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GRAHAM LONDON Chronofighter watches replica. I’ve written about before Graham watches blog. It has its roots in the British classical watchmaking (although now everything is manufactured in Switzerland) is an interesting brand. I have here is Chronofighter RAC, classic design prototype Graham, along with swordfish, Graham has come to define the style. While most people are familiar with the great series of oversized watches, but not many people know that Graham is more modest-sized products. Although a large sports watch will dominate the wrist, classic Chronofighter is crossing the boundaries between classical and elegant movement, clear English design.

The trigger mechanism of Chronofighter Graham and left hand control the timing of the signature. The idea behind this arrangement is that the pilots, to make it easier to use – reverse and trigger control to start, stop allowing you to use your right hand thumb, while wearing heavy gloves to activate the chronograph. It is said that your thumb is not cumbersome to use your index finger on the small pump split more accurate and natural. And it works – trigger additional leverage given to the action of light, positive feel and control down to the natural hand. It looks cool; the end result looks like the 1930s or 1940s, a strong military hardware.replica HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION TOURBILLON WATCHES

This is Chronofighter, in the guise of a classic like us here, reminiscent of times past …… that does not exist. I see it as a more modern steampunk design. Instead of being the Victorian era, this is a quasi-aesthetic in the 1940s, this is not something like that era, but it will not look out of place in this environment. When it has a well-finished, polished mechanical details and swoopy curves do not appear vintage or modern, but somehow it looks like in between. This is a style that looks like a designer exists only in the imagination of a bygone era. I really liked it, far more than the “modern” Chronofighter more so because they simplify the design of the trigger assembly.

Although not too large, this is the Chronofighter is a pretty big watch. 43 mm around the clock, and with a sufficient thickness, it is wearing very beautiful – big enough modern taste, but not too big. The trigger assembly design adds a lot of bulk, and (in a good way). This is a good thing they reversed the control, otherwise the trigger will continue to dig into your wrists. Left-handed users may be tempted by the layout but in fact it is designed for right-handed people wear a watch, like a U-boat.replica Chopard Mille Miglia watches

Like all Graham, finishing is impeccable. The trigger assembly is a work of art, and the fader timing through the center of the crown. Dial and case is flawless. The strap is retro look dial brown leather match. Design is not so complicated, but it is well executed.



Dial matt black finish and “aging” luminescent compound to watch vintage look fluorescence marker. Recently, this has been produced by the manufacturer and artificial patina retro hommages dial, nose rage between Bell & Ross Heritage. 12 Arabic numerals and six prominent, Graham’s signature design. Hands is a typical tip, batons, with a fine blue subdials hands. The sub-dial is completed in increased grain silver dollar flat black finish the rest of a nice contrast dial. This combination is no longer available Graham Chronofighter Fortress, which needs of the elderly by step severe weathering strap and dial has been

Exercise is a modified Valjoux caliber and bicompax (two by the terminal side of the dial) layout. In addition to upgrading and finishing a chronometer certificate, Graham added motion a wheel mechanism. This is so ubiquitous Valjoux more high-end feel, with comparable internal chronograph movement control. Putter lighter, it has a satisfactory click, which is obviously better than the standard is to attract Valjoux movement. Unfortunately, this model has a closed rear cover, so you can not admire the inside work fine. In handling some exhibitions bottom Graham I can tell you that their actions are as beautifully finished watch the rest, column-wheel modified from the use of any other company 7 75X caliber set them apart. When you’ve seen hundreds of 7750s years, seeing a column-wheel mechanism having a surprise and said that attention to detail, Graham put his watch, even if it is not visible.

So from the RAC Chronofighter is non-existent, a cool anachronism, giving it a completely unique era retro look at his watch. Size and presence is a sports watch, but the details are pure classic works, such as the classic British sports car engine compartment. It inspires Leather average pilot flying through a clear sky Spitfire and Hurricane over rolling green countryside of vision – this is what I imagined Chronofighter at home the replica watches sale



BELL & ROSS Watches Replica BR 01 B-ROCKET

BELL & ROSS Watches Replica BR 01 B-ROCKET

Brand: BELL & ROSS Watches

Movement: Self Winding/Automatic

Quality: Japanese AAA

Case: Stainless steel

Bracelet: Barenia Calfskin

Watch Clasp: Pin Buckle

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Dial Color: black

Gender: male

Diameter: 46.00mm

All our watches are water resistant but not waterproof; we do not recommend swimming with them or taking showers with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.

Richard Mille Watches Replica Bell & Ross are a watchmaker who we have a lot of time for here at Coolector HQ so whenever the release evidence of a new timepiece, we inevitably sit up and take notice. Well, imagine our delight then when we ambled across this rather miraculous looking Bell & Ross B-Rocket Watch which after a meagre 29 seconds of footage has left us in dire need of it.The eye-catching watch is certainly no shrinking violet and measures a not insignificant 46mm so if you’re after an understated timepiece then this isn’t the one for you most likely but if you’re wanting one that is positively exuding awesomeness then it’ll be right up your street. The timepiece has been released to coincide with the futuristic looking motorbike that Bell & Ross showcased a few months back and it is just impressive as that rather stunning piece of machinery.

Hublot Masterpiece Watches The padded leather straps give it a distinct motorbike aesthetic which is highly unusual for the world of horology and helps it to stand out from the crowd and the Bell & Ross B-Rocket Watch also boasts plenty of other impressive features such as a large date window, power reserve indicator and the fact that it has been crafted in conjunction with Shaw Harley Davidson. It is to be available in two different iterations that will cater for varying tastes and you can check out of few shots of this mightily impressive looking timepiece below.If you’re of a motorbiking persuasion and want a timepiece that reflects your love of two-wheeled steeds then you’ll find few better than this stunning looking timepiece from Bell & Ross.

Richard Mille RM 069 replica Bell & Ross has got everyone wondering what they are going to unveil at Baselworld 2014, not least because they have released a teasing video showing a high performance motorbike, a speed bike to be exact, that they call the B-Rocket. They didn’t completely design the B-Rocket motorcycle, because they are watchmakers not mechanics. The help of a gentleman whose surname may sound familiar when related to motorcycles, was called upon, Shaw Harley-Davidson. Bell & Ross, who are famous for their re-interpretations of vintage aviation watches, and for taking the essence of famous jet fighters and turning them into highly desirable timepieces, based on aircraft dials, describe the bike as a neo retro concept-bike. The bike has been inspired by both speed bikes from the 60s and, from the same era, the ambitious experiments in avionics at the time the US were starting to get serious about the space race.It all links back to how Bell & Ross first started. They were watch designers who had joined forces with aeronautical control panel specialists. The idea was to develop timepieces that are professional tools, made to Swiss watchmaking traditions but with a strong character that is unmistakeably Bell & Ross. with one project in mind: to create timepieces ideally suited for professional use. The watches find much empathy with men who work in extreme situations. And while sipping Baselworld latte’s is not exactly Bell & Ross’ idea of an extreme situation, even if the price is extreme, they will be keenly awaiting the opportunity to unveil their new watch to a fascinated watch world this week.

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When you reckon celebrities who own Hermes bag,replica ap watches, Victoria Beckham should bring first to your mind. Yes,, I wrote a blog about Victoria Beckham’s Hermes Birkin bag. While now Heidi Montag is giving Victoria a run for money with a collection of Hermes bag.

Hermes Bag is indeed understated elegant. Heidi spent her quality time with the lime green Hermes Birkin purse showing summer refreshing. The size is 13.8″ x 10.2″ x 7.1″inches. I think the green Hermes Kelly bag dangling from her arm is gorgeous and beautiful. I’d wear a Hermes Kelly every day. Heidi appeared to be trying to buy class,replica watches, carrying a HAC while kissing her hubby Spencer Pratt

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That is what happens when some crazy guys decide to get together,

The show is spectacular.

Let’s see that in the detail.

1/ The Military pieces, a nice bunch of some great legends,, here:

– 4 Military Tudors, all Marine Nationale, 2 Ref 94010, and 2 Ref 7924.

Here are the unavoidable Big Crowns together:

– The 2 Rolex Submariners sisters ( 5513 Marine Nationale on the left, 5517 English on the right ) :

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Replica Richard Mille RM 030 Black Rose

Replica Richard Mille RM 030 Watch RM 030 Black Rose

Model: RM 030 Black Rose
Manufactured by: Richard Mille
Series :Richard Mille RM 030 Watches
case:rose gold
cuts:50.00 x 42.70 mm

Richard Mille Watches Replica In 2011, Richard Mille presented a watch with a new technical innovation: a model called the RM 030, powered by the new automatic Caliber RMAR1, which features a so-called “declutchable” winding rotor. Now the company has released a pair of limited-edition versions of the watch to be sold exclusively in North and South America, both with prominent black elements and appropriately “dark” names: the RM 030 Black Out and the RM 030 Black Rose. As most watch savants know, the movement of an automatic wristwatch uses a small, turning rotor, activated by the motions of the watch’s wearer, to transmit energy to the winding barrel. However, it is easy to overwind the watch’s mainspring after it reaches its optimal point. Watchmakers traditionally guard against this problem by using a sliding flange that allows the spring to slip, thus preventing the movement from becoming overwound.

Hublot Masterpiece Watches However, this common system allows the build-up of harmful debris inside the winding barrel as the flange releases the excess energy of overwinding during longer periods, especially when the wearer is particularly active. This, in turn, can severely affect the watch’s accuracy. Richard Mille’s solution, which took four years to develop, was equipping a movement, Caliber RMAR1, with a rotor that declutches automatically, meaning that the winding barrel is automatically disconnected from the rotor’s winding mechanism at the moment the spring is fully wound. Additionally, this new mechanism is linked to the power-reserve indicator, which helps to provide ideal winding control. This allows both the movement and the oscillator to work with the best ratio of constant torque/power to provide the best chronometric performance.

Richard Mille RM 069 replica The first models of the Automatic RM 030 with Declutchable Rotor, which debuted at the 2011 SIHH watch fair in Geneva, were offered in titanium, white gold and rose gold cases. The two new models, now available at authorized Richard Mille retailers throughout the Americas as well as in the brand’s Beverly Hills boutique, add a new element of titanium with a black DLC (diamond-like carbon) treatment. The darker of the duo, the RM 030 Black Out, uses the black-DLC-coated titanium for its entire case. The other all-black elements include the inner bezel, the crown protector, the rubber strap with deployant buckle, and the numerals on the skeleton dial. The watch features a handful of subtle red accents, including the date aperture, the tip of the central seconds hand, and the indicators for the winding and power reserve. The RM 030 Black Rose, by contrast, uses the black-DLC titanium only for the middle caseband; the bezel and caseback are of rose gold. Here, red is also used for the date aperture, winding and power-reserve indicators, and the tip of the seconds hand, but also appears in the hour and minute hands and the crown protector. The numerals on the dial are in white.The Black Rose uses the same black rubber strap and buckle as the Black Out. Each new model is limited to 30 pieces. Prices are $95,000 for the RM 030 Black Out and $105,000 for the RM 030 Black Rose. Details on the RM 030 with Declutchable Rotor are below the photos.

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IWC Portofino Chronograph Edition Laureus Sport for Good foundation Watches

IWC Portofino watches replica.Lawrence is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United Kingdom, who has two subsidiaries, the Laureus Sport for Good foundation and the Laureus World Sports Institute where two tried the power of sport to promote social change and encourage the world. Sports authorities and enthusiasts from around the country hundreds of joint fund-raising to help some of the poorest areas of the world of education and personal coaching project.

Needless to say, Lawrence Hug people around the world, so that they participate in sports, to promote confidence, teamwork and sports for those who usually do not have to learn, but with the opportunity to other children fun, create hope. The IWC recognized the great work of Lawrence, they are in support of nonprofit organizations sixth year, creating another amazing watches, IWC Portofino Chronograph Edition Laureus Sport for Good foundation observation.

In 2500 a limited number of the IWC Portofino Chronograph Edition Laureus Sport for Good foundation measuring 13.5 mm Table 42, it is brushed and polished stainless steel. The watch is also equipped with a mechanical movement, self-winding, water-resistant to 3 bar, day, date display, small seconds, 25 jewels, ball-bearing rotor infamous 75320 caliber, three small dial, sapphire crystal with double surface anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating and a generous 44-hour power reserve. Dial watch strap which perfectly match, made a vivid and unique color blue alligator IWC which refers to “the color of hope.”replica watches online shop


Buy Replica IWC Portofino Watch Portofino Midsize Automatic Moon Phase IW459001


In addition to the case and dial design eye-catching, IWC including those from their “time of change” contest which depicts four girls read outside in the sun, under the circumstances, and play back the award-winning painting flowers planted inscription. The front of the watch is exquisite and breathtaking luxury but any time you look at the back of the watch, you will remind you and all IWC help youth.

The IWC has become the most renowned luxury watch companies so buy a limited edition version of Lawrence Portofino Chronograph watch sports a good basis for a great buy. Whether you just want to watch another brilliant IWC to add to your collection, hoping to help the good folks in Lawrence who is benefiting every day or two to help provoke a change, you will get the best of both worlds.HUBLOT replica watch 361.PE.2010.RW.1104


Reference IW391019
Case Material Stainless steel
Bracelet/Strap Alligator strap
Dial Colour Blue
Diameter 42.00 mm
Shape Round
Movement Automatic
Time Minutes,Seconds,Hours,Date


rm 027 tourbillon replica

Replica Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity white watch

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity white watch cheap

Model: Masterpiece Gravity white
Manufactured by: Replica Watch
case:stainless steel,
cuts: 43 mm
Series :Basel World Watches
Description : Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity white watch cheap is deals for sale AAA Quality Watch.Choose You like it to buy and as gift to your love.Fashion Nice Luxury Brand Watches For Sale Here Best Store.

Richard Mille Watches Replica Everyone is aware of Newton’s work and the laws of gravity. Indeed, as school children we are taught that “what goes up, must come down”. However, Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix has made me reconsider this notion of late. Its latest model, the “Gravity”, recently launched at Baselworld 2014, is another breathtaking design from the young brand. It seems to continue the company’s ever upward ascent with no signs that the inclined trajectory will head back to terra firma any time soon.The Gravity is a new addition to Maurice Lacroix’s top of the range Masterpiece collection. These high-end models have earned Maurice Lacroix critical acclaim over the years, with lots of silverware gracing the company’s crowded trophy cabinet. Handsome aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, interesting complications, accessible pricing and Swiss craftsmanship have been successfully fused, resulting in some very appealing models coming to market. Indeed, the atelier in Saignelégier has been the birthplace of some remarkably innovative watches in recent years, some of which are clearly destined to be tomorrow’s classics.

Hublot Masterpiece Watches For example, a few years ago Maurice Lacroix brought together two interfacing wheels, one clover-shaped and the other square, collaborating in unison to cleverly convey seconds. The timepiece is fascinating to observe and, thanks to the company patenting the ingenious know-how, totally unique. Initially, the model was called the Masterpiece Roue Carrée, but is now referred to as the Masterpiece Square Wheel. It has become an icon for the Swiss horologer, which launched its first watch in 1975 .An intrinsic strength of Maurice Lacroix is the company’s design prowess and ability to bring new concepts to market before the majority of its competition. The Gravity repeats this winning formula with delightful flourishes of style and a new silicon assortment (silicium for US-based readers).The new model is available in limited numbers, 250 in anthracite PVD coated steel and a further 250 pieces offered in a more traditional stainless steel case, employing brushed and polished surfaces. It is this latter version which is my preferred choice and the focus of this review.

Richard Mille RM 069 replica Maurice Lacroix has not sought to follow convention or emulate others. The design of the Gravity is very much its own work and playfully imparts time with a judicious blend of fun, grace and horological exhibitionism. I must qualify the word “playfully” as this is not a frivolous offering, quite the contrary, it harnesses much serious watchmaking expertise presented in a tantalisingly attractive format.Looking at the front of the watch, an off-centre, white lacquered dial plays host to the hour and minutes display. The blued hands stylishly point to black printed Roman numerals. Framing the dial is a chapter ring depicted in pale blue. Two polished screws punctuate the dial, providing a charming reminder that this is a mechanical ensemble of small parts expertly combined in splendiferous union.

The off-centre dial floats above a delightfully decorated bridge, detailed with Clou de Paris. A key attribute of the dial is that numerous design elements coact to exploit depth and optimise available light.I have worn the identically sized version with anthracite PVD coated steel and found the 43 mm case to accord a comfortable fit. Moreover, the scale of the model provides a sufficiently large canvas for the talented team at Maurice Lacroix to artistically depict each element of this dial.Much of this design is new and fresh, but there are a few details which share the design language of other Masterpiece models. A perfect illustration of this is the crown design which has knurled detail on its horizontal flank, employing curving line and granting ease of adjustment.The Maurice Lacroix Automatic Manufacture Calibre ML230 is the thirteenth Manufacture movement it has created since 2006. Some superstitious readers may be fearful of this fact. However, relax and be rest assured the Swiss maison is known for creating reliable watches and innovation has not come at the expense of dependable service.

Luxury Replica Romain Jerome Sea Titanic Inside Exceptional Pieces Steel Chrono Tourbillon RJ.T.TO.CH.003.01 men watch price at


Romain Jerome Titanic II watches day and night: now with time

Romain Jerome SEA watches replica.Controversial watch is back! Recently announced Romain Jerome Titanic DNA day and night surveillance. This is the watch does not tell time. On the contrary, it has two tourbillon cage. During the one-hour AM That is spinning, spinning and another in the afternoon hours. This is the only use of the watch. It looks really looking forward to, and collectors everywhere concept fascinated. Now, after less than a year, day and night Roman Titanic DNA Watch 2 has been announced, will debut in Basel. The best part of the new watch? Now tell time.

Sport and BNB concept – one RJ Romain Jerome made. The watch will be limited only nine, and share the same characteristics as the original with some design modifications. It is noteworthy that more “aging” look and sophisticated look. The first night watch was a surprise hit, it is actually one retailer to another day and night watches Romain Jerome requirements. Because the original is limited edition, they will have to make a new model, Romain Jerome did. The 46 mm wide housing is constructed primarily of steel and titanium, mixed with the carbon fibers. The strap is a very high quality crocodile, that it tries to simultaneously watch the avant-garde and retro style match.

Of course, nine will sell quickly, even if people ask watches. Do not forget that, as is with all Romain Jerome Titanic DNA watch, there is a built in a rather real Titanic ship’s metal. Find out quickly in Basel this mechanical miracle. The price is …… ah, only the rich and powerful.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Tourbillon steam Peng Kee La Grande Limited Edition Watch

Richard Mille RM 030 Watches replica . The latest from the Titanic DNA Watch Romain Jerome clear that what it is, “steam punk.” Rather than just hint at the idea, and with the concept of play, this watch with “steam punk” in the name, and fashion watches itself. Indeed, many watch Steampunk dating only show that it still looks cool. Watches started having a very cool anchor-shaped rotor RJ 2 automatic tourbillon movement. The movement is made of Romain Jerome Concepto, luxury is a tourbillon movement is self-winding a new level.


Luxury Replica Romain Jerome Sea Titanic Inside Exceptional Pieces Steel Chrono Tourbillon RJ.T.TO.CH.003.01 men watch price


The flywheel Steampunk Ala Grande case is 50mm wide and made of steel (rust, satin finished, polished), titanium and rubber. The case makes rich use of rivets, of which 80 are applied by hand around the bezel (to look like an old-timey boiler room equipment), as well as in the case of the iconic hexagonal screws attached to the polished steel “claws.” In addition to steel, it rose gold claws, and a black ceramic is available. In the name of “The alanine big” part comes from the size of the watch, which is 50-mm. It even included a wide measurement is 53 mm larger crown. Really a serious statement on the wrist, but not cool enough to require some creepy Victorian costume to go with it.Big Bang Ferrari watches replica

Tourbillon Steampunk Ala really no big dial. In contrast, the watch has exposed springs and link to remind you that the ship’s engine room. This watch is a boating enthusiast Steampunk. Again, think of what the engine room on the Titanic must have a look. You have to admit, the face looks cool – even though it is all style. Large Roman numeral 12 does not really help a lot of words to say when. The big hands coated with luminous, you are not going to rely on this watch as your trusted watch, when you shot down too much absinthe, and trying to figure out when you need to figure out when the sun came.replica men watches brands

In Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Tourbillon steam Four Yasar La Grande will be only part of a limited edition of nine. I do not know how to measure a variety of different materials to be used for monitoring. In addition to rubber strap, a black crocodile available. Prices would be nice northern $ 100,000, $ 200,000 or even north. It is difficult to measure how optimistic Romain Jerome CEO and chief designer Ivan Arpa feel. What is Steampunk watch watch himself this season, the price in all of us the independently wealthy mad scientist, who reject these fancy things, such as electricity.Qi Wireless Charger



Details of our Richard Mille fake Watches:

Item No.: RM 027-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz
Functions: • Central Hours and Minutes
• Tourbillon
Case Shape: Tonneau,NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz
Case Diameter: 44.77 x 39.70 mm
Case Thickness: 12.25 mm
Bezel: NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz
Case Back: NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz
Dial: Skeletonized
Bracelet: Orange Textile
Clasp: Velcro
Movement Type: Manual
Year: 2015

RICHARD MILLE 011 watches replica In the coming months, various rumours started to flow out of Les Breuleux. Richard was experimenting with polymers with carbon nanotubes; Richard was looking into constructing a whole movement from aluminum lithium; Richard was wondering how to reduce mass in a substance that was already hollow! And so it went on. Then, about six months after that first meeting came the call to visit Les Breuleux and see the prototype. Ushered through a door at Richard Mille S.A., up in the old building that formed part of Montres Valgines S.A., the watch was sitting on the desk! And I still remember that feeling; that elation of putting the RM027 on my wrist for that first time. An irrepressible smile just radiates from the wrist, up through the left arm, to the facial muscles, and you smile. Not a scientific reaction, but as Richard always intends with his watches, an emotional one. In subsequent visits I noted the same reaction on other faces as they tried the watch on: always that smile, that look of incredulity, that levity in their soul.

Richard Mille R027 watches Initially, it was not all smiles for one man! The RM027 weighed on the soul and conscience of Yves Mathys at Richard Mille S.A. at Les Breuleux. Yves is the General Manager and has the very responsible and enviable (or unenviable depending on what way you see it) job of actually producing the prototypes and watches from Richard’s thoughts and designs. Outside of the research that goes on at Renaud et Papi S.A. on Richard’s behalf, that usually involves testing the new materials and movements, it is Yves who must oversee it all: from inception to completion. Chatting with Yves, he described the RM027 as “nerve-racking”. Late in 2009 Richard approached Yves and told him a similar tale to the one told to me. “Sure” Yves replied, “No problem in getting the prototype ready for Roland Garros 2011.” “No!” came Richard’s reply “It’s for next year’s Roland Garros: for 2010!” The next few months were a whirlwind of activity on the prototype as Yves pushed forward to get the watch match ready by Roland Garros. Yves remarked that he did not enjoy Roland Garros that year: he spent the entire tournament glued to the television making sure the watch was still working! But it worked perfectly throughout: as did the wearer of the watch! Rafael Nadal won the French Open that year: 2010. So where does the notion that a watch can weigh less than your soul come from? The RM027 series has produced the lightest of lightweight tourbillon watches. The RM027 weighed in at 20 grams; the RM027-01 weighed in at 19 grams; and now the RM027-02 weighs in (as the heaviest of the set) at 21 grams. A digression on the weight of your soul: in 1907, in the peer reviewed journal: American Medicine, a Dr. Duncan McDougall, a doctor in Havering Massachusetts ran an experiment with six patients who were soon to die from tuberculosis. As time of death was closely known it allowed Dr. McDougall to set up the bed of the dying patient on an accurate scale. He noted the weight just before and just after death. He recorded that on average, the patient lost three-fourths of an ounce at the moment of death. All other factors held constant that was the weight of the human soul. He published the work under the title: “The Soul: Hypothesis Concerning Soul Substance Together with Experimental Evidence of the Existence of Such Substance.” in the reknowned medical journal: American Medicine. Three-fourths of an ounce has been converted under the metric system to 21 grams. The weight of your soul is 21 grams.

Meeting Richard: I still remember the first time I spoke with Richard about the RM027. He was in London to open a Boutique in Harrods (before the Fine Watch Room was open) and it was one those last minute calls that were unexpected at the time, but which I have now grown used to. Be at Harrods, door 7, and then we will go and have some lunch. Sounded good! Lunch with Richard is always fun and a roller coaster ride across a menu of topics. He had just opened the Boutique when I arrived and was obviously in a buoyant mood. Off we set for lunch. Lunch ordered and the conversation turned to watches that were in the works. At this point it was evident that Richard was having a difficult time containing his excitement. His eyes kept darting to a folder on the table beside him; back to me, back to the folder. A few minutes of discussion and then the containment field failed: “I am designing a watch for Rafael Nadal: the tennis player!”

Hublot big bang replica