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Patek Philippe 5396R with calendar and blue dial

Classic 5396R calendar, rose gold case, striking blue dial.

Since its launch in 2006, the Patek Philippe 5396 calendar is one of the most classic choices in the brand’s collection. It provides a cleaner and more modern choice for the conservative reference 5146, namely the chronology-based almanac watch. In addition to the existing version, silver or gray dial (applique or Breguet number), Patek Philippe also decided to add a little sense of luxury to this watch, by matching the watch with a rose gold case and dark blue dial.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar
All in all, Patek Philippe offers no less than three different monitors for the annual calendar complications. Classical, reference 5146 and its display based on traditional sub-dial. In modern style, reference 5205 and its display, based on 3 windows, from 10 to 2. In the middle of the right side is a hybrid dial, which relies on the classic look of the dial and on the more modern designs provided by the windows. Balanced, slightly conservative, but traditional and faithful to some vintage versions, this is the Patek Philippe 5396R almanac. Don’t be fooled because these three watches share the same automatic movement with the central second hand (Calibre 324) and are only modified for the indicator display on the dial.wholesale PATEK PHILIPPE replica watches

It’s not surprising to see multiple variations of the calendar function (plus notice that it can be combined with a regulator display or a chronograph). In fact, Patek Philippe was the inventor of this new calendar function as early as 1996. Its reference is 5035. The annual calendar is located between the standard full calendars – 31 days need to be adjusted at the end of all months – and perpetual calendar – can be adjusted automatically In the month of 30 or 31 days, but also taking into account February (28 days) and leap years (29 days in February). This type of watch only needs correction once every 100 years.

Twenty years ago, Patek Philippe was known for the perpetual calendar held by industry insiders. It brought a whole new idea, a calendar that was almost as practical as QP, but safer, simpler, more reliable, and mostly easier to use. In 1996, they obtained a patent for the calendar, which only needed one correction each year, that is, the transition period from February to March, which means that it can automatically identify the months of 30 and 31 days – which means that only once a year Adjusted at the end of February.

Patek Philippe 5396R Calendar Blue Dial

Before we enter this new model of the Patek Philippe 5396R 2017, let’s take a look at what the model itself is. As mentioned above, it is an intermediate version of the annual calendar complication, which has a window and a sub-dial for displaying indications. This is also a fairly well-proportioned dress watch, with a restrained size and an elegant silhouette. The main novelty is that the dial uses a new color, plus the warm tone of rose gold, to create a more gorgeous, more traditional watch.http://www.cheapsalewatch.com

The Patek Philippe 5396R almanac display is a combination of elements from the classic 5146, the more modern 5205 and some permanent calendars such as the recently introduced 5320. On the one hand, it still has a small dial number 6 with a moon phase and 24 hour indication. Then, it replaces the traditional sub-dial with window pointer indications, providing clear, instantaneous readings, and reducing the dial dial confusion. Finally, the windows of the days and months of the week are all placed at 12 o’clock, just like the old three calendars or some QPs of Patek.

The result is a very balanced, open and relatively clean dial. All elements are on the 12 to 6 axis, leaving some space for more aerial turntables. In this version, the index is a faceted decal, with a triangular tip – some versions of the 5396 can be equipped with Breguet numbers. Some golden points also indicate minutes, again traditional Patek Philippe features – some will tell them to make the dial busy, but when seen in metal, they will make the dial dynamic with good reflection and depth.

The case of the Patek Philippe 5396R is elegant and restrained, with a reasonable diameter of 38.5 mm – if you consider a closer watch, even a watch from Patek Philippe is almost minimal. However, in the case of Calatrava style, it performed well because this shape was meant to be a dress watch. The ratio between the bezel thickness and the dial diameter is also pleasant – visually expanding the 5396R and making it look very nice on the wrist. Made of 18k rose gold, the case is completely polished and adorned with a navy blue crocodile leather strap – although the gloss is good, but I really do not like it. In any case, the strap can be removed and switched.luxury ZENITH replica watches

The 5396R’s hood is a famous movement. The movement 324 is a self-winding engine equipped with a 21k gold central rotor. This action is equipped with several watches (including Nautilus or Aquanaut, and several QPs). The decoration is perfect, with modern features (Gyromax balance and silicon Spiromax hairspring, 4Hz frequency), which is a pleasant exercise that can be seen and used. A small disappointment: the length of the power reserve is between 35 hours and 45 hours. Even if this watch is automatic, it is quite short. Longer power reserve will prevent too much adjustment.

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, the main novelty of the reference 5396R-014 comes from the combination of a rose gold case and a blue dial – gradually extending to different series of colors. It is not necessary to mention that the results are amazing. In addition to the sunburst pattern, the selected blue shades are bright, rich, and play a significant role with the surrounding light. There is a strong contrast between warm conditions and vivid blues. However, from a prudent standpoint, the conservative silver-white version is far more than these, but it brings another dimension to this usually quite simple work. Some people will like it, some people will not. Despite this, Patek Philippe’s blue color is impressive and it attracts attention in metal.

Of course, not the main new product of Patek Philippe in 2017, this Patek Philippe 5396R blue dial new year calendar shows how the brand is evolving and brings modernity to its collection – with brighter colors or perfect retro elements.Richard Mille RM 11-03 Flyback McLaren replica watch


Technical Specifications – Patek Philippe 5396R Almanac
Case: diameter 38.5 mm x 11.2 mm high – 18K rose gold, polished – double sapphire crystal – 30 meters waterproof
Dial: Blue sunburst dial with rose gold hands and hands
Strap: Alligator strap, square scales, shiny navy blue – Fold-over clasp
Movement: Calibre 324 S QA LU 24H / 303, internal – Patek Philippe Seal – Automatic – 4Hz frequency – 35 hours minimum. To the maximum 45h. Power reserve – 347 components – hours, minutes, seconds, year calendar, date, date, month, month phase and 24h indication
Reference number: 5396R-014 (Diamond on the dial, serial number 5396R-015)


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Great De Bethune Dream DW5 Replica watch

De Bethune Dream
Ref. No: DW3PS3
Case: titanium,Round
Dial: Jumping-hour aperture at 3 o’clock in polished blued grade 5 titanium – analogue minutes indicator on a rotating disc – spherical moon-phase indication at the centre
Diameter: —
Glass: sapphire
Thickness: —
Strap: leather
BUCKLE pin buckle
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes
Movement: hand-wound
Size: men


SIHH: DB25 World Traveler

De Bethune launched the DB25 “World Traveler,” a smart watch that features a second time zone and world time, presented mysteriously. Excellent ease of use and convenient setting and display system make this watch a world-class jewelry.
DB25 World Traveler’s design is a loyal companion to long distance travelers. Although the invention of multiple time zones dates back to the 17th century, the readability and adjustment of watch functionality has never been easier and more intuitive. The system is completely safe and each indication can be controlled independently. Once again, De Bethune invented a watch that looked simple and hidden in technical wisdom,

Navigation instrument
Visually, the sophistication of DB25 World Travelers lies in the concentric arrangement of functions. World Time appears on the dial in the center of the dial, graduated from the passage where the moving micro represents the reference time surrounded – also known as home time. This kind of microsphere is the technical symbol of Dobermann since the invention of three-dimensional moon phase, it has two hemispheres that can indicate day and night. Half of them are blue, pink, etc. They recede when they pass local time in the hours between 6 am and 6 pm, and at the end of the day the outer circle.Replica De Bethune Dream watches


Great De Bethune Dream DW3 DW3PS1 Replica watch


DB25 World Traveler is equipped with the latest hand-wound mechanical DB2547 movement. Caliber morphology, performance and high-quality implementation illustrate Bethune’s unique degree of excellence and the philosophy of technology exploration. For the first time, the Delta Bridge was built using micron micron-grade engraving technology developed by Bethune. Decorated with “Côtes de Bethune” in the middle, the polished plate was hollowed out into a concave surface, increasing light weight. The regulator is equipped with a new Evolution, a platinum-mounted titanium balance wheel, was developed specifically for optimum management of temperature changes.

Absolutely comfortable
DB25 World Traveler changes the way the second time zone can be displayed with the world time indicator. As De Bethune’s approach focuses on the reasons behind watchmaking, the goal of David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet is to make the monitor suitable for travelers. They focus their research on readability and comfort, whether wearing a watch or operating a setting.


Great De Bethune Dream DW5 Replica watch


Dial shows the world time, with almond-shaped push-piece set at 8 o’clock. This flexible yet accurate system will hop one hour clockwise with a concentric Microlight decorated city display plate. The first time zone or reference time zone is displayed with a 24-hour mark and shows a mysterious display through the microsphere’s position. The microsphere’s position does not float in its channel. The crown can be set in both directions (clockwise / counterclockwise). At 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., the crown turns around, giving it a pinkish gold surface during the day or night at the back of the blue steel. Local time, or second time zone, is a blue leaf-shaped pointer whose curve conforms to dial relief. The minute hand naturally coincides with the reference hour, while the hour hand is controlled by the crown pulled out to the second notch. Hour hand jumped for an hour. The day’s indication is the last circle on the display, designed to evoke the solar system. The same day, only clockwise and local time coordination, and by the 10-point correction of the jumper adjustment instructions.http://www.cheapsalewatch.com



The generous 45mm diameter white gold case provides plenty of room for this monitor. Champagne and silver tones are also read through the ordered structure of the indicator. The alternation of decoration and volume also enhances readability, for example, a slightly dome shaped hour-ring, which also highlights the powdery effect to enhance the surface’s luminosity.

The case stands above the wrist just like the instrument, with open earrings on the back of the case. This frees the middle to make it easy to adjust. The crown is an important part of the DB25 World Traveler; designed to be thin and wide and slightly raised for easy handling. It moves on three notches, which are distinguished from each other by their markings.

The spirit of technological innovation
DB25 World Traveler Hand-wound mechanical caliber DB2547 is a 25 caliber caliber designed, manufactured and assembled by De Bethune. It is the result of more than a decade of knowledge and invention that Denis Flageollet and his team have developed themselves. In order to achieve this new streamlined display, the movement incorporates 430 components.

Seen through the back of the sapphire case, the back of the movement shows a new titanium balance with a white gold setting on the rim. Through in-depth research and prototype results, the balance wheel has the ability to counteract the effects of temperature changes through its interaction with the balance spring, and the “De Bethune” flat terminal curve ensures concentric development. Aerodynamic shapes are also designed to minimize air drag as an important source of damage. Truly formed, it ensures a perfect balance of all phases from manufacture to assembly. Due to its light weight, silicon was chosen as the escape wheel in order to increase the caliber of the power. As for the regulatory body, it is completely maintained by a unique three-chute shock absorber system designed by De Bethune. The system incorporates a titanium bridge that incorporates two jewels as a pillar on each side. The system is held in place by the jewel-supported leaf spring system. The partially visible double barrel has accumulated five days of power reserve through a patented self-regulating power mechanism.wholesale Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Replica watches


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Other Features: Debrecen completes his movement to reflect as much light as possible around him. For this reason, most of the components’ surfaces are specularly polished. Both steel and titanium, some of them are also blue, reflecting the De Bethune’s iconic colors, as seen here on the bridges and rims of balance wheels and on the leaf springs of triple dampers That’s it. Rose worked grinding left to barrel ratchet. An external ring is decorated with grain glimmers and provides support for a variety of indications by puncturing the oval holes.

Bethune grace
Bethune explores the future of advanced watchmaking. An independent brand founded in 2002 by curator David Zanetta and expert watchmaker Denis Flageollet, designs and manufactures all timepieces in-house. Due to its limited output, Düsseldorf has an unparalleled ability to innovate. Since the brand’s inception, with more than a dozen basic invention patents and over 20 world-first patents, De Bethune also has a list of 25 dedicated movements tested and regularly used.Patek Philippe GRANDMASTER CHIME 175TH ANNIVERSARY Replica watch

Through its creation, de Bethune follows the pursuit of advanced people and great watchmakers to perfectly measure time and absolute beauty. Using state-of-the-art scientific discoveries, their efforts are brought together in the invention of a unique new high-performance solution.

The style of “Bethune” stems from its philosophy. It has the goal of using contemporary or even futuristic style to reproduce the aesthetics and emotional vibrations caused by the most outstanding creations of centuries and even thousands of years. Here, history is just to reach the level of excellence of the past and to further promote it.

The unique nature of Bethune depends on a close and continuous dialogue between the past, the present and the future. In addition to watches, De Bethune’s work raises a variety of issues as they witness a constant redefinition of watchmaking.swiss Replica RICHARD MILLE RM 27-02 watch


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Brand Porsche Design
Item Type Replica 1919 Collection Watches
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case titanium,Round
Bracelet Black leather
Dial Color Black
Diameter 42 mm
Gender Unisex
Thickness 11.92 mm
BUCKLE folding clasp
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS minute, hour, second, date ,Limited Editions
Year 2018
Boxes common box
Model Number 4046901686697


Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Coupe and Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Turbo S Exclusive Collection

PORSCHE DESIGN 1919 ETERNITY911 1MIONTH LTDED replica Watch.Defend yourself as this is the first ever ever Porsche customer can have an optional matching chronograph designed by Porsche in the same specs for their new 911! I mean, it makes sense, I’m just amazed, it took so long. Enter the new exclusive Porsche 911 Turbo S series – which is said to be “the most powerful 911 Turbo S ever” – the Porsche Design Timing 911 Turbo S exclusive collection, a sporty racing-style chronograph with stylish Porsche design. In addition, there are some leather accessories, are very limited and “exclusive.”

What I mean is to draw this picture: You sit there, authorized by the selected Porsche dealer to offer this exclusive collection of cars, you are experiencing a dazzling list of dazzling expensive options that you are experiencing Can drizzle your future 911. Then at the bottom of the page you will see something like the following: “Personalized Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Watch, made to order, limited edition 500, delivered at the same time. This may not be as easy as some extra options on the car.luxury replica Richard Mille Watches



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Porsche design has been in various states since 1972, but we will elaborate on the upcoming watch review, not always with the parent company. Why Porsche Design took about 45 years to produce a limited edition watch that works with a particular 911, which I find hard to understand. But it is happening now, which is a good sign that the Porsche watch division is back on track. Please note that the watch brand Porsche Design is now after a long period of decades of cooperation with IWC, Eterna and Orfina, but in a short period of time.

First, let’s focus on the exclusivity of the car and see how the watch measures how the vehicle promises to provide it. Its design, materials, hand-finished touch and 27 extra horsepower are different from the other more common 911 Turbo S models. Porsche’s exclusive Porsche headquarter located in Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany, is the Porsche interior workshop responsible for the design of limited-edition vehicles – imagine the car’s original assembly shop.wholesale replica watches on here




Here’s what the 911 food chain looks like: regular 911 Carrera, Carrera S, GTS, Turbo, then Turbo S. There are now 500 people who have the exclusivity of desire exclusivity can have Turbo S exclusive series founded by exclusive Manufaktur. There are 911 racing versions such as the GT11 / GT3RS and the GT2RS, but if you need the proper door handle instead of just reinstalling the seat belt as the sliding door in the door, Turbo S is the craziest version with all the luxury still present.




Porsche says these exclusive series are truly handcrafted – although the interior of the regular 911 is not exactly a robotic barn. All exclusivity here is custom choice and finishing, such as how fine copper wire is integrated into the carbon fiber trim, or the Illumination Exclusive series of words.

In order to provide you with a complete picture, we will receive news of this tailor-made Porsche Design trunk. While there is no shortage of the most glamorous gold accessories in the world (one can not but ask why Saddam’s gold-plated AK-47 has never really caught it), the Porsche design deserves some pretty restraint in beauty; pricing, well, Not so much. This $ 63224 (a random number!) Five-piece suitcase can be customized, especially for customers who buy vehicles from a limited production area and fit perfectly into this specific 911’s luggage space as expected – imagine if it’s fun It does not have a factor! replica Hublot MP Limited Editions Watches



Some elements of the Porsche Design 911 Turbo S Exclusive Collection watch can be customized to match your otherwise unique personalized car decor – including wheel-inspired self-winding rotor finishes, dial color elements, strap options, and much more.

In addition, the first internal movement designed by Porsche was called “Caliber Werk 01.200” (no matter what happened during the 199th iteration) and it took three years for a new chronograph with automatic and anti-kickback functions The development of time. I say new, because the basis of exercise seems to be 7750 – the Porsche design previously heavily dependent on exercise. Given that the 7750 patent is long overdue, and because the company has designed its watch on a dependable caliber, the 7750 Foundation’s buildings should not be surprising.

PATEK PHILIPPE 175th Commemorative watches replica.In particular, for Porsche Design’s 01.200 models, they made the following recommendations: “Thanks to the heat-treated coil spring, the movement provides additional constant force transmission and other functions to optimize the speed accuracy for extended periods of time with increased load , For example when it stops on the track, it increases the load. “Stop on the track, uh. Look forward to Porsche Design Three Questions Timer, let me repeat a minute just past, but I hope to live immediately after.

In addition, the Porsche Motorsport Development Center helped design the barrel bridge: in order to achieve a lightweight Porsche design, the bridge was optimized for load / pressure – which is weird as the power reserve remains at 48 hours. In addition to that, the Porsche Design 01.200 movement (just like the 7750), which runs at 4 Hz, is COSC certified and you get a more realistic view of the relatively accurate and beautiful movement based on a reliable basically.

Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Turbo S Exclusive series will be wrapped in 42 mm wide and 50 meters waterproof black hard alloy coated titanium case, with a carbon fiber dial, leather strap and titanium bracelet.DELACOUR BICHRONO TECH replica Watch






copy PATEK PHILIPPE Grand Complications watches



Five of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches

Patek Philippe was founded in 1851, is one of the world’s most luxurious Swiss watch manufacturers. Their watches have been worn by queen Queen Victoria and Einstein Einstein, and are the same as the watch industry of the two centuries ago. Borro has listed five of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches sold at the auction.

5) Refer to 5004T Titanium

When Patek Philippe decided to stop production reference 5004, they marked the end with the final version – 5004T. This is a unique brand of watches that use a titanium alloy shell, which is often used by Patek Philippe materials. It is unique in the gold dial engraved with hand-carved patterns.

4) Reference 2458 JB Champion Observatory Observatory

This is another different table of Patek Philippe. Reference 2458 is a timepiece with the source of the Observatory, responsible for the detailed movement. It is also the only platinum 2458.top copy Hublot King Power Carbon Watches

3) Caliber 89 Grand Complication watch

Here we have what is considered one of the most complex watches that Patek Philippe has ever done. It was launched to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the watch brand in 1989, which took nine years to create.

2) reference 1527 18k eternal calendar rose gold

This incredible watch was founded in 1943 and is still so elegant today. Its history, including survived in the Second World War, created an eternal sense of this work. It is a permanent calendar of reference 1527, one of which is one of two models.

1) Miss Henry Graves Super Review

This watch is one of the most important watches that Patek Philippe has ever done. It is one of the most complex watches of 18 carat gold, with 2 dials, 24 complications. New York Millionaire banker Henry Graves Jr spent five years in the hands of customers in 1933.copy watches for sale



Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition Review

Patek Philippe in New York City’s “Watch Art Exhibition New York 2017”, similar to its ambitious nickname. Eleven days, the 177-year-old Geneva maker ravaged New York guests, showing art, history and engineering, never seen outside the factory barriers. The widely recognized collectors are well received by the general public. The goal of the open admission is to bring the old world watches into the new world.

The splendor of Patek Philippe was born with long and deep links with American collectors. Patek Philippe’s earliest iterations, “Patek Philippe”, sold its original pocket watch to American customers during the 1840s. Later, the more powerful bonds were taken by authorized dealers in the form of bulk sales, eventually by Antoine Norbert de Patek’s own mission from 1854 to 1855 in New York. Since the acquisition of the company by the Stern family in 1932, each generation has a family of control – a total of three – trained in the United States before being controlled and manufactured in Geneva.best copy Richard Mille RM 050 Watches

While the motives of the exhibition come from the mutual affinity of the manufacturing and American collectors community, the actual content and scale of the show also require the enthusiasm of the Patek Philippe event planners. Manhattan 42th Street Cipriani Ballroom is more than 13,200 square feet and is an epic adventure host.

The towering rooms are Patek Philippe’s US and Swiss teams to build an independent two-storey structure that contains eight unique exhibition spaces; two additional rooms are made in adjoining rooms. More than 450 watches and artifacts have been arranged in ten themed exhibition areas; the final exhibition marks the climax of more than two years of preparation and planning.

Patek Philippe’s presence deepens the company’s heritage and continues to support watch art and extensive internal manufacturing capabilities. Two newcomers from Patek Philippe’s current series and the choice of the Patek Philippe Museum from Geneva have been visited.buy copy Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watches

The latest Basel World novelty, including expressive 5320G perpetual calendar and avant-garde 5650G Aquanaut travel time advanced study, occupies the museum cursive watch glass space, highlighting the 500 years of watch history. Patek Philippe’s pocket watch in the early sixteenth century from the early 19th century “ink” chronograph and groundbreaking “drum” portable watch occupies a place The

The legacy of the glorious American Patek Philippe owner is displayed in the “American history room”. The chronographs owned by Duke of Erie and Due Ellington and Joe DiMaggio make this exhibition a localized history of the Empire national population. In other parts of this space, a comprehensive collection of customized large-scale complications illustrates the rise of James Ward Picard-Henry Greaves rivals, a great early 20th century effort at the beginning of the twentieth century , Beyond the collection of another complex watch. American icon owned by the watch George S. Patton, whiskey legend Jack Daniels and gold-plated era baron Henry Clay Frick (Henry Clay Frick) to consolidate the American collectors and Patek Philippe watches a long tradition.copy Ulysse Nardin Classic Watches




TAG Heuer Monaco

http://www.reviewbestselling.com.This luxury Monaco watch the latest product is “Ref.CAW2114, which is the first black Monaco red highlights -” Rye Quinn “.

The hands of this Monaco novice hand for the design of the original TAG Heuer Monaco is a clear idea, the hands of the red extension of a short period of time and minutes of red extension to meet the inflatable. The new Monaco can be on the traditional crocodile leather strap, and there is a rubber strap that seems more suitable for the appearance of this watch.

Like all the new Caliber 12 TAG Heuer Monaco, this watch has a 39mm shell (with the old movement 17 TAG Heuer Monaco in 38mm) and is equipped with sapphire crystal instead of plexiglass. While these seem like tiny changes, the contrast becomes more pronounced when you watch the watch side by side.Richard Mille RM 011 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH KOREA watches fake




All the new Monaco series has TAG Heuer called “Movement 12” movement and is described based on “Dubois Depraz 2008” – which is a bit confusing because it seems to be a reference to the chronograph module, not the base movement itself.

Caliber 17, which is registered in Monaco, is ETA 2894-A2, while the new Caliber 12 is actually an ETA 2892 with a Dubois Depraz chronograph module. Look closer, you will see that movement 17 is based on the 2892 ETA chronograph movement, so basically the only difference between movement 12 and movement 17 is that TAG Heuer has replaced ETA with Dubois Chronograph module -Depraz.buy TAG HEUER MONACO CALIBRE 12 watches fake




TAG Heuer Monaco LS caliber 12

For many collectors, TAG Heuer is the legacy of Monaco. It was about Steve McQueen and the iconic blue square dial, which issued a racing atmosphere of the 1970s. And since 2003, you have been able to buy the modern TAG Heuer version of “McQueen Monaco”, this watch is very faithful to the 20th century, 70’s original.

But the Monaco series is not just a retro design, since since 2004, TAG Heuer has the shape of Monaco into a modern modern style, such as 1969 TAG Heuer Monaco 1133B. “New Generation” Monaco series includes V4, twenty-four and this watch – TAG Heuer Monaco LS Caliber 12.www.greatwatcheshere.com

LS Caliber 12 is completely divorced from the traditional Monaco style, with sophisticated technical dials, using various sub-dials and TAG Heuer’s innovative “Linear System” (“LS”). Combined with modern cases, reinterpreting the original square case, Monaco LS Caliber 12 is one of the most distinctive models in this year’s TAG Heuer lineup, although it has been on the market since 2009.




Monaco Caliber 360 LS Concept watch debut at the Basel Watch Fair in 2006, which is the third (after Vanquish and Carrera), won the TAG Heuer Caliber 360 movement, which is the world’s first A movement of 1/100 second.uy Porsche Design CHRONOTIMER COLLECTION watches fake

360 LS brings together three key elements of TAG Heuer’s work in the Caliber 360 movement, the LS system and the Monaco V4 “New Generation” Monaco case.

TAG Heuer Monaco LS is one of those watches that collectors polarize. Possibly, if you like the traditional retro style of Monaco, it will not be you – too cumbersome, too busy, a little over design. Those who find the standard Monaco are too old-fashioned will love modern designs and welcome larger sizes.




Personally, I prefer TAG Heuer’s modern interpretation of Monaco, rather than redesigning, mainly because my series has a retro Monaco, so “new generation” Monaco offers something different. But Monaco LS will not be my watch: although I like the design of this situation, but I think it is difficult to hook (and I like the 360 LS Concept dial).

TAG Heuer has only one version of Monaco LS, but I hope they continue to develop this series. Monaco series has a movement of 12 “new generation” model space, the ideal situation is slightly thinner, more traditional dial. In Monaco Caliber 12 Monaco with Caliber 36 Monaco Twenty-four pricing, it will be a seductive claim.http://www.luxuryrelogio.com



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sale BELL & ROSS BR-X1 Watches cheap.This is a very interesting and visually appealing new watch from the elite watchmaker FP Journe. First I would like to say a beautiful blue this watch is what (just a coincidence, it is charged with the same rich, dark blue dial for IWC Lawrence, where I am featured in the first watch about a month ago).

This watch is more interesting is its intended wearer – is this Journe for Junior? It seems that Journe will be his new CHRONOMÈTREBLEU as “the first time with precision FP Journe primary creation”, also noted that “François-Paul Journe has found the customer’s demand for precision watch the answer, although young people (usually His collector) the kids have been fascinated by the chronograph. “Really? I can now see: FP Journe’s wealthy customer’s children tarnished their father’s high clockwork in the school jungle gym – François – Paul help! Okay, so I exaggerated a little bit. However, the “junior” can really appreciate and take care of things like the precious and exclusive of the FP Journe. Of course he can not afford it!www.greatwatcheshere.com

In the case of whimsical, the new CHRONOMÈTREBLEU from FP Journe is beautiful in terms of color, curve and simplicity. The diameter of the watch is 39 mm, made of tantalum, which is a rare dark gray metal with a blue overtone. Tantalum is a hard and heavy metal, corrosion resistance and high wear resistance, commonly used in surgery and aviation.

Some things tell me that this watch may be intended for “junior”, which may eventually make him most of his time on his father! The watch is made of 18K rose gold hand-made movement (Caliber 1304), as all FPJourne created. The double bucket provides 56 hours of designated reserves. The campaign is signed with the “Invenit et Fecit-” label, and each FPJourne exclusive sport ensures manufacturing caliber, invented, constructed and fully assembled in the Journe Geneva workshop and visible through a transparent case.cheap BRM GP-40 watches buy

CHRONOMÈTREBLEU will open all FPJourne boutiques in New York, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo, Geneva, Hong Kong and Boca Raton in November and all authorized FPJourne retailers worldwide. 166 will be made. Equipped with leather strap.





Fine series ChronomètreSouverain

Compared with the Black Label series, FPJourne’s boutique series is slightly more average in terms of usability. Although this series of models only applies to FPJourne boutiques, but the brand has canceled the potential buyers already have Journe watch requirements. This series of styles are used 18k rose gold case, with a black dial, the effect is significant.

On the black dial of ChronomètreSouverain, the almost full set of rose gold uses Arabic numerals, whispering around a hooded border. The 56 hour power reserve indicator was issued from 3 o’clock, replacing the only missing hour number.luxury cheap watches


From the back of the watch, the combination of rose gold case and highly decorated rose gold movement is particularly fascinating. The chassis is beautifully tiled and retreated to the back of the bridge, these bridges are decorated with Geneva Geneva.

Manual internal movement is compact, diameter more than 29mm, thickness of 3.7mm. For this case, this allows a very slim overall height of 8.6 mm, suitable for good size under the shirt cuffs.cheap Hublot MP-02 KEY OF TIME watches



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Item No.: 248-DL-01-GF-KG
Case Size: 48.80 mm
Case: Titanium,Round
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes
Glass: Sapphire
Dial colour: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Strap: Alligator
Movement: Manual Winding


Independent scholars at SIHH 2016 iN “Carrédes Horologers”

Replica RICHARD MILLE RM 052 SKULL watch.This year was the first time SIHH allowed the brand to participate in the luxury expo outside the Richemont group. This is a “if you can not beat, just let us” situation. Since most of these brands will gather and set up venues in Geneva, this time around this year, benefiting from the vast and well-known customers, SIHH luxury expositions tend to attract. While the SIHH organizers have just fed to tackle the disturbances and so the “Gouda Carr Palace Horologers” were introduced. Here are some independent brands and their watches in this year’s SIHH 2016.

HYT’s “Hydraulic Mechanic Watchmaker” decided on a different route, the first time they attended SIHH. They took their “H2” model, giving it a more traditional feel, hence the title “HYT H2 Tradition”. This is the second watch created by the brand, with a typical V-shaped compression system and complete skeletal movement. But while this is a more traditional watch, it is still a HYT, and its special display relies on the use of fluids that insert the capillaries to indicate hours.replica watches for sale

48mm case made of titanium, the center container with anthracite gray PVD coating. The tradition of this HYT watch is really to bring the two sub-dial, one for the minutes, the other for the second. These lacquered dials have 4N gold handles, Roman numerals and blue hands for indicating time. Dial and movement on the side of the main board decorated with diamonds guilloché. The power reserve of this watch can last 8 days.


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Urwerk has been accustomed to our high-end ultra-modern watches, but they are not just the essence of style, because they have produced some very technically challenging timepieces. In the first year of SIHH, they brought two models.Replica GRAHAM SILVERSTONE RS WATCHES

First, the “Urwerk EMC Time Hunter,” the first watch to be able to monitor the amplitude and accuracy of an electronic watch through an electronic enhancement indicator. Now, what does this mean? The amplitude is how many degrees the balance wheel moves with each oscillation. Since the balance wheel is small and oscillating so fast, a simple temperature change or a slight movement may affect the frequency, which deteriorates the accuracy of the watch.

51 mm case made of titanium and steel, with pearl polishing, satin finish. The dial notifies you: hours, minutes, seconds, exact increments, amplitude, and power reserve status. You can also choose to obtain this table in a ceramic camouflage green model.Replica Hublot masterpiece mp-05 ferrari watch

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The “Urwerk EMC Time Hunter” is a 100% mechanical watch that is powered by the self-winding mechanical movement UR-EMC2. The watch also has artificial intelligence provided in the form of a trademark Michaelson generator, which is a small capacitor charged by the crank case on the housing side. The watch’s power reserve can last up to 80 hours.

Followed by the “Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex”, which is a symbolic signature element that returned to their satellite-directed watch, which is the brand for 18 years. The way it works is that four satellites, each carrying three hours of numbers, display themselves, and they display the time around the minute track. The self-winding movement is precisely regulated by the double blowers seen through the back of the display cabinet.

40 mm case made of titanium, with a bronze bezel, decorated with pearls, beads and polished screws. Unusual dials covered by PEEK are decorated with mysterious gu-shaped patterns and circular textures, providing easy-to-read hours and minutes, SuperLuminova treatment markers, dials, indexes and satellites.www.watch4ustore.com


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Model: CAW211P.FC6356
Case:Stainless steel
Cuts:39.0 x 39.6mm
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Strap: Calf


A new fashion was born before a war, the watch is a freak. And men, by far the largest target market for modern luxury watch industry, barely wear them. In part, this is due to the early marketing of watches. Wrist models tend to assume that women are presumably wearing a bracelet on what is made of jewelry, while the time the man just does not go for something like that. If it is not a ring, they do not want to know. Anyway, it is considered that the watch pocket is worn. That ‘s why your vest has a pocket watch, old.replica Richard Mille RM 061 Watches

Durability A problem for the movement of the watch is also an early watch. The production created the first watch to wonder how the delicate mechanism of the pocket watch was inserted into a small, wearable case, but how to make this case shockproof the problem has not been answered. Then there was the First World War, and the world of horoscers was forced to hurry.


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In an article in The New York Times dated July 9, 1916, found in the following text:

Telephone and signal service … … were forced to make the soldiers wear watches. The only way they can wear them is on the wrist.

replica Urwerk 106 women watches.For those who have never had the misfortune to be on the WWI Battlefield: Signal business carries important information about the location and timing of the drill down the line. In order to ensure that these exercises take place at the right time, soldiers wear watches that are necessary. While those watches must be consulted with free hands (hands, of course, being fixed with a rifle or waving bayonet). The pocket of the windbreaker may no longer be hidden. The watch must be able to withstand the harshness of life in the groove: the wooden support for the trench is coming, exposed to dirt and water, and firing the recoil of the gun.

Men’s watches have actually been tried several times before the First World War. They will even see the service on the battlefield. In the Boer War, for example, the soldiers fixed the pocket watch into the cumbersome leather wristbands. While the Cartier Santos de Cartier had so created the legendary pilot Alberto Santos Dumont could check the time while flying, since 1904 has been around, but it was in the trenches of the First World War that the design truly embraced . Unbreakable glass is used as crystals. Lumette let the soldiers see the time in the evening, or smoked ditch (see the details of my diving watch’s originating film, with radium lume).Fashion replica Watches




In its purely military incarnation, the watch field is still there. Although no one would look at the Hamilton Khaki scene, for example, and call it a sports watch, there is no doubt that the story of the original “trench watch” sports watch has played a significant role. In fact, they do it in two places at once: in the trenches and at the door of the house.

Military historian Peter Doyle, quoted in an article in 2015 at boingboing.net, warns that the watch used to sell at home:

“From 1914 onwards, everything becomes a” trench this ‘,’ trench that … … This is how a marketing strategy. ”

In other words: tell the public that they can buy a watch that is good enough for the guy in the trenches, they will buy it several thousand. This is still used today by the technology of all major luxury watchmakers. Breitling and the military aimed at them to sell their largest and most expensive watches. The IWC Timing Top Gun Miracles will make you feel like an American Air Force pilot. Even the luxury of the Rolex watch the world’s slick sophistication, there is no military history to play in the above card to get sales. Explore the Rolex website Just a few minutes from the “History” section, Hans Walsdorf, the founder of the brand how to personally guarantee the replacement of watches Allied POWs Rolex watches have taken from them the stories you will encounter.replica Tag Heuer Senna Special Editions watches

The combination of TAG Heuer Monaco marketing and extreme field testing has changed the luxury landscape watches forever. After the First World War, the watch was seen and sold, as a masculine tool. And the market will continue to play a vital role in the history of sports watches. In fact, you can almost say that from the observation of the movement of the watch when the transition occurred, the publicist told the public that the new heavy watch is the athlete’s “choice”: for the gods between the hard labor of precious time companions . This is not a coincidence, or that the luxury watch brand fuss was selected by the time legendary event. Omega, for example, since the 1930s has been the official timing partner of the Olympic Games. This means that every Omega Chronograph in the world is directly linked to the final test of skill and competitive strength.

Technically, this was the first time that Rolex had come up with a sports ambassador, when it used Mercedes-Benz Gleitze, a cross-channel swimmer, to sell its oysters. But until the early 1970s, however, the most obvious form of the endorsement product could have been – to usher in a modern steel single image of a man’s steel-blue eyes burly a luxury watch to his wrist. The man Steve McQueen. This watch is replica TAG Heuer Monaco.replica Porsche Design Watches