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Basel World 2017: Code Fusion Italy Independence

Richard Mille RM 022 watches replica.Basel Art Fair is the world’s largest watch and jewelry exhibition. It is held annually in the Swiss city of Basel’s exhibition center, which is directly bordering France and Germany.

Hublot classic fusion of Italian independence

Hublot has launched a new classic fusion of Italian independent collectors with Lapo Elkann – an independent Italian founder and artistic director, as well as an Italian tailor Rubinacci created.

Since 2014, Hublot, the Italian independent company and Lapo Elkann’s relationship between the birth of two series. While the two previous collections were based on the legendary Big Bomb Unico model, this time the fanatical creative team’s magic was released in the classic fusion model.

For Lapo Elkann, who is often rated as “the most elegant person in the world,” this is a task, and he has customized the design and customization of his signature. He has brought Ferrari’s “tailor-making” program, which he is continuing and expanding with Garage’s Italian customs concept; cars, boats, planes and helicopters, have a unique customization level, personalized and innovative creativity for the entire mobile industry. Lapo also applies the same expertise to his work for Hublot and Italia Independent.HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-05 LAFERRARI replica watch

“Sartoria Rubinacci” is not a random choice: since 1932, three generations of Rubinacci has been the protagonist of this good taste and male improvement agency: Gennaro, founder of grandfather, Mariano, now managing the house from Naples is of course Luca, Milan The owner of the store is also one of the most photographed men on earth because of his unique style. Between them, they dressed everyone from the Duke of Kent to singer Brian Ferry, not to mention the Agnelli family of course, where Lapo Elkann was the successor.

Rubinacci’s house has the most beautiful fabric collection in its archives. It is here, in more than 60,000 square meters of precious canines, tweed and other fabrics, Hublot and Lapo Elkann from the seventies to find a set of lattice squares colored wool weaving, they brought back life by including them in the classic Fusion as a chronograph. Dial and strap so use these precious fabrics to provide this range of 45mm timers for the final result, elegant representation.best replica watches for men



Item No.: 343.CS.6590.NR.AKS16
Case Size: 41 mm
Thickness: 12.75 mm
Case: black ceramic
FUNCTIONS: Hour, Minute,Second
Glass: Sapphire
DIAL: Combination of carbon fiber and pink embroidery, set with 12 black diamonds
BUCKLE: Black-plated stainless steel deployant buckle clasp
Strap: Pink rubber and pink embroidery with black stitching
Movement: self-winding


Hublot Classic Fusion Special Edition «Wayne Rooney»

Hublot launched a pair of special edition Classic Fusion watches for the iconic England football player’s testimony.replica Tag Heuer Monaco LS CALIBRE 12 Watch

The charity football match was carried out with the help of the Wayne Rooney Foundation at the dream theater of Manchester United’s world famous Old Trafford Football Stadium. Testimony is the first club of Everton, Wayne Rooney. Hublot brand appears in the old Trafford around the panel.

To commemorate this occasion, Hublot launched two special edition of the Classic Fusion watch, to commemorate Wayne Rooney in football has made unprecedented achievements. He is named after the 53 England squad, who is the greatest scorer in British football history and will break the England players’ record of the next time they wear an English shirt.

HUBLOT table in this special player named after two special watch. Hublot classic fusion special edition ‘Wayne Rooney’ in titanium will be limited to 65, while the 18-carat King Gold model will be limited to two pieces. The two parts of the entire run will be donated to the foundation.URWERK UR-110 TECHN ICAL DETAILS replica watch

These two watches are in the 10 o’clock position with a red 10, reference to Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United shirt number, and the back of the case is decorated with “Wayne Rooney Testimonial 2016” words and his signature.

Charitable tournaments and various other recommended activities supported by Hublot will be distributed through the Foundation’s four selected charities – NSPCC, Claire House Hospice, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the Manchester United Foundation.http://www.greatwatcheshere.com



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Ulysse Nardin Forgerons Minute Repeater
Item No.: 719-61/E2
Case: platinum
Diameter: 42 mm
Strap: leather
mechanism: automatic
Size: men


Ulysse Nardin Strangers with Time Music for a beautiful marriage is eternal

Ulysse Nardin Strangers present time with an unparalleled hearing experience, and this infinite relationship is eternal.replica Richard Mille RM 017 watches

Finally, the watchmaker has developed a watch that at first glance sees a visual and auditory experience while wearing its wearer (a personal experience that I’ve been looking at in a luxury watch – someone in Ulysse Nardin has passed my auditory and visual tulips). All the jokes, you really have to ask yourself: “If my watch does not have serenade me, what we actually have in relation to time?” Ulysse Nardin apparently answered the question and brought the clocks relationship to another level quite In the eternal love, and all the watches – strangers.

replica Tonino Lamborghini Competition 01 watches.Strangers (cf. 6902-125) are Athens masterpieces of aesthetic and complications, passionate marriage time and musical ethereal classical music in the form of Serenade its worn with more captivating songs, “Stranger Night” (ie the 1966 immortal song Except the velvety smooth crooner Frank Sinatra).

Stranger is an innovative watch that takes five years of development to bring results, inspired by Ulysse Nardin’s partner, conceptual artist and musician Dieter Meier (also known as the godfather of technical music).replica Breitling Chronomat Watches

Strangers artfully sang a gorgeous dial, showing a rotating disk, participating in 10 elaborate blades, resulting in “strangers at night” music, much like a music box. A button at 10 o’clock also activates (or deactivates) the disc playing melody, which can be programmed to play in hours or not at all.

The other fader must be activated at 8 o’clock in the crown to be activated to activate the function: “T” time, “D” date and “W” wind, such as triangles displayed at 3 and 4 o ‘ .

http://www.fashion-wirst.com.Strangers music and time in a beautiful 45mm 18K rose gold case show Harmony dial-up exaggerated 18K rose gold Roman numerals, circular date aperture window, hour / minute hand and a sub-pointer seconds indicator hands. Closed is Ulysse Nardin’s silicon technology for escapement, anchor and gossamer, its internal automatic mechanical UN-690 movement; 64 gem and 48 hour power reserve function. It has a medallion back cover and a buckle with a black leather strap.

Ulysse Nardin Stranger is a 99-piece limited edition watch, and will therefore sing his charming song for a special collector. Strangers can visually and audibly appreciate all their glory in the Basel world in 2013.replica HYT SKULL watches






Reference: RM 61-01 Yohan Blake Green and Yellow
CASE: Ceramic,Carbon
STRAP: rubber
DIAMETER: 50.23 x 42.70 x 15.84 mm
FUNCTIONS: Hours and Minutes
Dial: Skeleton
Mechanism: Hand-winding
Clasp: Pin buckle
GLASS: Sapphire




Take a look at: Richard Miller RM 61-01 monochrome version

This is a much less colorful but still very eye-catching version of Richard Miller’s RM 61-01, also known as Jamaican Dash Super Le Mans “Beast” Blake’s Watch (V2). Miller had used both materials – the RM 61-01 John Black was created using black TZP-N ceramic in the case of NTPT? carbon black with monochrome. White pontoon, crown rubber, strap and lower wing to create monochrome beauty. Hollow RMUL2 exercise is the same, the 55-hour power reserve is built on PVD and Titalyt? using a 4Hz free hairspring pendulum to treat grade 5 titanium. In consideration of the development of sports applications, Richard Miller has consciously aimed at superior impact resistance, carrying out the RM 61-01 verification test for more than 5000 grams.replica Audemars Piguet ROYAL watches




Richard Miller RM 61-01 John Black hand in needles

The Richard Miller RM 61-01 is the latest inspiration for the watch and designed by Jamaican sprinter John Black for the latest iteration. The 61-01 also known as “Baby Blake” is smaller than the exotic RM 59-01, which features a tourbillon, four “claw” dial inside, carbon nanotube composite case – which is not present in the 61-01 Of all functions. Of course, the “original” John Blake is one of the variants of the RM38 Blake dressed during the 2012 Olympics, and eventually sold by Antiquorum can only watch part of 2013.replica GREUBEL FORSEY WATCHES

The case in the case of RM 61-01 is asymmetrical and has a bezel in the NTPT carbon black TZP ceramic and the case back, with the shell band (same RM 35-01 Rafah I did last week’s hands-on reporting function). Crown is also carbon, with yellow collar ALCRYN. Moving inwardly to the dial, the upper flange consists of green anodized aluminum with a fluorescent hour mark index, and the yellow minute flange is made of Varnish Titanium.Replica Urwerk EMC ALTIN – EMC ALTIN watch

With its bold yellow and green color settings and integrated beast “talons” across the dial, Richard Miller RM 61-01 John Black is certainly one of the most visually striking pieces from Richard Miller.http://www.watch4ustore.com



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replica URWERK UR-201 MEN watches



Urwerk UR-201
Item No.: RG UR-201
Case Size: 45.6mm x 43.5mm x 15mm
Case: Rose Gold
Strap: Crocodile
Movement: Automatic


URWERK UR-210 watch hands

URWERK UR-210 Watch hands-on I recently discussed URWERK’s new UR-210 watch with their interesting new “Trail efficiency index” complications. The idea of a new complication is to tell you if the motion you’re wrapping is enough, or if you need to be more active. I quipped that it was a complex reminder to wake you up and move your butt around. Recently, I had to get my hands on one of the first UR-210 parts. My total report is with or without a new complication, which is a cool URWERK.replica Bell & Ross watches

The last new URWERK watch before the UR-210 is the UR-110 (we cover it here). They called the UR-110’s “torpedoes”, which are an odd-looking but odd-looking watch with an interesting look. Although, I also appreciate its design, experimentation and technical achievements. With the UR-210 there is a return to the wonderful combination of wear resistance and design beauty combined with superior technology. This watch is the most perfect thing the URWERK watch is all about.



The unique titanium case is long, almost 44 mm wide. However, it looks great, comfortable sitting on the wrist. Spiracy and the future, it is high-end modern design should be how the same thing. What I really liked was how this future theme was to continue on the move, and vice versa. You can also thank the Thick Custom Filled with a lot of comfort for wearing. Finally, the case sections are elaborately machined and are very precise in their shape and finish.

www.nicewatches4u.com.URWERK invokes the motion of UR-7.10. This is an automatic 39 hour power reserve and some unique features. Let’s start with the automatic-winding system. You can not see the rotor as it is hidden, but you see a pair of rotors with the rotor turning the turbine gear. Actually, they do not all turn off all the time. You will find that on the back of the watch is a selection wheel. With your thumb you can switch it to “full, decrease and stop.” These either allow the rotor to fully spin, spin with some resistance, or be locked. Why do you need some discussion of this in the near future?



The self-winding system is inherently weak and shocks or extreme forces can also rest during the period. As a “good, we may wish to include it” feature, URWERK want to make automatic winding system more interactive. The complete stop of the rotor will stop the automatic winding, but in certain sports activities will also protect the movement. Reducing spinning efficiency Engage the extra gear (which is part of the “steam turbine control” system and slow down the windings, which if you are doing something like playing golf or other activities and want to slow down the rotor protection is very useful The rest of the time you can put it “full.” It’s easy to say “well such an expensive watch, why you wear it when it may break.” I would agree not only that, but The system requires you to plan in advance if you intend to turn it into a danger Talking about a very horological lifestyle is an interesting complication in the end – again – is to increase interactivity with upscale luxury watches.

There is of course a power reserve indicator which makes the “stop” function in the turbine control system more practical. I understand that the design of the winding efficiency index is a bit like a power reserve indicator. It again “remembers” how many winding you have given the UR-210 movement over the last two hours and shows how much love you have given from the red to green to the barrel.replica HARRY WINSTON HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON watches



Of course, the best part of the system is the new “Fat Man” timekeeping display. URWERK has once again re-imagined their satellite time to inform the system and further complicate. Hours are still displayed in the rotating cube, but the minute hand is a new UR-210. Oita is a “jump hand” and learns that it is the best way to see the video above. The hour indicator is located inside of it, and when it reaches the end of the hour, the minute hand jumps back to 0 to the next hour of the cube connection. You can also set the time backwards without disrupting the system. It was a really wonderful thing cooler than before.

URWERK will produce only 35 of this version of the URWERK UR-210 watch titanium. If I know what URWERK will have, then there will be more cases where the end and the limited edition is available in the future. It is worth noting that the nickname of this watch is “Maltese Eagle” because of the shape of the minute hand.http://www.watch4ustore.com

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URWERK UR-105 TA “Clockwork Orange”


Urwerk UR-105TA ORANGE replica watch.In its latest iteration of the UR-105TA series, URWERK’s founders share one of their cultural inspiration and offer yet another sensational timepiece for those with alternative fun. Basel Watch Fair During 2016, Carl Idi, fan of the brand and contributing writer, enjoyed a handsome and handsome experience with URWERK’s delightful “Clockwork Orange” which led to this enthusiastic review.


In 1971, Stanley Kubrick directed the interference, but the powerful, groundbreaking film “Clockwork Orange”. Several films before, or indeed because it has been such a huge impact on the audience, and the establishment of praise. The central character “Alex DeLarge”, written by Malcolm McDowell, remains one of the most iconic figures in film history, and his story proves challenging for many viewers, which is certainly brave, At the time, McDowell and Kubrick entered the controversial limelight. In various fields, especially art, the pursuit of the norms of challenge brings the notoriety, admiration and ultimate high respect. In the relatively conservative world of tabulation, the same ability, along with many other ingredients needed to break through the brand, earning the top table in the watch, a seat URWERK, Swiss independent watchmaking company, is certainly such an entity. Its cool and charismatic bosses, Martin Frey and Felix Baumgartner, are accurate and innovative sports as well as border-pushing designs that have been over-the-top watch lovers for the past two decades.



This is not surprising, so it is Kubrick’s film that URWERK owners love so much that it has inspired these watchmakers to create a special “Clockwork Orange” version of the UR105 Turbo Auto.http://www.watchbuyluxury.com


There are so many iconic elements that this watch, no more than the prospect of the future, from the knight’s breastplate, not only in form but also in its indestructible function to get inspiration, the case is titanium, saved as a scrub Stainless steel bezel is PVD coated in dark matte black.



Around the rim of the bezel, the large beveled screw head gives the impression that it rises up to the box, enhancing the appearance of the armor is sturdy and durable, which is designed to withstand the toughest and most difficult of the modern Crusades to maintain the original state Case. The Clockwork Orange is an iteration of the UR-105TA series, still faithful to the original size. In-depth 16.8 mm, on both sides of its carrying “barbecue dish” effect, industrial, but feast for the eyes, function, continue in the anti-clock-their own modern art works.

One of the most striking visual features of this watch is the twin turbines. They are displayed by reversing the sapphire crystal window and are rotated according to the selected user settings. The great feature of the greatest watchmaker is that no detail left behind is ignored, whether it is on display or hidden. The UR-105TA’s turbines are a secluded secret and the owner of the mesmerise will no doubt be hidden.



With a fairly modest width of 39.5 mm, it is possible that the length of the UR-105TA may be surprising. A huge 53mm will usually sound alarm bells for many prospective owners, however, it is mainly due to the ingenious, it seems in this case perfectly suitable for display. One of the key elements of the upgrade is the two-bit deep groove. Typically, when the crown is positioned at the traditional 12 o’clock to extend the size of their case. URWERK ingeniously concave crown into the crown of this watch into the top of the shell, allowing it to carry decadent large scale does not divorce from the overall aesthetic impairment.fashion replica watches

Naturally, the sapphire crystal has an ‘antireflective’ coating and fully reveals the internal features of the UR-105TA, but its shape, much like a box-like whole, is so unique that it violates the tradition of clock design.



I have a feeling that if URWERK was already there, Milan La Cannono, a fashion designer for the “Clockwork Orange” movie, would have thought that the furniture “Alex DeLarge” was the perfect accessory while matching his Lifestyle, his shameless youth self-confidence.

URWERK has built an impressive reputation for producing remarkable quality watches with the ability to express distinctly unique ways of time. Under the hood, as expected, there is also a prominent movement, however, as is the significant part of the face. First to highlight the association with Harry Winston, (leading to the famous works 5), the Wandering Hours satellite system has become one of URWERK’s trademark watch expressions. At UR-105TA, the time is indicated by the use of four smoked black aluminum discs. Each decorated with a three-hour scale, painted in a warm orange super luminous ®, provides a striking contrast to deep black tones on the rest of the watch. There are carved polished circular black polyether ether ketone (PEEK) canopy sitting on top of the disc. Its material is extremely lightweight, easy to use, and has a low coefficient of friction. Four ‘cuts’ in the crown reveal hour markers as they slowly turn in place. The tiny indicator lines emanate from the hour, showing the exact time as satellites gracefully follow the arc of the minute train ride.hublot mp-05 laferrari replica




URWERK created the design, which brought huge and unique visual impact. URWERK successfully challenged mainstream design capabilities to be part of the company’s DNA, and truly set it apart as one of the key figures in the world of watches. In fact, look at its history, URWERK has repeatedly in the field of watches and clocks to provide development.

However, as in the Stanley Kubrick film, “Clockwork Orange” may claim universal appeal to prove too radical, the UR-105TA has an alluring and tactile industry, using less traditional, color accents, Charming multi-layer The entire watch is obvious.

Even for those more traditional tastes, the special mechanism of the UR-105TA’s heart beats alone wins respect. For URWERK fans and watch lovers fortunate enough to afford a clockwork orange, the biggest challenge, as always, will be a masterpiece of these watches, taking into account that only a few pieces of this spectacular watch will be modified.replica MB&F LM PERPETUAL watches



Technical specification

Model: Urwerk UR-105 TA Clockwork Orange
Movement – UR 5.02 Self winding mechanical
Power reserve – 48 hours
Case – Titanium body / Brushed and PVD coated steel bezel
Case size – Height 53mm, Width 39mm, Depth 16.8mm
Dial – Aluminium Hour satellites with a PEEK canopy
Glass – sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Band – Black nylon with pin and buckle fastening