the crown and putter are titanium), its desaturated orange accents and matched gray / white / orange orange strap Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari replica watches




Similarly, although the gold movement is not good, but it seems with a series of ancient game series is very similar, these series involved in some very expensive history of natural gas. Both models are used Chopard boutique ETA 7750, after COSC certified automatic chronograph movement, beating speed of 4Hz, power storage time of 46 hours.

Chopin Grand Prix Monaco History The 2016 season edition contains a racial-style Valencia calfskin leather strap with accent stitching and a gray nato strap with accent. While the picture itself says that I am happy to add that I think the two seemingly amazing for any one option.

Details of the details of the case match on the dial – in my opinion, it is very good. In aesthetics, they are gorgeous, with bright colors and clear textures from the face of the concentric circular pattern to the diamond cut hour markers and hands. I admire the dial (except that I happen to enjoy the black and yellow “Hornet” watch the fact that Chopin mixed three very important elements. The first is the quality: diamond cut hour manufacturers and hands and perfect prints of the font to prove the luxury watch dial should be what kind of. There is nothing to feel cheap or depressed. The second is the visual interest: Chop has made sure that each of the three watches has no boring area or an uncomfortable element of the eye, nothing looks flat, thanks to the three-dimensional design of the layered element. Color and texture planning is simply placed, refined and purposeful. The third may be the most important element of readability.replica Porsche Design watches fashion



Yes, the 2014 Chopin Grand Prix Monaco’s history watch collection is very clear. The hand is the correct size and is polished in the correct way to avoid rough reflection of light, such as hand and hour markers and the right face contrast. All the details on the dial will easily jump out, and read the dial on the time or other information, there is no meaning. It is all the top, a correct AR coated sapphire crystal that does not cause glare. This is a refinement, which is why you pay a huge price for the good things.

Do I have a complaint about a case or dial? Of course there is nothing that is not flawed. While this is not an aesthetic issue, Chopard is still a small number of high-end watch manufacturers still using aluminum trim inserts. While these Chopard Grand Prix Monaco history models have very thin borders, they use aluminum plugs instead of the more common ceramics. This is not to say that ceramic inserts look exactly the same, but they last longer, so if you abuse the watch, the aluminum frame will age more quickly, and the ceramic mosaic is very scratch resistant. I will be concerned about Chopin, see how they will begin to integrate ceramic Richard Mille RM 027 replica watches


Luxury Chopard SUPERFAST CHRONO PORSCHE 919 BLACK EDITION men Fake Watch 168535-3005


How about sports? Chopard is still using Swiss ETA movements in many classic racing watches, such as Monaco’s historical work. Collectors often ask for internal production actions or complain that when spending a certain number of money brands, should not contain cheap watches. While Chopin uses high-end base movements and each has a COSC Chronometer certificate, the truth remains that some people will complain that they lack the internal production movement. I understand, but honestly, for me this is not a problem. Basic ETA movement is simple, but highly reliable and maintainable. I do not mind if they are honest in such apps on these watches, but if you have problems paying a certain amount of them, we can understand.

Three Grand Chopin Grand Prix Monaco’s history of automatic, power control and chronograph have the same 44.5mm wide-size shell with a uniform beauty. Of course, each dial is a bit different, but honestly, I like them. Chronographs are probably the most popular, because chronographs are important to this history of this series, but if you can, I will have one of them. Speaking of three, there are three straps to consider. The watch is equipped with black Barenia calfskin strap (with racing hope) or steel and titanium bracelet. Of course there is that killer black and yellow NATO band it.

Chopin seems to show that NATO straps will be a single choice that people can buy. I strongly recommend that they include each watch with a NATO strap. Not only because it’s relatively low price, but also because it is an interesting accessories strap, people like to play, but not always used. So if aBlogtoWatch comments are noticed, you will get a sweet NATO strap with a leather strap option or bracelet. I am very excited about the collection of the new Chopard Grand Prix Monaco history watch, I want to own one.wholesale replica men Watches








Hublot introduced the classic Fusion Mykonos 2017 version of the clock

Hublot’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, John Gofas and Gregory Gofas, presented a new version of the classic Fusion Mykonos watch, which has been conquering since 2012. The style of the summer of 2017 comes from two-color titanium and King King.

Mykonos, the trademark of the windmill, is the core of the classic Fusion Mykonos watch. Keep the theme of blue and white, again with 3 o’clock this cautious and elegant small rotating windmill features, this novel chic sports model diameter of 45 mm, with chronograph self-winding movement, 207 components, 60 Star jewelry and a 42-hour power reserve.

This gem watch is only available in Mykonos: Titanium (limited to 50) and gold (limited to 20). The dial shows the chronograph movement, consisting of a blue second hand counter, such as the Greek waters, Hublot Mykonos watch signature. This ensemble completes a white rubber and blue crocodile skin with a white stitching strap, better resistance and comfortable flexibility. Waterproof 50 replica GaGa Skeleton 48MM Watches

These two limited versions represent the connection between the earth and the sea. The true fusion of elements.


Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Ltd New York Edition watch


Hublot has expanded its impressive partnership with another collaboration. This time, the Swiss luxury goods manufacturers to become the famous American football team New York Giants official timekeeper, and celebrated by Victor Cruz co-designed exclusive watch Classic Fusion Aerofusion Limited New York Edition.

Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Ltd New York Times Chronograph is a skull, blue finish, mark and minute ring. Watches are limited by King Gold 10 pieces, 40 pieces of titanium alloy. This is Hublot and Victor Cruz co-designed the first watch, and with the New York giant launched together.nice RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 replica Watches

Inspired by the images of the retro football player from the New York City skyline, the classic fusion of Aerofusion Ltd New York Edition watches are decorated with blue on the entire dial, back of the watch and pebbles “pig skin” football style straps. Limited edition watch is Victor Cruz own signature full size genuine New York giant armor. The two versions of the classic blend of Aerofusion are available at the Hublot Shopping Center in New York at Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue.

An open dial reveals the choreographer’s heart, hollowed out the HUB1155 internal self-winding movement, composed of 207 separate skeletons and finished products, 60 jewelery. Watch to provide 42 hours of power reserve.





Hublot watch and watch Gallery launched the classic fusion chronograph Aerofusion RED

45mm Classic Fusion Chronograph Aerofusion RED is the latest and fourth collaboration between Hublot and The Watch Gallery. Luxury watch authorized dealers and Swiss watchmakers to the titanium shell and black ceramic bezel neutral base introduced a new and compelling color. Red is a carefully considered accent, decorated with a special edition watch dial, rhodium-plated hand and accent stitching added to the black crocodile leather strap. Satin polished titanium alloy shell with 42 hours power storage packaging self-winding movement

Continue to develop hublot exhibition, the development of innovation-oriented traditional luxury watches and clocks; in the brand Fusion series to see the unique philosophy of classical watchmaking and cutting-edge design and excellent combination of technology.

Classic fusion is Hublot series of the most modern and low-key products, by the company in early 1980 launched the brand’s first avant-garde design inspired. The brand is the industry’s first brand of rubber and rubber fused together. Will be precious and industrial materials together, undermining the tabulation time constraints.




Item No.: 525.OQ.0120.LR.MYO17
Case Size: 45 mm
Thickness: 13.40mm
Case: Titanium and Gold,round
DIAL: Openworked
FUNCTIONS: Chronograph,Date,Hours,Minutes,Seconds
Buckle type: Folding buckle
Glass: Sapphire
Strap: Leather
Movement: Self-winding


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HYT H2 Alinghi Limited Edition

In the second year of partnership, HYT and Alinghi rose higher on H2 Alinghi after H4 Alinghi.

HYT for the first time in the history of the use of completely untreated titanium alloy manufacturing H2. This is also the beginning of this year launched the new black liquid first H2. H2 caliber has been adapted: this is the first time, it is two-color black and gray; in the above, it slides out of a new central minute hand, drawing inspiration from the ocean hands.

The new interaction between gray and black makes the watch a technically and elegant look, further highlights the border rider tab, and the other is a sporty round to fit the Alinghi logo. Finally, the time flange has also been redesigned with double satin / glass sandblasting effect, making the timeline clearer and more easily stand out. The piece is mounted on a new ultra-durable technology strap that fits the tones. Technical parameters Model: H2 ALINGHI Reference number: 248-TT-02-NF-BN, limited edition 25,


Size 48.8 mm, case titanium finish, micro spray and satin finish diameter: 48. 8 mm Height: 17.9 mm Rotary measuring crown, black rubber sheathed Titanium protection crown Titanium shell Titanium alloy dome at 6 o’clock; Alinghi logo engraved in red varnish, “Alinghi” carved in black varnish Dome sapphire Crystal (box) inside with anti-reflective coating Spiral sapphire back to waterproof 50 m function Retrograde black liquid time with “déphaseurangulaire” (jumping hand at 30 minutes) Crown position indicator (HNR) Thermal indicator Motion machine Manual winding, exclusive HYT caliber 21600 VPH, 3 hertz, 28 jewelry black titanium DLC bridge and rhodium-plated bottom plate 192 hours (8 days) power reserve dialing unstructured, mobile hour aluminum dial; black digital sapphire minutes, black current minute hand with black charcoal Gray fabric, black stitching, titanium deployment buckle





“Basel New World” 2014 Featured Watch Preview

“Basel New World 2014” will showcase the incredibly redesigned and affiliated design watches made by top luxury manufacturers. Watchmaker manufacturers GlashütteOriginal, Roger Dubuis and HYT have returned to their generous watch design board and have created new innovative design rotations on some of the most popular watches for timely appearance in the Basel World 2014.

PanoMaticInverse is GlashütteOriginal’s “PanoInverse XL”, which debuted in the 2008 Basel New World.

PanoMaticInverse will debut in the Basel world in 2014, with three thirds of rhodium-plated plates and Glashütte signature ribs. PanoMatic reversal dial presents asymmetrical positioning of the hour dial and stopwatch, with blue hour, minute hand and second hand, as well as the Glashütte logo panorama date aperture at 2 o’clock. The aesthetic accents on the dial include blue screws and rubies, two wheels carved on a wheel bridge, a hollow swing weight, made of 21K gold, all with 42mm satin brushed and polished red or stainless steel case select. PanoMaticInverse has a new caliber 91-02 (automatic caliber), power reserve 42 hours. Red gold case options decorated with brown alligator strap,copy Hublot Big Bang Blue watches


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HYT H2 Titanium White Blue provides an opaque blue fluid filling version with a titanium and platinum case for the 2013 H2 admirers. H2 Titanium and Platinum Blue High-tech mechanical open wheel function gears, levers, bridges and delicate balance wheel remain unchanged, but it has three new indicators: temperature indicator (9 to 10 o’clock), only Two stages with three, power reserve indicators and HNR indicators. H2 Titanium & White Gold Blue as a limited edition watch only 20 pieces.

Roger Dubuis Hommage series of new Roger Dubuis to pay tribute to Roger Dubuis, Roger Dubuis launched in 1995 this series. Roger Dubuis Hommage series will be premiere in the Basel world four new flywheel Tourbillon watch, one of which can be peep in the following.

Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon is amazing by the exquisite hand-carving process (which requires years of exquisite artistic talent). Guilloché works like a vibrant sunshine in a beautiful 45mm pink gold case with matching Roman numerals nine to three lives. The lower hem of the dial is joined by double fly tourbillon, differential, hours and minutes. As mentioned earlier, the Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon has four variants, each with a unique presence that must be seen in the 2014 Basel world.




HYT H1 Colorblock

Three H1 Colorblock models, three writers: each to their own color!replica HYT H2 COLORBLOCK ORANGE MEN watch

Blue model
In the HYT models, the H2 tradition is my favorite, but the three new H1 Colorblock models show how brand diversification can be packaged in its complex watches. The focus of the color from the smooth color to the new, solid and colorful dial, matching with the matching textile belt, the brand has created three limited edition models. Who cares every day can not wear them? No one may buy such a watch every day to wear. In addition, as its third year of sales activities, the price of these models with the first HYT watch the same, in line with the color block theme,


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This red

buy replica GaGa Diving 48MM watches.This is not the first time HYT sees red. In the H1 set, Red2, Dracula DLC and Quai du Mont-Blanc have used the colors in the fluid, in stark contrast to the general gray tones of the three watches. But in order to celebrate its three-year-old birthday, HYT has seen the red – the new H1 Colorblock: day ial, flange, power storage indicator, seconds, strap … everything is red. In addition to opaque black liquid, it matches the titanium metal gun PVD coating. On the wrist, the diameter of the watch is 48.8 mm is strong and elegant. It attracted a surprising but reassuring look, unlike the blue model that Paul tried, and I thought it would be better when wearing no red clothes. A passionate and exclusive red.


As a fan of low-key watches, I changed my comfort zone and tried the new HYT H1 Colorblock for a few days. Its diameter is 48.8mm, the thickness of 17.9mm size, bringing the full vitality of the yellow, the logo to see the symbol of HYT color. In addition, H1 Colorblock also incorporates the company’s latest developments, such as the use of black liquid under the capillary and light-emitting SuperLuminova, which means that time can be read in the dark.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 050 WATCHES Price




Bell and Ross BR 03-94 AeroGT Orange

The limited edition of 500 pieces is directly inspired by the new AeroGT concept car designed by Bell & Ross Creative Director.

Creative director Bruno Belamich warns: “The BR 03 AeroGT watch and the AeroGT concept car are super technology and high performance. This chronograph reflects the nature of the car watch. The orange hue reviews the AeroGT body with a diameter of 42 mm More sporty, more streamlined.

Open dial composed of layers, to bring a deep impression on the watch. At the same time, the skull body is designed to allow a glimpse through the movement while making it lighter. This slowdown can also be seen in the car. For this watch, the purpose is to highlight the complexity of the watch motor and beauty. The AeroGT concept car also allows its mechanics to be envious, they are located under the smoke window.

BR 03-94 AeroGT Orange with quilted leather strap, reminiscent of luxury cars. Miniature perforation and orange topstitching memories of the best sports car replica Hublot Big Bang Watches


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Bell and Ross BR 03-94 AeroGT

Inspired by its new AeroGT concept car, Bell & Ross introduced two limited edition BR 03-94 AeroGT watches.

Bell and Ross Creative Director Bruno Bellamitch in the 2015 B-Rocket motorcycle after the success of this year dream of a car project: AeroGT concept car, Grand Tourer vehicles and planes between the cross. Bell and Ross are keen to design, the first is a watch company. The brand has been from this concept car was a direct inspiration, creating two 500 limited edition BR 03 AeroGT watch.

Like the body of the AeroGT project, these two models use polished satin stainless steel case, which is characterized by improved shape and proportion, creating a clearer, more sporty design. Transparent dials are multi-level to create deep effects and enjoyable pleasures. The watch’s BR 03-94 AeroGT chronograph has an inner ring with a speed scale, which is used primarily to calculate the speed of the car. In order to ensure the best clarity of the indications, even under extreme road conditions, Superluminova® can also use hours and minutes of hands.

Case: polished satin steel, waterproof to 100 meters
Size: 42mm
Movement: mechanical self-winding (BR-CAL.319 caliber, 42h power reserve)
Function: hours, minutes, small seconds, large date, chronograph, speedometer scale
Dial: Hollow, metal applied hourmarkers
Strap: perforated black calfskin and polished satin finish steel red pipe and ultra-resistant black synthetic canvas, pin buckle




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Zodiac Defy El Primero 21

When you do not leave, you can not really call it back. But, when Joyful returned to the market, in preparation for the 21st century it was added to one of its most famous models, the groundbreaking “El Primero” another modern flavor.

At present, the zenith company also temporarily appointed Hubble’s chairman, TAG Heuer’s chief executive Jean – Claude Beaver (Jean-Claude Biver). Last Updated: During this period, the zenith finally determined who their new CEO was. They chose Julien Tornare, who had been linked to Vacheron Constantin in the past 17 years. He was first supervised in the US and Swiss boutiques, then in the Asia Pacific boutique on the 13th. Although not as charming as Jean-Claude Biver, but perhaps he will pick up to continue to cultivate some of his characteristics, because the Biver is said to be in the foreseeable future is still involved in Zenith. Or he can be surprised by his own personal vision, because he is now replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Watches


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At the same time, Jean-Claude Bien’s models decided to remove the “Defi” Defy from the back of the zenith, although the name swaps had occurred in 1969, but Only for some sports watches. So even though they can change them again, they have decided to reintroduce it and introduce a series of modern improvements, and re-adjust and save the “Defy” nickname, which is the first batch of this new watch The And is completely different from the original predecessor, is not considered necessary, because only in the late 90s of the 20th century was replica ZENITH PILOT 11.2431.679/27.C793 watch



44mm shell can be used: titanium or ceramic aluminum, with a transparent vest, you can watch the new movement of the internal work. More specifically, the two models have titanium alloy, while the third model has ceramic aluminum. These conditions have been done alternately by drawing and polishing the surface, especially worthy of attention to the titanium version. They are equipped with oversized rectangular chronograph faders, an angled housing and a flat baffle. These watches are waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet).



Time is displayed on the aluminum version of the open skeleton dial: the titanium plate can open or close the dial. All versions use hour index tags and are equipped with three sub dials: 3 o’clock 30 minutes; 9 o’clock; and seconds at 6 o’clock and one tenth of a Breitling AVENGER HURRICANE replica Watches

There is also a power storage indicator, at 12 o’clock position under the zenith star and mark the chronograph. All hand and hour index markers have been coated with ultrafine fluorescein to improve legibility.

Zodiac Defy El Primero 21
This “Zenith Defy El Primero 21” (reference) consists of an automatic winding mechanical movement, El Primero 9004 movement, 53 gems, 203 parts and 36,000 Vph. The power reserve of the watch can last up to 50 hours, completely


We have encountered a new caliber in this version that was actually rated “El Primero 21” for the 21st century. An important feature of its concept is “double-stranded” construction, with two balancing wheels, gears and clockwork; one intended to power the timer and the other to provide chronographs.

Installed on these watches is a black rubber strap, black crocodile leather lining, through the double folding deployment buckle fixed on the wrist, matching the version of the material. This watch should be open to the public by the end of 2017.



Movement Automatic
Case Stainless steel,round
Bracelet Nubuck
Dial Color Grey
Diameter 45 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number 11.2431.679/27.C793