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H2 Pilot: The Sublime Creation of HYT

The H2 pilot has been the first time to create an aeronautical enthusiast’s timepiece. Each step of its design is designed to meet aerospace code. The H2 pilot is not just an evolution. It is the real transformation of the iconic H2 introduced by HYT in 2013. Its ‘V’ positioning bellows are easy to distinguish.

The H2 pilot is a well-thought-out design that aims to go through this distance over many years, develop, follow and even predict the trend of watches, and think that our work has all these qualities, and I am very satisfied. HYT CEO Vincent Perriard said. “H2 has transcended different celestial bodies and is now pushing 10,000 feet upwards as if it had been for this purpose.”

H2’s new aerospace outfit highlights the legibility of this piece, which is an important part of all flying instruments. The path and color of the minute have been redrawn and their quarter-hour indicator has been enlarged and red.replica HYT H1 Alumen Blue 148-AB-31-GF-RU watch price

The central hand received the same treatment! Zoomed in and tilted by the red arrow is the first of HYT. The crown indicator (H-N-R) at 3 PM is displayed by the window displaying the selected function.

In order to ensure that all parts emit maximum visibility, they are placed on a DLC-treated movement, satin finish and polished angle. The contrast with the adjacent chrome is best, and the reading of time is simple and intuitive.


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Like all fighter jets, the cockpit is fully functional and is evident in this stylish case. HYT gives priority to the complete coating in the DLC, including hourly indicators treated with grey anthracite Super-LumiNova. According to aeronautical standards, the yellow liquid reads hours.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 11-01 ROBERTO MANCINI watches

Like all technologies, H2 has its own innovations. One of HYT’s themes is to bring these innovations directly to the wearer: clear, specific, and immediate. HYT’s latest innovation is in Kevlar, a type of aramid synthetic fiber with high tensile strength and temperature resistance that can be used in extreme conditions such as racing pilot clothing, racing sails, and aviation and aerospace applications. Aerospace Industry.

The H2 pilot’s case measures 48.8 millimeters.

H4 GOTHAM Skeleton piece carved between shadow and light.

The brand’s new work explores the style developed by HULL Dracula DLC and developed by SKULL. Its name is H4 Gotham. H4 Gotham uses the new HYT exclusive calibre to represent the new generation of HYT watches


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This is also the first case made of 3DTPTM carbon, which is completely devilish and rigid, providing unprecedented rigidity. It is also the first HYT to show off-center time on its border, not on the flange. Finally, this is the first time HYT has combined its innovative technology with a new technology strap that combines rubber and NomexTM technology fibers.

“The overall idea of H4 Gotham is sportiness and technology is more powerful,” emphasized CEO Vincent Perriard. «H1 movement and H4 movement are very architectural and technical. Our customers, partners and retailers do not want to see more: they want to see it all. » luxury replica Greubel Forsey watches

In order to achieve this goal, HYT has done in two areas. In the upper part of the movement, most of the parts were hollow and the dial was gone. The entire gear train is visible and part of the bucket.
The lower caliber section also accommodates the famous bellows, also known as the piston. However, their general vertical structure remains unchanged, and the shell of the cage has been completely redesigned: now, due to the new cut in the 4-8 o’clock segment, the two barrels are almost completely visible.

For the first time, HYT engraves a time index on the baffle. In this way, a large number of dials can be released from the indicator, and the entire dial can be opened further. The shell size of the H4 has been increased to 51mm to enhance this sense of space and maximum openness.

H4 is a real skeleton, but its light is more complicated than they look, and Gotham sees a continuous battle between shadows and light. HYT ended up with a true color palette, featuring contrast, dazzling, profiled and twisted H4 Gotham components, to show the finest detail.replica watches for sale

For example, HYT equipped the H4 with a new sapphire case. With a chrome-plated metallized surface treatment, this has a dual effect: when in contact with the skin, the metalized surface will reproduce the smoke-like glass effect. On the inside of the movement, the chrome-plated surface presents the hallucinations of a mirror. Therefore, the H4 is decorated with complex lights and mirrors, providing light through the movement according to the angle, the shadow area even your own reflection.

In terms of time indicators, red was chosen to inhabit the capillaries of H4 Gotham. It marks the progress of time, retrograde display, brand signatures. This ‘bloody’ tone is also used by the 9 o’clock second hand wheel and the power reserve at 3 o’clock and the top stitching of the strap.

In terms of materials, HYT uses a rubber sheathed spiral DLC titanium crown to decorate its carbon case. HYT’s exclusive manual skeleton winding mechanism has a manual beveled bridge and is decorated with Geneva ripple light and provides a 65-hour power reserve.replica MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000110 watch


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BR 03-92 Diver: Test on the wrists of the first Bell and Ross square divers

beautiful! This is an adjective and it seems to me that it best describes the first “square” diver of Bell and Ross I have tried in these days: the BR 03-92 diver. This year, thanks to aviation and military experience, Bell and Ross have been able to create excellent professional diving tools (water resistant to 300 meters).

Before describing what you feel, clarifying when the watch can be defined as a diver is correct. The name of the diver they crave is only those conforming to the international standard ISO 6425, which lists the essential qualities that are necessary for a “watch must be equipped with a time control system at a depth of 100 meters to withstand submergence and define certain demand models” . The overall requirement for underwater watches is the presence of a minimum of 100 meters impermeability and time preselected equipment (one-way rotating bezel and 60 minutes) Graduation must be protected from unintentional rotation or improper operation. Then, when immersed, the readability of watch indications is crucial and sometimes even crucial. Therefore, the index must be easy to read at a dark distance of 25 cm (pictures found in this photo gallery I put indented to confirm the watch’s excellent readability). At the same time, the hour hand indicator must be clearly distinguished from the minute indicator to make the minutes easier to see and thus better calculate the time during the dive. The watch must be inspected and must pass strength tests, withstand shocks, abrupt changes in temperature, salt water, not overpressure. Obviously I didn’t test it strictly! best replica Richard Mille RM 019 watches


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Let us take a closer look at the characteristics of this beautiful watch. The BR 03-92 diver is powered by Swiss-powered automatic winding with a mechanical movement, while the square shell (which I am not only original, but once the wrist is also pleasant to wear) is equipped with a one-way rotating bezel 60 minutes graduation, its 12 points The bright spot allows you to define a reference point that changes over time. This baffle can immediately control the time spent underwater. As I have already written, it is unidirectional. When deep dive, the crown can be tightened to better withstand pressure, and equipped with a crown guard that guarantees perfect impact protection and optimal waterproofing. The crown is also equipped with an improved ergonomic rubber insert. The clock is definitely not lightweight, and the perfect impermeability is further guaranteed by the fact that the steel casing can withstand diving and the risk of being reinforced with thick mats is protected (2.80 mm compared to 1.80 divers in Acciaio BR).
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The BR 03-92 diver’s condition was also equipped with a soft iron cage that was not visible from outside, but its reliability was crucial, which increased its resistance to magnetic fields. Always to ensure perfect impermeability, the anti-reflection treatment in sapphire glass is very thick, 2.85 mm (almost twice the classic BR 03-92 steel!). As I mentioned above, the clock is not light, but to tell the truth, I think there is only the weight held in my hand: once worn out, I forgot to put it on my wrist after a few minutes! I feel this feeling everyday and I can keep my watch.www.fashiontimewear.com

Congratulations, marking a perfectly calibrated watch. Then I was struck by a beautiful dial, a dark black dial with a hollow metal application index and white Superluminova® for readability. The hour hand is orange, and the minute hand is white Superluminova to ensure immediate recognition. It is also used to calculate the dive time. I almost forgot: The second hand was also covered by white Superluminova. Let’s face it: Bell&Ross’ square box either likes or dislikes; there is no middle course. I found that this is also an added value: it is a watch that is not overlooked, regardless of whether it is good or bad.

replica Tonino Lamborghini SPYDER watches.Today there are very few inventions in the world watch industry: we have introduced new materials for the case of the new alloys, but in the end the function of mechanical watches is almost always the same. So, I think, let some House recall the shape of the watch, not the packaging. For example, the BR 03-92 diver uses a PELICAN® waterproof case and offers two shoulder straps: the first black textured rubber with a steel pin buckle, which is what I tried. The second paragraph is made of ultra-abrasive black synthetic canvas. Due to the tear closure system, the watch can be quickly and ergonomically adapted to suits. What I’ve tried is an incredibly soft rubber. Although the buckle has an important size, it is also very suitable for the wrist as thin as my wrist.

I closed it on the history notes of Bell and Ross. In 1997, Manifattura entered the world of professional diving watches and was overwhelmingly present, demonstrating HYDROMAX®. This model is still one of the most outstanding records in the history of diving: HYDROMAX® resists pressure of 1,110 bar, with an equivalent depth of 11,100 meters. This is due to an important technological innovation: Patented transparent fluorine oil perfectly fills the case.luxury replica Devon watches


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Case Size: 50 mm x 40 mm x 16.15 mm
Case: red gold
Strap: rubber
Movement: automatic


Richard Mille A Windy Final Closes the 9th Edition of Les Voiles de Saint Barth

The seven great winners sailed to glory.

In the final scene of Les Voiles de Saint-Barth Richard Miller on Saturday, the gust of 25 to 27 knots in the low tide of the 1930s and the gust of the sea took a central stage position in the 9th edition, creating spectacular The outcome. Maxi and Multihull’s class ran 28 miles, while CSA 1 and 2 run 22 miles, while CSA 3 ran out 18 miles away. These powerful conditions contribute to some of the complex life of others, leading to some major changes in the standings. In the end, however, seven great winners sailed to glory.

Protei and Sorcha made an incredible duel between the Maxi 1 levels. The advantage took on Proteus with George Sacris and his crew, and added their name to the Les Voiles winners for the third time in a row. In addition to the stimulating victory, Proteus also won the Richard Mille Maxi Cup. Edifier 88 finished the day’s game in the third place and consolidated their second place.buy replica Graham Chronofighter oversize GMT Watches

In the OMA course, all boats may be candidates for the podium because they left the starting line. They must wait for the last moment and decide the winner’s final calculation. Flow eliminated R-Six, and Nala won third place.




In OMA, Guyader’s primary position was locked, and Phaedo and Morticia made a decision to determine the overall second and third. With Gunboat 66 finishing first in the game, they eliminated the modified Sea Cart 30 to obtain a silver medal.

For CSA Level 3, the same happened at Crédit Mutuel-PTO and Team Island Water World to see who could finish at the highest level of the podium. Despite the wrong turn of the track and the broken cliff track, the credit Mutuel-PTO led by Claude Granel and Mark Emmig dominated the finish line. The final ranking tied the two ships to 14 ships each, but the final bullet gave them the advantage they needed.

In the CSA 2 and CSA 1 competitions, Ventarron and Conviction have confirmed their victory before the previous round, and they are consolidating their first place every day.best replica Hublot King Power watches

Looking to 2019

Not surprisingly, all the staff attending this year have already talked about returning to the 10th edition of Richard Miller of Les Vos de Saint-Barth. The organizers announced that they will hold a sailing regatta from April 14th to 20th, one week later, and therefore during the off-season in the Caribbean. This decision will help our sailors in two ways: to increase the availability of housing and docks, and most importantly, this means that the off-season prices will be reduced by 30% or more. see you next year!

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Rasputin Tourbillon hidden secret

This is a tourbillon and there are more.

The Rasputin Tourbillon manufactured by Jacob & Co. has multiple secrets, but to reveal them, you must first break through the seemingly impenetrable obstacles on the surface of the diamond. The 18-carat white gold case with a diameter of 47.6 mm is fully covered with straps, from the strap to the bezel, the lugs and the crown. There is a diamond slider on the side of the case, indicating that the watch has a minute repeater function.replica HYT H1 BLUE 2 148-TG-32-BF-AG watch price

But the Rasputin Tourbillon is even more so. Press the slider fully and you will see an audible time signal in minutes, minutes and minutes. However, press the slider slowly and carefully and you will see three rectangular rubies below it. If you move the slide enough to expose these rubies, then release it, and again press it down, revealing a completely different secret. The minute repeater will ring and the two swans on the upper part of the dial will move, and the hand-engraved curtain-like pattern (the only part of the watch that is not covered by diamonds) will be opened in the lower part of the dial to reveal the following Hand-drawn erotic scene.

Even without animation, the dial itself is a work of art. Made of 18 carat white gold, set with 188 rectangular diamonds and placed diagonally. There is a red heart-shaped gem (0.70 carat) between the two swan, located below 12 o’clock. The case is inlaid with 178 rectangular diamonds, with 100 rectangular diamonds on the bezel, 14 rectangular diamonds on the crown, and a 1.02 carat diamond cabochon at the end of the crown. This slider is set with 12 rectangular diamonds, making the total number of diamonds reached an astonishing 515, representing an unprecedented 40.28 carat weight! All of these are IF-VVS clarity and G+ colors, with no fluorescence.best quality replica watches

The Jacob&Co. JCAM27 manual winding movement provides minute repeater and erotic animation features as well as hour and minute displays of two hollow blue leaf hands. It vibrates 18,000 times per hour, provides 50 hours of power reserve, and is equipped with a tourbillon regulator. It can be seen only through the sapphire crystal case and mirror polishing car at 9 o’clock. Two mirror polished hammers and a clock mechanism Hey. All bridges and all steel components in motion are drawn with polished bevel lines. The main board has a circular pattern and the gear train and balance have a 2N gold finish. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters and is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap. The 18K white gold folding clasp is set with 22 rectangular diamonds.

Patek Philippe

Rare handicrafts exhibited in Geneva
From April 19th to 28th, Patek Philippe will display its rare handmade timepieces at the Basel International Watch Fair 2018 held at the Salon du Rhône.

This three-day exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover all the exciting dome clocks, pocket watches and watches before they continue to travel to private collections around the world.

With 50 unique pieces and limited editions, Patek Philippe Rare Handicrafts Series 2018 is dedicated to a wide range of ancestral techniques: hand-carved, is the oldest art form associated with watchmaking; Grand Feu and its different craftsmanship The silk enamel, paillonné, grisaille, enamel bas-relief , ceramic Longwy enamel with black frame decoration, and advanced and complex enamel miniature paintings are an ancient Geneva tradition.

The exhibition also displayed a large number of wood micro-engraving materials, which is a discipline that has been promoted by Patek Philippe for several years. The Geneva brand embodies the exclusive technology on the back of the watch dial or pocket watch with the highest level of artwork. Hybrid technology pieces are also on display. Their superb craftsmanship combined with several manual techniques.wholesale replica Audemars Piguet watches


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Richard Mille RM 07-01 and RM 037 in NTPT Carbon with Diamonds

NTPT Carbon is now a unique element in the Richard Mille Men’s Collection. It allows the manufacturer’s watch to have a unique look while at the same time guaranteeing the ideal protection of the internal movement. This material is used today in models for the female public RM 07-01 and RM 037, where NTPT carbon is rich in gemstones and the other is exclusive to Richard Mille. I found the contrast between the sparkling and matt carbon profile of their pure diamonds surprising. NTPT carbon embedding is a completely new adventure. Unlike hand-crafted gold that allows artisans to directly use their tools, seats and jaws to hold the gemstones, the hardness and resistance of the composites means the use of a specific digital control machine created with diamond tools to achieve “pave” embedding. Need a thick drill. The case was on NTPT carbon, diamonds were set on the bezel; the central part of the case was in 5N red gold, satin, and polished towers.

NTPT carbon consists of a set of layers, each consisting of parallel and parallel filaments; layers impregnated with a particular resin with a maximum thickness of 30 microns are overlapped by an automata relative to the previous 45° tilt. At this point the composite was heated in an autoclave to 120°C at a pressure of 6 atmospheres; at the end of the process, it was ready to machine the machine in the CNC work center at Richard Mille, Proart’s chassis manufacturing facility. Due to the two nitrile elastomer rings (O-rings), the waterproof performance of the three-piece waterproof case reaches 5 atmospheres. The parts are assembled using 12 Tier No. 5 titanium splined head screws and a wear-resistant 316L stainless steel washer. Separately produced hand-polished red or grey gold claws are inserted into the 0.25 mm seats, and if the RM 037 full set, they will bear the burden of permanently holding 250 diamonds. The perfectly flat stone surface in each specimen shows the perfect mastery of this goldsmith’s art. CRMA2’s manufacturing aperture is made of a unique combination of materials such as red gold for carrure and white ATZ ceramic for bezel and case back. Resistant to impact and scratches, this is the result of a lengthy process that yields an opaque appearance. 5N gold car satin, the rod is polished. RM 07-01 has white ceramic TZP-Z, white ATZ ceramic, white gold or red gold.luxury replica BOVET Watches price


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RICHARD MILLE RM 07-01 automatic lady’s technical features

RM 07-01, has been used in white ceramic ATZ or brown ceramic TZP-Z, the central part of the case is red gold, completely inlaid white or red gold, with a polished bezel or various versions of the dial (on agate, Jasper, Mother of Pearl, etc.) Today, you can also choose the NTPT carbon version with diamonds.

CRMA2 CALIBER: Automatic winding, skeleton movement, with hours, minutes and variable geometry rotor. Dimensions: 45.66 x 31.40 x 11.85 mm.

Self- sovereignty. About 50 hours (±10%).

PLATINA AND TITANIUM BRIDGES GRADE 5. Miniaturized Ti5 Ti with “electroplasma” surface treatment enhances the rigidity of the entire composite and ensures a perfect flatness of the surface, which is essential for the perfect function of the gear train. In addition, these bridges use titanium grade 5, micro treatment and “electroplasma” surface treatment. In order to verify the necessary resistance characteristics, long-term and specific tests were performed on the skeleton plates and bridges.

Variable geometry rotor with diamond shape

– Red gold 5N ceramic ball bearings

– Bidirectional charging mechanism

– OneWay® inverter with ceramic ball

This adjustable geometry rotor can be automatically charged according to the type of activity the owner performs. Adjustments were made by positioning the two outer parts symmetrically along the circumference of the rotor in heavy metal, using two slotted head screws to lock them each. By combining the two parts, the inertia of the system is greater, so that the barrel can be loaded more quickly. Instead, by moving them to the end of the rotor, the inertia decreases and the spring charges more slowly.hot RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 FLYBACK replica watch

BILANCIERE A VARIABLE INERTIA. This rocker ensures high reliability in the event of impact and when assembling and removing the movement. In the long run, accuracy has improved. The racquet adjustment system eliminates four squeegees and the eccentric mounting is directly attached to the rocker arm, ensuring more accurate and repeatable calibration.

QUICK ROTATION BARREL (in 5 hours instead of 7.5). This type of cartridge allows the following advantages: it occasionally significantly reduces the phenomenon of spring-adhesion to the inner surface, thereby improving the performance and bringing about an excellent “incremental” release of the spring force between the curve and autonomy and regularity Ideal relationship march.

Optimize the development profile of the wheel. All main sprocket wheels of the CRMA2 movement are optimized with a special cutting profile that provides a 20° pressure angle. This angle facilitates rotation and better accepts the difference between the two

Wheel center. This gear system ensures a good transfer of torque to the balance wheel, helping to achieve optimal performance stability.

Grade 5 head screws for titanium alloys are used for sports. This type of head ensures better control of the tightening torque applied during assembly. They wear out better during disassembly and reassembly and do not age.replica BELL & ROSS BRS DIAMOND Replica Watch

CASH. The design and construction of the watch highlights the coordinated design of the entire movement-case. Therefore, according to extremely strict technical specifications, all content is generated in a balanced manner. For example, without an adapter ring, the movement is mounted on a rubber-elastic bracket (ISO SW) and secured with four titanium screws. Features like this are proof of project without compromise.

Patented system charging – CORONA axis. The patented loader crown system completely shields the entire movement from external influences because the corona of RM 07-01 is not connected to the center of the movement. Related to the cashier, it becomes impossible to move and can be easily manipulated by watchmakers. The ideal solution to maintain the life of the mechanism.

Titanium casting grade 5 titanium head screws. Due to their shape, these screws can better control the tightening torque during assembly. They are subject to better wear during disassembly and reassembly operations and do not age.

Internal LUNET. In carbon fibers, there are indicators of approved luminescent materials;

glasses. Bezel side: Sapphire (1,800 Vickers), both sides have anti-reflective coating. Thickness: 1.60mm Bottom side: sapphire, antireflective coating on both sides

Thickness: 0.95 mm in the middle and 1.67 mm in the periphery

RICHARD MILLE RM 037 automatic lady’s technical features

In the case of the RM 037, the white ceramic ATZ or black ceramic TZP-N with the central part of the case with red or white gold has been listed, with various versions of gem embedded, and now you can also choose the NTT low carbon version of the diamond.

CRMA1 CALIBER: Automatic winding, skeleton movement, with hours, minutes, variable geometry rotor, large date and function selector.

Size: 52.63 x 34.40 x 13.00 mm.

Self- sovereignty. About 50 hours. Great day

Placed below 12 o’clock, the semi-real-time date can be read on a digitally rotating white background, culled on two disks. The date can be easily corrected by using the button on the case at 10 o’clock.replica watches for sale

Function selector. The charging function, in setting the time and the crowd’s selection, is a function of displaying the activity by selecting the button on the dial located on the dial in the 4-hour hour indicator: W (Charge) – N (Neutral) – H (remittance per hour).

Escapement: Rubifix (transparent)

CASH. The design and construction of the watch highlights the coordinated design of the entire movement-case. Therefore, according to extremely strict technical specifications, all content is generated in a balanced manner.

The caliber of CRMA1 is made from a unique combination of materials such as red gold for cars and black ceramic TZP-N for the bezel and case back. Resistant to impact and scratches, this is the result of a lengthy process that yields an opaque appearance. 5N gold car satin, the rod is polished. RM 037 has black ceramic TZP-N, white ATZ ceramic, white or red gold.

The case was on NTPT carbon, diamonds were set on the bezel; the central part of the case was in 5N red gold, satin, and polished towers. NTPT carbon consists of a set of layers, each consisting of parallel and parallel filaments; layers impregnated with a particular resin with a maximum thickness of 30 microns are overlapped by an automata relative to the previous 45° tilt. At this point the composite was heated in an autoclave to 120°C at a pressure of 6 atmospheres; at the end of the process, it was ready to machine the machine in the CNC work center at Richard Mille, Proart’s chassis manufacturing facility.

Different from the traditional manual direct operation of the gold, it can create seats for the anchors of the stone. The hardness and resistance of the NTPT carbon requires the use of a special CNC machine tool. The diamond tool can be used for “pave setting” thick diamonds.

Separately crafted red or grey hand-polished golden claws are inserted into the 0.25 mm seat to accommodate 250 diamonds permanently in the “full suit” version. Due to the two nitrile elastomer rings (O-rings), the waterproof performance of the three-piece waterproof case reaches 5 atmospheres. Parts are assembled using 20 Tier 5 titanium splined head screws and wear-resistant 316L stainless steel washers.replica Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE watches

Internal LUNET. In carbon fibers, there are indicators of approved luminescent materials.

glasses. Bezel side: Sapphire (1,800 Vickers), both sides have anti-reflective coating. Thickness: 1.60mm Bottom side: sapphire, antireflective coating on both sides

Thickness: middle 0.95 mm, outer 1.66 mm


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URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk Watch Open

Urwerk gets more erratic every year. Maybe it’s a good thing. I am referring not only to their new products, but also to how they write small articles such as press releases. For example, the document they shared with us introduced a new version of the UR-210, the URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk, which is the first person. It started with “I am one of the newest works of the URWERK studio” and started from there. Does this watch feel like it?

This is not exactly the case, but it may be an oddly poetic way that Urwerk used to describe the complications that the UR-210 introduced for the first time in 2012. They call it “the efficiency indicator” and that is to a large extent. This indescribable system is more or less a measure of whether your exercise is sufficient to maintain the index of athletic wounds by self-winding. We first used the Urwerk UR-210 watch here. In addition to its amazing design, it happens to be one of our favorite Urwerk pieces. So why is the main “innovation” of this work so strange to describe and explain it? luxury cheap URWERK UR-210 BLACK PLATINUM watch


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First, the indicator is that the problem is on the upper left of the dial, and the normal power reserve indicator is on the right. The winding efficiency index tracks the power added to the mainspring by the automatic rotor winding timeout. If you are active and your wrist moves a lot, the light will be green. If you are idle for too long, the indicator will turn red. If you remember, we think that one purpose of the watch is to remind you to take off your ass. In a sense, this is still a fact. Watches exist to make wearers and watches more “enhanced” (or suppressed based on your experience) wearing experience. It once again returned to the concept of increasing interaction between people and high-end luxury watches.buy cheap Richard Mille RM 11-03 AUTOMATIC FLYBACK watches

Therefore, the first person nature of the press release is to comment on the fact that UR-210Y, like the UR-210, “talks” with the wearer, not merely as a mere “timepiece” (as if a “pure timepiece” would Always applies to Urwerk). The UR-210 series also provides switches on the back of the movement, allowing the wearer to manually change the winding efficiency of the rotor (slow or fast) or even completely lock the automatic rotor. If you engage in real abuse, this latter option is said to be a good choice – but abhors the idea that it costs you $ 100,000 to pay attention to protect it.


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shopping cheap BREITLING watches.The original UR-210 is made of pure titanium and the UR-210Y Black Hawk is made of AlTiN coated titanium and steel black case. These indicators use SuperLumiNova painted neon green, with a cool military style. Of course, you again use satellites to represent time. The triple-hour indicator has three rotating cubes that can rotate and indicate the correct time along the lower division. This is a surprisingly simple and enjoyable reading time.

Although the URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk did not emerge, but two years later, it continued to maintain a very successful and attractive Urwerk watch design. The watch still maintains a fun and enjoyable effect. This is, of course, one of the watches I wish to see Urwerk wear bracelets in the future (as they did on the Urwerk 202S). The Urwerk UR-210Y Black Hawk is limited to 75 in its fresh colors and will continue to remind you to avoid and incite your wrist.cheap replica watches for sale


URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk – Technical Specifications

Case Material: Titanium and AlTiN – treated steel
Dimensions: Width 43.8mm, length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30m/100’/3ATM
Surface finishes: Satin finish; bead – blasted
Strap: Fabric

Movement Caliber: UR-7.10
– Jewels: 51
– Escapement: Swiss lever
– Balance: Monometallic
– Frequency: 28,800v/h, 4Hz
– Balance spring: Flat
– Power source: Single mainspring barrel
– Power reserve: 39 hours
– Winding system: Self-winding coupled to turbines

Materials: Plate in ARCAP P40; 3D minute hand in aluminum with brass counterweight; central cylindrical spiral in spring -steel; hour satellites in aluminum; central carrousel and screws in Titanium Grade 5
– Surface finishes: Circular graining, sandblasted, circular and straight satin-finished plate; satin-finished and diamond-polished satellites; beveled and polished screw heads

Indications: Patented revolving satellite complication with wandering hour and
three-dimensional retrograde minute hand; power reserve indicator; winding efficiency indicator (patent pending)
– Super-LumiNova treatment on markers, dials, indexes, hands, and satellites
Controls: Two – position winding crown, On the back: winding efficiency selector





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Richard Mille makes a limited edition watch

Swiss watch manufacturer Richard Mille launched a series of special RM 60-01 Regatta Flyback chronograph series for the 2015 Voiles de Saint Barth sailing regatta. These series of watches are so unique that only fifty watches are available for selection. .

Since its establishment six years ago, Richard Mille has been the main partner of Les Voiles de Saint Barth; more than 1,000 yachts and women of more than 20 different nationalities – some large sailing teams including Loïc Peyron and Terry Hutchinson – in the week Competition in the game. The regattas around St. Barts saw the world’s most prestigious yacht fighting on beautiful routes.luxury replica Breitling AVENGER HURRICANE Watches

The yacht’s principles and values are the perfect embodiment of Richard Miller’s philosophy. Its philosophy is based on extreme performance, cutting-edge technology, clear artistic vision and respect for the watchmaking tradition.


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The exclusive timepiece is powered by the RM 60-01, a Tier 5 titanium automatic flyback chronograph movement, which is easy to navigate thanks to its unique wind rose rotating bezel and a 360° 24-hour dial. Its working principle depends on two key figures: local time and the position of the sun in the sky. By simply pointing UTC to the sun and adjusting the current time on the baffle, the latter will indicate the compass points of the northern and southern hemispheres without any additional calculations.buy replica HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO PERPETUAL CALENDAR SAPPHIRE Watches

The RM 60-01 Voiles de Saint Barth is designed for competitive sailing. It has a UTC function and a countdown timer, as well as patents for locking the crown and putter, all of which reflect the extreme level of development that Richard Mille has achieved in this watch. captain.

Richard Mille once again hosted the week-long marine competition Voiles de Saint Barth in the Caribbean. It is now the fourth year. The activities that Richard Miller has been working with since its inception have brought together 60 sailboats and 800 sailors from all over the world. In the face of a stable 20-nanometer breeze and regular sea, several boat classes run on the track near St. Barth Island.sale replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches


Buy Replica Richard Mille RM 60-01 REGATTA FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH men Watch Review


One of the winners was Wendy Schmidt, who was the boss of Swan 80 Selene, star of this year’s event, in the Maxi Yachts class. At the award ceremony, Schmidt was awarded the titanium metal Richard Mille RM 028 diver watch.

The RM028 is equipped with a one-way rotating bezel that meets the ISO 6425 standard for diver watches and is waterproof to a depth of 300 meters (30 ATM). The watch is made of a three-layered watch case and bezel and is made waterproof by the lugs in the case combination. The RM 028’s hollow automatic movement is equipped with a variable geometry rotor, which is a unique Richard Miller concept that adapts the watch’s self-winding to the user’s activities using two platinum wings.wholesale replica men watches

$1 Million Richard Mille Pink Lady Sapphire Watch

The new Richard Mille RM 07-02, known as the Pink Lady Sapphire, is an automatic miracle that is completely embedded in the pink sapphire. Inspired by the cocktail of the same name, this new $980,000 pink lady’s watch is made of the same type of synthetic sapphire, used for watch crystals and requires a complicated manufacturing process.

The Richard Mille RM 07-02 pink Lady Sapphire watch is as complex and complex as the other watches created by Ace. It all began with a 40-day long grinding process of artificial pink sapphire blocks. The result is that the sapphire case needs a sufficient degree of purity so that the light is not affected by the inclusions. The cost of Richard Miller making these cases is not just the cost of luxury watches. The central dial part is a piece of smoked mother of pearl, and dozens of small diamonds are set around the dial and placed on the back of the rotor.

Richard Mille RM 07-02 Pink Lady Sapphire’s automatic movement is protected by a pink sapphire case. The movement is made of sturdy, red gold and includes a winding rotor with a rough surface and beveled edges. Hollow out the mechanical device while leaving enough gold to allow the wearer to appreciate it. The white crocodile leather strap adds the perfect finishing touch to this special creation.swiss replica HYT H1 TITANIUM BLACK 148-DL-21-GF-LC Watch



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Case: Stainless Steel,Round
Case diameter : 39 mm
Thickness : —
Dial: Mat blue dial
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date, Chronograph
BUCKLE: pin Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Year: 2018
STRAP: calfskin


There are already many people who wear Monaco. We think it is time for us to fire a shot. The watch we were able to obtain was indeed a prototype McQueen watch, reference 1133 from the end of 1971. This watch has exactly one gray dial, not the blue dial, so its full reference is 1133G, compared to McQueen 1133B. For the first time, you noticed how big the situation was in Monaco. It is very large, especially for vintage standards, and thanks to a modular chronograph movement and sandwich, a 30m waterproof case, the wristwatch is on the wrist.

One can see that the push rod and the crown are actually cut off from the top of the watch case, which can serve as a protection against accidental start-up or vibration. Just like they were on Autavias at the time, these pushers were raised.luxury replica Richard Mille RM 050 Watches

The corners of the square case are a bit rounded, which is indeed the reason why this watch works. If there is a sharp angle in the case, I am not sure it will be as successful as in the past forty years.

The dial of Monaco is very flat, but it is still very interesting. Of course it is square, with a circular minute track, including the luma plot at each hour mark. Metal markings are also applied hourly, with larger corner marks (11, 2, 7 and 4 points).

You will find a date window at 6 o’clock, which is still a very novel idea, as you saw in the original advertisement of Monaco. Of course, this date is not set quickly, but at least it is there.

In spite of this, I thought of the most attractive aspect of Monaco, and I think perhaps it is partly because of the quality and consistency of the dial. All forms of the Monaco dial are metallic and almost texture. According to how you look at it, you will get completely different tone expressions. There are several different types of blue and grey Monaco dials, but this is another matter. I will only add that Little Sammy Davis, who owns a blue Monaco, has an interesting transitional dial. It sold for about $20,000 a few years ago – when we took a video.best replica watches for sale

Most retro chronographs, this 11th mover’s push rod drive is slightly soft but very smooth. In fact, I would say this watch is better than most chronographs of the same price in the day – of course those who use Val. 7750, but not as smooth as TAG Heuer’s Carrera 1887 caliber.

However, Calibre 11 (and 11-i in this watch) has some small locusts. In fact, the first watch to launch the Calibre 11 series was very fast. The reason is that because the caliber is designed for the hour and minute hands (not the crawl time hand) and the relatively quick date change function (it starts to move at 11:45), the clockwork of the watch is too simple, causing the balance wheel to be oversized. , which leads to rapid observation. A slightly later caliber 11-i (I improved!) changed the hour hand to creep slowly, and the date change started at 10:30 instead of 11:45. These two changes allow the balance to be weaker and the watch to run faster.

The time I put on this watch was fast running for about three minutes after wearing seven days, but when wearing an older watch, time measurement is not an important factor, and the test results here are still acceptable. However, if you are concerned about precision when buying retro Monaco, then you need to look for those later examples of Calibre 12. Make more changes to more precise watches, and you can read all the information about these differences here.wholesale Rado HyperChrome replica Watches

The most frequently sold TAG Heuer Monaco is the Corfam strap with a TAG Heuer clasp. This particular example is certainly not an exception (of course, the strap is a substitute), although some Monacos may appear on some rare NSA-made steel bracelets. These bracelets are quite rare and can be very expensive. In spite of this, I am a complete one. If I buy antique Monaco, I will definitely find one.

The fasteners will be signed TAG Heuer on the outside, signing the NSA internally. All of Monaco’s dress is very pleasant. The number of comments I received from friends and strangers was impressive. Many people call it “McQueen” without any excitement, and wearing the original jersey of Monaco is of course very interesting. As an object, the overall design of this watch is great. This case is very beautiful, as is the metal dial and the large, liquid-filled hands. Even a slightly protruding putter is very elegant. However, I still find the watch a bit cumbersome on the wrist. The flat nature of the back is not as comfortable as found in the auto Autavias I had in the past.



Another thing that the original Monacos need to consider is the price. These are no longer cheap watches. Now we see. Monacos sells teens, Autavias (!!) in their 20s, and those with Siffert Autavias also reach 5 digits. I think it is time for people to recognize the greatness of the retro style of Tag Heuer, and I’m very glad to see that prices are beginning to be based on quality, historical importance and coolness. In other words, for Monaco, the price of more than 10,000 US dollars is a lot of money, because you can buy Carrera based on Calibre 11 in the same age, and the price is less than half. Carrera doesn’t have the story of Monaco. Just as we have seen countless other watches, this is really the X factor. I would say that I tend to think that Auto Autavias and Carreras are easier to live with as everyday wearers than Monaco, even though I fully expect Monaco to live at a higher price than the other two, forever (except maybe early Siffert Autavias, these naive Become red.) Later hand-wrapped Monacos and those with smaller Calibre 15 watches are less desirable, although much less money, so if you put them on a square case, they may be a good choice.online replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon watches

The original TAG Heuer Monaco Reference 1133G/B is a great watch. In the small watch world of the 20th century, this is simply an idol and I believe it will always be. It is a beautiful object in itself. It is slightly less beautiful when worn on the wrist – it looks better on the table than it does. It is not suitable for wrists and it is expensive. I believe that unlike the earlier Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovoxes, Monaco does not easily enter antique watches. I think if you’re a collector, you want an old-fashioned TAG Heuer, it’s a great person to buy – or if, for example, if you want to have an old-fashioned Porsche and can’t afford it, this is the best thing. However, one must always remember its true origin – not on the track.

I do not recommend Monaco as the only antique watch because other clocks are not so picky, including some of TAG Heuer’s own watches. As one of many retro works, it is certainly a great watch.

I don’t want to say I don’t like to wear Monaco – I really did, but I’m not eager to go out and buy one. I think this watch is what you want to believe. If you like McQueen’s contact and instant recognition, it won’t be much better. If you want an authentic driver’s chronograph that is easy to use and easy to wear, I insist on using Autavia or Carrera – whether it’s manual winding or automatic winding. You will save some money, and those are real driver watches. Again, McQueen is wearing Monaco. This is really important, right? TAG HEUER MONACO CALIBRE 11 CAW211R.FC6401 replica watch



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Brand Franck Muller
Item Type Replica Vanguard Collection Watches
Movement manual winding
Case Stainless steel
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Blue
Diameter 44 x 53.7 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE folding clasp
Thickness 15.8 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Minutes,Power reserve indicator,Seconds,Hours
Year 2018
Boxes common box
Model Number V45 S6 YACHT ST


Frank Muller VANGUARD’s Tourbillon Gravity and VANGUARD HEART SKELETON

The Franck Muller Vanguard Lady Tourbillon Gravity is the first ladies’ tourbillon in the Vanguard collection, but it is by no means the brand’s first ladies’ tourbillon. Franck Muller, one of the original independent brands, focused on highly complex issues and was the first watchmaker to make a tourbillon for women. Its first women’s tourbillon was launched in 2008. In short, it is called Lady Tourbillon. It gives you an idea of how rare the situation was at the time – no need to identify it in any other way; if it were a Lady Tourbillon That’s Franck Muller. Today, there are three “Ladies Tourbillons” in the Franck Muller series: three “Ladies Tourbillons” in the Franck Muller series introduced last week at the brand’s WPHH, Haute Horlogerie World: One of the Round series, Heart series And one of the Vanguard Lady collections. Franck Muller Vanguard Heart Skeleton is a beautifully cut ladies wristwatch launched by Frank Muller this year. It is actually more expensive than the Tourbillon.

The manually wound Calibre FM L03 Ladies’ Tourbillon movement is designed specifically for ladies’ watches – which means it is basically miniaturized and built on a smaller movement from small to large. It has a thickness of 5.70 mm and a diameter of 29.50 mm. For example, it has a thickness of 8.70 mm and a width of 38.4 mm compared to the manual winding movement of the Men’s Vanguard Torso. Ladies’ tourbillon cages have a diameter of 16.25 millimeters, while men have a diameter of 21.2 millimeters. The Vanguard Lady Tourbillon Gravity Case is in a typical Franck Muller style – it is only 35mm by 11.5mm in length and 46.3mm in length.replica Rado 2018 HyperChrome Skeleton Limited Edition Watch

This is very small for the ladies tourbillon and is very small for the Frank Muller tourbillon. By the way, ladies, if you like the larger watch (44mm wide), you might prefer the men’s Vanguard Gravity Tourbillon, which is set with diamonds under 9 carats. These bridges are points of interest for Vanguard tourbillons. They are built on three axes and are concave and convex. They form an ellipse in the overall composition and are very three-dimensional. This bridge is a core feature of the watch, and Franck Muller uses this feature to bring Lady Vanguard Gravity a feminine atmosphere. One of the bridges is made of anodized aluminum and has been colored pink. The color matches the digital contour, the mark on the minute track, the crown cover and the strap. Compared to other watches of Franck Muller, especially women’s watches, this watch is actually low-keyed with its feminine code.

For example, take the new Vanguard V38 heart skeleton as an example. The heart is a dead gift, this is a “male” watch. There are seven, they are not simply covered on the dial, made of enamel, or outlined with gems. They form a bridge for the manual winding movement. Measure a significant 32 mm wide, in the case of this watch, whether it is gold or stainless steel, grind to the proportion of women. In spite of this, its thickness is still very thick, at 10.40 millimeters, which no doubt maintains the stability of its completely hollow form. The thickness is emphasized by the contours of the depths of the heart, and these are hollow before and after. Watch waterproof 30 meters. Features include hour, minute, and 6 o’clock small second hand dials. It has a four-day power reserve. The top of the strap is a crocodile skin and the bottom is an eraser.discount replica men watches price




Franck Muller, a Swiss watch manufacturer, is dissatisfied with Charlie and the chocolate factory. With elaborate equipment called “Watchland” outside of Geneva, it’s often too top brand positioning and designs that are far from traditional designs, and it’s no surprise if they announce that gold tickets are hidden inside. Unfortunately for the brand’s fans, this is not the case, but the Franck Muller Vanguard Chronograph is still a noteworthy and exciting watch.

Please note that the Franck Muller Vanguard Chronograph was released last year, but we have recently provided more information about the watch and we hope to pass it. What exciting is the Vanguard Chronograph? Well, look at this thing. In a 18K rose gold, stainless steel or titanium barrel case, this watch is worth watching. In an interview with Franck Muller Vanguard Glacier, Ariel said: “In a computer-rendered image, Vanguard looks overwhelmed and likes to try it all at the same time.” Chronograph and faders add to this Vanguard model. Even more exciting, although I have not yet practiced on the Franck Muller Vanguard Chronograph, based on the images, the added complications are more suitable for the overall design of the set than the standard model.cheap replica Richard Mille RM 027-02 Watches

The Franck Muller Vanguard Chronograph is powered by the Franck Muller 7000 automatic movement. It has 27 gems and a 48-hour power reserve with 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz). It is also decorated with Côtes de Genève, with a circular texture and rhodium plating, so that the interior of the watch is as beautiful as the outside.

This case is very big. Measuring 44 mm in width, 53.7 mm in length and 15.8 mm in thickness, it will be prominent on most wrists. It is best to see the dial, its application, the large Arabic numerals hour markers and the big hands that match the color of the case will certainly attract people’s attention. The color of the dial varies from picture to picture, and my personal preference is a grey dial, which I think provides the best background for other parts.wholesale replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches

Cutting off the six-point mark is a small round date window that will surely make many people feel uneasy. It does not exactly match the rest of the watch’s aesthetics and can be better handled. On the contrary, the strap is already doing very well. The lugs have been integrated into the case design with a crocodile skin at the top and a rubber strap at the bottom. Unfolding buckles can be easily worn and removed.

As Ariel mentioned in his negotiations with Vanguard Glacier, “… unless you put your watch on your wrist, don’t make any judgment on these watches.” With that in mind, I would say I look forward to working with Franck Muller Vanguard Chronograph and judging by posting pictures and information, I think this is more exciting and balanced in the Vanguard model.




OMEGA 2018 SPEEDMASTER CK 2998 LIMITED EDITION 311. replica watch



Item Type Replica Speedmaster Collection Watches
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Stainless Steel,round
Bracelet Calfskin strap
Dial Color White
Diameter —
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Thickness —
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Tachymeter Chronograph
Boxes common box
Year 2018
Model Number 311.


What is special about the limited edition Omega Speedmaster CK2998?

Tribute watches are now increasingly popular with luxury watch manufacturers (and for some time). As collectors become more and more concerned with antique watches, watchmakers are trying to attract them through modern interpretations of their beloved watches.

These watches can be hugely successful, capturing the original spirit with modern and exquisite parts, but sometimes it may be in other ways. In this case, we think that the new Omega Speedmaster CK2998 is our point of view at Edinburgh Watch Company.



It is very similar to the original classic model, its striking blue use. Blue flows first through the ceramic bezel of the watch, which contrasts between the white dial and the blue strap. This watch is limited to 2998 pieces and is now sold out.sale Hublot Mp 05 LAFERRARI 905.ND.0001.RX replica watch

The re-release of Omega Classic Speedmasters is nothing new. From the hands of the super arrow ’57 with wide arrows and rims to the first use of Omega in space to commemorate the 1962 orbital tour, the company did not hesitate to pay tribute to its history. Most of the time, Omega does a good job – it’s not easy to deal with clocks like Speedmaster, not to mention how the collectors in retro models are more detail oriented.

The Omega CK2998 Limited Edition was inspired by the original 1959 Super Speed Series. 2998, most of us know the prototype of Speedmaster. This is the first black bezel normally used with this watch (the former bezel was made of steel) and small dial details, hand shape and case profile, these have become the benchmarks in the history of Speedmaster.



This is the detail Omega has made, making this successful tribute watch. Look closely at the speedometer bezel and you will see it showing “Base 1000” in the upper right corner. This is a direct closure of the 2998-1 baffle, and the rear baffle begins at 500. This is easy to miss, but Omega we very much hope that this model is correct.

The alpha-shaped hour and minute hands are accompanied by a bold “lollipop” second hand, and the tip has a large luminous spot. This is another important feature of the original watch, it is worth noting that the first 2998-1 had a slender, straight second hand, even if this is not the most coveted version of today.



Then there is the movement inside: a caliber 1861 manual winding chronograph. 1861 is a direct descendant of 861, nominally different, and the speed of the 1861 Vice President is currently using EVA on the International Space Station (extravehicular activity), also known as spacewalking. wholesale replica men watch


As for the Omega Speedmaster, you will find it hard to find a better choice than the limited edition CK2998. We just got one of these beautiful watches and you can find out more about it here.

Technical specifications:

Caliber: Omega 1861

The famous manual winding chronograph movement was worn on the moon. Rhodium-plated surface.

Power reserve: 48 hours


Anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflection treatment inside

Reference 311.

Case and dial

Case: Steel
Case diameter: 39.7 mm Dial Color: Silver


5 bar (50 meters / 167 feet)


Chronograph Limited Edition Small Seconds Velocimeter



Hands-on – Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition 2016 Basel International Watch Fair – Can it be one of the coolest modern Speedies?

Omega Speedmaster is a watch that does not need to be introduced. This is an idol, and it is definitely one of the two most representative chronographs, and considering its superb pedigree, it is one of the most iconic watches ever. In all versions and versions of Omega since 1957, some were Grails, such as the first CK2915. This is followed by CK2998 – explained here – this is the first Omega that occurred before landing on the moon. It is this watch inspired the FOIS version, and at this year’s Basel Watch Fair launched a new Omega Speedmaster CK2998 limited edition. It may be one of the coolest Modern Speedies. Let us see why.Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 9 replica watches

Known as Speedmaster is like being named Porsche. In the minds of collectors, this name sounds like a must-have history, present and (absolute) future. As we said earlier, this watch is an icon. why? First of all, it has existed since 1957 (without interruption) and has remained almost unchanged since 1963. With the exception of movement evolution (rather than revolution) and some visual updates (secondary…), the actual Speedmaster Professional is the same as 50 years ago. This is what you call longevity. Then, this is why Speed gave such an aura, this watch – still being used by spacemen for space exploration. When we say it, we mean to wear it during the space mission as part of their official equipment. Finally, it was a 1969 moon landing on the wrist of Baz Aldrin. And this makes it very cool!



The new Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition is a speed advantage and disadvantage. However, it is not a Speedmaster professional. This is a retro-style watch – but not a proper replacement, because some aspects have no historical significance. This is both a good point (it’s a retro-style Speedmaster) and it’s a difficult part of this watch (unlike the original one).

This Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition is full of small retro details that will surely make collectors fall in love (some people may hate… this is always the case with re-versions). First of all, it has a simple example. The crown and putter are unprotected, the strap is symmetrical and the top of the lug is flat, just like the previous FOIS (first Omega in Space) version. Speed Pro protects the crown and putter, asymmetrical case and “lyre” lugs (a little twisted). This CK2998 Limited Edition is like the old CK2998. In metal, this situation is very good.

Then it has a metal “Alpha” hand. Pro has a fine white stick hand. This CK2998 limited-edition sword handle has a surface finish. The same is true at the counter. All of these show clear outlines and are executed in polished steel, and therefore historically as accurate as the original CK2998 – by the way, Omega has changed this aspect compared to the FOIS version (steel and gold version), Counter hand painted white and straight. The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition also has an application logo, only the Vintage Speedies have.HYT H0 X EAU ROUGE 048-AC-95-RF-RU replica watch

However, the main thing here is “lollipop.” Well, some people would say that this is only a detail, but most hardcore collectors know that this hand of different shapes has become unusual in the retro version of CK2998, because it is very rare. This is a good detail for Omega to bring back this watch.

In these days, the average sport chronograph is about 43 mm or more, and the ordinary super car is already quite small, reaching 42 mm (and it is smaller). But don’t forget that in 1963 this was great. However, this CK2998 limited edition watch follows the trend of small watches to some extent, and this trend in Monochrome is highly encouraged. Its diameter is really only 39.7 mm – and considering the lack of crown protection, it wears very small. This size is very close to the original CK2998.

In addition to comfort, it is also very good on the wrist. This smaller diameter fits perfectly in the “retro” style and also brings more elegance to the wearer. This is a watch that is easier to wear everyday. See how retro-style watches look so modern and sharp… The power of beautifully designed items is also quite impressive.

…but not visible, this is historically relevant. The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition marked an iconic main movement internally. The 1861 movement itself was a small variant of the great 861 calibre that was introduced at the Speedmasters in late 1968/early 1969. So basically, your actions were the same as 48 years ago – we can make sure that you don’t have a wrinkle in this movement.buy RICHARD MILLE RM 11-03 FLYBACK replica watches


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Discount Replica Harry Winston Ocean Biretrograde Perpetual Calendar Automatic 42mm OCEAPC42RR001 watch price


Item Type: Replica THE OCEAN Watches
Case Material: White Gold,Diamond,Round
Brand Name: Harry Winston
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 42.20 mm
Case Thickness: 11.92 mm
Dial: Brown
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: unisex
Band Material Type: Alligator Strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Perpetual Calendar,Day,Retrograde Date,Month,Moon Phase,Leap Year Cycle
Year: 2018
Model Number: OCEAPC42RR001


Harry Winston Historical Tourbillon 9

For nine years, the unique quality of Harry Winston is reflected in a single tourbillon watch. The long-established Tourbillon watch 9 – the latest product from a long watch – brings new light to fine watchmaking innovations. The three-axis tourbillon has increased retrograde and retrograde minutes.

The Histoire de Tourbillon series once again pushes the Tourbillon to the limits of film magic. Histoire de Tourbillon 9 believes that this complication is a brand new ballet composed by Harry Winston’s pure expertise. The three-axis tourbillon is placed in the light, occupying all possible positions on the sphere, creating an infinitely possible position for the escapement system. Therefore, time is measured by unique and refined taste. It is presented through two hands. The minute hand and hour hand are retrograde, while the latter is jumpy.Replica Harry Winston Ocean Biretrograde Perpetual Calendar watches

Just like Harry Winston’s complex mechanical and hollow style, the Histoire de Tourbillon 9 has volume, symmetry and transparency, and follows design principles that are contrary to tradition.

The Histoire de Tourbillon 9 is the smallest watch in the Histoire de Tourbillon series with a diameter of 46.5 mm. The Histoire de Tourbillon 9 features a steeply curved lug that follows the natural contours of the watch and is comfortable to wear. In addition, the strap of the opaque element is relatively slender, and it has a high-dome sapphire crystal glass called a glass “box” that highlights it.

Histoire de Tourbillon 9 uses a transparent layer to create artistic effects. The tourbillon with three carriages rotates in a light well of 20.5 mm in diameter.wholesale replica watches for sale

On the back of the box, the second glass box rests on the wrist. It blends a dome into the thickness of the wrist, providing the tourbillon with all the space it needs to complete a three-axis rotation.



Through the see-through dial, the hour and minute hands surround the movement and point to two areas calibrated with Arabic numerals. The power reserve indicator at the 8 o’clock position shows a venue and a portion of a two-dimensional hand with a distinct three-dimensional feel.

At the bottom is a fully open work and satin-made barrel bridge. It forms the entire underside of the timepiece and further acts through the surface treatment to enhance the effect. Histoire de Tourbillon 9’s two force storage mechanisms are daisy-chained under the barrel bridge.

However, the main element is still the three-axis tourbillon itself. The first car – the largest – has two other cars and takes 300 seconds to spin. It surrounded a middle compartment and rotated in 75 seconds. The third smallest carriage directly holds the large variable inertia balance wheel and completes the rotation in 45 seconds.buy replica Richard Mille RM 035 Watches price

Harry Winston’s watch expert ambassador, Scooby No. 9, is a typical representative of the brand spirit. The power of this timepiece lies in the shape of the outer bracket of the three-axis tourbillon.

Another aesthetic feature – three arches covering and surrounding the historic Tourbillon No. 9 crown – inspired by the iconic 5th Avenue Salon entrance in Harry Winston, New York City.

Although the jumping time has been exhibited on several Harry Winston timepieces, the historical record 9 is not in conformity with the convention. Instruct their hands to move from 0 to 12 in step-by-step steps and then jump back to the starting position. Dragging minutes follows the same path and the same rhythm.TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE 16 AUTOMATIC DAY-DATE NISSAN NISMO replica watches

The HW4504 movement was designed specifically for the Histoire de Tourbillon 9. This development guarantees exceptional uniqueness, as only 20 Histoire de Tourbillon 9 will be made – 18 carats of white gold and 18 carats of rose gold.

On Platinum Histoire de Tourbillon 9, the main color is grey and rose gold is black. Common among these completions is their superior quality. Fully hand-made bevels highlight the precision cutting of the part.

It is often necessary for the other three elements of the rear seat to be handled with special care on this watch. The black crocodile leather strap is sewn with a precious metal thread – the rose gold case is fitted with 18K rose gold wire and the platinum watch is in platinum. The Ardillon buckle was also redesigned. Its new line reviews this case, especially its three repaired arches.CORUM ADMIRAL’S CUP SEAFENDER 46 DIVE replica watches