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Zenith El Primero Tourbillon

The recession has caused some realism to rise in watch prices (though it is fleeing in some cases). Nothing is more than Tourbillon. Zenith is outstanding in this area. .

For the price, you get a fun and time-honored chronograph movement that looks and looks great. Overall good quality, although not prominent, but still value for money. Shown here is a charming metal blue dial from Charles Vermot Limited Edition.

According to Zenith, after the management decided to stop El Primero and order the destruction, Mr. Vermot rescued El Primero by hiding production equipment and plans. Today Zenith can not stop expressing his thanks, this is just one of a few limited editions of Mr. Vermot. Other Zenith products of 2011 also offer similar price-to-value ratios, especially Captain Winsor’s almanac. Another notable example of a reasonably priced chronograph tourbillon is the Graham Tourbillograph. Despite its clumsy name, it is equally cost-effective and adds a flying tourbillon to the Valjoux 7750. The 7750 cam manufactured by La Joux-Perret was replaced with a cylindrical wheel. More about this in the future.reviews Urwerk replica watches

Zenith Christophe Colombian Tourbillon

Zenith Christophe Colombian Tourbillon is a unique animal equipped with an escapement mounted on a gimbal, such as a marine astronomical clock or gyroscope. It always maintains the height of the escapement. A fun and innovative concept that takes the tourbillon’s idea further.

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Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback TiAlum

Zenith continues its Hublot-inspired strategy to become a traditional and affordable watch manufacturer in every market segment. One of the major new models launched by Zenith this year is El Primero Stratos, a sporting chronograph that looks like a cross between Daytona and the Rainbow at Old Zenith.quality replica men watches

In addition to mill metals such as steel and gold, Stratos also has TiAlum (formerly known as Alchron, but Audi clearly owns the mark), an aluminum alloy specifically made for Zenith. Zenith said Alchron has many extraordinary qualities such as weight, corrosion resistance, and hardness. This may be true, but such aluminum alloys are usually found in the aerospace field, not special.

The case is a 45.5 mm diameter, but the wrist does not look too wide. Overall, this is a nice looking watch, if a bit pedestrian. In the Stratos case there is also Striking 10th, a modified El Primero movement with a second central seconds interval of one second. While this is a good idea for the 36,000 bph El Primero movement, it is logical that the second hand ticking is not entirely satisfactory, and it does not have the same consistency in movement around the dial. While not revolutionary in appearance and complexity, this watch is a compelling proposition in terms of price / quality, just like the rest of Zenith Winsor Captain’s annual calendar.



Hands-on Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain

Greubel Forsey introduced the stunning Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Tourbillon at SIHH 2012 instead of a completely new movement, a variant of the Tourbillon 24 Secondes with a single inclined tourbillon cage Complete a revolution in 24 seconds.Graham London 2OVGS.B39A replica watch

Stunning hot blue titanium dial distinctive. De Bethune pioneered the use of a blue titanium dial on his Dream Watch and a concentric guilloche dial. Recently, De Bethune used a highly polished star dial on the DB25T Dead Seconds tourbillon.

On the other hand, Greubel Forsey T24S Contemporain has a more subtle, granular finish on the dial. Several details stand out. One is a thick “12” number glued to the dial.

The other is a huge three-legged bridge that holds both hands. And pay attention to the clear sapphire and hour indicators located above the dial, with a clear V-shaped bridge tilted tourbillon. The back of the blue titanium is also used for the floor. But the layout and design of the movement show that Greubel Forsey knows the history of watchmaking because of the movement of its large wheels and angular bridge shapes that are deeply reminiscent of Breguet and other great 19th century pocket watches.


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Like all Greubel Forsey watches, this movement is great. Unusual Greubel Forsey favors the rare frosted movement of today. The case is a platinum case with a small print on the Greubel Forsey case.luxury Richard Mille Limited Editions watches replica

Introducing Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Asymétrique

Greubel Forsey has just revealed the Asymétrique, the new double-tourbillon, reinterpreting the prototype of the Greubel Forsey biaxial tourbillon. This is based on a double tourbillon 30 °, but with an asymmetrical case at eight o’clock to fit the tourbillon.


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Almost a decade after the 2004 Symmetrical Double Tourbillon (one of them won the 2011 Chronométrie Prize), Greubel Forsey recreated the Asymétrique Double Tourbillon movement, just as with all Greubel Forsey watches, , Beautiful and expensive. Like the original tourbillon, the tourbillon is still a biaxial tourbillon. The double tourbillon carousel rotates at different speeds on different aircraft: the inner carriage rotates for one minute and the outer drum rotates for four minutes. But the outermost cage has been flipped to Asymétrique.

Case width of 43.5 mm, case side of the arc sapphire window 8:00, peep in the tourbillon compartment peep. At two o’clock is the power reserve indicator, which has a swivel plate and a fixed arrow, which is displayed at six o’clock seconds.

The sport is of course done in a unique Greubel Forsey style, with matte bridges and golden chatons.

This is a white or red 11 limited edition. Platinum style gray black dial reminiscent of the Double Balancier 35 ° introduced in the first half of 2013.JACOB & CO. 750.100.30.AB.SD.1NS replica watches


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Item Type: Replica H1 Chrysoberyl Dome Black DLC Titanium Watches
Model Number: 148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS
Case Material: Titanium
Brand Name: HYT
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Manual Wind
Dial Diameter: 48.80 mm
Case Thickness: 17.9 mm
Dial: Black
Clasp Type: pin buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type:rubber
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power reserve indicator


HYT H4 on the Alinghi catamaran

Water and Challenges are HYT and Alinghi’s common engines. The first tense watch brand on the mechanical movement signed a new contract with Alinghi and Ernesto Bertarelli’s catamaran.

The brand has eliminated the bombs in cooperation with Alinghi, in the form of H2 – a series of limited series of 25, which plans to expire in June 2016, which marks the second part of the cooperation. In order to remind myself that the first model H4 in the beginning of the brand and the sailboat contact, a little bit of memory lines is to remind yourself.

With the captain Bertarelli hanging sails
Like Icarus, Ernesto Bertarelli dreamed of flying. Alas, because the sky is covered by many people of the same goal, he is committed to what we now know is his passion – sailing. A smart phone, like Arlinges, transported the colors of Switzerland along with the stylized whirlpool signs to the ocean’s borders. In his track record, two American Cups (thirty one and thirty-two) and many obvious or victorious picnics here and on distant lakes and oceans.replica HYT H1 148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS men watch price

HYT H4 Alinghi

This list has long since, since 1991, the water under the bridge has been shed, when the first appeared on the lake in Geneva to run the brand of uniform code – now is the victory, carefully prepared and passionate synonymous.

HYT, water compliance watch
In the side of HYT, Lucien Vouillamoz’s flow of vision. A little crazy morbid inventor and engineer’s dream is more suitable for water. Full of lofty intentions, he wanted to reshape and adapt to the modern era of a contemporary Kripe his first goal is to create a mechanical engine, by playing tiny pipes, accurately and poems about time and effort. Then he wanted to use water as an indicator by capturing a wide range of technical and scientific features of the mini-tube, which took several good inventions, innovations and patents to get there (read: HYT Technologies Part 1: Creating and launching the project And HYT Technologies Part 2: Functions and Constraints). Finally, HYT has gradually improved the technology, thanks to founder Vincent Perriard, he is the head of the new brand. He is a passionate manager, his favorite and almost the expression of the dictionary is “destructive attitude”. reviewbestselling.com

I remember Vincent Perriard in his private house to set up a height in Neuchâtel (where the brand originated), before HYT in the Basel world, all of its competition and the environment – for the first time in 2012. The brand first calls to a small number of professional dealers, even economically contributors to enthusiasts, storytellers, and all those who are dismissed when something can make them monotonous. Finally, HYT has recently attracted the sister brand, Preciflex SA, a series of investors who contributed 230 million Swiss francs to raise funds, so it was the best choice to start a stronger future.

In the wrist or sea, Alinghi red and white will be with you
Then Alinghi and HYT unite it very natural. Since 2015, HYT in Switzerland next to the Swiss national company’s logo has been in the prestige of the federal show, but also a pair of sailboat on the boat. The GC32 Catamaran is a more affordable and popular version that offers technology that only the legendary American Cup participants are usually accessible. It moves the stern and rudder from the surface to the top of the sea. replica Hublot Big Bang Diamonds 341.PE.2010.RW.1104 Watch

Is indeed an impressive scene. Icarlo’s dream must never be so alive.

H4 Alinghi, a UFO in the game
Finally, in order to verify the intentions of both parties, the partnership must eventually create a watch. H4 Alinghi was born at the end of 2015, borrowed from the H4 family, “can be carved shadow and light skeleton model”. Obviously, it decided to make red and white colors. Red is used for hourly liquid indicators, which are the evolution of previous fluid technologies that allow coloring, thus opening the doors of various changes. 4:30, the other red for the canvas and rubber edge of the seam, the second press on the right edge of the border.

When we are here, do you wanna know why there is a second pusher that shows a short time, a few minutes and a few seconds? Nothing ridiculous Actually relatively bright In fact, the two LED HYT in the six o’clock jumper hidden need to switch. The switch can also use the mini generator at the bottom of the dial between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, gaining energy from the mechanical caliber.

The second push to fully play its role, free to change, and the A Ling Chi H4 sculpture building simply to a lighting building. In addition, it turns the entire watch into a charming exposure display through the hour indicator.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 27-02 TOURBILLON MEN WATCH

Finally, there are red on the relief number 6, the highlight of which is the liquid propellant piston and the visual basis of the number 12. On the left side of the dial, as it is the skeleton model, the hollowing of the material determines the aesthetics – a discovery between 9 and 10, also the red, the famous Alinghi logo, showing its infinity of the circle, while eating A little transparency of the second disk.

This piece of work symbolizes the tabulation with the worst enemy – water collusion. The 51 mm miniature parts of the sealed box (waterproof up to 50 meters) is made of materials for aviation and course sailing. This is a very hard carbon, is a pleasant performance, especially suitable for Vincent Perriard (Vincent Perriard) – carbon 3DTP ™.

Anti-reflective and raised sapphire glass ensures maximum visibility through the second glass plate on the back of the model. The wristwatch is hand-wound, and its windings refine its energy into a skeleton of 35 gem calves specially developed by HYT, vibrating 28,800 times (4 Hz) per hour. Finally, whether this work is provided to the wearer – whether or not the captain – a 65 hour power reserve. That is almost three days! http://www.luxuryrelogio.com





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Guillaume TÉTU: ten years of luxury

In the shadow of a long time, the brand’s vision succeeded in meeting the requirements of the broad masses of the connoisseurs seeking different watches.

HAUTLENCE – its hometown of Neuchâtel’s diagram – is one of the pioneers of today called “new watchmaking”. This innovative star, occasionally celebrating its tenth anniversary in September of this year, is one of the first brands to incorporate into the niche market we are usually called. Since its inception, the brand will be the original unique internal mechanical movement and powerful and interesting innovative design together, so as to avoid the classification.

Replica HAUTLENCE watches for sale.Today, after celebrating an important anniversary a few weeks later, interviewing Guillaume Tétu, co-founder and brand director is a natural thing. We would like to ask him about his adventures and the expectations of the wedding for the next few months.



The top of his to-do list is to restore the brand, as he explained: “Ten years ago, we were the booming ambitions of the children, making you think you could move the mountains. That was in 2004, when we launched the brand And the other watches that are being produced at that time stand out.We want to reconsider the time to read the trend of the development of the stick – from the beginning of the industrial revolution is the mechanical element, which is a young brand needs to stand out of the logo.With our first product The boom tells us that we are on the right path. The next few years have allowed us to strengthen our strategy and appear more on the market. Between 2007 and 2008 we were very successful and it seemed that we could not do something wrong . However, the success is volatile, the 2008-2009 tabulation crisis so that we have no choice but to cut some can overcome the worst risk. Also during this period, one of the founders Renault Reitz (Renaud Retz Choose to return to freelancers who are rocky times and we have to find new markets and spread the good news to one Full competition in the universe. “http://www.cheapsalewatch.com

“In 2010, things became more difficult, and George-Henri Meylan and MELB Holding acquired a majority stake in the brand in 2012 to restore our hopes.



On the bright side, these difficult moments give us the opportunity to reconsider the brand’s positioning to ensure it runs smoothly over the next few years. Today, the most realistic option to ensure that we have long existed is to reorganize our collections, including more affordable products, without stopping creating unique watches. Our current goal is to focus on completely immersing the Hautlence code on the watch, while more commercial structure, which has an impact on the market. Or, using a more intuitive term, we focus on more affordable works. According to the experts, our goal set -in despite the hands of the traditional play for the proof of the new collection, will undoubtedly be filled with MAISON DNA. This may seem stupid, but because we have released this new series, so we have been very good, all the efforts are beginning to get paid. “Replica Urwerk watches for men


“At the end of the tunnel we see this feeling that we are surprised by the history of our brand, so when we realize that we need real things to change from a creative watch company to a real brand.



We need to “tell the story”; we need to have a message to help those looking for some significant features to identify the brand to convey or promote the value. This is also a marketing strategy, write our legend. Today, we had a lot of work with Bertrand Meylan, and we were moving steadily.

“We have to dare to try to take a radical position from other people.We do this by creating a gentleman traitor club, no matter what Eric Cantona says, he is a legend. He said that he was offered the opportunity to become a watch ambassador, but he was not a “sandwich”, as he had said. In order to make this strategy effective, the ambassador needed to stick to the product. Fortunately, the lucky , Versatile artists feel the potential of the manufacturers and accept the invitation to participate in the adventure.In addition, athletes and actors have real artistic sensitivity.Our cooperation is open to both sides and participate in MAISON intends to listen to his products, thus combining the brand The direction of the strategy and the vision of his image.Candona, the collector of street art, has a well – trained eye to see things, so that the coming collection will certainly have some Cantona spirit.buy Hublot King Power Carbon Replica Watches


Hautlence boldly walked forward, chose a top priority. As Tétu rightly pointed out: “We really lack some of our public image, because we are only familiar with the insiders, but the big business is not only a few choices.In order to ensure long-term success, we need to reach more viewers. Through different ways, by reconsidering our position and selling more cost-effective watches, we will not sell our image, but let’s provide ourselves to those who want to visit our creations. At the same time, Eric Cantona as our ambassador, we said that after ten years of maturity, we intend to improve the speed of our pursuit. Products here, I am a product person, I am a football man, I Of the products are ready to integrate into and show their potential.Today, we have got the help of former football players of the rugby men’s soul.We will use the luxury series as a new dimension so that they are recognized in the watchmaking world , As we called the gentleman traitor club logo; the club is a close Family circle, they want to give a new dimension to their ambitions by their choice. ”

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TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Manchester United Red Devils watch

Manchester United once again known as the world’s most valuable football property. Football (football) is a big thing, Manchester’s young man is the peak of the game. This is undoubtedly a lot of sponsors and partners have been concerned about, including the fair share of watch brands. For 2017, Manchester United official watchman and watchmaker TAG Heuer provided a new “special edition” TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Manchester United Red Devils watch – two versions (different belts).

buy fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Watches.As I mentioned in the article above, TAG Heuer’s relationship with Manchester United (starting from 2016) celebrated the reunion between the sports franchise and Jean-Claude Biver, before they were Hublot’s official watches The sponsor had worked with the team before. Some people think that for a large proportion of Manchester United fans, the average price of Yu-ship table meter is too high. From there, the role of the watchmaker went to Bulova for some time. As of last year, Jean-Claude and Manchester United reunited, it is interesting that these new TAG Heuer Manchester United watch reminded me of many Hublot a few years ago.


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This is not a huge accident because the TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 01 45mm watch, the special version of the Red Devils is based on the intention similar to the Yu-ship big bang. Carrera Heuer 01 is a much cheaper big bang (if you want to look like this). With the Biver for the typical tendency of aggressive modeling, black and hollow dial. TAG Heuer Carrera Manchester United Red Devils Special Edition can be seen as a miniature of the type of product he likes to release. More importantly, as the “special edition”, the number of watches will not be strictly limited, which means that as long as people are willing to buy, Tiger TAG Heuer will make this.fake CORUM ADMIRALS CUP AC-ONE Bronze Watches



In order to better understand this Carrera watch series, I suggest you refer to this article. Manchester United Red Devils model adds a special color, brand, and of course there is a subsidiary of the second dial dial on the red magic mascot. It is actually a nice neat watch, even if you do not think you are a fan of Man U.fake Richard Mille RM 50-27-01 NTPT Watch Review

This Carrera housing is 45mm wide, black PVD coated steel, waterproof rating of 100m. Black baffle is a ceramic (engraved with a speedometer scale), most of the hardware are black, very iconic “Biverian” and male modern watch appearance. Inside the watch is the internal production of TAG Heuer, Heuer 01 automatic chronograph movement, we continue to show performance in the performance of excellence. Movement at 4Hz (28,800bpm), power reserve for about two days. For more information on the Heuer 01 movement, please refer to the comments link of the above TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 watch.



The red highlights and hour markers on the hands look beautiful and helpful in reading. Although the reality of these darker luminescent materials is that they do not shine in the dark compared to the light-colored Super LumiNova (such as white, light green or light blue). Overall, I think this is an attractive version of Carrera Heuer 01, and its relationship with Manchester United simply increases the personality (or the reason for the stubborn fans to buy).http://www.reviewbestselling.com


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On the wrist, TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Manchester United Red Devils 45mm (and a 43mm wide version) is quite comfortable – especially on the strap. From Hublot territory another hint, the strap is outside the crocodile skin rubber. This is a “best of two worlds” approach that you can have in the rubber’s comfort and wear resistance with the appearance of crocodile skin’s visual appeal. TAG Heuer actually offers two versions of the Carrera Heuer 01 Manchester United Red Devils Special Edition watch – the difference between the two is the color of the tape, one is red and the other is black. I personally prefer the red strap version, because this TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 45mm watch particularly cool.

TAG Heuer Reference CAR2A1J.FC6400 is Carrera Heuer 01 Manchester United Red Devils watch with black strap, reference number CAR2A1J.FC6416 is a red band model.best fake HYT Skull Green Eye Black watch



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From the evolving Xenomorph: MCT channel F110

replica MCT FREQUENTIAL ONE watches for sale.Evolution occurs. I used to talk about this topic before the presentation, chocolate cake and MCT order. what? I will continue to follow up on the previous discussion to expand this topic.

Evolution often leads to a new species. But this is not the end of the story, because even after a major change, evolution continues, because the environment is constantly changing.

The only constant in the universe is the result of change, usually regarded as entropy (from ordered state to disorder state), but in systems with energy input, the system grows slowly and changes (as long as there is input to the system). It may be part of a loop, or it may be a gradual change in organization, complexity, or function.

This change affects the whole system until the final overall change produces something new.

This is evolution.


If you watch continuously, people may never notice a lot of changes. Only visible at a particular point in time can you see a noticeable change.

This accumulated change creates a shaped body, or a strange new shape that has never been seen (“shaped” is also the name of a fictional alien species in an alien movie). From the Greek word xeno means “other” or “weird”, the variant means “new shape”, a different body is something similar to the old thing, which is a completely their own thing, for a new purpose And organized.best Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari 905.NX.0001.RX replica watches

Finally I talked about the evolution of the theory, it was about MCT order two, I think is the order of a natural evolution. These models share a jump time display and a very similar reading time, while a significant adjustment to the hourly jump relative to the minute hand, and some other adjustments to the movement. But this idea is quite similar.

In biological terms, it can be said that order one and order two are adjacent groups with interference, which means that they can be hybrid and more or less the same species (such as wolves and dogs).


I know it’s a bit weird, but go with me. There is a phenomenon called a ring species in nature. This is a population away from the starting point, all the neighboring population are disturbed.

However, it may happen that given a sufficient distance to the population can be recycled back to the same area where there are two “endpoints” of the population starting to close the ring. However, the distance and small changes through the chain of groups make the two “final” populations unable to mate with each other, creating two technically genetically unique species, although one can be traced back to the continuity of the line.

The end of the ring is a shaped body, a strange new shape of the species is very similar to its origin, but enough independent of itself.http://www.cheapsalewatch.com

That is evolution.

That’s the new MCT channel. It shares DNA and some familiar forms with Sequential One and Sequential Two of its neighbors, but it itself is the terminal population. This is something new.

On the machine, “channel” is a very new watch. From a metaphysical point of view, this is clearly the result of a common evolution that occurred before. The rotating prism, the minute mark indicates the jump time, and the rotation of the quarter turns to reveal the current time.



Micro-rotor automatic winding also comes from the order two.

Returning to the case of the shape of the pad, the sapphire sandwich first in the original order number 1, S110 angle angle bridge and etch the name of the ring around the center of the dial.

But they are not exactly the same, the rest of the components will tell you why.

The center of the dial is not a minute hand, covering the complex jumping mechanism, no, this thing is different. Smack dab in the center of the dial is a variable inertia balance in a relaxed 18,000 vph. This is slow enough so the exposed escapement can be wandered in its new position.replica Richard Mille BaselWorld 2017 RM 27-03 RAFAEL NADAL watch

The etched name of the ring is completely surrounded by a balance, unlike the one-third of the previous jump in a child. This makes the movement and dial, making a more solid and stable feeling (not the order of one and two dials is loose). Due to the bridge arm of the four corners of the bridge, the skeleton bridge from the edge of the dial can be significantly continued through the etched name ring.



Next, we find the greatest change and prove that this is definitely a new species, although it has a common origin. This change is to remove the ultra-complex jumping mechanism that facilitates placing the hour and minute hand groups on the ruby roll (guided by the brand) of the ball bearing.

It is not seen that the exploded view or at least the movement is flying, which sounds as if the hand floating on the outside of the central balancing assembly is guided and moved between the ball bearing and the ruby roll to keep them between the large angle bridge and the balance Aligned.buy replica GRAHAM LONDON Chronofighter watches

It also makes it seem that the tolerances of this display seem quite tense and need to ensure proper alignment, so that things are colliding with each other (serious problems set by complex hands).


These hands behave as normal as any other hand, keeping the complications less in this movement than their adjacent forerunners. This can help prove the concept of entropy, or the idea that the simpler, more honing creatures stand out from evolutionary competition.

Maybe it’s just a metaphorical, poor condition in the small brand of the watch industry. Yes, maybe just biological evolution, yes.

This new variety, similar to the order of one and two, is a new breed of MCT. It is shaped from the biology of its descent, while adapting to a new niche. This niche is entry-level niche (relatively speaking), one of which is highly competitive from other species, but the potential for large-scale diffusion in the environment.

For the “industry as an ecosystem” view, this watch represents the MCT differences. As the brand’s “entry-level” model, it allows the market to have a larger (though only a small part) part of the brand’s watch and excellent watch version. Finishing and mechanics are there, the design is progressive (order one and two), the company’s stability looks promising for future growth.hot HYT SKULL replica WATCHES


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HYT H2 Alinghi Limited Edition

In the second year of partnership, HYT and Alinghi rose higher on H2 Alinghi after H4 Alinghi.

HYT for the first time in the history of the use of completely untreated titanium alloy manufacturing H2. This is also the beginning of this year launched the new black liquid first H2. H2 caliber has been adapted: this is the first time, it is two-color black and gray; in the above, it slides out of a new central minute hand, drawing inspiration from the ocean hands.

The new interaction between gray and black makes the watch a technically and elegant look, further highlights the border rider tab, and the other is a sporty round to fit the Alinghi logo. Finally, the time flange has also been redesigned with double satin / glass sandblasting effect, making the timeline clearer and more easily stand out. The piece is mounted on a new ultra-durable technology strap that fits the tones. Technical parameters Model: H2 ALINGHI Reference number: 248-TT-02-NF-BN, limited edition 25,www.greatwatcheshere.com


Size 48.8 mm, case titanium finish, micro spray and satin finish diameter: 48. 8 mm Height: 17.9 mm Rotary measuring crown, black rubber sheathed Titanium protection crown Titanium shell Titanium alloy dome at 6 o’clock; Alinghi logo engraved in red varnish, “Alinghi” carved in black varnish Dome sapphire Crystal (box) inside with anti-reflective coating Spiral sapphire back to waterproof 50 m function Retrograde black liquid time with “déphaseurangulaire” (jumping hand at 30 minutes) Crown position indicator (HNR) Thermal indicator Motion machine Manual winding, exclusive HYT caliber 21600 VPH, 3 hertz, 28 jewelry black titanium DLC bridge and rhodium-plated bottom plate 192 hours (8 days) power reserve dialing unstructured, mobile hour aluminum dial; black digital sapphire minutes, black current minute hand with black charcoal Gray fabric, black stitching, titanium deployment buckle





“Basel New World” 2014 Featured Watch Preview

“Basel New World 2014” will showcase the incredibly redesigned and affiliated design watches made by top luxury manufacturers. Watchmaker manufacturers GlashütteOriginal, Roger Dubuis and HYT have returned to their generous watch design board and have created new innovative design rotations on some of the most popular watches for timely appearance in the Basel World 2014.

PanoMaticInverse is GlashütteOriginal’s “PanoInverse XL”, which debuted in the 2008 Basel New World.

PanoMaticInverse will debut in the Basel world in 2014, with three thirds of rhodium-plated plates and Glashütte signature ribs. PanoMatic reversal dial presents asymmetrical positioning of the hour dial and stopwatch, with blue hour, minute hand and second hand, as well as the Glashütte logo panorama date aperture at 2 o’clock. The aesthetic accents on the dial include blue screws and rubies, two wheels carved on a wheel bridge, a hollow swing weight, made of 21K gold, all with 42mm satin brushed and polished red or stainless steel case select. PanoMaticInverse has a new caliber 91-02 (automatic caliber), power reserve 42 hours. Red gold case options decorated with brown alligator strap,copy Hublot Big Bang Blue watches


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HYT H2 Titanium White Blue provides an opaque blue fluid filling version with a titanium and platinum case for the 2013 H2 admirers. H2 Titanium and Platinum Blue High-tech mechanical open wheel function gears, levers, bridges and delicate balance wheel remain unchanged, but it has three new indicators: temperature indicator (9 to 10 o’clock), only Two stages with three, power reserve indicators and HNR indicators. H2 Titanium & White Gold Blue as a limited edition watch only 20 pieces.

Roger Dubuis Hommage series of new Roger Dubuis to pay tribute to Roger Dubuis, Roger Dubuis launched in 1995 this series. Roger Dubuis Hommage series will be premiere in the Basel world four new flywheel Tourbillon watch, one of which can be peep in the following.

Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon is amazing by the exquisite hand-carving process (which requires years of exquisite artistic talent). Guilloché works like a vibrant sunshine in a beautiful 45mm pink gold case with matching Roman numerals nine to three lives. The lower hem of the dial is joined by double fly tourbillon, differential, hours and minutes. As mentioned earlier, the Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon has four variants, each with a unique presence that must be seen in the 2014 Basel world.http://www.luxuryrelogio.com


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Welcome to the jungle skull!

sale HYT H2 AVIATOR 248-DL-01-GF-KG replica watch.Guns rose band legendary singer is already HYT, he often wear a skeleton friend. Today, Axl’s HYT and the full launch of a series of comics by artist.

Kiss Ross, one of the founding members of the Guns Roses Band, may be one of the most demanding rock artists, respecting the past 30 years, there is no more proof. Worship, the man marked the rock His soundless history.

Not stick to the rules, provocation, but it is wearing a HYT Rose. For months, Axl’s 2016-year return group wears skull models, especially in the previous episode explosives AC / DC and guns N rose changes for skull gross preferences. Will he stop?

The same time as the above-Axl’s sweet

“We went to see his backstage Berne AC / DC during the last visit,” Vincent Periaard, one of HYT’s founders. “He’s already familiar with the brand, it’s rock and roll, destructive. It’s not just making up your own model, working well in his mind when we are discussing. We realize that he’s the head of the skull Ross is his, Because he thought.We are particularly proud of, especially in the time when the group as the key to return to the fans of his legendary original lineup.www.fashiontimewear.com



Rocket queen
The head of Kiss Ross is the custom of Crest Rose’s creation. The artist chose the skull base to definitely want to see how to run Damascus steel. Subsequently, the artist wanted to have blue therapy to be applied. In order to echo the blue, Kiss Rose chose to buy and sell the same color at all times plus the cap cover around the index. Finally, Axl’s choice was affixed to a portion of its two side panels (to 9 and 3), decorated with a staples in Paris, and also completed the blue PVD. A rocket with a decisive rocky one-way door.

Bottom side, HYT has chosen to pay tribute to this legendary rock with legendary mark in the Gangs Nie Rossi group. Below, the singer puts his signature on the metallized sapphire crystal. In the play, it was 51 mm titanium box DLC slammed to complete the offer.save on great replica watches brand


Skull song Ross
Box: Titanium DLC with sandblasted finish
– Diameter: 51 mm
– Height: 17.9 mm
– crowned DLC titanium sheathed rubber
– Titanium Dome DLC 6:00
– Side panels (3 o’clock / 9 pm) with decorative nails Paris blue PVD
– Dome sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment on the dial side
– Sapphire crystal and metallized decals marked by guns N Rose Kris Rose signed twist
To 50 meters.
Function: retrograde black liquid;
Movement: mechanical manual winding, exclusive caliber HYT
– 28 800 ALT / hour, 4 Hz, 35 jewelry
– Bridge with hand tilted and decorated with Geneva ripple, bellows rhodium
– 65 hours of power reserve
Dial: unstructured with nails made of Paris rhodium, inlaid through the fluid indication blue PVD times
Treatment of Blue PVD with Ling
– dial black hour and gray index
– stove (left eye)
– Power reserve disc (right eye)
Strap: Black leather with adjustable cuffs, blue stitching, buckle DLC black
reference. 151-DL-47-NF-BV,


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H. Mose & Cie. And HYT

The Advanced Watch Foundation welcomes two new partner brands: H. Mose & Cie. And HYT’s support for H · Mose & Cie’s. And easy Autopass, it is now the house 28 watchmakers who support the Foundation Advanced Watch (FHH) in its mission to showcase the world in advanced watches.

The two key players in the new tabulation stage have entered the senior partner ring of the partner’s brand. Push the code of the high clock, without sacrificing anything to refine, H. Mose & Cie’s bold remodeling. And HYT with integrated advanced clocks are defined by the Foundation. Therefore, the logical, contemporary high-level watches and FHH the relationship between the two main characters, today’s intensified. “Through its members, the foundation represents all aspects of the senior watch, the diversity of its participants. That’s why we are very pleased to welcome H. Moose & Cie. Our Foundation’s HYT Fabrya Lu Wave, president and chief executive officer said. For us, their support is very important. The partnership in the two houses is a guarantee of quality and recognition of their professional skills.


H. Mose & Cie, Elegant and Precision Manufacturing
“For a brand like we do this, it produces 1200 watches a year, this cooperation means that our work and creativity are measured at fair value, and we follow the right path. It’s like receiving praise,” H. Moose “Said Ed Merlin, CEO of C & C. New watch, H. Mose & Cie’s rising star. Founded by Heinrich Mose in 1828, acquired by the independent, family group MELB Holdings in 2012. Headquartered in Neuchhausen near the Rheinland, now has 50 employees, there are eight grades. H. Mose & Cie. Made parts such as adjusting parts and screws. Designers, the wristlin elements are elegant and modern flavors of classic twist complex.replica RM 27-03 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL watch

HYT or liquid revolution
Destructive, unconventional, creative … Since 2012, HYT Hydroelectricity Horologists has practiced quite a new time to measure the practice. Its own advantages: Fluid technology integrates the heart of mechanical watch straps. Two diametrically opposed Universe Navisha came home with a modern design watch to meet a priori. Due to the ancient Egyptian hourglass, who had thought it was indeed possible to indicate the time with the liquid HYT’s founders believe. Hydraulic mechanical Horologists the same. Five sets, watch the company currently produces 400 per year, employees 40 employees.



With these two new partnerships, the Foundation’s senior watch senior can actively support 28 accommodations to contribute to new projects in information, training, labeling and field promotion, and is now organized to organize activities. All actions since 2005 have developed a goal: to ensure that the world’s promotion and recognition of senior watches.

Advanced Watch Fund
(FHH) has ensured its creation from 2005 to create the initiative of three founders, Audemars Piguet, Chi-Perregaux and Richemont Group, which is a special universe, the Foundation’s Advanced Watch (FHH) Continue to develop for many years. With its commitment, it has become a reference for senior watches today and is intended to showcase and promote values to the rest of the world.

28 brands of partners involved in its financing of FHH’s actions in the world, and both from the senior watch of the week. The foundation’s work is driven by initiatives with partners of the brand, major retailers, media and watch enthusiasts a dozen local missions.

28 Partner Brand:
Lange, Audemars Piguet, Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, Chopin, Christopher Zao Red De Bethune FPJourne, Girard Perregaux, Gaopu Fusi, Hermes, H. Mose & Cie, Good Autopass. IWC IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Louis Vuitton, MB & F, Montblanc, Panerai, Parma Johnny, Earl Richard Miller, TAG Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels.JACOB & CO. ASTRONOMIA SKY 750.110.40.AA.SD.1NS replica watch



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fake HYT 2017 SKULL LIGHT 151-DG-44-GF-AB watch.The 2002 Swiss National Exhibition was held around the lakes of Neuchâtel, Bian and Moratt. In this large lake, the idea of the water watch was born. From a technical point of view, the idea of returning to liquid fit in a sealed watch was fascinating about three thousand years after Pharaoh’s first water clock.

Noting the challenge of achieving this concept, the establishment of a shareholder model to provide resources to put into practice. The project will bring together two different worlds: on the one hand, chemicals and medical technology, which alone have the ability to handle fluids, are first combined with the traditional watchmaking world.

The team expanded in 2010.

Will designers, chemists, mechanics and micro-technical staff together, and ultimately formed the H1 concept.
Based on the use of fluid to indicate the time of the process, HYT engineers team brought together so far completely opposed to the two elements: liquid and watch. And before it is already synonymous with corrosion – and is the source of the main problem of watertight – where the liquid is controlled and directed into the capillary that runs around the case of H1.

HYT has been striving to ensure that this fluid remains visible and chemically stable: for example, to ensure that it does not expand or contract according to ambient temperature, thus making the time indication inaccurate.best Hublot Big Bang Tutti Frutti watches fake

H1 is a unique watch, relying on the basic principles of the watch industry, but even in compliance with the rules of physical and tabulation at the same time, it also has a unique complexity, for many further development laid the foundation.

HYT’s hydraulics watchmaker has achieved an impossible dream: combining mechanics and fluids in watches. By showing the madness of water show time, they did more things, not just adding another unusual thing to the watchmaking field; they confused two previously identical worlds, confusing each of the Imagine the stereotype. Because the soul of Pharaoh has never succeeded in getting rid of the law of gravity, this energy transferred to the portable watch. HYT has made this feat.

HYT’s theme is fluid mechanics – the final hybridization. The formula is the development of avant-garde watchmaking, including engineering to the limit, high-tech materials and mixing design. This inspired, rebellious style imposes its own code, emphasizing the overall unique qualities and creativity.fake watches for sale



Introduced in 2012, H1 is the first hybrid mechanical fluid table. The time passes through two different densities, so the immiscible liquid – both independent bellows and capillaries can be read out. A traditional hand shows a small cap at 12 o’clock. The entire system is driven by a mechanical manual winding movement. The series has several versions: Titanium, Black DLC Coating Titanium, Pink Gold and DLC Coating Titanium, Pink Gold, Alumen Blue, Iceberg and so on.

The H2 developed in partnership with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi provides a new structure for mechanical fluid movement, especially at 6 o’clock V-shaped bellows, reminiscent of automotive engines, 12 o’clock spring balance, jump minute hand and thermal indicator 8 The traditional version of this model was introduced in 2016.nice richard mille RM 055 Bubba Watson watch fake

The fluid mechanics revolution continues in 2015, H3 and its rich innovations: a rectangular case, a horizontal and retrograde display of fluid time, and a linear and retrograde double joint arm minutes. Pistons work in linear mode, on the contrary. The 15 limited edition comes again from the vision of the HYT and Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, planned by Giulio Papi.

The H4 model is a skeleton-style watch that provides immersive vision for the movement of the heart. The offset time display is displayed on the bezel for the first time, no longer on the inner bezel. H4 Gotham has a red liquid, while the H4 Alinghi and H4 Metropolis are equipped with a mechanical light source to ensure night visibility: a miniature generator that drowns the dial for about 15 seconds at night by pressing a dedicated fader.

The provocative model in this collection has a dial that occupies a large skull, by the hour of the fluid capillaries, red, green or black for the Bad Boy version. The right eye of the skull holds 65 hours of power reserve display, while the left shows running seconds. Watch no time, but to provide more “philosophy” time view …www.luxuryrelogio.com



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New U-boat U-51 46MM Limited Edition

sale Tonino Lamborghini Spyder 1000 watches replica.In the field of big watches, U-Boat is king. About 10 years ago, U-Boat was the first company to produce 50mm plus a giant watch of diameter. At that time the big watch has just begun to pop, since then, the big watch has become a routine, U-Boat has been booming. However, there are some people (I myself included), their wrist size does not pull large-scale watches. So far, there are already 45mm Classico and Flightdeck models, so people want a big watch, and not into the 50 meters, but the limited edition is always in the larger size range. This year U-Boat has introduced several new 46-47mm limited edition series, including U-1001, U-42,

U-51 series as a very limited 99 works, using the top rattrapante chronograph movement. The U-51 has a 51 mm stainless steel case with a stealth strap, the U-51 has a completely unique design that retains the signature U-boat size and crown cap but is different from the rest of the style. Last year, the series expanded the second edition of 99 examples, which included a standard chronograph movement (no complicated rattrapante mechanism), still using the 51mm case. This year U-51 was reduced to 46 mm.

Like previous models, the U-51 46mm retains a unique housing design with three (bezel, main and bottom covers) with threaded pins around the perimeter of the housing. It creates a nice industrial appearance that truly separates and offers a lot of visual details alternating with high polished, brushed and dull finished steel. 46mm adds a set of traditional shoulder straps to prevent the wrist looks too small. Another sapphire crystal is also 46 with its big brother to distinguish. U-51 has a funny appearance on the wrist – it’s very thick, giving it a hockey’s watch look. Adding regular earrings instead of hidden items will slightly diminish the effect, but this is still one of the biggest names that will certainly attract attention.best replica Ulysse Nardin Complications watches


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On the back of the exhibition you can see the highly decorative automatic movement. The movement is a first-class Valjoux automatic movement, is U-Boat limited edition logo, it will be distinguished from the standard model. You can expect reliable and accurate performance from the real caliber. According to the U-Boat tradition, the crown and putter are located on the left side to provide more comfort (many people think this is a left-handed watch, but in fact the reverse control is to prevent large hardware from digging into your back ). The U-51 has a large, easy-to-operate button that follows the usual reverse layout – the bottom pusher starts and stops at the top reset.

The dial is a bright spot in design, slightly different from the previous model. Numbers are template Arabic, white luminescent paint, with a wide luminous indicator. Readability is very good, chronograph asymmetric size of the dial is interested. The seconds stopwatch is huge, which makes reading the number of seconds to run easily. Central (Chronograph Scanning) The second hand is a dark hunter green that matches some of the rest of the green details of the dial. A careful check will show that the dial is a three-dimensional item that trims the slice around the small plate. U-Boat has a unique dial, this watch is no exception.replica watches online shop

U-51 46 is a beautiful pull-style crocodile leather strap, black satin. Like all U-Boat belts, it is handmade in Italy and is finished with coarse-grained leather and matching stitching. Texture beautiful, crocodile pattern bright, semi-gloss black. Often, a good watch can be put down by a poor quality band, but U-Boat is always accompanied by a beautiful strap. Leave the Italians to give their watches a pair of beautiful elegant shoes.

U-51 46mm is U-Boat’s striking and completely unique work, which continues the bold limited edition tradition with a smaller size. It may be a few millimeters smaller than the “original” U-51, but 46 still wraps a lot of visual shocks and is a prominent table that will not be overlooked. You wear, if you want to get attention; in this bold shape, you will find some fine details and finishing, so this is a powerful watch that both dominates the existence and quality. All in a smaller, easier to wear package.www.greatwatcheshere.com




U-BOAT Chimera 46 carbon / titanium

The new 46 chimera from the Italian brand U-Boat is made of titanium and carbon and is one of the most powerful materials in the world and is extremely lightweight. Chimera unique case, for this 5-level titanium alloy model, will be forging carbon fiber bezel placed in the mold, so that each watch is unique.

The distinctive feature of the Chimera series is the iconic case, its prominent cap and putter. These watches have a strong personality, embodies the Italo “retro culture” enthusiasm. With unparalleled design clarity, Chimera has a clean look and femininity. The bezel and the back of the case are locked together by an external pipe and a custom key that ensures full waterproofing.

The watch has the effect of marble, satin and soft touch. Each piece is unique because the carbon fibers are distributed in the mold in a random fashion. When the material is compressed under heating, it evolves in an unpredictable manner.fashion replica Franck Muller Watches

The dial is made up of three superimposed discs, the last layer made of stainless steel laser cut fine metal mesh, allowing the movement to be translucent. On the surface of sapphire glass, a U-77 top Soigné with black screw, rhodium-plated, automatic mechanical chronograph personalized U-BOAT specifications.


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Located between an instantly recognizable crown and its crown shield, a patented engraving pusher can be depressed to discharge the inner crown from its recessed position and can be easily adjusted on the date and time. The watch also has another fourth counter, showing 24 hours a day and marked with a little red hand.

Product specifications

Movement: U-77 automatic chronograph on the U-BOAT specifications have been modified and elaborated. Frequency 28.800 times per hour vibration, 4Hz power reserve: 48 hours, 25 gems. Personalized rotor, silver 925, built-in base and 3 bridge with blue screws.

Function: hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, counter 24 (AM – PM), date.

CASE: box, back box, forged carbon ring bezel, high strength, light weight. Titanium component. Diameter 46 mm.

DIAL: has four overlapping levels of skeleton dial, the last layer by the laser cutting fine stainless steel wire mesh, part of the show movement.

Superluminova beige index.

Watches: laser cutting hours and minute hands. Superluminova treated hand. Counter AM / PM with red hand

CRYSTAL: Anti-reflective Sapphire Smoke Surfaces Glass on the surface flat table back.

Water resistance: 50 meters

STRAP: handmade and handmade calfskin, carefully selected and processed, followed by traditional handmade techniques to make the belt naturally uncomfortable feel and look. Tongue tongue buckle titanium. Width: 20/22 mm.




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Breitling Chronoliner B04 Premium Edition

Breitling CHRONOLINER B04 BOUTIQUE EDITION replica watch.After the Panda and Red Gold Limited Edition, Breitling returned to their new “Chronoliner” model of the new special edition. This charming blue dial will only be issued 100 works.

Since the Breitling released the 18K red gold Chronoliner model has been a limited edition for one year, as we described earlier. Now they return this particular version of the authentic captain’s watch, with details of the various modifications compared to the previous iteration.

46mm shell made of stainless steel, the back cover with wire screws. Installed in this case is a blue double-sided ceramic bezel, and has a plunger chronograph fader, just like the previous version of the model. No crown guards, for this non-screw lock, two washers stainless steel crown. While the medium-sized earrings provide a comfortable and fixed fit for the wrist. The watch’s waterproofness of up to 100 meters (330 feet).www.fashiontimewear.com

Time is displayed on a dazzling blue dial, steel application hour index mark, aligned with a small set of pointer marks, circled dial. With three sub-dials: 30-minute timer at 3 o’clock position, 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock and 1/4 of first counter at 9 o’clock.


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Hand and large steel application hour indicator mark all through the luminescent coating to improve legibility. Also in order to convey the extra time zone, this watch is equipped with a central GMT hand, it has a red arrow hint to distinguish itself from other people. There is also a date hole between the 4 o’clock and the 5 o’clock position.

The main enhancement of this watch is that it has revolutionary user friendliness and can be set to local time by simply turning the crown and adjusting the date forward and backward automatically. High-tech ceramic rotating bezel interacts with them, you can read the third time zone, you can also use the 24-hour system.cheapsalewatch.com

Breitling Chronoliner B04
The “Breitling Chronoliner B04” (Ref #: YB04601A | C969 | 277S | A20S.1) uses the self-winding movement, the movement Breitling B04, 47 gems and 28,800 Vph. The actions we find here can track the second or third time zone and follow the 24-hour schedule. The power reserve of the watch can last up to 70 hours, completely wound.

Currently installed on the watch is Breitling blue rubber aviation classic wrist strap, with stainless steel needle buckle fixed on the wrist.



Which Breitling Navitimer suits you?

Breitling Navitimer is the watch on the pilots. Say your views on other common suspects, but you should not ignore this watch. This is especially true if you are not a Rolex GMT fan or Flieger DNA behind an IWC pilot. But there are a lot of Navitimers, it can be confusing. However, this is part of the charm of the Breitling. With so much diversity, everyone in Navitimer has something. So, we thought we would share some of our favorite things for everyone to consider.best HYT H1 replica watches

Breitling Navitimer 01

Heroes are great – no doubt. But 01 in a comfortable 43 mm, it is easy to fall off for most people. Although it is more subtle than other models, it retains all the key features that make it truly Navitimer. If you are more suitable for the overall size smaller, then go to 01.01 is also a perfect daily tool watch, just an extra dress.

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante

Breitling’s first internal split the second chronograph movement is the real artwork. If you are a fan of this additional complication, this is the perfect choice. This is the real Breitling history, although this may not be everyone, but this watch will certainly stand out from the crowd. sale RICHARD MILLE RM 27-03 Replica Watch

Breitling Navitimer GMT

Will you find yourself traveling regularly? Do you actually pilot your own Gulfstream? Broadway Navitimer GMT is ideal for auxiliary time zone tracking on top of the Navitimer function. Also, at 48mm, it is much larger than most other models and directs some serious watch. This is the case, unless you intend to go all out in the next choice.

Breitling Navitimer QP

Breitling Navitimer QP is limited to 25 pieces, tracking date, day, week, month, season, leap year and moon phase. This is a serious one that may hold the title of “exit watch” for many collectors. Although you may feel that you need a complete WOSTEP certification to set this thing, but Navitimer can prove himself to be the top watch in the pilot lineup.replica skeleton watches