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replica BOVET 2018 Amadeo Fleurier Edouard Bovet Tourbillon Watch Review



Item Type Replica Fleurier Grandes Complications Collection Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case White Gold,Round
Bracelet Alligator strap
Dial Color Skeletonized dial
Diameter 46.00 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE pin Buckle
Thickness 17.20 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Power Reserve,Day & Night Indicator,Multiple Time Zone
Year 2018
Boxes common box
Model Number AIEB006


Hands-on Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Edouard Bovet Flying Tourbillon (SIHH 2018)

With its 10-day power reserve, triple time zone, hemispherical earth map and flying tourbillon transformer watch, Bowett celebrated a milestone in its history. Yes, all of these, and more. Meet the impressive Edouard Bovet flying tourbillon.

In 1814, the Bovet brothers Edouard, Alphonse and Frédéric left their home town of Fleurier, Switzerland, and went to London. Four years later, in 1818, Edouard Bovet traveled to China, where he was able to sell his four mechanical timing tools at a price of 10,000 Swiss francs. In 1822, the brand was established to provide timepieces for Empire China, and Bovet soon became one of China’s most famous brands. Bovet (pronounced Bo-Wei) is synonymous with everyday Chinese high-end watches. It even inspired several other Swiss watchmakers who soon began to imitate the style of Edouard Bovet.

2018 marked the 200 years since Edward Bovey left China. This is an outstanding milestone in Bovit’s special history and a link between the brand and China for two centuries.best Richard Mille 2018 RM 11-03 MCLAREN Watch replica

To commemorate this anniversary, Bovet introduced an impressive complication that was entirely developed and manufactured in-house: a 10-day power reserve, a triple time zone watch with a hemispherical map and a flying tourbillon. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Bovet even produces his own hairspring in its sister company, Dimier. In addition to its impressive complications, this watch is an intriguing 3D mechanical miniature that constantly moves: the sport, the volume, the contrasting material, the colors and the finishes are amazing.

The movement is regulated by Bovet’s patented two-sided flying tourbillon. With a charming look, the one-minute rotation of the balance and the cage can be seen from both sides of the watch without interference from the top bridge. The tiny attachment of the sport, which is barely visible, seems to float in the air.


Nice Replica BOVET Dimier Recital 18 The Shooting Star R180002 Watch Review


The manual winding movement 16BM04-TT consists of 472 parts and vibrates 18,000 times per hour. A barrel drives all the complexity and ensures a 10-day power reserve. To make the watch completely windy, it only takes 75 crown turns – despite having an impressive power reserve. Paying tribute to Edouard Bovet for his first visit to China, it also allows users to see three time zones at a glance. Local time is traditionally read at the center. The other two 24-hour time zones are shown on the hemispherical dome that represents the Earth. The central hands have bent over the protruding dome. Each time zone consists of a window showing the name of the selected city. Two correctors on both sides of the case are used to select the city and time. Carved with a titanium dome and hand-painted, the blue Super-LumiNova is used to highlight the ocean. The third dome provides day/night instructions. The back of the watch features a useful power reserve indicator.buy MB&F replica Watches

The Beauvet watch is known for its rich artistic details, and the Edward Beauvitt Tourbillon is no exception: finishing is first class. Fine workmanship, meticulous attention to detail and mastery of traditional craftsmanship are evident in every detail. This movement is crafted with carved floral motifs, a feature of the Fleurier region known as the “Fleurisanne”. In addition, the blue-painted spring dial made in-house is very noticeable, not to mention three domes to indicate additional time zones and day and night indications.

The manual winding movement 16BM04-TT is mounted in the branded Amadeo Cabriolet. This smart design patented in 2010 allows you to convert your timepiece into a reversible watch, pocket watch or stand-alone desk clock. Measuring a diameter of 46 mm, pink or white gold or platinum is recommended. It is worn on a super crocodile leather strap with a pin buckle. It also provides a gold chain for the pocket watch configuration.

URWERK UR-210 Personalization Review

We recently had the honor of wearing a spectacular watch in a few weeks. The watch actually does not necessarily mean that most people think of when talking about the watch, because it does not have two or three hands to indicate time. Monochrome’s enthusiasm for watches without “normal” watches represents time in another way. Today’s magnificent watch belongs to this category – the perfect “monochrome material”, just as we affectionately call it – this is one of the best examples of independent high-end watchmaking. We are intimate with the URWERK UR-210s all-metal jacket.wholesale Rado HyperChrome replica Watches

In the world of high-end watches, you can take two directions. It can be ultra-innovative, crazy creation, high-tech, high-function, and usually shows time in another way, or it is conservative in the classical sense of ancient high-end watchmaking, meeting all classic high-end watch designs. specification. Although it may seem different in the world, these worlds are actually much closer than you think! Usually have the same basis, is the classic watchmaking techniques. Whether we are talking about Hautlence HL, MB&F HM3 or MCT Sequential Two, the reason for connecting them together is that all moving parts are made of circular textures (pèrlage), beveled and polished bridges, levers and flat surfaces made of handmade Applied Côtede Genève stripe decoration. All of URWERK’s watches can be found on the same basis. The brand’s watchmaker Felix Baumgartner is even a member of the famous Académie Horlogère Des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI for short).


Nice Replica BOVET DImier Recital 20 Asterium R20N001 Watch Review

The watch (pun) is UR-210, which is probably the most technical creation of Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, aka URWERK. The central “hand” – or should it be called a pointing device? – Points to the 120-degree arc and shows the actual number of hours as part of the Pointing Device. When this hand or pointing device reaches 60 minutes, fly back to zero. And at the same time ‘pick up’ the number for the next hour.

I think we can all agree that this is a very technical creation, and because of its nature, the UR-210 is a polarization. One thing I noticed during my review is that everyone, whether they like watches or not, is fascinated by mechanical technology, technical aspects, strange shapes, parts and rich metal parts. The steel version on the steel bracelet is the UR-210, which is totally worth its nickname “Full Metal Jacket.”luxury replica watches for men

The URWERK UR-210 steel bracelet looks very technical, and is more suitable for the technical time art of the wrist than an ordinary watch. This description actually applies to almost all URWERK timepieces, although the UR-210 may be the most technologically technical. It does not immediately look like a watch, because most people imagine something with two or three hands (or some kind of digital display). I think this can only be said that the UR-210 is not suitable for patients with heart disease. For those who like to use the famous Dakin watch on the dial to impress people, the UR-210 is not the ideal choice. URWERK UR-210 is suitable for those who sail on their own; this is the independent spirit among us.

The size of the stainless steel case is 43.8 mm x 53.6 mm x 17.8 mm, but the above picture may be a better guide than these numbers. Yes, it is almost 44 mm wide and almost 18 mm thick, but I never thought it was too big. It does have a certain “wrist existence,” which actually suits its highly technical and outgoing style.

The UR-210 on the steel bracelet is not very light, once again, it has a certain “wrist presence” and is also suitable for watches. I cannot imagine this watch is ultra-thin or ultra-light. It’s nice to note that the UR-210 is very balanced on the wrist and comfortable to wear.

There are three different versions of UR-210, one is titanium and red gold (UR-210RG), one is black coated steel and titanium (UR-210Y), the third is steel and titanium plated steel. We have arrived here. Bracelet (UR-210S). All three versions of the back cover are made of titanium and the front is made of black coated steel, red gold or plain steel. Titanium watch back is a good choice, because A) it reduces the weight of the watch, B) is hypoallergenic.nice HUBLOT BIG BANG ALARM REPEATER replica Watches



CHEAP REPLICA ULYSSE NARDIN FREAK OUT 2053-132/03 MEN WATCH PRICE at http://www.reviewbestselling.com

best replica Ulysse Nardin FREAK 2018 Watches



This year’s reviewbestselling was properly included in the top 10 watches launched by our SIHH 2018, Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision. Known as Ulysse Nardin’s ongoing high-tech packaging timepiece series, the Freak series was updated this year on the SIHH with a new “Grinding” automatic motion system that allows all-silicon components to be used to allow winding with minimal shell motion Mainspring. With self-winding and case updates, this is a noteworthy addition to our practice here. Now, Ulysse Nardin is introducing two unique Freak Vision models, using a variety of production methods, from acrylic coatings to gold wire bonds, a process used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. The result is a pair of visually updated Freak Vision timepieces inspired by snorkelling coral reefs in Coral Bay, Western Australia. Take a quick look at the Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coral Bay watch.


nice Rado HyperChrome replica watches.For more technical details about Freak Vision, the related hands-on articles above are a good resource. In this article, we will pay more attention to these new finishing technologies. Ulysse Nardin Freak Visual Coral Bay retains the same 45 mm case diameter and UN-250 caliber as the previous Freak Vision, showing much of the same wearing experience. But as one of the best-known manufacturers of integrated wafers and methods borrowed from the electronics industry, this watch allows us to quickly understand how Athena Tin has expanded its production methods. Perhaps the most interesting model is the “unique” reference 2505-250LE / CORALBAY-1. The model begins with a chemical vapor deposition process (also used in the semiconductor industry for the production of thin films) to achieve a blue shade that serves as a background for coral reef patterns. Then, gold wires (sometimes as thin as 15 [mu]m) were pressed from the bonding machine on both sides of the dial part, glued at both ends, glued and laser cleaned. This creates a bright decorative pattern on the surface of the dark blue dial, similar to the lines along the Venus sea fan.



In the Ulysse Nardin Freak Visual Coral Bay Reference 2505-250LE / CORALBAY-2, a slightly more traditional method is performed in another unique work. This time, using the same CVD process on the blue dial surface, a row of coral tendrils was made, and the red and white acrylic paints were mixed directly on the dial and integrated on the spring bucket bridge. Ulysse Nardin then heated the dial to 90 degrees between each color application and manually traced the remaining details using a fine brush under the magnifying glass. In short, the whole process takes about 20 hours to complete. From the news photos, it looks like the application is also very thick, although this is of course a more visually appealing version, but I still tend to adopt the gold-wired model.www.reviewbestselling.com

As mentioned earlier, these two watches are unique, but Ulysse Nardin hints that they can undertake individual commissioned productions and may explore new color choices based on customer requirements. I hope we will see more of these new technologies from Athens Nardin in the future. Although the implementation here is delicate, I think these contemporary methods can really push the Freak watch to a higher level. Other features include a titanium bezel with a blue coated rubber lining, a full platinum case structure, the same grinding machine automatic movement system in the original Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision, a 50-hour power reserve, and a 30-meter waterproof depth. These pieces can be paired with a “double needle” style “rubber-like leather” strap with matching color options. Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coral Bay Reference 2505-250LE / CORALBAY-1’Bonding.

Cheap Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak Out 2053-132/03.1 Men watch price



I would not hesitate to admit that for my money, Athena Nardin Freak is on the short list of about 100,000 watches I want to buy. At first I did not feel this way. When the original freak appeared ten years ago, its name was for a reason. Not only is the design totally unconventional, but the concept of a mechanical movement using silicon (silicon) instead of metal parts is actually heretical. At that time, nowadays, silicon is as controversial as Swiss cheese for many brands that freely use mechanical watches. In 2013, Ulysse Nardin released a new Freak named Freak Cruiser – inherited the original heir, but upgraded in many ways. Let’s see.sale Hublot Classic Fusion 542.ZP.1180.RX replica watch

The original freak of 2001 has some interesting design quirks. One of them is a needle that goes straight through the center of the crystal to keep it moving. The other is hardly waterproof, and the third one has a visual design that you might like, but it scares your grandmother. Twelve years later, Freak has been constantly improved and improved by the brand. You must give them trust and not only continue to support this beautiful model, but also really work hard to improve it. I can say that the Freak cruiser is probably the best Freak watch.

To me, this may be one of the top Freak models I want, even more than the more expensive Freak Phantom or Freak Diavolo (luxuryrelogio review here), which contains the tourbillon mechanism in the tourbillon movement. Although if the budget is really (probably) not a problem, then the Freak equipped with a tourbillon is a cool alternative. The Freak cruiser did get some design inspiration from Freak Diavolo and Freak Phantom and a black vulcanized rubber layer on the bezel. This is an interesting one, although strange design choices put rubber here.where to buy replica richard mille watches

Cheap Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coral Bay Micropainting 2505-250LE/CORALBAY-2 Men watch price

The Freak Cruiser’s baffle is new. From a design point of view, it is an “evolved” freak baffle, it won’t be better or worse, it’s just different. The bezel is of course an important element of the Freak, because it is the way you adjust the time, it is locked until you lift the small flap at the 6 o’clock position, and the timing will change if you adjust the bezel, if you have not noticed At this point, all Freak watches have no crown.


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Luxury Replica Devon Thread Tread 1 – DVNWRKSOR watch for sale at http://www.fashiontimewear.com

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Full Gold Edition of Devon Tire 2, known as Tire 2G

Devon Tread is Scott Devon’s timepiece creation, and always features a miniature electronic motor with a nylon strap and drive belt. Yes, we often don’t talk about battery-powered watches on monochrome watches, but we’re happy to make exceptions to the unique time analysis machine from Devin Engineering. Devon’s second model Tread 2 is now in the form of glittering, sparkling, solid gold!

The complete gold version is called Devon Tread 2G; Does this “G” stand for gold? We believe this is a good guess because the case, bezel, crown, case, case back, screw, strap clip and buckle are all made of 18K gold. The motor cover, adjustment plate and indicator plate are all from pure gold. And so is the bracelet, plus a few hundred grams of 18K gold. This is a lot of gold. We are looking forward to Baselworld, when we can hold a lot of pure gold, electronic motors, nylon belts and sapphire crystals in our hands.wholesale cheap RICHARD MILLE RM 059 watch



Gourmet Chocolate: Devon Tread 2 Godiva

What a weird title, isn’t it? Well, yes, no. Godiva is the name of the latest version of Tread 2 launched by German Studio during this year’s Basel International Fair. This name may make you return to the Queen of 1979 and do not stop me! The lyrics include references to Lady Godiva, but is the real reason why a lady named Tread 2 “Godiva”? cheap fake watches for sale

Again, yes and no. Tread 2 Godiva’s name comes from Godiva Chocolate Co. in Brussels, Belgium because it is very colorful. This world-class Belgian chocolate supplier was founded by Joseph Draps in 1926 and named after Ms. Lady Godiva in the 13th century because it was a selfless and famous act. After marriage with a strong ruler, Mrs. Godiva insisted that her husband would reduce the taxes collected. Tired of her request, he faced a challenge and his wife faced a challenge: naked through the streets of Coventry and tax cuts. After she accepted and executed the challenge, her husband kept his promise and reduced taxes. Let’s see if it’s Mrs. Obama found inspiration there.buy fake Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

In addition to history lessons, we praised a handful of battery-powered watches. However, we would be happy to make exceptions to the “machines” that have emerged in the German seminar. This is why we covered Tread 1 and Tread 2 before, and even paid attention to the complete golden Tread 2G. It may not be our personal taste, but it looks good on the rapper’s wrist.

The uniqueness of Devon Tread 2 Godiva is the chocolate brown PVD coating on the case, the time-indicated brown nylon belt and the gold moving parts. The brown coating is a welcome change to the over-familiar black PVD or DLC coating we have seen, and it has an amazing effect on Tread 2. Under the correct lighting conditions, dark brown shades can be transformed into dark purple or copper shades. To complete the chocolate theme, Tread 2 Godiva is paired with a brown leather strap with a brown coated buckle. Disappointingly, the “crocodile skin” strap is a crocodile-embossed calfskin strap.

Technically, Tread 2 Godiva still has the same specifications:

Case: stainless steel, brown PVD coating, 44mm x 42mm x 14.5mm case, water resistant to 10 meters
Movement: battery-powered movement with lithium polymer rechargeable battery, 28 days power reserve, inductive wireless charging system, glass fiber reinforced nylon time belt with a thickness of only .002 inches
Strap: brown crocodile calfskin strap, brown PVD-coated buckle

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LUXURY REPLICA PARMIGIANI FLEURIER BUGATTI TYPE 370 PF008221 WATCH at http://www.reviewbestselling.com


Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 370 Watches replica




Brand Parmigiani Fleurier
Movement hand-wound
Case white gold
Bracelet leather
Dial Color red
Diameter 32 mm
Thickness —
Gender Men
BUCKLE Folding buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Power reserve
Boxes common box
Model Number PF000164


Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti 390 watch Bugatti Chiron Hypercar

Today marks the launch of the Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 390, designed to accompany the latest Bugatti Chiron hypercar. Most of Parmigiani’s 13-year collaboration with automaker Bugatti, another type of unusual shape, is the 390, with the same unique movement from the edge to the edge. Like the Bugatti Chiron, the Parmigiani Type 390 looks superb, even with the most boring, favorite watches and car enthusiasts.

While cars must comply with stricter emission regulations and safety requirements, some evade them cheating but this is another blog discussion where watchmakers are free to do whatever they want, as long as they stay Down under the usual loose interpretations of wearability, reliability and functionality. Parmigiani Fleurier sounds very proud of the 390 model which is said to solve all these problems effortlessly.

A quick review of 13 years ago revealed the interesting fact that Parmigiani was among the first high-end watch makers to make complex watches in very unusual shapes – in the era of MB & F HM4s, Deep Space Tourbillons and Hublot LaFerraris, The phenomenon is very common. But as early as 2004, when the shape was weird and equally unnumbered named “Parmigiani Type 370,” others were seldom the same as before.Hublot King Power DIVER 4000M replica Watches

Today more than a decade later, the Model 390 is a frantic arrangement on the verge of an extremely niche engineering solution. This is a random choice, as long as you want to know what you’ve got yourself when you try to surround this watch. There is a planetary gear system, a worm “angle drive”, a coaxial triangular barrel coupling system, a 12 ° articulated shell, a torque limiter, a bevel gear differential, a rod clamp, Eliminates levers, yokes and yoke springs, smallest ball bearing in the world, flying tourbillon with variable moment of inertia balance, and Breguet superelastic. Basically none of these, maybe saved as overcoil, you will find in a normal timepiece.

The weird wedge shape of the Parmigiani Fleurier 390 looks familiar compared to the 370, but weird, even closer than the Super Sport (where it’s done). What Parmigiani has done is redesigning the way the movement reverses the display time: Previously it used to be in the tubular section, but now that section is deviating from the wearer, it is steep angles and intricate rectangular frame time display of the frame, thus providing a larger Clearer dial.

This means that the movement must all be packed into a cylindrical module that now contains two tandem buckets that provide a total of 80 hours of power reserve, as well as some very clever gearing to deliver power in all three directions. First, the bucket is connected via a bevel gear differential to the ingenious power reserve indicator behind them.luxury replica watches for sale


Second, through a complicated gear system, connect the bucket to the flying tourbillon that covers the cylinder from the other end. Finally, the entire movement is linked to the vertical time display by means of “angle transmission” so that it can transmit energy to the display on the dial through a 90 ° angle.

All of these remarkable complications are related to how many people will only see a weird wedge watch without thinking again about how it works. Undoubtedly, an ultra-thin movement may have been squeezed under the bezel, but this obviously disappoints a watch with a vertically integrated manufacturing background – and note that this is a design and Production of watches, the fastest car in the world.

Likewise, vertical turntables pose a variety of challenges, all of which primarily involve obtaining tubular movements to communicate their timing results to time displays set in a completely different plane. The drive to solve all these problems is actually a properly named “worm” that engages a large number of hidden wheels beneath the centermost wheel. In the top right part of the figure, locate the meshing of the large teeth of the two-layer wheels under the bridge of the worm-wheel with the black PVD coating. This is a clever solution, once again you will not see a regular round or square case.Corum Admirals Cup Seafender replica Watches

The PF390 cylindrical movement is completely engineered and manufactured in-house, with the exception of jewelry and hands – even with Breguet balance springs manufactured by Parmigiani’s high-precision manufacturing subsidiary Atokalpa. At the end of the 7th floor movement, we found that flying tourbillons are impressive at 4Hz – compromised by traditional base stations without low frequencies. The entire movement consists of 302 components, and the number of components is very high for watches with hours, minutes and power reserves.

Prior to the black PVD coating, they were given high-end watchmaking hand-finishing, including on all weird, very complex, partly hollow plates and bridges, as well as bevels and hand-polished edges on countersunk and spoke spokes. Although Parmigiani had its own dial made, they chose not to use one but instead used a cool, skeletonized cover.

The case is also a unique creation, and saw the many high-end works of the previous Parmigiani-Bugatti collaboration, which are actually the evolution of these works, which can be compared with the aesthetics of how Chiron transcends Veyron. It looks more angular, looks more aggressive, made of 18k white gold or rose gold. The powerful lines and the long, wide swept curve meet in a 42.2 mm x 57.7 mm case, just like all previous Bugatti luxury watches, with a very comfortable watch.nice URWERK UR-202S EDITION SPECIALE replica Watch

A total of four anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirrors give you a closer look at this new and unique movement with finer details, such as the flying tourbillon that appears to have been sealed behind the porthole aperture or just like two barrels Equipped with Louis Chiron, the legendary Bugti rover, and “Le vieux renard” (Old Fox). Frankly speaking, I think it is more appropriate for Michel Parmigiani to sign another signature than a fox.

Yes, all of these are issues that solve those desperate sad and / or boring problems and / or unpleasant people that should not have existed at first, and they are right from a strictly rational point of view. You do not need a dial to enter at a 12 ° angle, so you can read the time without the need for a car that can travel longer than 400 km from A to B.

However, watchmakers seem to face the challenge of making supercars or supercars, thinking they are too big to be as realistic as possible. It’s their great, often life-long opportunity to create something completely crazy and get rid of it – just think of a double balance Roger Dubey Aventador S, Hublot LaFerrari, this treasure Polancky with the tourbillon and the turntable came nothing The good reason, of course, is the Parmigiani Fleurier 390. This is a brand that shows muscles, which is fine! best RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 LE MANS CLASSIC replica Watch




buy replica Greubel Forsey GRANDE SONNERIE watches


Greubel Forsey’s Grandde Sonnerie, we heard its voice!

Greubel Forsey has been working on this new watch for over 10 years and we know the details of the brand fanatics. So it is not surprising that they have brought a stunning chiming watch for a long time, such as this new Grande Sonnerie, any serious watchmaker’s pinnacle and dream!

We actually hear its voice, we can guarantee that it is a very pure and precise sound loud. We will bring you more video reports on this topic as soon as possible and look forward to seeing it again next week at SIHH.

Eleven years of research and development. Assembly of not less than 935 pieces. There are two patents. The development of the acoustic resonant cage produces a very pure sound. Incorporating eleven security features to ensure maximum peace of mind … these few factors just mean creating the size of the first Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie’s almost great task.
replica Hublot Limited edition Big Bang Tutti Frutti Watches.For every watchmaker who is even obsessed with the excellent history of watchmaking, Grande Sonnerie represents a climax, which has never reached its peak in his life. There is no doubt that the shadow, Grande Sonnerie is one of the biggest complications of the watchmaking industry. Since their co-operation began, Stephen Forsey and Stephen Forsey have been thinking about how the luxury of this luxury might be a matter of course. Eleven years, Grande Sonnerie shaped their daily lives. For eleven years, they assembled 935 watches in the greatest secret, especially with regard to the absolute harmony between movement, appearance and acoustics.
This watch represents their professional and technical skills and excellent watchmaking concept. This Grande Sonnerie has a powerful acoustic effect. Water resistant 3 atm. It is ergonomically designed for optimal ease of use, while a special repeater power reserve allows it to run for about twenty hours in the “Grande Sonnerie” mode. The watch is equipped with a silent blow regulator and a tourbillon for 24 seconds, all within the standard size of the Greubel Forsey case.
The most important elements and indications (such as tourbillon, cathedral gongs, eye-catching hammers, power reserve and model indicators) have received great attention to ensure building balance. This does not mean that At least, the watch designer successfully houses the 935 pieces containing the watch and its design as a space of 43.5 mm in diameter and 16.13 mm in height. Grande Sonnerie is truly true Greubel Forsey so far the most complex creation.http://www.greatwatcheshere.com
The movement is manually wound, but this mechanism has an automatic winding system, in the Grande Sonnerie mode to provide about 20 hours of power reserve. The minute repeater and its extra blow mechanism sounded exactly the time until one minute. The characteristics of the clock include: In particular: 21,600 times / hour and 72 hours of time power storage. This watch has three modes to choose from: large Sonnerie (after hours and four minutes), petite Sonnerie (after a whole hour) and silence (not through). Grande Sonnerie’s pure and rich sound is enhanced by the acoustic resonance cage made of titanium.
Greubel Forsey is now part of the exclusive circle of Grande Sonnerie, a few watchmakers.



And giant of the Greubel Forsey Sonnerie sounded in the New Year

fashion Patek Philippe replica watches.What makes Grande Sonnerie special is that French readers or users who visit Google Translate might have guessed that. It is “big” because it can be set at the top of each hour and every quarter hour. It is also a little voice; in this mode, it only played for a few hours. But wait, there is more, it is also an hour of transponders, the time pushed to the nearest moment, pushing the championship. The 4 o’clock platinum pusher allows you to switch between GS (GRAND), PS (Sonic), or SL (silent).

At 43.5 mm x 16.13 mm, the titanium shell is thick but not unusual. Will hammer and gong and spring as well as more than 900 parts so that these bells may enter the watch is a feat, only a few watchmakers have been able to complete. Greubel Forsey now joins other Grande Sonnerie manufacturers such as Bulgari, FP Journe, Philippe Dufour, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Audemars Piguet. Greubel Forsey is one of the only watchmakers, and will incorporate other luxury complications of the Tourbillon into its Grande Sonnerie.best replica Richard Mille RM 061 watches

I am not a tourbillon Forbes in this and other models used on the tourbillon tumor fans, but at least here, the protrusion is balanced by the sonar power indicator on the opposite side of the dial. The power indicator at 5:00 to add another, so you understand the black gold dial under the complex power management. This watch is both automatic and manual. Platinum miniature rotor for Sonnerie institutions to provide up to 20 hours of power, while the crown will be two coaxial series of barrels driving up to 72 hours. When Greubel Forsey put three barrels into the case of 43.5mm, I probably should not complain about holding the tourbillon bulge!

I want to go out and say that most people who read this watch can not afford it. But we can all appreciate Greubel Forsey’s work here. They made the watch industry into the ultimate, increased their own personality and their own innovation, and promote the development of the industry. Every man wearing a mechanical watch can look down on their wrist and see Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie a little bit in a heartbeat that is completely unnecessary but perfectly satisfactory. But your voice may not sound like that.HYT H2 AVIATOR 248-DL-01-GF-KG REPLICA WATCH


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Movement Manufactured
Case steel,Cushion
Bracelet rubber
Dial Color Blue
Diameter —
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Time Zone
Boxes common box
Model Number 5650G


Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” Ref. 5550P Note the use of large amounts of silicon

Silicon wins! Watch brand debates and experimental material left here, Patek Philippe is making sure of this. Sources from Switzerland’s big guys said they intend to have all the Pittite watches Silinvar (their silicon) parts in the future. A new limited edition watch 5550P uses the brand’s latest Silinvar component, called the GyromaxSi balance wheel. This balance wheel has a new shape, looks more like a wheel, more like an hour glass, inlaid gold aggravated. Reference 5550P incorporated the brand’s overall work in Silinvar research into three areas of Silinvar. Now, ready to remember some vocabulary.

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The three areas of the watch in Silinvar are GryomaxSi balance wheel, Pulsomax escapement (including Silinvar in the escapement wheel and two parts of the bolt) and Spiromax balance spring. A few hundred years ago, Patek Philippe first started using a silicon component with a Spiromax balance spring. Today, their “Advanced Research” department continues to use Silinvar to test and develop more parts.

The trio of the new component involved in the transfer of the watch is called “Oscillomax”. The term engraved in the Patek Philippe movement 240 Q Si movement of the balance knob. 5550P watch. So, from now on, when the Patek Philippe watch uses the Oscillomax tag, you will know that it has a GryomaxSi balance, a Pulsomax escapement and a Spiromax hairstyle spring. Do you understand.



hot Richard Mille RM 023 replica watches.Why all these efforts and aspirations to use Silinvar? You have to know that Patek Philippe really is not doing the brand type “just for different”. No, the reason is related to improving the accuracy, reliability, longevity and efficiency of Patek Philippe watches. Silinvar parts are smoother and therefore have less air resistance (large problems in the balance wheel) and are relatively frictionless. This means that watch movement will not only last longer, but more accurate. They will also make better use of their power reserves and continue for longer – in other words, they will be more efficient. Case: Caliber 240 Q Si is based on the existing ultra-thin perpetual calendar movement 240Q automatic movement. The Si version has a power reserve of 70 hours – more than the original “48 hours.” This is done by adding silicon components.

Although I do not have figures that indicate the speed of reliability results have increased, but if there is no significant improvement or at least a significant improvement in the commitment, Patek Philippe will not raise millions of dollars for this purpose. The report seems to indicate that the brand is very satisfied with the results of the watch that contains the Silinvar component. As I said, the brand is interested in pushing Oscillomax into all the new watches, at least they will put Spiromax as much as possible into their caliber.replica watches online shop


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Reference 5550P Advanced Research Ultra-thin perpetual calendar watches may have been sold out. However, it will serve as a 300mm limited edition platinum case, 37.2mm wide, less than 9mm thick. It is the same as the reference. 5140 watch save movement. Patek Philippe and the “Advanced Research” on the dial how cool? Which in the next few years will certainly be a serious collection! The film has a sapphire display window and looks like the magnified part of the GryomaxSi so that you can see it better. While this is the most obvious Silinvar component, you can also see the Pulsomax escapement part.

Patek Philippe’s dedication to this research and “advancing” traditional watch production is really a good thing. Citing the importance and persisting in traditions, they can easily sit down and do the same thing. The use of silicon components is controversial, because the brand is often worried about the ability to use components for a long time, let alone how it will affect the current work. At present, the commitment to use this material has quickly exceeded the early fear. With the help of major brands, we can be sure that with the use of silicon components, will develop enough knowledge and skills, these parts will be deployed in the next few decades and the use of these watches. The fear of the future is simple: if newer materials appear better than silicon? At that time not yet, in the foreseeable future, the future of the most accurate and reliable mechanical movement will have a lot of silicon. You can thank Patek Philippe to make your own efforts.buy replica LOUIS MOINET WATCHES




With hands-on practice with the newly launched, awesome Longines Rings watch A-7 1935

sale replica Tag Heuer Autavia Watches.Based on the chronograph of the pilots in the 1930s, the Longines A-7 was amazing, unusual, wearable and affordable. Longines won the 1935 new Avigation watch A-7 type.

Unmatched, Avira Watch A-7 1935 is remake (the first A-7 to 2012). But the latest A-7 is an improvement, significantly smaller, more wearable, and almost a third of the price is cheap.

The model of the A-7 Model 1935 Avigation watch was a chronograph designed for the US Army Air Force in the mid-1930s. In accordance with the military specifications of the type of watch named, A-7-type movement and dial off the vertical direction of 40 degrees. This unusual position allows the pilot to read the dial without having to give up the yoke, which is equivalent to the steering wheel on the plane.

replica Longines THE LONGINES AVIGATION Watches.The new A-7 is a very wearable 41mm. But despite the significantly smaller, but there are still many. For a watch it seems more than actually due to the white dial and narrow borders. Throwing eccentric dialing alignment and oversize Gothic numbers that are hard to miss. Finished the glossy white paint to imitate the appearance of the original porcelain dial, the dial has a honey-colored super Luminova in the hour figures and hands.

While the light brown shadows are designed to reproduce the appearance of the old-style radium on the old-fashioned watch, but a bit too much, although it can be forgiven. It is added to the attractive blue steel hand and the dial serif figure on the dial. Like all the Longines remodeled, the type A-7 was tortured at six o’clock by a date window, and this modern convenience was completely inconsistent with the old-fashioned design. Having said that, the date is not prominent.

It is a single button or a single button, chronograph, a button for starting, stopping and resetting chronographs. In addition, the conventional cam used to control the stopwatch function has been replaced by a gearbox, which is usually found in a more expensive chronograph. This is the same motion as the first generation A-7, and is also the nearest “single round single row” chronograph and pulse meter single time chronograph.www.reviewbestselling.com



TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm Watch 2017 years

For 2017, TAG Heuer has updated the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm watch with a hollow dial and some new color options to provide a great opportunity for a brief reflection on the complexity of this work.

You see, sometimes most of the major brands have little courage, resources, designers and / or any other needs, it is understandable that TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 debuted … just like two years ago. During this period, TAG Heuer also stepped up their game by delivering different iterations of Heuer-01 to retailers – it is reported that the supply of these places is limited – it is now only a solid version to create a newer version, TAG Heuer Carrera’s iteration is provided.wholesale watches replica

I have been wearing it for quite some time and extensively reviewed the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 chronograph in 2015, and I love this for a lot of reasons – its big 45mm situation is not one of them. When TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 was designed, the big watch boom was in full swing, but even such a strong trend would not make my wrist inflated to better adapt to Heuer-01 and its long-term “decisive Carrera” earrings. It is gratifying that TAG Heuer has realized that a smaller size of the Heuer-01 clearly has space (and demand), which neatly brings us where we are looking: Descriptive TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm.


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Now, when we first see these “reduced size” works in early 2016, they can only use a solid dial, perhaps (perhaps) to further emphasize how these are downsized. Now, in 2017, TAG Heuer launched three new black, blue and brown skeletons. If you like the name of the same name for some reason, it is strong black, deep navy blue and cognac brown.replica Breitling Professional Collection watches

Bezel for matte ceramic, case for drawing steel. TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 The front of the 43mm front is covered with a dome sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on both sides, and the crown is characterized by a rubber sheet wrapped on its drawn steel core. There were a lot of things happening on the dial, but all of these new pieces were outraged after 3:30, in the dark background of the prototype’s debut in public, to the invisible skull black figures.

If you want a better readability and a more stylish chronograph design (although still packed in more modern cases), you may want to use solid dialing to model. However, I would like to see these new 43mm version of the actual operation, because I have a feeling, skeleton, more cumbersome dial actually will work well, this little bit, I will venture to say that more proportionate design.buy GREUBEL FORSEY WATCHES replica



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Great Tag-heuer 2015 BASELWORLD MONACO Cal.11 CHRONOGRAPH fake watch CAW211P.FC6356 Price


Model: CAW211P.FC6356
Case:Stainless steel
Cuts:39.0 x 39.6mm
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Strap: Calf


A new fashion was born before a war, the watch is a freak. And men, by far the largest target market for modern luxury watch industry, barely wear them. In part, this is due to the early marketing of watches. Wrist models tend to assume that women are presumably wearing a bracelet on what is made of jewelry, while the time the man just does not go for something like that. If it is not a ring, they do not want to know. Anyway, it is considered that the watch pocket is worn. That ‘s why your vest has a pocket watch, old.replica Richard Mille RM 061 Watches

Durability A problem for the movement of the watch is also an early watch. The production created the first watch to wonder how the delicate mechanism of the pocket watch was inserted into a small, wearable case, but how to make this case shockproof the problem has not been answered. Then there was the First World War, and the world of horoscers was forced to hurry.


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In an article in The New York Times dated July 9, 1916, found in the following text:

Telephone and signal service … … were forced to make the soldiers wear watches. The only way they can wear them is on the wrist.

replica Urwerk 106 women watches.For those who have never had the misfortune to be on the WWI Battlefield: Signal business carries important information about the location and timing of the drill down the line. In order to ensure that these exercises take place at the right time, soldiers wear watches that are necessary. While those watches must be consulted with free hands (hands, of course, being fixed with a rifle or waving bayonet). The pocket of the windbreaker may no longer be hidden. The watch must be able to withstand the harshness of life in the groove: the wooden support for the trench is coming, exposed to dirt and water, and firing the recoil of the gun.

Men’s watches have actually been tried several times before the First World War. They will even see the service on the battlefield. In the Boer War, for example, the soldiers fixed the pocket watch into the cumbersome leather wristbands. While the Cartier Santos de Cartier had so created the legendary pilot Alberto Santos Dumont could check the time while flying, since 1904 has been around, but it was in the trenches of the First World War that the design truly embraced . Unbreakable glass is used as crystals. Lumette let the soldiers see the time in the evening, or smoked ditch (see the details of my diving watch’s originating film, with radium lume).Fashion replica Watches




In its purely military incarnation, the watch field is still there. Although no one would look at the Hamilton Khaki scene, for example, and call it a sports watch, there is no doubt that the story of the original “trench watch” sports watch has played a significant role. In fact, they do it in two places at once: in the trenches and at the door of the house.

Military historian Peter Doyle, quoted in an article in 2015 at boingboing.net, warns that the watch used to sell at home:

“From 1914 onwards, everything becomes a” trench this ‘,’ trench that … … This is how a marketing strategy. ”

In other words: tell the public that they can buy a watch that is good enough for the guy in the trenches, they will buy it several thousand. This is still used today by the technology of all major luxury watchmakers. Breitling and the military aimed at them to sell their largest and most expensive watches. The IWC Timing Top Gun Miracles will make you feel like an American Air Force pilot. Even the luxury of the Rolex watch the world’s slick sophistication, there is no military history to play in the above card to get sales. Explore the Rolex website Just a few minutes from the “History” section, Hans Walsdorf, the founder of the brand how to personally guarantee the replacement of watches Allied POWs Rolex watches have taken from them the stories you will encounter.replica Tag Heuer Senna Special Editions watches

The combination of TAG Heuer Monaco marketing and extreme field testing has changed the luxury landscape watches forever. After the First World War, the watch was seen and sold, as a masculine tool. And the market will continue to play a vital role in the history of sports watches. In fact, you can almost say that from the observation of the movement of the watch when the transition occurred, the publicist told the public that the new heavy watch is the athlete’s “choice”: for the gods between the hard labor of precious time companions . This is not a coincidence, or that the luxury watch brand fuss was selected by the time legendary event. Omega, for example, since the 1930s has been the official timing partner of the Olympic Games. This means that every Omega Chronograph in the world is directly linked to the final test of skill and competitive strength.

Technically, this was the first time that Rolex had come up with a sports ambassador, when it used Mercedes-Benz Gleitze, a cross-channel swimmer, to sell its oysters. But until the early 1970s, however, the most obvious form of the endorsement product could have been – to usher in a modern steel single image of a man’s steel-blue eyes burly a luxury watch to his wrist. The man Steve McQueen. This watch is replica TAG Heuer Monaco.replica Porsche Design Watches