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Hublot Big Bang UNICO observation review

Hublot is probably one of the least understood luxury brands (especially in the watch industry) – especially since many people think they understand it. Hublot truly reflects the “non-fragile” companies that have been described to me recently. The idea is that companies that are vulnerable are those that are not good at criticism or complaints. On the other hand, non-fragile companies actually thrive in the face of criticism and sometimes even controversy. Hublot gets more than just negative reviews from the watch collector community, but the brand seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Hublot is a non-fragile company that thrives in negative and positive feedback. In crazy and busy organizations, no one is sensitive to the fact that many of the more conservative watch collectors use most of the opportunity to share their disapproval of the brand’s products. Hengbao continues to be strong, offering more things that people like, and more things seem to irritate some of the more outspoken members of the watch enthusiast community.

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Hublot Big Bang, which truly marks the re-emergence of Swiss watch brands. After Jean-Claude Biver sold Blancpain to the Swatch Group, he began to use his income to buy the then troubled Hublot, a precarious and loss-making Swiss brand whose name was “porthole”, starting at 20 Early 1980s.

With Hublot Big Bang and modern bold luxury sports watches, Hublot can help to permanently change the face of the modern sports watch industry. Like or hate their strategy, “Hublot Way” is a powerful and effective way to make a brand culturally relevant and culturally relevant. Are they making exclusive, niche, high-end watch enthusiasts claiming what they want? but. At the same time, a careful examination of many of Hublot’s elements today found that even the most discerning watch collectors were looking for it, and the company contained almost everything. However, you need to filter different levels of foil to find it.Richard Mille RM 11-03 AUTOMATIC FLYBACK replica watch price

People often think that I am a pretty impeccable Hublot fan – and wearing this Hublot Big Bang UNICO has been increasing my Hublot fans for months. No, I don’t like everything they do, but I really like the theme of Hublot and their special views on contemporary watches. Perhaps this is entirely because the influence of “Biverian” still exists, although he is now technically the CEO of a different company (TAG Heuer), but the spirit of the watch industry’s most influential brand and marketing expert Jean-Claude Biver, Under the leadership of the current CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe, this is still the case today.

One of the more interesting elements of Jean-Claude Biver’s growing relationship with the brand is that after he sold the company to LVMH, it did not reduce much A), and B) after he stepped down as CEO. Today, Jean-Claude Biver is still involved in the Hublot event, and his most commonly used email address is the @hulot.com name. So now, after 10 years of Big Bang’s first launch, these products are still full of energy and passion – this passion has gone beyond marketing and is easy to see in the product.

The original 44mm wide Hublot Big Bang watch is still in production today (there are countless models), so this larger and more modern Hublot Big Bang UNICO is not what I call a replacement. However, the Hublot Big Bang UNICO 45mm is suitable for use between the 44mm wide Big Bang and the 48mm wide King Power case. I have actually guessed that the 45mm wide Hublot Big Bang UNICO chassis has replaced the King Power chassis more or less because it has a similar look and feel, while being more modern and ergonomic.

In the last article of the Hublot Big Bang UNICO I mentioned above, you can read more about the evolution of the design and how the case really started, because Hublot’s Big Bang Ferrari adapts to the modern big bang. So let me step back and say that if you want a smaller, simpler watch series, the original Hublot Big Bang phone case is still available and worth a look; but if you want one of the best timepieces Hublot offers today , then I suggest you check out Hublot Big Bang UNICO.

From the point of view of watch lovers, Hublot Big Bang UNICO is one of Hublot’s most proud achievements. Although Hublot has been in-house for a long time, for most of its modern history, the internally manufactured Hublot movement is dedicated to its most expensive and unique models, such as the tourbillon. “UNICO” is actually the name of a sports platform that can be modified and modularized to provide a range of complex functions. The UNICO automatic movement is available in its purest form, with time and chronograph (and date), and is well represented here, with the movement being the HUB1242.
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UNICO’s development took at least four to five years, and the idea that the company wanted to get rid of the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 and 7753 automatic chronograph movements to power their timepieces. It’s not that these actions are bad, but they are not exclusive, nor are they more fully captured by Hublot’s personality. For the internal movement of bulk products (meaning not exotic sports, such as the tourbillon that are not mass produced), Hublot needs a solid, reliable, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing internal movement, which may be the cornerstone of most people. meter.

I remember a few years ago in 2010, before the UNICO had not been developed, I visited Hublot. Hublot manufacturers have a large amount of unfilled space and eventually use production equipment to produce watch movement components. Recently, Hublot opened its second factory near its headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, and they kindly referred to “H2” as an additional manufacturing space.

The UNICO movement always offers as much as the Valjoux 7750. There are good reasons for the 7750 everywhere. It is a rugged main movement that provides good performance, reliability and usable components. UNICO needs to provide at least the same performance and reliability while adding some elements to the equation. The basic performance statistics have a motion frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 bph) and a power reserve of 72 hours. The chronograph has some improvements in the 7750, adding a column wheel drive (which can be clearly seen through the dial) and a flyback mechanism (which means you can reset the chronograph without stopping it first).

So on paper, UNICO offers more than just the 7750 – it has replaced it more or less – so visually? Well, this is where UNICO really shines, because it is designed from the ground up, more or less hollowed out and always visible. The bridge was originally hollow, and almost all Hublot Big Bang UNICO watches have an open dial. The “naked” way of sports attracts the eye, offers a lot of appreciation for sports enthusiasts, and at the end of the day, it looks really cool. Just like the car world that continues to inspire high-end sports watches like Hublot Big Bang UNICO, this movement is a visible engine with all the masculine brilliance it brings.

One of the favorite things with Hublot Big Bang UNICO is to watch the movement through the dial and the bottom cover. Hublot cleverly designed the dial to be not only open but also very clear. Few Hublot watches are difficult to read. The company understands the importance of high-contrast, easy-to-read dials, making it easy to read time. This task becomes more complicated when you have an open dial and see moving parts – usually, the dial distracts between the dial and the moving parts, which tends to result in poor readability. I think, especially this black and orange “Halloween” limited edition Hublot Big Bang UNICO, you can see how important Hublot’s readability is.buy Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK PERPETUAL CALENDAR replica watches

The HUB1242 calibre is designed for second hand dialing, 30 minute chronographs and dates on the dial. The latter uses a stenciled digital ring that can actually be seen almost completely behind the dial, with the current date indicator at 3 o’clock. Honestly, the date is one of the less clear aspects of the dial, but frankly, I appreciate it as secondary, because although I like to have dates on the dial, I don’t always want to look at it. Also, sometimes I decided not to set the date (lazy), I don’t like a super-conspicuous date window, reminding me that I haven’t set it correctly.

So, overall, I have a lot of praise for the HUB1242, which seems to be the consensus of those who ask to see Big Bang UNICO from my wrist. The latter approach is what I am eager to expect – especially when the people I know are not traditionally Hublot fans want to take a look. This process is almost the same every time – they think they think there is a large watch in their hand, it only takes a lot of time to look at the dial and the movement intimately, and say “actually very good things.” I like sometimes Respond, “Damn directly. Do you think I like a brand with a lame product?” No, I don’t like brands with lame products. Hublot is definitely not one of them. Like or hate their design/activities/partners/etc… Hublot made some very sturdy watches today, with its movements there and some of the best. Yes, they are expensive – welcome to “luxury”.

The Hublot Big Bang UNICO has a width of 45 mm (actually 45.5 mm) and is definitely smaller than King Power, but it is not a big watch. Having said that, it is very comfortable to wear. One reason is that its design does not slide on the wrist. The special case and buckle design creates a “sandwich” effect, and the pressure on the top and bottom of the watch remains on the wrist even if there is extra space on the side. Therefore, despite the large size of the housing, it is designed to accommodate medium to small wrists (such as my own wrist).

Hublot Big Bang UNICO also looks cool. Well, if it is classic to keep you calm, then it is not cool. If your “cool” fits the definition of “standard” “successful adventure”, yes, the big bang concept is cool. The highly designed but symmetrical lines and the tapered style are both modern and classic. What makes the Hublot Big Bang UNICO case a bit different is the large round chronograph button and the special style of hour markers and pointers (of course, from dial-up to dial-up).

This special reference 411.CI.1190.LR.ABO14 model features a black ceramic case with at least two finishes, from polished to matte. It is equipped with black screws and other case construction components. This special black appearance is significant to me, but Hublot does help to promote the appearance of an all-black watch that began about 10 years ago. I’ve never been a fan of most all-black watches, but I appreciate a series of soft black colors that make the complex case look very interesting. A clear dial is in my alley.www.reviewbestselling.com

Therefore, I am very pleased that this special black and orange Hublot Big Bang UNICO uses a matte orange sherbet color as the outline of the hand and hour markers, which makes everything beautiful and clear. Of course, there is the SuperLumiNova illuminator (black paint and numbers in the hand) so you can see some darkness. Having said that, the black illuminator (even if it glows green) will never be as strong as a light paint – probably because the dark color will block some light absorption when charging the illuminator.

Hublot’s philosophy of “fusion” is real, because the Hublot Big Bang UNICO case is made from a range of materials. Not all of these are luxury items, but to be honest, some of the advanced polymer resins used in the middle case are extremely high performance, yet they are both lightweight and durable. I think these materials also help to make the case more shock resistant. I would also like to mention the case screws that are not “aligned” according to the wishes of some of the brand’s more outspoken critics.

Please allow me to explain here that I am totally sympathetic to watch lovers who want the screws to be symmetrical and correctly aligned on the dial and case so that the heads work together in the same direction. In terms of luxury watches, I am completely eager for absolute harmony. However, I did not specify that all the screw heads need to be lined up. This is especially a problem on the Big Bang bezel, the screws are screwed in and they are in any position when tightened.

Hublot deliberately left it in this way. Our idea is to comment on the obvious industrial nature and product structure. These are the actual functional screws, and their random arrangement is the expression of this. Hublot hopes this and may retain this idea for the foreseeable future. Perhaps the most important competitor is Audemars Piguet on their Royal Oak Watch.www.reviewbestselling.com


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Item Type:
Replica BIG BANG Watches
Case Material: Rose Gold,round
Brand Name: Hublot
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 41 mm
Case Thickness: —
Dial: white
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Unisex
Band Material Type: rubber
Functions: Minutes,Seconds,Hours,Date
Model Number: 341.PR.2010.RR.1904


Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Women’s Watch

At this year’s SIHH arlier, Hublot launched one of the most dynamic women’s collections on the date: the Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Watch. Drawn from the Pop Art movement pioneer Andy Warhol inspiration there, Hublot has created a dizzying array of super automatic chronograph women, boldly ignoring the integration of fun and avant-garde. This watch has pink, purple, dazzling blue and apple green. These colors not only evoke the nostalgia of the pop art era, they are also the hottest spring colors of 2014.

The 41mm watch design is almost identical to the popular Hublot Big Bang Ladies chronograph Tutti Frutti series, which was originally unveiled in 2008. The award-winning Big Bang watch design is by far the most successful Hublot design, so creating a new model based on this popular design is almost a sure sale. Create a limited edition inspired by one of the most popular contemporary artists, adding a tempting incentive to watch buyers.Richard Mille RM 027 Replica watches price


Buy Replica Hublot Big Bang 41mm Red Gold 341.PC.2010.LR.1903 Tutti Frutti Hazelnut watch


The 41 mm case size is currently the trend of women’s watches. As usual, jump into any boutique or fashion store and scan your watch. You will find that most women’s watches are around 40mm. At this size, the watch creates a clear fashion statement and becomes a significant increase in appearance. Of course, this is not just the size; there are a lot of cheap brands that make watch monsters with counterfeit craftsmanship. However, the Hublot Big Bang pop art watch has a fascinating dial art that ensures instant recognition, inspiration and appreciation of a very desirable brand.

The bright jewels set on the bezel make this watch a jewel and a sports chronograph. Within the boundaries of its gems is a burst of color. Hublot’s design team worked tirelessly to create a dial that depicts Andy Warhol’s iconic artistic expression. The unique use of colors and shadows for index and number, sub-dial color, case, bezel and strap color combinations is similar to the fascinating color combination of Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe portrait. In addition, the color of each watch corresponds to the different colors depicted in Andy Warhol’s famous “Portrait of Six”, which was presented at the Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction in New York on March 14, 2014. Auction – Just a stone’s throw from Hubbard, Madison Avenue flagship store.Richard Mille RM 027 Replica watches price

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) is an artist who defined a pop art era and pushed the visual arts movement to a climax. His bold creation goes far beyond canvas, including photography, sculpture, screen printing, printmaking, sculpture, film, music, album covers and products. His brand philosophy continues to influence today’s industry. He painted iconic objects and celebrities in the American way of life in the 1960s: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali and Elizabeth Taylor and other celebrities… He likes beautiful watches. He personally knows Greg Greenberg, the founder and former chairman of the Movado Group, who mastered the masters of the Movado Andy Warhol Times.

Warhol’s color, design and theme of adventure – people can’t forget Andy Warhol’s 1962 iconic Campbell soup cans – broke out from Hublot’s Big Bang Pop Art Collection.




I personally experienced the pink model and its beauty. Thanks to the rubber strap, the watch feels very comfortable on my wrist. Since my wrist is relatively small, the watch often slides; however, Hublot doesn’t feel too tight. In addition, the color of the watch adds a touch of color to my wrist.buy Patek Philippe Complications Replica watches

Looking at the watch series as a whole, you can see that the 18k 3N gold pink style and the apple green style have the same color as the stainless steel purple and blue models. To further add femininity, 48 baguettes are embellished with six Hublot’s signature H-shaped titanium studs, making the bezel possible. Topazes gather on the Big Bang blue model, amethyst on purple, sapphire surrounds pink and saffron stone – a gem known to the lessor but equally refined – green. The blue dial serves as a background for numbers, indexes and sub-dial, and the decoration is like a template used as part of the screen printing process, Andy Warhol’s choice.

Gold-plated or rhodium-plated (depending on model) The hollow pointer points to a gold-plated or rhodium-plated appliqué printed in pink, blue, purple or green. The Hublot logo is used as a balance meter for long, slender center chronographs. The chronograph is essentially a stopwatch that is commonly used in competitions and other timed sports events. After pressing the button above the crown, the second hand will start to rotate around the dial. Each rotation will be recorded as one minute on the 30 minute sub dial. Discretely located between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock is the date aperture.



The purple, blue, pink or green composite resin bezel lugs are coordinated with the color, and the crocodile leather strap is stitched to the hypoallergenic rubber strap below. The gold version is secured to the wrist with a 18k 3N gold unfolded clasp, and the stainless steel watch features a stainless steel clasp.swiss shopping Replica watches

These four models are automatic chronographs powered by the HUB 4300, which is actually the Valjoux 7750 calibre for Hublot. The movement is equipped with a 42-hour power reserve that allows the watch to remain on the wrist for about two days after the watch is removed from the wrist. Make this collection even more coveted, with a limited edition of 200 pieces per watch. The number of 200 watches is engraved on the back of the case.

The Hublot Big Bang Pop art collection exudes a confident and elegant temperament. Of course, watches have no emotions, but former Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver always emphasizes the emotional response that watches bring to the wearer. If the watch triggers confidence and happiness, the chances of buying will increase dramatically.

Hublot’s Big Bang pop art collection is reminiscent of the most popular pop art cultures of the 1960s and 1970s; however, from the price tag created by Andy Warhol, the enthusiasm for this art is reaching a resounding The climax. Although Andy Warhol left in 1987, his work is coloring the future. This is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s famous saying:

“They always say that time has changed things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol’s philosophy (1975) and changed what he did.luxury De Bethune DB25 replica watches



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Brand Hublot
Item Type Replica Big Bang Ferrari Watches
Movement Automatic
Case Titanium,Round
Bracelet Leather
Dial Color Openwork with Rhodium-Plated Ferrari Prancing Horse
Diameter 45.5 mm
Thickness —
Gender Men
BUCKLE Folding Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Chronograph
Boxes common box
Model Number 401.NJ.0123.VR


Hublot Official Timer Porto Montenegro Marina and Yacht Club

To seal this partnership, Hublot launched the Classic Fusion Chronograph Porto Montenegro.

On Thursday, July 20, 2018, in Montenegro, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Porto Montenegro general manager David Margason launched a strategic partnership to see the Swiss luxury watch brand becoming the official timer for the superyacht and Official observation and the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club.



On the ruins of the former Arsenal, the Porto Montenegro Pier and Yacht Club was founded by forward-thinking people less than 10 years ago, including LVMH Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault, Jacob Rothschild and Canadian businessman and charity Peter Munk. . Located in the deep waters of the Bay of Kotor, Porto Montenegro has a spectacular natural beauty and has quickly become a fine haven for sailors from all over the world. Now with a fully integrated terminal with more than 450 berths, Porto Montenegro also has 290 luxury beachfront homes, a five-star hotel and a yacht club, and more than 50 retail units and dozens of projects.Review Richard Mille RM 011 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH KOREA Watch

With its maritime roots, Hublot has made a number of smart moves in the Mediterranean coast over the past few years. In 2007, the Swiss watchmaker set up its first boutique in the HôtelByblos in Saint-Tropez. In 2017, Hublot launched Classic Fusion Ibiza and Classic Fusion Mykonos, and celebrated four maritime-themed direct boutiques in Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Capri and Porto Cervo.



To create this truly unique partnership, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and 120 privileged guests gathered in the infinity pool of the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club. Hublot revealed the classic fusion chronograph Porto Montenegro. To celebrate the summer, the new watch shows the blue of the sky and the sea, and its blue sun dial is decorated with the Porto Montenegro logo at 3 o’clock and the back of the watch. This limited edition watch features an automatic movement with a blue rubber and calfskin strap. Made of titanium, the stylish outer shell is the epitome of timeless elegance.MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000099 replica watch


Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Texas Limited Edition; more unique than Ferrari

What is more unique than Ferrari? This 50% limited edition Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Texas is natural.

To celebrate the opening of Hublot’s tenth American boutique, the Big Bang Ferrari Texas in Texas debuted Ferrari’s own F1 pilot Felipe Massa (sorry, Richard Mille). This exclusive machine is proud of its Lone Star color, proving that everything in Texas (but production runs) is indeed bigger.



In addition to the NASCAR countries, Texas also hosted the World Endurance Championship, three 24-hour LeMans champion Risi Competizione (the more famous Houston Ferrari), and Texas Motorsport, Austin’s American Grand Prix. American circuit.

The blue, red and white colors of Texas provide the difference for this Big Bang Ferrari. Big Bang Ferrari Texas is a 45mm titanium, carbon fiber and ceramic tribute to Lone Star State’s modern motorsport. These high-tech materials from Formula 1 cars ensure easy fit and comfort, although Ferrari Texas is impressive.Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 11.1940.679/63.C800 watch price



The partnership between Hengbao and Ferrari SPA broke ground in 2012 with the second-generation Hublot explosion. Larger, with an internal movement and a complete skeleton dial, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari series instantly redeems many years of misleading branding attempts by other watchmakers.

Hublot brings a lot of engineering and styling to this luxurious and outgoing marriage. The Big Bang case is a virtual gallery of exotic materials, sporting brushed titanium, composite resin, carbon fiber and natural rubber. This combination is bold, but Hublot achieves this through a technology tour worth F1.



Ingenious measures such as the release of the button strip allow quick replacement of the belt “inbound”; the ceramic bezel is virtually scratch-resistant and protects the case from the risk of scratching most accidental contacts.wholesale replica watches for men

Ferrari knows very little about the F1 project. Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Texas is able to consistently leverage its strengths in its main technology of the same name by continuing to innovate in the context of the cumbersome brushed “Ti” shell.



The Unico movement includes a 72-hour power reserve, self-winding, crisp column wheel function selector, maintenance-free ceramic rotor bearing and PVD grey construction, which are as clear as the operation. It is designed, manufactured and improved by Hublot for the company’s flagship Big Bang and King Power models.

The straps feature an exquisite color combination with alcantara technical suede and natural rubber; Hublot’s push-button belt release allows for 10 seconds of bicycle belt shifting, and when this “Ferrari” impacts, it can create a new “ Tire”.best Harry Winston OPUS 12 OPUMHM46WW001 replica watch


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See Hublot F1 King’s Power Collection

Since being announced as the Official Timer of Formula 1, Hublot has produced a series of limited edition watches. With the release of F1 King Power Austin today, this series now has 12 references, including two tourbillons. The original design has a breakthrough design, using a brake disc bezel, F1 chronograph pusher, and a Nomex strap made of the same refractory material as the F1 driver.

In the whole series, Hengbao applied the unique and unprecedented design features of the original F1 King Power to the whole series, except that some models (British, Austin, and Interlakes) use crocodile belts instead of Nomex. In addition, we have also seen unique sapphire crystals, such as Monza F1 (red sapphire), and in some cases, carbon fiber shells (Interlagos, Abu Dhabi) or ceramic shells rather than precious metals.buy Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT cheap watches



All in all, this is one of my favorite and most exciting modern watch series. This is a “summary overview” written for reading by Perpetuelle readers.

Although it is still a relatively young brand, Hublot has established a strong reputation in the high-end watchmaking industry by introducing a series of classic works that are bold and innovative in design and materials.

The brand was founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, the predecessor of the Italian Binda Group, and an enthusiastic sailor. Crocco’s goal is to look as good as formal clothing, just as it is on the deck. He has almost no feelings for the steel belt, and leather is naturally not suitable for the pursuit of the sea, so he began to study rubber. This was an unconventional material at the time, but it proved to be far-sighted.REVIEW RICHARD MILLE RM 11-03 AUTOMATIC FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH cheap watch



The first Hublot watch – a rubber strap and a unique porthole-shaped case give it a unique nautical look – instant success at the Basel watch fair. It has a cross-cultural appeal, not only became popular with the world of boating, but also became an international jet group including the European royal family. Today, Hublot watches can be found on the wrists of legendary sports stars such as Diego Maradona, Usain Bolt and Alex Rodriguez, as well as entertainment figures including David Guetta and 50 Cent.

From the very beginning, Hublot intended to redefine the concept of luxury watches. The brand easily blends traditional and modern aesthetics and is renowned for its excellent blend of tough carbon fibers, scratch-resistant ceramics and rubber, making the watch durable and ideal for sports enthusiasts.nice Greubel Forsey Signature 1 cheap watches



By the turn of the 21st century, Crocco’s attention was focused elsewhere, and the Hublot brand needed to be revived, so Jean-Claude Biver arrived at the perfect time. After Biver got his name from OMEGA, he was looking for new challenges, and when Crocco submitted his creative control over Hublot in 2004, he seized this opportunity. It wasn’t long before Biver could feel his presence, and Hublot soon announced the award-winning Big Bang at Baselworld. Given the general impact of watches on the earthquake market and the watchmaking industry, this name is hardly more appropriate than this, and the Big Bang has already had a significant impact on the large watches that continue to exist today.

After being acquired by luxury brand LVMH in 2008, Hublot introduced several more popular models, including Hublot King Power and Hublot Classic Fusion, which is a simplified version of Big Bang.

Below we will discuss the prices of some classic used Hublot and Hublot watches in the market.wholesale cheap watches for sale

Big explosion
Jean-Claude Biver’s original genius flashes still maintain a sporting style and style, the same as when he first debuted at the Basel Watch Fair in 2005. The 44 mm stainless steel case features an ETA Caliber 4100 movement, a ceramic bezel and a carbon fiber woven dial. On the wrist, it feels great but looks elegant, while the trademark rubber strap is both comfortable and waterproof. There is also the more expensive Big Bang version with golden finishes.

King power
Hublot King Power’s oversized case initially looked a little daunting, but once on the wrist it quickly became clear that it was a light and super comfortable watch. King Power has an in-depth multi-level dial with a sophisticated design and a UNICO movement designed by Hublot.



Classical fusion
The Hublot Classic Fusion uses the iconic design of the Big Bang and shrinks it to give the watch a thinner profile and less detail. The case size is between 42mm and 44mm, you can also choose carbon fiber or ceramic dial.

Speaking of Hublot, the prices listed here assume that the watch will wear moderately and in a very good condition. The presence of the original box and paper will also affect the value.

Caro Crocco’s inspiration for the unknown is a powerful statement of intent. Through Hublot’s skills and vision in integrating materials and styles, its reputation as a dynamic leader in the field of luxury watchmaking is assured.fashion Tonino Lamborghini cheap watches




hot HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO ITALIA replica watches




Brand Hublot
Item Type Replica Big Bang Unico Italia Independent Watches
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Texalium,Round
Bracelet Blue Color,Leather
Dial Color Skeleton
Diameter 45 mm
Gender men
Thickness —
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Small seconds, Date, Flyback chronograph
Boxes common box
Model Number 411.YL.5190.NR.ITI15


Monochrome Monday: Review of Hengbao Big Bang Ferrari Speciale Unico Ceramics

Although Hublot created a 10-year iconic Big Bang series with a series of 10 exclusive high-end jewellery ideas, Big Bang Unico, and each priced at US$1 million, the brand also launched the new Big Bang Ferrari Speciale model. This model is definitely more suitable for everyday wear. It has two versions, black ceramic with red, white and blue details, gray ceramic with grey and white details, and it pays tribute to one of Cavalino Rampante’s most outstanding works, the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Scroll down to read the comments of the monochromatic watch contributor Robin Nooy.

Hengbao Big Bang Ferrari Speciale ceramics, any of two color options, is still a very blunt watch, at least due to its size. For those who like to fly under the radar, this is not a watch. When you think that the car is its inspiration, this should not be a surprise: they are quite showy creations.Review Richard Mille RM 27-02 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL replica Watch

Inspired Hengbao Big Bang Ferrari Speciale’s Car

For those who enter the car like watches (such as myaself), the Ferrari 458 Speciale is an enhanced version of the “This has been 11” version of the already awesome car. The name “Speciale” was first assigned to the predecessor of 458 Italia, 348, 360 Modena and F430.



Compared with the 458, Speciale has engine updates, aerodynamic upgrades, aesthetic stripes in the car center, and extensive use of weight saving materials. The main results of these adaptation measures are an increase of 35 horsepower, a drop of 90 kg in weight, and a faster acceleration of 60 mph in 1/10 second.

Although most automakers tried to increase from 6 to 7, Ferrari tried to go from 10 to 11 or even 12, skipping one or two steps at a time, to provide a car that seemed to push the engineering boundary further and did Previously considered impossible. Although the speed and power war between sports car manufacturers has always existed, I do think that in the past few years, things have been moving at an extremely fast pace. This is definitely not a bad thing because 10 years ago cars such as the 458 Speciale and the crazy LaFerrari (based on the former Top Gear’s James May’s “Ferrari The Ferrari”) were not possible.buy AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE replica watches



However, this does raise an old question: Where does it end? who cares! I got my Lotto lottery ticket – if I can get a reward, I’ll send you a photo of my new car!

From the car to the watch, it is clear that many of the car’s design clues have been transferred to the watch. The most obvious will be the matching strap, with a white blue or white grey racing line from start to finish. From the bumper to the bumper, the same race route runs along the center of the vehicle, which is clearly different from the standard 458. In addition, the grids used for the various air intakes and grills on the 458 Speciale are modeled on the dial, and we have seen racing or car-style watches more than once. In order to show more of this limited edition watch, a polished prancing horse was placed on the dial, one of which was equipped with a red or grey Ferrari logo.

The 45 mm wide case is made of black ceramic and has satin or polished surfaces on various surfaces. The black ceramic bezel is made of black titanium with six trademark H screws and a red composite resin lower baffle. The highly scratch-resistant material used by Hublot is a zirconia mixture. Starting from the powder, the pigment is added to obtain a certain color, then the mixture is poured into a mold, then baked under intense heat and pressure, and then pressed into a preformed casting. The result is a very hard and durable material. Hengbao is also exploring new varieties or ceramic composites, such as bright red or yellow ceramics, or their Magic Gold composites, claiming it is currently the only scratch-resistant gold alloy.Ulysse Nardin Complications Forgerons Minute Repeater Replica watch price



Inside the black or gray case ceramic housing, you will find HUB 1241 Unico automatic flyback chronograph movement developed by Hublot. The story behind this movement is very interesting, and it is found in the BNB Concept, a non-existent sports expert. Some of BNB Concept’s assets were acquired by Jean Claude Biver of Hublot, including its mechanical equipment and its chief designer Mathias Buttet. One of the results of some of the acquisitions was Hublot’s original Unico movement designed to replace and reduce the number of outsourced Valjoux 7750 movements used in Hublot timepieces.

The HUB 1241 Unico movement consists of 331 parts. It measures 30 mm in diameter and 8 mm in thickness. It operates at 28,900 vph and has a 72-hour power reserve. The movement is equipped with a 60-minute chronograph with a flyback function that allows the timer to revert to 12 o’clock as soon as the chronograph is reset. It also includes a hollow date wheel that can be seen in the 3 o’clock date window. A good touch is the yellow part under the window, using the same colors as the Ferrari logo. Yellow is the official color of the Italian city of Modena, where the brand originated. Of course, the front and back are covered with sapphire crystal glass, while the back cover allows people to enjoy the movement and the wheel-like rotor – this is another hint of the car inspired watch design, although it is more subtle.www.reviewbestselling.com

The Heng Bang Big Bang Ferrari 458 Speciale ceramics features a black rubber and red or grey leather strap and a separate black leather strap. The two-color version is limited to 250 pieces and is priced at 24,800 euros.

Ferrari is one of the most prestigious and prestigious car manufacturers with which watch brands can collaborate. Its fan base – whether it is a road bike or its racing team – is one of the most loyal followers in the world. In the past few decades, the connection between Ferrari and high-end watches has been developing as a Formula One racing car. In the early 1980s, Hublot made its debut with its unprecedented rubber sports watch – but the brand really didn’t get the attention it deserved. Until the grandmaster of the watch industry, the unparalleled Mr. Biver started to steer, quickly turning Hublot into a kind of Cultural phenomenon, its porthole shaped box. It is a pleasure to finally see this elite car manufacturer partner with a watchmaker that can match the brand, not only in terms of form and performance, but also in terms of luxury and ownership.swiss Urwerk UR-103 replica watches


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Introduction Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon 5 Days Power Reserve Index Full Gold Gold

Hublot began to take over Geneva during SIHH to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Big Bang’s birth and to continue to introduce more limited edition iconic models at the Basel Watch Fair. In addition to the Big Bang Haute Joaillerie series of more than $10 million, the brand introduced the first Tourbillon of the new generation Big Bang series to ensure the expansion of the Hublot universe.

The new Big Bang Tourbillon 5-day power reserve indicator The Golden Magic Gold balances tradition, precision and modernity to ensure it resonates with modern collectors.



In the new 45mm large bracelet case launched in 2013, this hollow tourbillon watch showcases the exquisite movement behind the HUB6016, a proprietary manual winding movement designed, developed and produced exclusively for Hublot. .best Replica Richard Mille RM 032 Diver Watches

This watch uses a traditional tourbillon that performs a rotation at 6 o’clock per minute and a power reserve indicator visible on the dial at 9 o’clock.

It is also equipped with Hublot’s new interchangeable bracelet attachment system, such as the Big Bang Ferrari Carbon or the Big Bang UNICO Italia Independent.

This unique technology allows the bracelet to switch quickly and easily while ensuring optimal safety. The all-new Big Bang Tourbillon 5-day power reserve indicator is fully yellow gold for use in King Gold and titanium. Both limited editions are 50 pieces.replica AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK PERPETUAL CALENDAR ONLY watch

Review: Hublot – Big Bang Alarm Repeater

Hublot watches are tested in units of decibels with big explosive alarm repeaters, and their sound sounds more than the popularity of the series.

Measuring 45.5 mm in size, this watch is equipped with dual time zones and an alarm clock function, unlike the chronographs that dominate the Big Bang series. According to its futuristic/industrial atmosphere, this series of famous open aesthetics looks amazing and complements the intersecting eccentric sub-dial. In terms of functionality, the watch is easy to use: the button at ‘2’ sets the second time zone, and the button at ‘4’ activates the alarm. Everything else is controlled by Crown. The picture here is a titanium case with a ceramic bezel.replica Zenith PILOT TYPE 20 ANNUAL CALENDAR watches

Hublot Launches 10 Million Dollar Big Bang Series

In the “Senior Times” spring edition held on Tuesday, we sat down with Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe to discuss the evolution of the Big Bang watch released at the Basel International Watch Fair in 2005. Ten years later, the iconic design is now on display at the Hublot booth, showing new models led by Big Bang Unico’s “10-year” Haute Joaillerie, each priced at $ 1 million, with a total of 10 high-end jewellery watches.

This is ten six-digit watches, but they hide many or even more numbers. Four styles stand out: “Black Diamond” (41,84 carats), “White Diamond” (40,02 carats), “White Diamonds and Sapphire” (40, 41 carats) and “White Diamond Rubis” (40, 93 carats) ).luxury replica watches for sale

The complete 10-piece series uses the most sophisticated technology in the watch industry with a total of 2,612 diamonds. Each piece has 132 French long loaves with invisible settings, 127 diamonds mounted on the track, and 394 diamonds with the Clou de Paris design. Each piece takes 350 hours (or more than two weeks).

But the biggest gem is hidden inside the watch. In fact, the Big Bang Unico “10 Years” Haute Joaillerie has HUB 1242 UNICO calibre developed and manufactured by Hublot. Equipped with an automatic flyback chronograph with a cylindrical wheel and dual clutch, it provides 72 hours of power for the watch.

By design, the Big Bang can freely create whatever universe it wants, so even though the Big Bang Unico “10 Years” Haute Joaillerie looks completely different from the original model in 2005, it conveys its visionary creators. spirit. As usual, Hublot has more to see and we will get each piece one by one.replica HYT H1 BLACK SAPPHIRE DOME BLACK 148-DL-21-GF-RU-BD watch


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Buy Replica Corum 2018 Heritage Coin watch C082/03599 – 082.646.01/0251 HO01 price

Item Type: Replica Heritage Watches
Case Material: steel,Silver,Round
Brand Name: Corum
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 43 mm
Thickness: 7.60 mm
Dial: skull
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Unisex
Band Material Type: blue Textile strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date
Year: 2018
Model Number: C082/03599 – 082.646.01/0251 HO01



Corum Bubble uses the first central tourbillon

Corum’s Bubble is playing its charm and mellowness and is ready to welcome the Central Tourbillon. This famous ancient complication has been given new life and brought a playful and modern style. Does this mark the beginning of Bubble’s fine watchmaking series?

“The tourbillon is designed for pocket watches. On the watch, its function is purely aesthetic. With the amplification effect provided by Bubble’s dome crystal, the tourbillon has never been a powerful watch like this one. This novel method Gives us the possibility of fine watchmaking with bubbles. “replica RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 TOURBILLON SPLIT SECONDS MCLAREN F1 watch

This is why Corum CEO Jérôme Biard introduced the new Bubble Central Tourbillon. The three characteristics of this work make it a tourbillon in the watch industry. First of all, this work is a generous proportion. Bubble’s 47 mm provides plenty of room for the tourbillon to fully express itself. The tourbillon’s core position is then a complex technical choice because it requires a linear motion structure. In spite of this, the complications still use unwelded trays, making this centrally located tourbillon instantly catch the eye.

The lack of hands on the watch is also worth noting. Hours and minutes are moved to the flange, where they are represented by two triangular markers: one for minutes and the second for hours. The tourbillon itself is the stopwatch.buy replica Hublot King Power Watches


Buy Replica Corum 2018 Heritage Coin watch C082/03599 - 082.646.01/0251 HO01 price

Finally, there is Bubble’s dome sapphire crystal. Corum often exerts different visual effects on the central zoom effect and the side slight distortion effect. There is no difference here. The peak of the sapphire crystal glass, as a magnifying glass on the tourbillon, is located directly below and is a natural way to show the finest details.

Using this unique watchmaking effect, Corum painted its key symbol on the upper bridge in the middle of its tourbillon. This exquisite carving first appeared and was very detailed. It is worth mentioning that Kunlun chose a real tourbillon, for example it was patented in 1801, not Carrousel or the flying version. It uses a two-way swing automatic movement, the most important is two series movements, can provide excellent isochronism and 65 hours of power reserve.

In keeping with the Spirit of Bubbles, the Central Tourbillon is quirky and interesting, not the traditional evening wear. Designed for everyday life, the vibration frequency is 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz) to improve accuracy. It is made of titanium to ensure it is light and strong. There are three different versions to choose from: black and rose gold on rubber, natural titanium and blue on rubber, or Milan screen made of grade 5 titanium for perfect aesthetic and technical consistency. The Milan mesh strap is rare. With a guaranteed water resistance of 100 meters, this is another treasure of the tourbillon watch, providing the Bubble Central Tourbillon with city, sports and contemporary features.luxury replica men watches


Chopin Karl-Friedrich Scheufele explains the new L.U.C Quattro

A few days ago, before the Basel International Watch Fair in 2018, we introduced you to an icon of Chopard, the LUC Quattro, which is a complicated watch with no less than 4 barrels and 9 days of power. reserve. However, just as powerful as this watch, it is still a statement of true elegance and distinction – just as Chopin should. To learn more about this watch as the brand’s true representation of the brand, we asked the co-president of Chopard Karl-Friedrich Scheufele to explain the history and reasons for creating the 2018 version – see the video at the top of this article.

The L.U.C Quattro is one of the main watches of the L.U.C series. But not the only one. In fact, when the Scheufele family decided to relaunch the L.U.C series in 1996, they not only produced exquisite watches, but also produced a superb movement with a caliber of 1.96. This movement features two-way 22ct-gold micro rotors and double stacking buckets, providing 65 hours of power reserve, but also a very pleasant manual processing. At the time, it was seen as one of the best automatic movements produced by Swiss companies. The caliber meets the standards of COSC and Bonnson in Geneva, guaranteeing the precision and quality of finishing and decoration.wholesale replica Tag Heuer Monaco Watches

Later in 2000, Chopard L.U.C welcomed another great sport, Quattro. The Quattro is the world’s first hand-wound movement with four stacked barrel barrels that can provide no less than 216 hours or 9 days of energy! Now, you can imagine that such a movement will be a beast. However, as early as 2000, it was placed on a slim, elegant and highly restrained 36 mm watch, and still reached the highest standard. This 4-bar manual winding 9-day power reserve movement is indeed slim, with a thickness of 3.70 mm.

Chopard has just launched a new interpretation of Quattro, a new limited edition of 50 pieces, designed to take into account the elegance, but also takes into account the modern sense. Inspired by the new design of the 2017 L.U.C XP and XPS series, Chopard extended its aesthetic principles to one of its major watches. The new Chopard L.U.C Quattro loyal to the 1996 branding design code, but now adds some modern style, slightly casual style and some colored accent.nice ULYSSE NARDIN replica Watches






The permanent calendar is strongly embedded in the core of Audemars Piguet’s origin. It’s also a reminder of all the time measurements come from astronomical and naturally occurring cycles.

In 1955, Audemars Piguet launched the world’s first perpetual calendar watch with the significance of a leap year, with only nine examples of 18 carat gold.

Since then, Audemars Piguet has introduced more perpetual calendar watches, including the newest 2016 Royal Oak Calendar, a combination of gold, iconic Zonda designs and super classic complication at all tabulation.

Today, Audemars Piguet enriches the all-black version of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendars collection, hand-made from black ceramic. The year, date, month, astronomy month, week, and year of the leap year displayed on the outer ring on the dial show pride of honor on the “Grande Tapisserie” decorative dial. Large diameter 5134 self-locking watch with anti-glare sapphire crystal bottom cover, completely visible.best BELL & ROSS BR 01 BURNING SKULL replica watch


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The challenge is mastered, but it’s barely noticeable that black ceramics withstand high temperatures and thermal shock and are therefore very age-resistant. Many operations require great patience and skill to achieve uniform, compact and super-hard materials that can then be processed and hand-worked.

Audemars Piguet’s experts needed more than 600 hours of research to develop this new type of watch, while machining, polishing, hand-handling, assembling and controlling the stainless steel Royal Oak bracelet took six hours and completing these identical procedures took 30 hours to black Ceramic bracelet … 5 times longer!

Dial with “Grande Tapisserie” logo, gray board, with a black counter, and shows real astronomical photos, and all the sharp contrast in black parts.swiss replica watches for sale



Pre-SIHH 2016: AUDEMARS PIGUET Launches New ROYAL OAK PERPETUAL Calendar in Most Classic Case Materials

In 2016, Audemars Piguet brings the luster of gold back to the forefront.

Launched in 1972, the Royal Oak was the first luxury watch to deal with stainless steel, crafted, polished and decorated just like precious metals. Using steel in this way is a risk but in the end it is a triumph that changes the rules of the game. This revolution has created a new and highly creative chapter for Audemars Piguet, during which time it explored both traditional and unconventional materials: Platinum, carbon, bauxite, bronze, rubber, ceramics, titanium, tantalum, etc. .fashion Greubel Forsey replica watches

Now Audemars Piguet has broken the rules again by returning luxury watchmaking to its most basic material, gold, a symbol of indestructible beauty, energy and light. Gold has not only symbolized wealth and power since humans first learned how to extract it from the earth. It has always been its source. For centuries, many alchemy in the watchmaking industry have been warmly and forever embraced.

The new Royal Oak Calendar combines it with the most classic and romantic sophistication to celebrate the eternal charm of gold.

On the dial decorated with “Grande Tapisserie” – subtle patterns of 3D cubes – the traditional calendar clock is given a spot of pride: the days of the month, the days and the days are shown at nine o’clock, noon and three o’clock. Audemars Piguet’s innovation, first introduced in 1955 as a watch design, became an indispensable symbol of leap years and debuted at noon. An astronomy moon found it at six o’clock, one week of the year is shown on the outer dial of the dial, and a second measure of time added.buy HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO ITALIA replica watches

The new movement of this self-winding watch 5134 watch with anti-glare sapphire crystal back cover, revealing the eternal beauty of golden yellow, precious golden warm natural light fully demonstrated in front. The Caliber 5134 is based on its predecessor, the 2120, but it has been enlarged to fully comply with the updated 41mm body size.

The inspiration for this new version is the first Royal Oak Calendar designed by Jacqueline Dimier in 1984 (Reference 5554, later renamed 25554). Of the 279 works released this time, 229 are inlaid with gold.

The bold and forward-looking Royal Oak Calendar 2016 brought luxurious watchmaking back to the prized and prized awards: gold, as bright as the sun.

“To break the rules, you have to grasp them first.”wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 056 replica watches


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Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium and Black Ceramic Watch 601.NM.0173.LR

Case: Ceramic Titanium
Dial: Skeletonized Sapphire with Rhodium Accents
Cuts: Diameter 51.00 x 45.00 mm
Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-reflective Treatment
Movement: Self-winding Skeleton Chronograph Movement
Water Resistance: 10 ATM or 100 meters
Functions: • Central Hours and Minutes • Off-Centred Sweeping Seconds • Date by Window • Chronograph

Spirit of the Big Bang moon phase watch

Back in 2011, Hublot initially introduced the watch, which eventually became the “Big Bang Gem”. I remember when in Geneva Jean-Claude Biver announced that he had “accepted” a requirement to produce a source of inspiration for “Richard Miller,” two high-end watches Businesses tend to offer products (albeit very high-end) at very different prices and respect each other, and the resulting creation is “Hublot”, where I can do it personally. And here’s where we see it today The direct predecessor of the Cosmic Giant’s Big Bang Spirit Watch.

Hublot’s masterpiece is a fairly large Timelot tourbillon (of course). This is Hublot’s first barrel-shaped watch, and I’m not sure if this is a new beginning or a collector’s one-time experiment. There are several barrel-shaped watches underneath the strap of Hublot today, and continue to make a small part under the “Big Bang Soul” series. The name of this “masterpiece” still exists, eventually becoming the nickname “MP-01, MP-02, etc.” I remember the last Hublot MP watch chased after the drink was the 2013 Senna Hublot MP-06.wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 052 SKULL Replica watch

The Universe Soul of the Big Bang came to a 45-mm wide case, due to the large size of a tomb-style case. The special collection of the Hublot Spirits Big Bang moon-phase watch saw the debut of a smaller, more wearable 42mm wide cask-shaped case (water resistant to 100 meters). Currently, these new Big Bang Moonphase watches are available in two versions, one of titanium and one of 18K gold (basically red gold).

For me, the real winner of this watch is this situation and the overall wearing experience. I’m not selling on a variety of specific complications, but dial-up design and concepts are mandatory. The spirit of the Big Bang excludes internally manufactured campaigns, but is based on the Swiss ETA (or equivalent), modified for decorative purposes and given the complexity of modules beyond time. You can view what Hublot calls the HUB1770 automatic movement through the sapphire crystal display window on the back of the chassis. The movement at 4Hz, power reserve of 50 hours.swiss replica watches for sale

I really like the brush style Big Bang style hand, especially in the King Gold Edition, due to increased contrast. I’m not a huge fan of the skull date, but this is not too bad. Although the dial is inherently asymmetrical, I do think most of the elements are fairly balanced. Then you have a 6 o’clock moon phase indicator window, which is hollowed out in its own way, as translucent discs are used to hide the “invisible” portion of the disc.



As the name of the watch implies, the complexity of the dial includes the moon phase indicator and the time with the auxiliary and auxiliary seconds. The dial shows a neat face, which is a real modular movement in the modular appearance. This is a purely functional element, as well as a decorative design that fits the overall theme mix. The look does not suit everyone, but it does look the same as many other piercing dial Hublot products.Graham London Swordfish 2SWGS.S08A Replica watch

Dial around the hour and minute scale, which is a very popular touch, in fact, is quite classic, despite the modern aesthetic Hublot presented. In fact, I think a good way to think about the spirit of the Big Bang is another “mixed” concept where Hublot tries to take more traditional stuff (complications) and bind it to more modern things (overall dialing And case design). Do you think this is successful?

The moon phase shows really good, but I can not help but think this is a complex feature that does not fit the Hublot brand. The spirit of the Big Bang is not the only Hublot timepiece that provides moon phase indicators, so there must be some demand there. Although for me, I do not see moon phase indicators as one of Hublot’s signature complexities. why? Well, complexity is more thematically themed, while Hublot is almost the opposite.Replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Watches

On the wrist, the spirit of the 42-mm-wide Big Bang is wearing comfortably high. This is not a small watch, but a little smaller size makes more people more practical. I hope Hublot can take this case and sport a lot and dial a lot of design and release more options in the future. I think for some people it’s the Hublot they never knew they wanted, but suddenly found it really appealing. Others will not be interested at all, but this will not detract from their enthusiasm for Hublot. If there is something Hublot proficient, then it will launch a model that does not appeal to all consumers (in fact, most of its products are more targeted) and does not degrade in terms of brand appeal and loyalty.

Both versions of the Cosmoscope Big Bang moon phase watch come with a black rubber strap. These are not limited editions and it is interesting that I do not see the limited edition (yet) based on these watches. They are indeed the more unusual Hublot watches there, because they are visually distinctive and, in fact, practical from a wearable point of view. For those who are not touched by Hublot Classic Fusion, to look something more complicated (but not as sporty as the Big Bang), the lunar phase of the Big Bang is like that. Reference 647.NX.1137.RX in titanium and reference 647.OX.1138.RX is golden yellow.Replica ULYSSE NARDIN 2080-115 COMPLICATIONS FREAK DIAVOLO watch



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Brand Hublot
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Titanium,Round
Bracelet Alcantara
Dial Color Black,Skeleton
Diameter 45 mm
Gender men
Thickness —
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph
Boxes common box
Model Number 402.NX.0123.WR


Hublot Big Bang UNICO also looks effortless. Well, if you are cool to you then classic words will not be cool. If you feel “cool,” in line with a more standard definition of “risk taking success,” then the big bang concept is cool. High building, but symmetrical lines and tapering styles are modern, but also classic commensurate. What makes the Hubble Big Bang UNICO case stand out is the large round chronograph buttons and the special style of hour markers and hands (of course, from dialing to dialing).

Hublot Big Bang UNICO is certainly smaller than King Power on a 45mm (in fact 45.5mm) width, but it’s not a big one. Say it, it is very comfortable to wear. One of the reasons is that its design does not slip on the wrist. The special case and clasp design creates a “sandwich” effect that puts pressure on the top and bottom of the wrist, even with extra space on the wrist. So, despite the large size of the case, its design makes it suitable for even small to medium sized wrists (just like my own wrist).

This particular reference to 411.CI.1190.LR.ABO14 model comes in at least two black ceramic cases coming in from finish to matte finish. It paired with black screws and other architectural elements. This all-black appearance means a lot to me, but Hublot is really helping to promote the all-black watch that started 10 years ago. I’ve never been a big fan of all-black watches, but it’s been a lot of fun with a series of soft blacks that make a complicated watch in my alley mixed with a clear dial.Discount cheap Richard Mille RM 011 Watches

So, this special black and orange Hublot Big Bang UNICO uses a matte orange peel color as a hand and hour-mark outline, which makes me happy that makes everything good and clear. There are also SuperLumiNova luminaries (black paint and numbers in the hands), of course, so you have some dark viewing. In this regard, a black light (even if emitting green light) is never as powerful as a lighter colored light – probably because dark colors prevent some light absorption when the light body is charged.

Hublot’s concept of “integration” is correct because the Hublot Big Bang UNICO box is made of a series of materials. Not all of these are luxurious materials, but to be honest, some high-end polymer resins for intermediate applications are extremely high performance, increasing lightness and durability. I think these materials also help to make the situation more earthquake-resistant. I would also like to mention those not directly “criticized,” as well as the demands of some of the more outspoken brand critics.

swiss cheap watches for sale.Allow me to state here that I fully sympathize with watch enthusiasts who want the screw to be symmetrical and that they are properly aligned on the dial and the box so that the screw heads work together in the same direction. In the luxury watch, I have absolutely everything in absolute harmony desire. However, I do not specifically require that all screws be aligned. This is a problem on the Big Bang bezel, where they are tightened when the screws are tightened.

Hublot purposely left it this way. The idea is to comment on the obvious industrial nature of the product and its construction. These are the actual functional screws, their random arrangement is the expression of this. Hublot thinks so, and may keep it for the foreseeable future.

The reason Audemars Piguet can do this is because the screw head on the bezel is actually a nut – a bolt that tightens from below. Speaking of Audemars Piguet, they are Hublot’s “Invincible Competitors” – another regular part of conversation between watch enthusiasts. To be frank, I like both brands very much and think they all bring a lot of value to the table. To me, this is not a “royal oak overseas and the big bang” world, because I think the two product lines can live in harmony. When people say “The Big Bang is just a copy of the Royal Oak Offshore Case Design,” I replied, “If so?



Obviously, the difference between the two products is more than their similarity, and Auntie did not create a whole in a vacuum. This is an industry with many brands that draw on and inspire each other. As long as one product takes an existing theme and pulls it in another creative direction, I can. I have not encountered anyone who actually confused Au Petit and Aipur. When this happens, I will accept the “copy” complaint.cheap Movado watches Review

One of the more successful things Hublot has integrated into Hublot’s Big Bang UNICO enclosure is that the pusher in the tab releases the strap end. The Hublot case looks good on a variety of different strap options, and most watches come with two straps (some type of leather strap and spare rubber strap). Unfortunately, I think they can only provide an expansion buckle, so you need another buckle to make it easier to change. Here, the process of changing tape with ease and safety is right here, and I think it’s a core element of any high-end watch that is stylish and diverse. When picking up a high-end watch, the process of pulling out the tool for changing and tying it seems to be backwards with today’s standards.

Speaking of straps, the Big Bang UNICO at this Hublot is a black alligator leather with contrast stitching with an internal rubber lining. Rubber strap can be said to be the most comfortable, crocodile rubber stitching provides a beautiful appearance and practical interior. This buckle design is more useful in helping significantly increase the life of a crocodile because it does not require excessive bending when worn or removed.

There is no doubt that the Big Bang UNICO case is equipped with sapphire crystal glass, and I like it may be set half a millimeter above the bezel, when you move the watch, it gives a small visual outline of the crystal. The tiny areas that light reflects are subtle, but they are a central element in watch visual design. The back of the movement there is another piece of sapphire crystal glass, waterproof case itself 100 meters.fashion Tonino Lamborghini cheap watches

Watching Hublot Big Bang UNICO watch in a vacuum is hard to deny that this is a very good product. This is not everyone’s luxury timepiece, but it’s not trying to be. In fact, one of the “shotgun marketers” behind the brands is not that every new product is designed to appeal to all its fans. If a tenth of the new Hublot watches are attractive to them, fans’ brands may be very happy. The new Hublot timepiece does not interest me, I just ignore this knowledge, that is something more appealing to me right at hand.

In addition to the product vacuum, Hublot’s Big Bang UNICO is still a very impressive product. In the past few years, Hublot’s personality as a company has grown into a complex task, even though I can not always do that. Very often, when I host an event or product launch event with Hublot, I just relax and let me take it where it is. When you’re with Hublot, you never know what is fun, weird, weird, provocative things happen. To me, this is a part of charms and I love the idea of a company that has been trying out new and varied things and has a responsibility to help determine what modern luxuries are for many watches that actually did not consider themselves Lover.

If I can only say a real (real) thing about Hublot, Hublot has solidified the notion that a cool and luxurious timepiece is able to tell Who are you to be the ultimate fashion product, just the kind of stuff that you enter. If anyone is helping to keep timepieces as a symbol of the wider public status, good or bad, then Hublot – if their watches look less interesting then that will never happen.best CORUM GOLDEN BRIDGE cheap watches