Concord C Lab Series
Item No.: 0320071
Case Size: 48.5 mm
Case: Titanium White gold
Strap: Vulcarbonized rubber
Movement: Hand-winding


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In 2011, Concorde, the King of the table very creative explosive C in the LAB series team once again to create a unique and bold provocation Quartet: C1 Tourbillon POP gravity, Collector’s Edition. 48.5mm thick 18.5mm titanium case, these eye-catching watch with aluminum grill frame, very tough, hollowed out the main theme of the shelf Diameter Ebel watches bright blue, pink, yellow – and then POP Pop Art 4 Psychedelic color green, pop moving changes.

The flyback timer deliberately ignores the second hand and selects hours and minutes to increase the clarity of the reading. Finally, the power reserve indicator gives his assistant a confidence index that shows the balance wheel’s amplitude, allowing the user to control the winding tension and maintain the accuracy of the watch perfectly.




copy Richard Mille RM 037 watches.The Concorde Concorde Table Solid Degradation case removes the traditional maverick design and technology as a barrier that closely fits the edge of the bezel and decorative parts of the groove to protect the thick sapphire crystal glass,

POP Pop Art combines material or other objects to subvert the tradition, breaking down art and pop art. Art School School of Breguet Watches The work of the pope style, once again strongly expressed determination to build watches and clocks, combined with the most advanced technology and engineering progress bold experimental spirit.

POP Pop Art Tribute Through these highly expressive works POP Pop Art – In the material from the context of the out of context, or with other objects, to subvert the traditional, Chopin watch, break art and popular art estrangement art school – Concorde Concorde again Strongly expressed determination to build watches and clocks, combined with the most advanced technology and engineering progress of the bold experimental spirit.


Concord Saratoga, 25 years of excellence

copy watches for sale.To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its popular Saratoga Watch collection, Concord recently re-lines. From the Concorde 20 new car in Doha, Qatar’s capital was premiered. The Swiss company introduced the new Saratoga line to the past and present of the fusion, combining their traditional design with elegance and modernity.

The new watches all include a stainless steel case, the Swiss quartz movement, and the face with anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The main model is 9.15 mm tall and 40 mm in diameter to enter the case. These designs are available in silver or black mosaic D ‘Savigny Colored Dial design. There is also a selection of dark blue or white mother of pearl dial sets. The deployment buckle is also the same as the stainless steel case, and each Saratoga is 50 meters (3 ATM) water resistant. Concorde Saratoga Traps are generally platinum.

Women’s Saratoga pattern is similar, but provided in white or pink pearl dial with Fritillaria set. Slightly higher than the men ‘s models, the women’ s models all range from 31mm diameter to the surface of the watch and are included in the alternating hour markers, which have a total weight of 0.9 carats to determine the offer for six diamonds.copy Breitling Professional Watches



Concorde Saratoga Plus also offers models with 18K white gold or rose gold chains and diamond inlays. The reference price for these models is $ 933,000 for the platinum model and $ 1,023,000 for the white / rose gold model. The Saratoga range includes a patented crown protection device with each purchase, and each watch is delivered in a fully handmade wooden case certificate.

Launched in 1986, Concorde Saratoga has been designed for sport and fashion. The series was named after the thoroughbred race track in New York called Saratoga Springs, where the elite gathered place to place bets, often sporting watches by Concord. Was chosen for its history as this special track, as it is the oldest official venue in the United States organized by the sport. Concord is also largely aligned with the Middle East racing, so Qatar is opening. Through these two associations, Concorde Saratoga has made a name for itself in the horseracing world as an exclusive luxury sports watch. Internationally recognized, the Concord Saratoga series blows away the competition, due to the high quality of work and the traditional design work devoted to each individual hour meter. High-profile customers in the Middle East have been very loyal to the Concorde brand, horse racing is a passion among the more.





Introduction of the URWERK UR-210 “Maltese Eagle”: Includes very high efficiency primary winding complications

The great complications of most clocks – the split-second chronograph, the perpetual calendar, the tourbillon, etc. – were dreamed up in the nineteenth-century candlelight workshop. It’s not too frequent that we get some real new. But with the UR-210, the excellent, crazy scientists at URWERK have done that and gave us a world-first winding efficiency index.

REPLICA URWERK UR-210 UR-210 RG WATCH.URWERK is best known for their current, iconic satellite systems, which are integrated into the reverse-jump minutes display hour indicator. This architecture still exists for the UR-210, but revels a little bit. The minute hand is a three-dimensional cage inspired by the Maltese Eagle’s beak (which is what the URWERK guy calls the UR-210) and is completely engulfed in the hourly satellites that it is moving along a 120 degree arc. The hand looks odd (in the best way), but the 3-micron tolerance is ground in aluminum and in an ultra-light weight of 0.302 g. Using a center spring and a ruby bearing system, the flyback takes only 0.1 seconds per hour of change. 1 am is the traditional indicator of 39-hour power reserve.



If you are sitting around the house in the afternoon or all day at your desk stuck, you may find your hand hovering in the red zone, refueling the power reserve means that you are using the storage capacity of the watch. But through the airport skillfully, run errands in the town, or enjoy a push into the green at night, which means you are generating electricity faster than you consume it.replica BRM R-50-T watches

Now the real star for the show. Opposite to the power reserve, in 11 am, is the world’s first winding efficiency index. The appearance is simple, with one-hand drifting (-) bending between the green (+) and red ends of the scale. You may be mistaken for a power reserve if you do not know any better, but the actual measurement of this size is consumed by the difference between the energy generated by the spring in two hours. Because your other nerds are there, it’s just like a power reserve indicator.


So you this information? Very simply, you adjust the rotor to ensure that the energy out of the energy is a good proportion. The URWERK offers a regimen case back that allows you to dial the efficiency of the rotor. At full efficiency, any movement will receive a deposit reserve, while a reduced position of the air turbine compressor is engaged to slow down the rotor movement, thereby avoiding excessive winding and wear down the mechanism. If you wish, you can even stop and turn the watch into the manual winder.REPLICA HARRY WINSTON watches



While there must be such a complex practical interest, it is invisible things that most inspire us. Essentially the winding efficiency indicator shows how you interact with the watch in a very specific way. It will tell you as much about your own sport life as it does on the movement of the watch. “This watch will open a new chapter in the development of our complications,” URWERK’s Felix Paulana said. “It’s not just a measure of the universal value of a primitive way, but it starts a real dialogue between the watch and the wearer.”

Fortunately, the UR-210 is not some distant concept watch. We will certainly be left to do the development of this story as you replica watches


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UR‐210 ‐ Technical Specifications from URWERK

Material: Titanium and steel
Dimensions: Width 43.8mm, length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm
Glasses: Sapphire crystal
Surface finishes: Satin finish

Escapement: Swiss lever
Balance: Monometallic
Winding system: Self‐winding coupled to turbines

Patented revolving satellite complication with wandering hour and three‐dimensional retrograde minute hand; power reserve indicator; winding efficiency indicator (patent pending). Super‐LumiNova treatment on markers, dials, indexes, hands, and satellites

Two‐position winding crown
On the back: winding efficiency selector



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HUBLOT table classic fusion timing Chelsea watch 2010, HUBLOT table pulls Wang Lankun huge impressive coup when the marketing coup, but the charm of the watch brand finally against big companies, becoming the 2010 World Cup in South Africa’s official time. The World Cup, which takes place every four years, has been watched by more than a billion people all over the world. And thanks to HUBLOT table brand highlights in every game, those who do not know what Swiss watch manufacturers do soon. Football has become an important marketing device for Hublot, as well as their recent unveiling of the new Hublot Classic Fusion Timing Chelsea watch, the official watch of the Chelsea Football Club has been strengthened with the Sports Association.

For their partnership with Chelsea, HUBLOT table released Hublot Classic fusion timing Chelsea watches. The classic fusion situation is a more restrained and elegant version of their ranting big bang situation, relatively speaking, of course, and perhaps more suitable for the dazzling area Hail Football Club from Chelsea, London. However, despite the more elegant version of the popular Big Bang, classic fusion cases are still strikingly on the wrist. In the case of Hublot Classic fusion timing Chelsea watches, we have what is characteristic of fine satin and mirror finish machined with large, 45mm all titanium metal case.replica Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

The dial of this watch clearly Chelsea football club color, which is nicknamed the “blue”. Dial with a large three-dimensional time-scale blue sun-ray polished. The 12 o’clock mark has been replaced by a Chelsea club crown that found the Lions. The watch has a see through sapphire case back, also has a Chelsea club crest print. Table beat Hublot HUB1143 self-winding chronograph movement. Made out of 280 components, it has a 42-hour power reserve and is a staple in classic fusion line sports.replica watches for sale


Buy Replica Hublot CLASSIC FUSION YACHT CLUB MONACO 521.NX.5117.LR.YCM11 watch



Now, I have to admit that Chelsea did not do so well last season, but then again, last season was a little shocking because outsiders Leicester City won the league out of all odds. If you are not familiar with English football, the banker gives Leicester a [5000-1] to win the league title – this is how an astonishing price last season. However, it is undeniable that Chelsea in the past two decades made great progress. From the side of the table often neglected in the middle, Chelsea has now been regarded as one of the world ‘s football giants, is recognized as the winning conviction. And with tactical savvy Italian Conti at the helm of today, Chelsea eagerly avenged and must be seen as the challenger for the upcoming season championship.replica Richard Mille RM 069 Watches

And HUBLOT table cooperation is appropriate. Like Chelsea, Hublot has made significant strides in the near term. It launched the big bang in 2005 and was quickly acquired by LVMH in 2008. Since then, the brand has launched its own internal automatic timing movement M & A case, and also released several interesting watches, including all sapphire Hublot Big Bang UNICO sapphire watch (hands here) and stunning MP-05 The Ferrari Laferrari watch (hands-on here) has a 50 day power reserve.

All in all, Hublot classic fusion timing Chelsea watches look like a great watch added to the collection of any Chelsea fans. HUBLOT table classic fusion timing Chelsea watches are limited to only 200 pieces, and will have a special blue leather strap with rubber lining.replica Urwerk Watches



Get to know Double Tourbillon technology from High Perfus 30 ° Bicolor

replica BREITLING NAVITIMER WATCHES.The double tourbillon technology 30 ° two-color is the first invention of the high Perpheus, double tourbillon 30 °, which is the first to build a more traditional style and classical architecture of the watch re-interpretation. Now, the company offers a new way to appreciate the intriguing contrasts between the rose gold case and the sporty deep chrome plating of the case. This is a unique version of the watch in just 22 minutes.

The heart of the mechanism
The double-body Tourbillon technology 30 ° bi-color, high Perpheus’s first basic invention of the original and innovative interpretation of the double tourbillon 30 °, reconfigured its diametrically opposed style to its architecture while providing mechanical skills demonstration .,The unique architecture draws you to the entry mechanism. Synthetic Sapphire Crystal is a window-view animation miniature world, pieces worthy of the name of the puzzle that takes your eyes from under a set of gears. The details of each component reveal themselves as your eyes explore watches.

Transparency and Harmony
This particular watch is the perfect embodiment of the high Perfussian ideal and spirit: Transparency is above all else. Each element of the mechanism is magnified not overwhelm its neighbors, but the core of this watch is still double Tourbillon 30 °.

As the tribute to the watchmaker’s ancestral craft, but tightly planted in the 21st century, the new mechanism has been incorporated into this watch, especially the four barrels, connected to the power reserve poor, can provide 120 hours of running time.replica Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 370 watches



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When the wind moves, you can see the bucket rotating over once. Transparent sapphire crystal rings, engraved on the hour scale, only occupy the inner edge of the baffle, so that the light reaches each level of the mechanism. For refinement, equal attention is applied to the hands, which opens the transparency. The fan-shaped power reserve indicator can be found at 3 o’clock, and the small seconds hand at the 9 o’clock position of the circular dial, with its bright red hand that can symbolize the air and life, illustrating our thirst for technology modern.

With this watch the open architecture of the brand once again tried to publicly demonstrate its mysterious art. In its invention High Perfus and Efforts are not only for the supreme workmanship, quality and reliability, but also for the well-known. The double tourbillon technology 30 ° bi-color by sharing. That’s what the company promised to put in the black ADLC board on the left side of the case in the mail. The words express the brand’s full commitment to the art and taking forward, as well as the firm will to reflect the complex structure of the movement. But it is fundamentally an issue that needs to share its infinite passion for precise timing. On the coronal side, a set of key words summarizes these basic values.replica Greubel Forsey Watches



Luxury Replica Greubel Forsey 2015 GMT BLACK ADLC TITANIUM Men WATCH Sale


This philosophical framework provides the greatest expression of the movement’s decoration. Sharp interior angles are cut and hand finished. By convention, the main plywood and bridges are frosted nickel silver with black chrome plating. Tuo flywheel bridge is still steel, beveled and flat black hand-polished. It contrasts with the new hand of gold in the rose gold match.

In this case, the measurement of 47.5 mm by 16.84 mm, which is the story of the present invention, is described by a side plate coated with black amorphous diamond-like carbon (ADLC) titanium. The spherical aberration at High Perfus can be found at 1:30, which is located at 3 o’clock in the direction of the power storage indicator, with its swan neck bridge and mouth of the hand. The double tourbillon at 21,600 v / h 30 ° beat: The program’s star can be found at 6 o’clock. Its first carriage horizontally rotates in four minutes; its second, tilted at 30 °, revolves around in a minute. The small second hand is shown at 9 o’clock. Finally, at 11 o’clock, fast rotation, with anti-tension over-protection superimposed four buckets to counterbalance double tourbillon. They provide a total run time of 160 hours with 120 hours of accurate timekeeping. The striking center is firmly supported by the hands of the special tripod structure. At the last glance, a similar structure supports the spherical difference of the winding system on the moving side.replica Versace watches



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Cabestan Observations of the North

Cabestan replica watches.Cabestan in 2010 brought us something new. A fantastic new design talent designer watch Jean-François Ruchonnet dreamed. Yes, of course, the wristwatch is similar to Cabestan’s previous model, the winch vertical tourbillon watch – but in fact is more affordable (relatively speaking of course). Lost is the tourbillon, complex winch and double sapphire crystal watch on the surface of the movement. In addition, instead of the fuze chain transmission is a new gear shaft style transmission. Cabestan watches are incredibly good finished and made. This is largely due to its internal master technologist Eric Kudley. Who needs the incredible pride in all of his work in line with the classic clock manufacturer.

swiss cheap watches.The idea of the North Magic ship is much easier to get, mechanically attractive and user friendly. In addition, Cabestan loves foothold in the name and design ideas from the classic alien movie spaceship. Time is very easy to read. There are a few drums on which are engraved the digital dial. These are used to indicate hours, minutes, and seconds. There is a fourth drum used to indicate the power reserve for 50 hours. Cabestan has the complications of including jump time, making reading time more handy. Thanks to the new interior, the CAB Caliber 160 PG manual winding movement is designed. The movement of the bridge was done in black with a lot of polished steel mechanics. This is a prominent feature. Look at the right side of the dial to find the awesome drive shaft (it is also viewed through the side right sapphire crystal window). This will move the power from the barrel to the rest of the movement.




Winding watches are simpler than the previous Cabestan watch. The top right winch is unscrewed and popped up – turning it into a standard crown winding and adjusting the watch. Winch vertical tourbillon actually (later model) actually came up with a separate winch winding device. The entire case (do not know the right size, but I think no winder is greater than 40mm) is black PVD coated titanium. Note the presence of this sapphire crystal on the dial and again on both sides of the watch as well as the rear – for the best possible view of the

One of the coolest parts of Nordemo watches is what happened in the dark. Unlike just Luminant’s hand and most digital watches, the Nordstrom has been luminous in motion and the strap itself is used in many places. Our idea is that the interior of the bridge has been Luminant, and in a variety of small areas to create depth in the dark sensation. Like things in our science fiction universe, Cabestan Nordemo means crazy glow at night. Cabestan owner and Ruchonnet feel it looks cool to the club. Inside Luminant’s seemingly black do not look pale in the daylight.

What you are left with is a very cool design and classic movement, although its execution is unorthodox. Unlike many brands that offer fun sports and make you worry afters aftersales service, Cabestan is a real watch maker, who is there to serve your own works. HUBLOT BIG BANG TUTTI FRUTTI WATCHES cheap



Technical details straight from Cabestan:


        Chengdu high tech Zone Innovation Center Director Li Gang told reporters, Chengdu hi tech Zone Innovation Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the center is to promote scientific and technological innovation) and cultivate high-tech enterprises and entrepreneurs for the purpose of the technological innovation service agencies. And the sea, like Chen Yuanwei

Chengdu high tech Zone Innovation Center Director Li Gang told reporters, Chengdu hi tech Zone Innovation Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the center is to promote scientific and technological innovation) and cultivate high-tech enterprises and entrepreneurs for the purpose of the technological innovation service agencies. And returnees entrepreneurs such as Chen Yuanwei,, Chengdu hi tech incubator Park abound.

fast travel online accelerator will it cost for the Chengdu high tech Zone to build Tianfu big brands hatch Tianfu Entrepreneurship Forum completed the inaugural, Abstract: Chengdu high tech Zone Innovation Center Director Li Gang told reporters, Chengdu hi tech Zone Innovation Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the center is to promote scientific and technological innovation) and cultivate high-tech enterprises and entrepreneurs for the purpose of technological innovation service agencies the. And returnees entrepreneurs such as Chen Yuanwei, Chengdu hi tech incubator Park abound.

long ancient Shu, set the aura of heaven and earth, gather the essence of the landscape. For thousands of years, this piece of land with its winding posture, become the legendary interpretation of many gorgeous stage, too many grand Albert cast. Today, Tianfu business forum is like a bright pearl, with the advantage of giving the land of abundance, with its majestic momentum to rise rapidly, and flying wings.

Chengdu hi tech Zone Technology Innovation Service Center

chapter one: Entrepreneurship and innovation, the dual interpretation of

long Tianfu, rain mingtuo River, towering Longmen, Si Nai homeland." Tianfu the name for having heard it many times. The fourth century BC, the king of Zhaoqian Shu Shu capital to Sichuan plain, from the king of Zhou Qianqi a year into the poly, two years into the town, three years in Chengdu "," Chengdu "in the name, after the Western Han Dynasty, Sui and Tang Dynasties, modern times, two thousand years so far. Chengdu high tech Zone Development Planning Secretary Tang Jiqiang interpretation from the perspective of the history of "the land of abundance" of the origin, and to analyze the use of "three dimensions". "The first is the historical dimension of Tianfu, second is from the perspective of industry Tianfu, third innovation and entrepreneurship." He said, from the farming culture, to the industry to Tianfu, innovation of Chengdu, more than two thousand years, this piece of land in Chengdu there are many ancient martyrs, they created a glorious civilization with diligence and wisdom, today we are in a different way, with new innovation and entrepreneurship to return to this land, uphold the legacy martyrs.

Chengdu high tech Zone Innovation Center Director Li Gang told reporters, Chengdu hi tech Zone >

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        accompanied by American DreamWorks Animation 2011 year blockbuster "Kung Fu Panda 2" upcoming momentum, kung fu panda wave struck again. Recently, the British media group formally with the United States DreamWorks Animation Company signed copyright cooperation agreement, jointly enter the Chinese

accompanied by American DreamWorks Animation 2011 year blockbuster "Kung Fu Panda 2" upcoming momentum, kung fu panda wave struck again. Recently, the British media group formally with the United States DreamWorks Animation Company signed copyright cooperation agreement, jointly enter the Chinese children cartoon books market, create a new festival Chinese children cartoon books. British media group has thus become the only one China DreamWorks authorized publishers, exclusive publishing the DreamWorks animated film genuine books.


Kung Fu Panda 2 "series of cartoon books tribute children’s mobile phone movie Kung Fu Panda 2, in this cooperation, the British media group won the 6 DreamWorks animated movie derivatives books in the area Chinese exclusive publishing authorization. These 6 movies include "Shrek 4", "Kung Fu Panda 2", "Madagascar 3", "Puss in boots," the guardian "and" Claude ". In the film as the material, the British media group launched the cartoon books related to color fill class, class, education, new hard paper books and posters and other forms. Series is designed to add joy to the lives of children, and help adults continue innocence, is a set of interesting and enlightening works. It is reported that the "Shrek 4" and "Kung Fu Panda 2" two movie series cartoon book plans to enter the market at the end of May.

mobile phone movie Kung Fu Panda 2 books into entertainment and learning in one, to achieve the perfect combination of knowledge and interest, to lead children traveling magic fairy tale world at the same time, can achieve the growth of knowledge, learning English, enhance practical ability, develop imagination and enhance the art performance. In addition, the book’s illustrations are from the dream factory Gallery, the picture is exquisite, vivid color, beautifully designed, so that children can enjoy the value of reading in the visual aesthetic enjoyment.

the British media group and DreamWorks joined forces to provide ways to create DreamWorks boutique children cartoon books: on the one hand, the perfect pursuit of art and technology in the DreamWorks film production, produced a large number of well known classic animated films; on the other hand, as the first British media group the state-owned enterprise invested, covering news and publishing media group, has a wealth of news and publishing experience, have very strong talent, technology and the strength of the issue. This cooperation will provide our readers with a series of excellent children’s animation books, and add a valuable wealth for China’s children’s education.

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        Washington (reporter Chen Zhaoxia) in July 28th,, 2010 Chinese international port Culture Festival, China automated scientific research institute and Ningbo people and culture media Co., Ltd. signed on "modern CG model application research and development of high-end video industry strategic cooperation agreement

newspaper news (reporter Chen Zhaoxia) in July 28th, 2010 Chinese international port Culture Festival, China Academy of Sciences Institute of automation and the people of Ningbo culture media Co., Ltd. signed on "modern high-end video application development CG new industry strategic cooperation agreement", recently, China Bank branch in Ningbo City, and the people and the company signed in the next 5 years a total of 500 million yuan of credit cooperation, support the long-term development of enterprises. "This credit on the support of cultural industries in Ningbo city for the first time in the province is also rare, suggesting that the city’s financial industry began to boost cultural industry, also means that our cultural industry is an emerging industry ushered in the development of a good time." This is the evaluation of the industry.

Chinese Academy of Sciences and the international animation to build China dream factory! 26 sets of TV drama, the bank: optimistic about the development of the cultural industry

culture industry has characteristics of long cycle, high investment, high risk, cultural enterprises and financial institutions of fixed assets limited creative and intangible assets such as intellectual property is difficult to assess the impact of other factors, the past has been more difficult to obtain bank credit support, and the China Bank branch in Ningbo City, can make 500 million yuan of credit intent a set up less than half of the company, for what consideration?

in March 19th this year, the people’s Bank of Chinese, jointly with the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of culture and other 9 departments jointly issued the "guidance" on the financial support of cultural industry promotion and development and prosperity, this is the first comprehensive macro financial policy support for cultural industry development and prosperity of the guidance document of our country, it means that the depth of cooperation between policy support the financial and cultural industries. Deputy governor of the Bank of China Ningbo branch, said: "the historical and cultural city of Ningbo has a rich cultural heritage and cultural resources, cultural industry has a great development and upgrading of space. The global financial crisis triggered by the economic cold wave, the cultural industry bucked the trend in our city, the promoting growth of the national economy and the transformation of the increasingly prominent role. The rapid development of cultural industries requires financial support, but also for the development of the financial industry has opened up a new field."

26 sets of spring TV reporter learned that the Bank of China branch in Ningbo to support the cultural industry has been steadily increased. Previously, the animated classic "black cat Sheriff" in the movie production and post marketing, facing the mortgage conditions is not sufficient, for a number of financial institutions to support the fruit of the dilemma, the Ningbo branch of Bank of decisive 2 million yuan of loans, the financial institutions in Ningbo area in the first film credit support.

Luxury Replica Urwerk UR-105TA CLOCKWORK ORANGE men watch price at


URWERK UR-105 TA “Clockwork Orange”


Urwerk UR-105TA ORANGE replica watch.In its latest iteration of the UR-105TA series, URWERK’s founders share one of their cultural inspiration and offer yet another sensational timepiece for those with alternative fun. Basel Watch Fair During 2016, Carl Idi, fan of the brand and contributing writer, enjoyed a handsome and handsome experience with URWERK’s delightful “Clockwork Orange” which led to this enthusiastic review.


In 1971, Stanley Kubrick directed the interference, but the powerful, groundbreaking film “Clockwork Orange”. Several films before, or indeed because it has been such a huge impact on the audience, and the establishment of praise. The central character “Alex DeLarge”, written by Malcolm McDowell, remains one of the most iconic figures in film history, and his story proves challenging for many viewers, which is certainly brave, At the time, McDowell and Kubrick entered the controversial limelight. In various fields, especially art, the pursuit of the norms of challenge brings the notoriety, admiration and ultimate high respect. In the relatively conservative world of tabulation, the same ability, along with many other ingredients needed to break through the brand, earning the top table in the watch, a seat URWERK, Swiss independent watchmaking company, is certainly such an entity. Its cool and charismatic bosses, Martin Frey and Felix Baumgartner, are accurate and innovative sports as well as border-pushing designs that have been over-the-top watch lovers for the past two decades.



This is not surprising, so it is Kubrick’s film that URWERK owners love so much that it has inspired these watchmakers to create a special “Clockwork Orange” version of the UR105 Turbo Auto.


There are so many iconic elements that this watch, no more than the prospect of the future, from the knight’s breastplate, not only in form but also in its indestructible function to get inspiration, the case is titanium, saved as a scrub Stainless steel bezel is PVD coated in dark matte black.



Around the rim of the bezel, the large beveled screw head gives the impression that it rises up to the box, enhancing the appearance of the armor is sturdy and durable, which is designed to withstand the toughest and most difficult of the modern Crusades to maintain the original state Case. The Clockwork Orange is an iteration of the UR-105TA series, still faithful to the original size. In-depth 16.8 mm, on both sides of its carrying “barbecue dish” effect, industrial, but feast for the eyes, function, continue in the anti-clock-their own modern art works.

One of the most striking visual features of this watch is the twin turbines. They are displayed by reversing the sapphire crystal window and are rotated according to the selected user settings. The great feature of the greatest watchmaker is that no detail left behind is ignored, whether it is on display or hidden. The UR-105TA’s turbines are a secluded secret and the owner of the mesmerise will no doubt be hidden.



With a fairly modest width of 39.5 mm, it is possible that the length of the UR-105TA may be surprising. A huge 53mm will usually sound alarm bells for many prospective owners, however, it is mainly due to the ingenious, it seems in this case perfectly suitable for display. One of the key elements of the upgrade is the two-bit deep groove. Typically, when the crown is positioned at the traditional 12 o’clock to extend the size of their case. URWERK ingeniously concave crown into the crown of this watch into the top of the shell, allowing it to carry decadent large scale does not divorce from the overall aesthetic replica watches

Naturally, the sapphire crystal has an ‘antireflective’ coating and fully reveals the internal features of the UR-105TA, but its shape, much like a box-like whole, is so unique that it violates the tradition of clock design.



I have a feeling that if URWERK was already there, Milan La Cannono, a fashion designer for the “Clockwork Orange” movie, would have thought that the furniture “Alex DeLarge” was the perfect accessory while matching his Lifestyle, his shameless youth self-confidence.

URWERK has built an impressive reputation for producing remarkable quality watches with the ability to express distinctly unique ways of time. Under the hood, as expected, there is also a prominent movement, however, as is the significant part of the face. First to highlight the association with Harry Winston, (leading to the famous works 5), the Wandering Hours satellite system has become one of URWERK’s trademark watch expressions. At UR-105TA, the time is indicated by the use of four smoked black aluminum discs. Each decorated with a three-hour scale, painted in a warm orange super luminous ®, provides a striking contrast to deep black tones on the rest of the watch. There are carved polished circular black polyether ether ketone (PEEK) canopy sitting on top of the disc. Its material is extremely lightweight, easy to use, and has a low coefficient of friction. Four ‘cuts’ in the crown reveal hour markers as they slowly turn in place. The tiny indicator lines emanate from the hour, showing the exact time as satellites gracefully follow the arc of the minute train ride.hublot mp-05 laferrari replica




URWERK created the design, which brought huge and unique visual impact. URWERK successfully challenged mainstream design capabilities to be part of the company’s DNA, and truly set it apart as one of the key figures in the world of watches. In fact, look at its history, URWERK has repeatedly in the field of watches and clocks to provide development.

However, as in the Stanley Kubrick film, “Clockwork Orange” may claim universal appeal to prove too radical, the UR-105TA has an alluring and tactile industry, using less traditional, color accents, Charming multi-layer The entire watch is obvious.

Even for those more traditional tastes, the special mechanism of the UR-105TA’s heart beats alone wins respect. For URWERK fans and watch lovers fortunate enough to afford a clockwork orange, the biggest challenge, as always, will be a masterpiece of these watches, taking into account that only a few pieces of this spectacular watch will be modified.replica MB&F LM PERPETUAL watches



Technical specification

Model: Urwerk UR-105 TA Clockwork Orange
Movement – UR 5.02 Self winding mechanical
Power reserve – 48 hours
Case – Titanium body / Brushed and PVD coated steel bezel
Case size – Height 53mm, Width 39mm, Depth 16.8mm
Dial – Aluminium Hour satellites with a PEEK canopy
Glass – sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Band – Black nylon with pin and buckle fastening






MB & F HM4 Thunder Watch announced you have not thought about what an MB & F pilot watch looks like, then this is your answer. In fact, the brand spankin “new watchmaking machine 4 (hm4)” thunderbolt “watch dial is actually using the classic pilots style design completed.I love MB & F how to present this small memorial to those pilots with classic MB & F distortions, Including for the figures and the hands of the font. Like all clocks and watches machine, the watch point is not mainly looking at the time, but the celebration is a machine, a machine, about the time I first covered the HM4 here When all the MB & F Let me show is exercise.



According to MB & F, the main inspiration behind Thunderbolt watches is the A-10 airliner – although many speculate it is some more sci-fi-origin. In fact, ‘Thunderbolt’ is just one of the names and nicknames that get off the plane, but it’s the official name and there may be a “best” in the table. Other options “warthog” and “tank killer”. Whether it is particularly good for high-end watches, according to MB & F is certainly concerned. You can see two pictures I have put in this article for the A-10 aircraft. The HM4 is the location of two large, top-mounted jet engines with turbines, and they want to do an aerial theme after-watch theme. By the way, the A-1O is an awesome aircraft. It has been used for decades and is one of the most powerful air-to-ground attack aircraft of the US military (that is not a specialized bomber, which has many advantages of a bomber). Always exciting is the huge nose mounted Gatling machine gun. The plane is also really strong, with more armor than other aircraft. Because of its heavy weight, it has those large engines to help it take off and fly as much as possible.MB&F HM4 replica watches





If you think a lot of titanium watches are used, the A-10 has about 900 pound titanium armored cages for the cockpit and instrumentation. Titanium is also used as HM4 Perak watch case material. One of the most complex cases ever achieved by MB & F, in which case the “engine tube” is obtained by a series of parts with two unique strap connection bodies and sapphire segments. The case is 52 mm long, and 24 mm high by 54 mm wide. The watch has more than 300 tiny, polished, and beloved components – only in motion. The Thunder case is made up of another 65 copies. This design allows for some very clever use of alternative polish and brushed surfaces. It also takes MB & F’s sapphire crystal to a new level of fascination. The case on top and bottom is in the movement of sapphire crystal windows, and there are very difficult to process the tapered tube around the sapphire section mentioned earlier. There are 5 sapphire crystals on the shell, and it takes about 100 hours for each watch to be individually machined.

HARRY WINSTON replica watches.You can easily see the HM4 moving left and right inside the various angles. Movement is beautiful things – designed specifically for the case, very symmetrical. It has a 72 hour power reserve. This is MB & F has created one of the most artistic machines of all time. At the top of the movement (visible through the sapphire crystal) is the balance wheel, and on the other side of the watch is visible through the gears that are MB & F’s visible signs of Tomahawk shapes. The movement is manually wound.




You will notice that each tube (MB & F calls them “pods”), which has a crown at its end. One crown for the winding watch, and the other for the adjustment of the time. Based on what the crown is placed on, it should be obvious what one of them does. Thunderbolt has only two functions. It tells the passage of hours and minutes of time and has the power to store the display. Worn on the wrist, the angle of the two discs should be able to wear, so easy to read the watch, without turning the wrist. This watch feels more like a tool than any previous MB & F watch. This is really a wonderful machine.cheapest watches

The dial of the watch is the style of the pilot watch like I said. With the triangle and two points 12 o’clock hour indicator complete. The special future font used by MB & F is the Arabic hour number, while the hands feel familiar to the brand. The black dial is contrasting with the hour markers and the hands of the white luminous Luminant.




MB & F spent a lot of time seeming to work with the band. One end of the cool and flexible bulge looks like a thick, black leather in a cone-shaped (fully pilot-style watch). Detailing on the watch is impressive, while the movement and the case work together in a satisfying harmony, the brand will certainly charm the existing and new fans. MB & F will have special services for all 4 people who have mechanical watches from MB & F watches. For owners of such “quad-core”, MB & F will be engraved on a special plaque, which will continue to move their names.

The MB & F HM4 Thunderbolt will not be a limited edition watch, but will produce in limited quantities about 25-35 pieces per year. There will be 20 watches in the middle of the HM4’s 2010 range in the horological machine range, for $ 158,000. I will get my hand this watch is about to be fully exposed to the greatest possibility.




Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt — Technical Specifications from MB&F:


Three-dimensional horological engine developed 100% by MB&F
Manual winding with two mainspring barrels in parallel
Power reserve: 72 hours


Hours, minutes and power reserve indicator
Hours and minutes on right dial, power reserve indicator on left dial
Separate crowns for time setting and winding


Grade 5 titanium and sapphire
Dimensions: 54mm wide x 52mm long x 24mm high

Sapphire crystals:

Five sapphire crystals: 2 x dials, 1 x central case section, 2 x display panels (top and bottom)

Strap & Buckle:

Black hand-stitched calfskin strap with titanium/white gold custom designed deployment buckle